Visme vs. Prezi for Creating Presentations

Visme vs. Prezi for Creating Presentations

Written by:
Orana Velarde

Dec 08, 2018
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Last Updated: 12/8/2018

Of all the presentation software available to you, from Microsoft PowerPoint to Apple Keynote, plus a selection of online presentation software like Google Slides, Visme and Prezi are two of the favorites. With powerful building qualities, each software has its own special characteristics.

Even though both tools can help you create amazing presentations, Visme and Prezi have one big difference: Visme has a dynamic, linear approach while Prezi uses a unique zooming feature.

What will ultimately help you make the choice between the two is knowing the kind of storytelling you want to achieve with your presentation. Another aspect of the decision making is the amount and style of data visualization you would like to include in your slides.

The only way to know which software is the right for you is to compare them using the infographic below and see why Visme is one of the best Prezi alternatives out there.

prezi alternative visme vs prezi comparison guide infographic
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Create Dynamic Presentations With This Prezi Alternative

The most notorious difference between Visme and Prezi is the way in which presentations are built inside each tool.

Prezi has a unique style which involves zooming in and out between topics and subtopics. Prezi presentations have one main slide where all the topics are arranged. From there, viewers zoom into each topic and zoom again into subtopics.

To explore another topic, the viewer zooms back to the main slide and zooms into another section, as seen below.

The Prezi alternative, Visme, follows a linear slide style. The presentations are built with slides that come one after the other seamlessly.

They all include Visme smart transitions which can be arranged in different ways. This staggered animation effect makes the final project look more like an animated video than a regular slideshow, as seen in the example below. 

Every presentation designed with Visme has the possibility of animating sections, graphs, maps, counters, clocks and infographic widgets. The possibilities of creating interactive presentations that impress are quite extensive.


Put Slides Together for the Perfect Presentation

On both platforms, you can create a presentation from a template or a blank canvas. The templates in Prezi come in lots of different styles, with a varying arrangement of topics and subtopics.

To access the blank template in Prezi, click on the General filter tab, and then the color white. The blank template will be the first result.

Put Slides Together prezi vs visme

In Visme's user friendly interface, the templates are organized inside two slide libraries with more than 900 searchable template layout slides.

When starting a new presentation, you can choose between the Modern, Simple or Creative slide theme. Or you can browse some pre-made templates.

Choose your favorite option and start building your presentation. The themes are organized into easy to searchable libraries which are opened when you add a new slide. If you want to build from a blank template you just need to add empty slides and build from there.

A GIF of the slides available in the Modern presentation theme in Visme's editor.


Visualize Data in Your Presentations

Data visualization is a tool for turning statistics and information into a visual worthy of attention. With Visme, you can add many types of data visualization inside your presentation slides. Choose from charts, graphs, maps, and flowcharts.

All can be animated and customized. Visme also lets you insert live data into your graphs with the help of Google Sheets.

A GIF of the charts feature in Visme's editor.

In Prezi, you can add charts of different kinds. These graphs and charts can be customized but not animated or updated with live data.

In both tools, the data for the charts can be inserted manually or through an uploaded spreadsheet. Colors and fonts can be changed to match your brand as well.

Visualize Live Data prezi vs visme


Store Slides, Content Blocks and Media Assets

Having a Visme account gives you access to three different storage libraries: one for media (photos and videos), another for presentation slides, and one for content blocks.

When you upload an image or video into Visme, the Prezi and PowerPoint alternative, it instantly saves into your personal media library. It stays there in case you need it again for another project.

While you're building stunning presentations, you might create a slide you really like. Visme will let you save it into your slide library to be used again. Visme also lets you save any section of a project into your content library, simply by selecting the area and saving it.

A GIF of how to save a content block to your blocks to reuse again and again.

In the Prezi editor, when you upload an image, Prezi doesn’t store it. If you replace the image with another, the original image disappears.

A video, on the other hand, may be stored with the premium plans. What you can do is copy an entire presentation and use it as a template for the future.


Insert All Sorts of Graphic Assets

When you need to insert an image, illustration, animated character, arrow, shape or even GIFs, the Visme user interface has lots of available options right inside the editor. Thousands of searchable graphic assets in different styles are easy to find in the left-hand panel of the editor.

A screenshot of the icon selection available in Visme's editor.

Prezi does not have an integrated photo library. The options for icons, arrows, and illustrations are quite limited as well. You can upload anything you want as long as it’s on your computer, but just like photos, they won’t be stored anywhere.

Insert all Sorts of Graphic Assets prezi vs visme


Keep Your Presentation on Brand

Staying on brand is an important part of creating a successful presentation for your business.

With the Visme Brand Kit, all your colors, fonts, and saved content blocks are ready to be used with any project. Your color palette is saved in the color picker and your fonts are set as the default. The Brand Kit also lets you save entire projects as templates to be used by yourself or your team.

A GIF of the "My Brand" section in Visme's dashboard.

In Prezi, you can customize any template to follow your brand style guide. But you will have to do it every time you create a new presentation. There is no brand kit or brand color palette which you can save as a default.

Keep your presentation on brand prezi vs visme


Find Out How Your Presentation is Performing

It’s easy to see how your presentation is performing with integrated analytics tools.

Both Visme and Prezi have high-quality analytics for sharing presentations. You can see the location of your viewers and their activity on your presentation.

A GIF of the analytics available in the Data section of Visme's dashboard.

The Prezi analytics system includes real-time counters and a leaderboard for teams. This lets team members compare how well their presentation is performing compared to their peers.


Collect Leads With Your Presentation

Apart from collecting analytics from viewed presentations, Prezi alternative Visme also allows creators to generate leads with their projects. Use your presentations to gather emails by asking them to sign up before they see the slides.

The most expensive Prezi plans also let you collect emails from shared presentations. With the highest Prezi plans and the Prezi Next desktop app, this option is available in the share popups.


Share Your Presentation

Sharing your presentation is easy with both tools.

The sharing options inside Visme work in a couple different ways. First, you can present right inside Visme's editor, even adding your own presenter notes to guide you.

You can keep your presentation private and download it as an HTML5 file or PDF. An HTML5 file will maintain interactivity while a PDF will save as static slides. Both can be shared via email.

You can also send the presentation straight from Visme by adding someone’s email. Otherwise, you can download a link. In both circumstances, it can be password protected for added privacy.

Another way to share your great presentation design is by embedding it on a web page so your audience can interact with it on their own.

To share your Visme presentation on social media, you must publish it to the web first. Once a presentation is published to the web, you can share it to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. with the integrated buttons.

A screenshot of the download options available in Visme.

In Prezi, there are three different ways of sharing a presentation. One is to add people to the presentation by adding their email. The system is similar to Google Docs, you can choose if a contributor can edit or view the presentation.

Another way is to create a link. This link can be shared on social media or email. To share on social media, use this generated link.

Share your presentation prezi vs visme


Embed Your Presentation Into Your Website

Both Visme and Prezi make it easy to embed a presentation on your website. This is great for blog posts and information pages.

Once you finish a presentation on Visme, copy the code supplied in the sharing window and add it to your site. In Prezi, copy the share link and insert the embed code on your website. Another option is to use the Prezi Embedder plug-in for WordPress.


Work on Presentations as a Team

Creating a presentation with collaborators is easy to achieve with both Visme and Prezi.

Visme offers a plan, especially for teams. In this robust plan, every collaborator has access to the Brand Kit and branded templates.

All graphics assets can be organized in specific folders for easy access by everyone on the team. The analytics tool gives insight into how well the team is performing together.

A GIF of color themes available in Visme's editor.

In Prezi, there is also a plan for teams. Collaborators can work together and communicate via a Slack integration. The analytics tools contain a leaderboard to see which collaborators are getting the best views.

Prezi offers a service to create a branded template if you send them your logo and brand colors and fonts.

Work on presentations as a team prezi vs visme


What Do You Think?

Which Prezi alternative do you prefer? Have you given Visme a try? Take our presentation software for a spin, then tell us your thoughts below in the comments. We can't wait to see your own beautiful presentations!

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