11 Animated PowerPoint Templates With Interactive Features [To Edit and Download]

11 Animated PowerPoint Templates With Interactive Features [To Edit and Download]

Written by:
Orana Velarde

Feb 11, 2020
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Animated presentations tend to grab the attention of viewers much more than static ones. They’re especially helpful when you aren’t presenting in person next to the slides. 

Use animated PowerPoint templates in your content to add a new angle to your visuals. Slide decks with animated features work well for webinars, step-by-step video tutorials or a trends report full of charts and graphs.

Animated PowerPoint templates are available on plenty of online sites, but did you know that you can use any of these with Visme? This gives you a lot more opportunity for creating visually rich animated presentations at any time.

Make your animated PowerPoint presentations better by editing them with Visme. Add interactive features like pop up boxes, links to other slides in the same deck plus plenty of creative animations.

Visme offers you hundreds of animated presentation templates and PowerPoint templates to help you create the best interactive presentations. 

In this post, we’ve gathered our favorite animated slide deck templates for you to edit and download. There are templates for all types of projects, from business proposals to pitch decks. 

Keep scrolling to find your favorite.

But before you begin, check out our quick 5-minute tutorial video to learn how to create your next presentation in Visme.


Add Creative Transitions To Your PowerPoint Templates

Every single animated presentation template in Visme includes an attractive staggered transition effect from slide to slide. 

More than 900 slides in our template library are designed especially for your presentations to look impressive and unforgettable.

When you import a PowerPoint template to Visme you can easily add slide transitions to one slide at a time or all at once. Use different transitions from slide to slide and create interesting animated compositions for your presentations.

how to import powerpoint into visme


Animated PowerPoint Templates With Creative Transitions

After importing a PowerPoint template into Visme, it’s easy to add animated transitions to the slides. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Click on the gear icon on the top left of a slide in the slide list on the right of the editor.
  2. Select Change Transition.
  3. Choose to add a transition only to that slide or to all slides in one go.

These are the slide transition options to make your animated PowerPoint template that much better:

  • Staggered Fade
  • Enter from Side
  • Enter from Bottom
  • Enter from Top
  • Zoom In
  • Simple Fade
  • Slide In

Transitions can be added with different options: based on time, when clicked, or when a video ends.

animated powerpoint - creative transitions in visme

We’re sure you’re happy to hear that all PowerPoint templates can be imported and animated with Visme. 

But that isn’t the best part!

The Visme presentation library is full of animated templates for many different industries. And of course, they can all be animated with a number of creative animations.

Below are some of our most versatile animated slide decks read for you to edit, animate and download or share online.

1. Animated Market Trends Report Presentation Template

This animated market trends report has creative transitions to navigate from slide to slide. Each transition is different but they don’t feel overwhelming. The data widgets enter the slide seamlessly in a visually interesting way.

animated powerpoint template - market trend report presentation

Customize this presentation template and make it your own!Edit and Download

2. Simple But Animated Architecture Presentation Template

Even simple presentations like this one will look great with creative transitions. The Architecture Presentation template has a slide transitions all coming down from the top, making it look interesting and attractive. 

animated powerpoint template - simple animated presentation

Customize this presentation template and make it your own!Edit and Download

3. Fashion Design Animated Presentation Template

The fashion design presentation has a different combination of slide transitions. They are all zoom-in and zoom-out transitions, perfect for the design style of the slides in this template.

Add more slides from the template or duplicate the ones you have and they will all have the same transition.

animated powerpoint template - fashion design presentation

Customize this presentation template and make it your own!Edit and Download


Add Creativity To Animated PowerPoint Templates

Your animated PowerPoint templates and all Visme presentation templates have plenty of different styles of animation possibilities. 

With Visme, add all these types of animations to any element in a slide.

Enter Animations

  • Fade in
  • Fly in from top 
  • Fly in from bottom
  • Fly in from left
  • Fly in from right
  • Pop Out

Exit Animations

  • Fade out
  • Fly to top, 
  • Fly to bottom
  • Fly to left
  • Fly to right
  • Pop Away
animated powerpoint template - creative animations in visme

Furthermore, control the timing of the animations to create interesting and unforgettable compositions. Use these animation features to create your own in and out slide transitions. Control the movements on click, hover or just by navigating to the next slide.

Below are some animated templates for different industries.

4. Technology Trends Animated Slide

Use enter and exit animated effects for the elements on each slide. Use a two-directional approach with the elements coming in from two sides in a staggered effect. Time the animation so that it comes in slowly as a creative visual.

This template has this style of animation and you can duplicate the slides then switch the elements to create more slides.

animated powerpoint template - tech trends presentation

Browse our presentation templates to find the perfect one.Browse Now

5. Social Media Posting Times Animated Slide

This animated slide has up and down movements for different elements. The effect created is a rotating scenery from day to night with a gradient background quality.

Share this presentation with a live link or as a .html file. Alternatively, embed it on your site as part of a blog post or call to action.

animated powerpoint template - best times to post on social media

Browse our presentation templates to find the perfect one.Browse Now

6. Step-by-Step Information Animated Slide

This type of animated presentation is called building the story. The entire presentation seems like it's created on one slide as pieces of the puzzle enter the scene one by one. Use an animated slide like this to create an unforgettable presentation.

animated powerpoint template - anatomy of a graphic designer's brain

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7. Animated Venn Diagram Presentation Slide

Similar to the above template, this animated Venn diagram has a staggered effect with pieces that come into the scene one by one. A Venn diagram has lots of possibilities for different topics and industries.

animated powerpoint template - venn diagram template

Customize this template and make it your own!Edit and Download


Add Interactive Features To Animated PowerPoint Templates

Moving on from animated slide transitions and animation effects for slide elements. Your animated PowerPoint templates also have the opportunity of becoming interactive.

Visme offers a number of interactive features like pop-up boxes, links to other slides and links to external websites.

Mix it up with transitions and animations and you have yourself an interactive animated PowerPoint presentation.

Below are some of the best Visme animated presentation templates with interactive features.

8. Graffiti Style Interactive Animated PowerPoint Template

This presentation template has seamless transitions from slide to slide plus a number of creative pop-ups. Each pop-up includes additional information for its respective slide. The design follows the style of the presentation and adds an extra dose of creativity.

animated powerpoint template - is graffiti art template

Add your own customizable pop-ups to this template!Edit and Download

9. Navigable Menu Interactive Animated Presentation Template

Create an interactive navigable slide deck with a main menu that links to different slides with Visme’s interactive link features. This style of presentation is like a website you can look through. The best way to share an interactive presentation like this, share a live link.

The video below shows you how it all works.

animated powerpoint template - navigable menu template

Add your own customizable menu to this template!Edit and Download


Add Animated Charts, Graphs and Data Widgets To Animated Powerpoint Templates

Visme turns your animated PowerPoint templates into amazing data visualization presentations. All charts and graphs created with the Graph Engine can not only be animated, but they can also have interactivity. 

Apart from that, there are also plenty of data widgets to visualize other types of information like maps and percentages.

10. Financial Report Presentation Template With Animated Charts And Graphs

Financial reports are full of analytics and data visualizations. Make yours even better by using animated charts and graphs. The bars, lines, and curves have animation features to fit any presentation.

This template is perfect for all the financial reports you create for your business.

animated powerpoint template - financial presentation template

Customize this presentation template and make it your own!Edit and Download

11. Animated Statistical Report Presentation Template

Statistics is a classic source for data visualization in a business setting. Stats presentations are used in meetings day in and day out, sent to team members and stakeholders. Make all your stats reports better than they’ve ever been by adding animation to charts and graphs.

Even better, use this presentation template and save yourself some time.

animated powerpoint template - statistical report presentation template

Customize this presentation template and make it your own!Edit and Download


Export Visme Presentations as PowerPoint Templates

All Visme presentations can be exported as .pptx presentations. All you have to do is click on .pptx in the download options. 

The catch is that it will always be best to stick with Visme for sharing and presenting. With Visme you can share an animated presentation as a live link or a .html file to present offline.

And before you present, watch the video below to review the ways to structure your presentations. There are 7 main presentation structures to help you set up amazing stories throughout your presentation.

Create Your Own Animated Visme Presentations With Interactive Features

There are many options for creating animated presentations with Visme. From uploading PowerPoint templates to using Visme templates. 

Animate any presentation in our library, edit the slide transitions, add animated compositions to your slide decks and create visually rich presentations.

Create the best animated and interactive presentations with Visme today!

Create Stunning Content!

Design visual brand experiences for your business whether you are a seasoned designer or a total novice.

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