6 Steps to Designing Infographics in Less Than an Hour

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Chloe West

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Designing infographics is one of the most effective content marketing hacks for businesses.

Infographics help you create brand awareness, drive traffic and engagement and let you share all kinds of information with your audience in a visual and attractive format.

But so many business owners and marketers are shying away from this type of content creation because they’re “not a graphic designer” or “don’t have the skills/resources.”

With Visme’s infographic templates, anyone can create infographics. Even non-designers.

All you need to do is pick the right template and customize it using the drag-and-drop editor. In just a few minutes, you'll be designing infographics that are ready to share and inform your audience.

This is because Visme’s design center has all of the tools readily available for anyone who is or isn’t a trained graphic designer to create beautiful designs, including free photos, icons, data widgets, color customization and more.

In this article, you'll learn more about how you can start designing infographics for your business that are both informative and visually appealing in less than an hour each.


1 Start designing with the right template.

Step one: log into your Visme dashboard.

You can check out our pricing here, but spoiler alert: it starts at absolutely free.

If you prefer to find out how it all works before signing up, you can do that too.

However, we personally recommend that you log into your account and create your infographic alongside ours. This way, you’ll get the full Visme experience and be able to edit and update your infographic at every stage.

Once you log in to Visme, you’ll see your design dashboard.

designing infographics - start with the right template 1

To get started, click on Create at the top of the left sidebar. This will take you to all of Visme’s template options.

There are several great options to choose from. Your next marketing report, a presentation for potential clients, social media graphics and more. But we’re talking about infographics here.

designing infographics - start with the right template

Infographics are incredibly powerful visual representations of information you want to share with your audience.

There are so many different ways to use infographics, but more on that later. For now, we’re just going to cover how you can make one of these amazing infographics in less than an hour.

When you click over to the Infographics option, you’ll be greeted with our hundreds and hundreds of different infographics template options. Browse through to find one that works for the type of information you’re sharing.

An infographic template gives you the perfect starting point for designing infographics for your business. And the best part? Once you’re done updating it to fit your information and design taste, you get to download it for free!

Our infographic template library is broken down into different categories and tags so that you can search both by topic and by the type of infographic/information you’re sharing.

designing infographics - start with the right template 3

Create your own high-quality infographic in minutes!

  • Choose from thousands of professional templates
  • Add icons, data widgets, images, graphics and more
  • Customize colors, fonts and text to fit your design needs

Get Started Now

For example, if you want to create an infographic showcasing the history of your company, you can check out our readily available timeline infographic template options. There are also premade templates for bar graphs, comparisons, flow charts, maps and more.

I typed in the keyword “steps” to find my infographic template of choice (see below), because I’m going to be creating an infographic with 6 steps for designing infographics using Visme. Imagine that!

designing infographics - start with the right template 4

Customize this infographic template and make it your own!Edit and Download

Once you’ve selected your infographic template, hover over your template of choice and click on Edit to be taken to your design dashboard. Don’t stress if it takes you a while. We’ve made sure that you have tons of options.


2 Update the text in your infographic template.

Once you’ve selected your preferred template, it's time to edit the text.

Before getting started, you should have a good idea of what kind of infographic you want to create. It’s helpful to decide on your topic before even searching for your template.

This way, you know exactly what you’re searching for and where all of your information needs to go. It’s going to make your entire infographic design process go that much smoother.

Now, there are many different types of infographics. Some might consist of more text, while others will focus more on visualizing data and other design elements. What they all have in common is the presence of some kind of copy.

designing infographics - update the text in your template

Whether it’s simply explaining the data visualizations, or it’s making your main point or argument for you, updating the text within your infographic template is the best way to get started with customizing your best infographic design.

After all, the infographic copy can sometimes be just as important as the design elements.

Depending on your topic and your infographic template of choice, you could have very little text to edit, or you could have an entire infographic full of text to edit.

To edit copy in Visme’s design center, double click on the text area and select the verbiage that you want to change.

designing infographics - highlight your text boxes to update text

The text areas are completely customizable. This means you are able to change the font face, font size, font weight, font color and more with just a few clicks.

For example, the header of our sample infographic template uses the fonts Oswald and Arial.

I decided to spice this up with a nice serif/sans serif combo by changing the header font to Playfair Display and the body font to Open Sans.

I also updated the copy so that it’s talking about our specific topic here, instead of the existing placeholder text about making daily progress in your business.

Here's the result:

designing infographics - update your fonts

Play around with the fonts that Visme has available for you. There are so many different options to choose from, and you can check out our guide to pairing fonts here to find the perfect match.

Switch up your fonts, add in your new and improved infographic copy, and you’re ready to move on to the next step!


3 Update the design elements in your infographic.

Now that you’ve input all of your text and know where all of your information will be going, it’s time to update your design elements.

When we’re talking about design elements in this step, it’s encompassing a lot.

We're talking about data visualization elements, icons, imagery and more. So you’ll be adding your accurate data into the maps, charts, line graphs or other visual representations that you’re utilizing within your infographic.

Although the whole infographic design process is fun, the most interesting part is where you get to take advantage of Visme’s dynamic data visualization features as well as peruse our library of thousands of icons and graphic elements.

When you’re going to edit one of the visualizations in your template, simply click on it and then open Settings in the top navigation. You can also just double-click an element and the settings will open.

Once you're in the settings, you can then customize the data visualization element by changing colors, ranges, percentages and more until it's perfect for your data.

For more data visualization options, go to Data in the left sidebar and browse other options.

designing infographics - add charts and graphs

You can add dozens of different types of charts, graphs, percentage markers, radials and even maps to your infographic. Simply customize colors and sizes to get the exactly what you want.

In our infographic example, all of the existing icons were related to business processes. While some of them were still relevant to our topic, we switched most of the icons out.

As you can see, we followed our own infographic tips and kept all of our icons consistent and cohesive with a similar line design.

designing infographics - update the icons and graphics

Visme offers hundreds of thousands of different icons and graphics to replace these with so you don't need to struggle to find the perfect icon.

Instead, you’re greeted with a plethora of options so that you can find just what you’re looking for. You can even use the search bar to type in your keyword and find relevant icons quickly.

You can change the colors of your icons, resize them and move them wherever you want them to go on your infographic.


4 Update the colors on your infographic template.

Once you’ve finished editing all of your design elements so that they accurately represent your data and are relevant to your topic, it’s time to move onto your color scheme.

Choosing a color scheme can seem like one of the hardest parts of the whole design process, but with our guide to choosing the best infographic colors, you’ll be able to find the perfect combination in no time.

Our article on infographic best practices can help you out with color palettes as well!

One of the best things about using Visme when designing infographics is that you can easily set a color palette and Visme will update the entire infographic’s color scheme using your set palette.

This is what helps to make your infographic design process so efficient. You’re not stuck changing the color of every single design element used.

Navigate over to the Theme Colors section of the left sidebar to access the various color schemes readily available.

designing infographics - choose a color theme add your favorite colors into your designs with visme

You can choose from one of our preset color schemes, or you can create your own. You also have the ability to pick and choose which elements you want to change the color of if you don’t want to switch up your entire look.

For example, I really liked the majority of the colors in the infographic template I chose, but I wanted to liven up a couple of the shades, so I used the color wheel to find some bright new colors.

designing infographics - use the color picker

You can choose your colors using the color wheel or input a specific hex code so you get the exact shade you’re looking for. Adjust all of the different colors until you find the perfect look and feel for your infographic design.


5 Proofread your infographic.

Although it may seem trivial, proofreading your infographic is an extremely important step.

You need to be sure that the information your business is putting out there and signing its name on is completely accurate and reliable. If it isn't, you might risk hurting your brand credibility.

Double-check your sources and look for any typos in your infographic.

Since you’re utilizing one of Visme’s infographic template options, it’s also important to be sure you’ve edited all of the available text areas and data visualizations. You don’t want to leave any of the template text or numbers alongside your own data.

It can be difficult to proofread your own work, so it’s a good idea to take a step back for a bit and revisit your infographic later. This gives you fresher eyes to make sure that everything you’ve typed and designed looks good to go.

And if you’re just not the best at proofreading, take a look at this checklist to get you started. I even have an editor for this blog post, and I’m a writer by trade, so no judgment!


6 Download and share your new infographic.

The best part about using one of Visme’s templates to design infographics is that you get to download your work at the end...for free!

Your progress always saves to your Visme dashboard automatically, but there are also several ways to save and share your work with your audience.

designing infographics - share online

Visme can host your infographic or any other design online so that you can simply grab a shareable link and send it to colleagues, clients, social media followers or even email subscribers.

You can also seamlessly embed your Visme creation onto a web page that will automatically update if you go back and make changes later.

If you would rather download your work instead, you have several more options for your format.

designing infographics - download your infographic

You can save your infographic as a JPG or PNG image file to share on social media. You can also save as a PDF and even include bleed marks for printing purposes.

You can share as a PPTX file and open using both Powerpoint or Keynote. Or you can download an HTML version of your infographic design to preserve animation and interactivity.

Here is a PNG version of our final infographic.

designing infographics - download and share infographic template visme 3

Customize this infographic template and make it your own!Edit and Download

Once you’ve saved your free download, it’s time to distribute.

Infographics can be shared to many different channels in order to reach your audience.

Try sharing the full infographic on Pinterest while you create smaller snippets for other social media platforms, like Instagram and Facebook.

Place the full infographic in a blog post on your website. You can also reach out to and encourage other websites in your industry to do the same.

Learn even more about creating infographics with Visme in this quick tutorial video below:


Start designing infographics with Visme’s professional and easy-to-use template options.

And that’s a wrap!

After you’ve shared your new infographic with your audience, give yourself a huge pat on the back. The process is complete, and it didn’t even take a full 60 minutes.

Whether you decided to check out the full article before designing infographics or you just can’t wait to get started on your second infographic, Visme’s infographic template library awaits you.

Sign up on Visme today and start designing beautiful infographics in minutes.


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