How to Auto-Animate Your Presentations With Visme’s Smart Slide Transitions

How to Auto-Animate Your Presentations With Visme’s Smart Slide Transitions

Written by:
Payman Taei

Jul 18, 2018
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We have good news! You can now say goodbye to the long hours you used to spend animating every element in your presentations.

Visme just introduced a new feature that allows you to auto-animate your slide decks with captivating, fluid transitions so you can now spend those precious hours doing more productive things (like worrying about the actual content of your message rather than how it looks).

Here is an example of a slide deck automatically animated with Visme’s new smart slide transitions:

Pretty neat, right?

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Slides That Animate Themselves

We spent months building and perfecting a smart, dynamic transition engine which automatically applies fluid transitions between slides, based on the coordinates of the objects on your slides with respect to each other.

Whereas in the past, you had to animate every object and decide when they should come in and from where, all transitions are now automatic. The slides created in Visme now behave as if they are on a continuous timeline, almost like a video.

And guess what? These new slide transitions work on mobile devices too.

To add the same effect to your own slide decks, simply click on the gear on the slide thumbnail found on the right panel in the Visme editor. Then select the option Change Transition.

how to use slide transitions visme

You can choose the Enter from Side option (featured above) to automatically make the objects appear from the left or right on your screen with a fluid and smooth animation effect. Or you can try:


Staggered Fade

The Staggered Fade smart slide transition is perfect for when you want the objects on your slides to subtly appear one by one on your screen, with a slight delay between each element.

staggered fade slide transition visme


Enter from Bottom

The Enter from Bottom slide transition is ideal for when you're looking to create a scrolling presentation that looks more like a web page than a slide-based deck.

slide transition enter from bottom


Enter from Top

Try the Enter from Top slide transition when you want to switch things up a bit and depart from the typical PowerPoint presentation. If you design your slides in just the right way (by having certain elements such as images, lines or blocks continue from one slide to the next), you should end up with a presentation that looks more like a video than a slide deck.

slide transition visme enter from top
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Zoom In

This slide transition is the best option for when you want to create a 3D effect or the illusion that the elements on your slides are zooming into focus.

visme slide transition zoom


Your Turn

Next time, save yourself the trouble of animating every object in your presentation and instead let us do the work for you. Take our smart slide transitions for a test run here and let me know what you think below!

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