How to Import Your PowerPoint Presentation Into Visme

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Chloe West

Feb 26, 2020
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For over 20 years, PowerPoint has been the go-to software for creating presentations. It has become such a household name that many people don't even refer to their presentation as a presentation. Instead, they simply call it a PowerPoint. 

However, despite being used by millions of individuals and organizations around the world, the capabilities and user experience PowerPoint offers has hardly changed over the years.

Chances are, you are a PowerPoint user and mostly use it because that's what you’re used to, or what you have available.

But be honest — do you think PowerPoint is actually the best presentation tool out there? I’d be willing to bet that you’d prefer to never open your PowerPoint app again.

Luckily for you, there are PowerPoint alternatives out there. And you’ve found one of them right here with Visme. Check out our PowerPoint versus Visme comparison to learn more about what makes Visme your best choice.

And the best part? You can even import your existing PowerPoint presentations into Visme and edit or present them right inside our presentation software.

We’re going to walk you through exactly how to import your PowerPoint presentation online and spice up your slide design with Visme.

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How to Import Your PowerPoint

Ready to import your old PowerPoint and start creating better slides? Follow this step-by-step to learn how to revamp your old presentations.

Step 1: Log Into Visme

First things first, log into your Visme dashboard.

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This is where all of your existing projects are kept, and where you get started creating new projects.

Step 2: Click the Import Icon

The import icon is the grey button right next to + Create in the left sidebar. Click it to trigger the upload popup.

Step 3: Upload Your PowerPoint File

After you’ve clicked the import icon, a popup appears, prompting you to upload your presentation.

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Click the Browse File button to choose your PowerPoint file from your computer, then click Open to begin the import process.

Step 4: Edit Your PowerPoint

Once your PowerPoint presentation has been imported, it’ll appear in your Visme dashboard alongside your other project.

From here, you can edit your slides using Visme’s design elements like icons, stock photos, charts, graphs, maps and more.

You can even save new Visme slides to your slide library to bring into your existing PowerPoints, like these slides from our Simple presentation theme.

import powerpoint presentation into visme - simple presentation theme
Create your own presentation using our Simple theme!Edit and Download

This is the best way to transition to using Visme full time, even when you already have several old PowerPoint presentations that still have great information.

Step 5: Share Your PowerPoint Online

Another great perk of importing your PowerPoint is the ability to share and present your PowerPoint online.

Visme gives you the option to generate a shareable link for your presentation, as well as embed your presentation on a webpage or blog post. 

You can also present your slideshow online with Visme, or even download it as an interactive HTML5 file or editable PPTX.

Other perks of importing your presentation into Visme include lead generation opportunities, analytics and more. Learn more about these perks here.


How to Import Your PowerPoint [Video]

Watch the whole import process below in this quick video clip.

import powerpoint presentation into visme - video
Import your PowerPoint presentation today!Try It For Free

Import Your Own PowerPoint Today

Do you have existing PowerPoints that you want to improve or present online? Get started today by taking your own PowerPoint online with Visme.

Sign up for your Visme account today to see what you can do to completely revamp all of your future presentations.

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