How to Export a PowerPoint Presentation in Visme

How to Export a PowerPoint Presentation in Visme
Mahnoor Sheikh

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Mahnoor Sheikh

Apr 24, 2020
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Fun fact: 30 million PowerPoint presentations are made every single day.

Considering it belongs to the world’s most popular presentation software, it’s no surprise that the PowerPoint file format, PPTX, can be accessed from almost any device.

In Visme, you can easily export your presentations in PPTX format. This lets you present offline on any computer or mobile device.

Note: PPTX is supported by PowerPoint 2007 and all later versions. It’s an open-source format, which means it can also be opened by other applications like Google Slides and Apple Keynote.

Keep reading for a step-by-step guide on how to export a PowerPoint presentation in Visme. We'll also show you how to create a beautiful presentation in Visme using templates and a drag-and-drop editor.

You can also watch this quick tutorial video on how to export your Visme to PowerPoint.


Why Use Visme to Create PowerPoint Presentations

Using PowerPoint to create a PPTX presentation might sound like the obvious option, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best one.

Despite being 20+ years old, PowerPoint hasn’t changed much in terms of design options and capabilities. It’s no surprise then that most PowerPoints end up looking similar to each other.

With a tool like Visme, though, you can create PowerPoint presentations that not only look great, but are easier and faster to put together as well.

For example, check out this beautiful pitch deck template made in Visme.

export powerpoint visme - 40-Work+Biz-Pitch Deck-Presentation Template

Customize this presentation template and make it your own!Edit and Download

Instead of navigating through the limited menu in PowerPoint, you can use an intuitive drag-and-drop editor with millions of professional built-in images, icons and illustrations, fonts, powerful charts and graphs, and more.

This helps you create compelling PowerPoint presentations in a fraction of the time it would take if you were using the actual PowerPoint software.

Some cool features of Visme’s presentation maker include:

  • Hundreds of customizable templates and themes
  • Auto-animated presentations
  • Millions of free images
  • Thousands of free vector icons
  • Animated characters, illustrations and gestures
  • Audio and video libraries
  • 50+ charts, graphs and data widgets
  • Dynamic maps for the world, countries, cities and states

Imagine the stuff you can create in Visme—the possibilities are endless!

And once you’re done creating a beautiful presentation, you can export it in PowerPoint format to view it on virtually any device or operating system.


5 Steps to Creating and Exporting a PowerPoint in Visme

Step 1: Choose a Presentation Template

There are several ways to get started with a presentation in Visme.

Our template library has hundreds of pre-designed options in various categories, like Business, Education, Pitch Deck and Nonprofit. Pick one that’s closest to your theme or topic, and start customizing it in the editor right away.

export powerpoint visme - presentation templates

Find the perfect template for your next presentation!Browse Now

If you don’t want to go with a presentation template, you can also mix-and-match slides using our Slide Themes: Modern, Simple and Creative.

Each Slide Theme is packed with hundreds of slides across 20+ categories. This allows you to quickly set up the structure of your presentation in minutes, no matter what industry or topic you’re working with.

export powerpoint visme - slide-themes

Finally, you can also start from scratch using a Blank Canvas, or import an existing PowerPoint presentation to customize in Visme.


Step 2: Customize Your Presentation

Once you’ve chosen a presentation template, the next step is to customize its design and content according to your needs.

Here’s a quick video tutorial on how to create a presentation in Visme.

Replace the placeholder content, change the color scheme with a single click, drag and drop elements, and quickly add, remove or rearrange slides.

Instead of uploading images from your computer as you would do in PowerPoint, you can access millions of free stock photos from right inside the Visme editor.

You can also tap into libraries of vector icons, animations, videos and more—they’re all searchable!

For example, spice up your slides by adding animated characters.

export powerpoint visme - animated-character

You can change the skin tone and colors, or play around with the speed and repetition settings to customize these assets.

Ready to create your own presentation in minutes?

  • Add your own text, images and more
  • Add interactive buttons and animations
  • Customize colors, fonts and everything else
  • Choose from hundreds of slide designs and templates

Sign up. It's free.


Step 3: Click on Download

When your presentation is ready, it’s time to save it to your computer.

Navigate over to the top-right corner of your screen, and click on the “Download” button.

export powerpoint visme - Step 3-Click on Download


Step 4: Choose the PPTX Format

The “Download” window will show you a bunch of options/formats to choose from. To export your presentation in editable PowerPoint format, click on the Present Offline tab and select PPTX.

export powerpoint visme - Step-4-Choose-the-PPTX-Format Note: You can also export your presentation in other formats, like JPG, PDF, HTML5 and MP4.

Step 5: Download!

Click on Download to export your presentation to PPTX and save it to your computer.

export powerpoint visme - Download

That’s it—you’re all set!


Looking for a Better Way to Share Your Presentation?

Although you can export your Visme presentation to an editable Powerpoint format, it’s not the only way to share your presentation with others.

Most users find it easier to publish their presentation online instead of downloading it to their computer.

This allows you to connect your charts to live data and update your presentation any time without having to download the file again and again.

export video - generate link share privately visme

Visme lets you share your presentation online in several different ways:

  • Publish on the web: This option lets Google index your presentation. This means anyone can search for and access it through a URL.
  • Share privately: This option generates a private link to your presentation that you can share with specific people.
  • Invite to view and annotate: Share the URL to your project with colleagues or teammates so they can view, comment on or annotate your presentation.
  • Embed your presentation: Generate a code to embed your presentation on web pages and email.

You can also choose to download your presentation in formats other than PowerPoint (PPTX).

  • Download in PDF format: Save your presentation in PDF format for printing or presenting purposes.
  • Download in offline browser mode: View your presentation offline by downloading it in the HTML5 format, preserving all animation and interactivity features.
  • Download as a video: Save your presentation as an MP4 video.
create a stunning presentation with visme


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