How WOW! is Saving Nearly 79% in Time and Cost With Visme

How WOW! is Saving Nearly 79% in Time and Cost With Visme

Written by:
Chloe West

Jan 15, 2021
An illustration showcasing training documents that WOW! created with Visme.

“Visme saves time and is a whole lot more affordable than most other content development programs out there now. It makes it easy to develop professional, polished content.”

Bio card for Kendra Bradley from WOW!

There are many different teams within a company or business that need access to quality tools for content creation, and training & development teams are no exception.

The learning and development department at WOW! is charged with creating easy-to-digest training materials for both new and existing employees. 

These training manuals range from infographics to slide decks to documents to all sorts of interactive instructional materials that make a better experience for the end user. And they’re using Visme to help them do this.

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“We were looking for a new internal design program, so we got Visme and loved it. From there, we started introducing new teammates to it and it’s become a staple on our team.”


How WOW! Uses Visme in Their Work

The Learning and Development team that Kendra, Learning Content Developer, is a part of uses Visme consistently to create useful and interactive training materials to help onboard new team members and share information about company changes.

Setting employees up for success is important for big businesses like this, especially because high turnover can cost a company 1.5-2 times more than retaining employees does.

This is why Kendra’s team has such an important role, and why they need quality tools like Visme in their arsenal.

And while they’ve utilized several different tools before finding Visme, the capabilities that Visme has to offer has helped solidify its place in their toolset.

“Previously we were using PowerPoint, which is fine, but the interactivity you can get with Visme is so much more robust that we’ve all steered away from PowerPoint.”

Plus, Visme has the flexibility that allows Kendra’s team to create more than just presentations. Here’s the cover page of a guidebook made right inside Visme.

The cover to a training guide that WOW! created.
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Another way that Visme has helped their team is by providing a wealth of professionally designed templates that start designs off on the right foot.

“PowerPoint templates are plain and boring, and we want to create more fun and engaging content. Visme has multiple slide templates to choose from, which makes this so much easier.”

In fact, instead of trying to make one of PowerPoint’s basic slide templates work, oftentimes Kendra and the other content developers on her team will use Visme to create the design, export it as an editable PowerPoint presentation, then send it off to other team members to add the remaining content.

“We’ll develop a lot of our slide decks in Visme then export them to PowerPoint so other people on the team can use them.”

The content that WOW!’s learning and development team creates doesn’t stop at slide decks though. They create a multitude of content types based on what the best way to help employees digest the information is.

Here’s an example of an infographic they created to cover customer expectations with their technicians.

A customer expectations infographic created by WOW! in Visme.

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How WOW! is Saving Time & Money With Visme

Not only is WOW! creating great training content that helps their employees and contractors excel across the board, they’re doing so more quickly and cost effectively than ever before.

When previously using Microsoft or Google products to create their slide decks and other training content, it would take time to find a suitable template, insert brand information again and again, and visualize content without pre-designed assets.

In Visme, where Kendra’s team has access to hundreds of templates, a brand kit and millions of design assets at their disposal, their team can create presentations in 80% less time.

“I just made a deck recently and it took me about 15-20 minutes. I found a template I really liked and tweaked it and put it in our brand colors. In PowerPoint, it would take anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half.”

This opens the WOW! Learning and Development team up to creating even more informational content for their employees across the board, like this informational poster about a new offering.

An informational flyer created by WOW! in Visme.
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Content like this helps provide team members with the information they need to help customers and answer questions and requests.

Furthermore, Visme gives their team the ability to ramp up productivity and work even more quickly. 

They have several stages that their content must go through with multiple review points, from internal review within their team to getting comments from subject matter experts.

In the past it would take 3-4 days to go through this process, and now with Visme and its team collaboration features, it’s down to 1-2 days, improving productivity by around 50%.

However, the WOW! Team is saving more than just time. By switching nearly their entire team to Visme over more expensive software like Articulate, they’re also cutting down significantly on costs.

“We were also using Articulate, but Storyline can be really difficult to use and it’s super expensive so not everyone can have a license. We’re going to whittle down our licenses because everyone is pretty much using Visme now.”

By using Visme, WOW! is saving 79% in design tool costs, allowing their team to invest in other ventures that help improve training throughout the company.


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