7 Best Animated Presentation Software You Should Know About

7 Best Animated Presentation Software You Should Know About

Written by:
Orana Velarde

Oct 04, 2019
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Static presentations are all well and good, but why not create animated presentations with vibrant and eye-catching designs? Using an animated presentation software will help make your presentations shine and stand out from the crowd.

An animated presentation has moving parts inside the slides and creative slide transitions. In some cases, you can animate things on click or with a timer.

These effects can make any presentation much more entertaining for the audience. Not only that, it gives the presenter cues to move forward with the information on the slides.

Sure, PowerPoint can be animated (a bit too much) but there are many other, better options for animated presentation software that you should know about.


7 Best Animated Presentation Software

To make it easier for you to choose, we have reviewed the top 7 animated presentation software out there to help you create an engaging slideshow.


1 Visme

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An animated presentation software like Visme will turn your presentations into works of digital art.

The animation options are classy, easy to use and never over the top.

Visme presentations also include a staggered animation of elements right out of the box.  Even if you don’t add anything else to your slides, a finished Visme presentation will already be animated and ready to go!

If you don’t like the way this default transition works, you can change it inside the slide controls.

Below are the different animation controls available inside Visme.

Slide Transitions

As I mentioned before, Visme presentations come animated right out of the box.

But there are plenty of other options if you want to change that. Click on the gear icon in one of the slides and you’ll see  the option for “slide transitions.”

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You can choose between the following:

  • Time delay
  • On click
  • When a video is done playing

The last one only applies if you have added a video to your slide.

The default transition style is “enter from side” but you can also choose from the following:

  • No style
  • Staggered fade
  • Enter from bottom
  • Enter from top
  • Zoom in
  • Simple fade
  • Slide in

All choices can be selected for one slide at a time, or for all slides. This is practical when some slides have media, like video or audio narration.

Pro-tip: Stick to one style or at the most two. If you mix and match too many styles your presentation will look confusing and the magic of animated transitions will be lost. Also, if you add animation to your elements, these have to work together with your slide transitions!


The animation controls in Visme are available for every single element on a slide. To access them, simply click on an element and open the animations tab on the top right.

Next, select if you want the animation as an element enters the stage or as it exits.

Then, set the timing for the animation and then pick the style.

You can choose from the styles below:

  • Fly from left
  • Fly from right
  • Fly from top
  • Fly from bottom
  • Fade in
  • Pop out

After you have added at least one animation, you’ll be able to see the animation timeline. Click on the hamburger menu on the top left and select “Object List”. The list will show up on the right, above your slides.

animated presentation software - visme 1

When you click on the object list, you’ll also see the animation timeline.

If you want to know more detailed instructions on how to make animated presentations with Visme, watch our tutorial video on how to use the animation controls.

Create your own animated presentation with Visme

  • Add your own text, images and more
  • Add interactive buttons and motion effects
  • Customize anything to fit your design and content needs

Sign up. It's free.


2 Prezi

animated presentation software - prezi logo

Prezi has been the animated presentation software of choice for educators for a long time. The zoom in and zoom out effects are always a delight with students of any age.

Let’s take a look at how animations work on Prezi and their range of customization.

First of all, Prezi uses animation as the way a presentation transitions from slide to slide.

The first slide has all the topics in a layout and the presenter must click on each one to enter a set of slides. When a topic is clicked, the effect is a zoom-in visual that takes the audience on a journey inward. The presenter can then exit that slide and zoom-out to the first overview slide again.

Additionally, all slide elements can be animated to fade in or fade out. Simply click on an element and add an animation. The animations for each element can be reordered easily with a movable tab.

animated presentation software - prezi 1

From the animation controls, you can also add a new zoom-in area to any slide, which adds another level of information to the presentation.

Finally, the main overview page can have animation controls depending on what topic has been opened, creating even more animated options.


3 PowerPoint

animated presentation software - powerpoint logo

The most widely used presentation software, PowerPoint, also has lots of animation features.

The options for animation on PowerPoint are quite varied and can turn a boring presentation into a fun experience. But they can also turn any presentation into a big animated mess in no time.

Of course, if you use some restraint, you can create amazing animated presentations with PowerPoint. Let’s take a look at the animation options inside PowerPoint.

First of all, every single element inside each slide can be animated, more than once.

PowerPoint offers around a hundred animation options; from regular slide ins to pinwheels and color fills. When an animation is added to an element, a marker shows up next to it on the slide that shows it’s position in the animation timeline.

animated presentation software - powerpoint 1

The animation timeline is on the right side and includes lots of customization options.

The timeline is unique for each slide, and the order can be rearranged by dragging the elements up or down on the timeline. Each animation effect can be given an “on click” control and also a timed value.

Slide transitions in PowerPoint also have animation controls.

animated presentation software - powerpoint 2

There are around 20 slide transition options and they can be further customized using the controls in the top bar. You can choose how long the transition lasts and even give it a sound.


4 Genially

animated presentation software - genially logo

Genially has a pretty high standard for animations. When you click on any element in a slide, two tiny buttons pop up.  One of them is for adding animations to that particular element.

The animation controls open on the right side of the editor and offers many customization options. What’s unique about this animated presentation software is that the effect can be continuous apart from on-entrance and on-exit. What you can’t do is control animations on a timeline or add a delay.

animated presentation software - genially 1

When it comes to slide transitions, there are around ten style options. Choose for it to be horizontal, vertical or centered. The slide transitions can be selected slide by slide or for all slides at once.


5 Beautiful.ai

animated presentation software - beautiful ai logo

Animation controls in Beautiful.ai are available inside each slide. And if you don’t choose anything, the elements in your slides will be slightly animated on their own.

But that's the only thing that makes Beautiful.ai an animated presentation software.

animated presentation software - beautiful ai

Customizability is limited. If you want to change how the animations work, you can change the speed, timing and order. What you can’t do is choose how or from where the element appears on the slide.

There are some simple slide transitions, but you have no option to change them either.

Create your own animated presentation in minutes!

  • Add your own text, images and more
  • Add interactive buttons and motion effects
  • Customize anything to fit your design and content needs

Sign up. It's free.


6 Keynote

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Keynote is the Apple software version of PowerPoint.

There are plenty of animation options for animating elements on Keynote slides. Like most other animation software, you can animate the entrance and the exit of an element on a slide.

Additionally, you can also add an action animation to happen when you click on the slide.

The options for animation range from standard fades to bumps and light bulb spark effects. All the animation options can be customized for speed and intensity, and can also be given a specific timing.

animated presentation software - keynote

Keynote also has animated slide transition effects. The controls are in the same place as the element animations, you just have to click on the slide instead of an actual object. There are over 20 transition effects, which can be customized for duration and direction.

There is one particularly special transition effect called Magic Move. This animated transition makes objects, words and characters look like they are moving from one slide to another.


7 Slides

animated presentation software - slides logo

In the Slides animated presentation software, you can animate all the elements in a slide with the usual fades and slides. These can be customized to work on click, on hover or automatically on a timer. The timing controls have duration and delay values that you can edit.

The slide transitions in Slides are a bit more unique than standard animated transitions.

animated presentation software - slides

Transitions are separated into regular transition and background transition, and there are six options for each. The background transition effects work only when a slide has a background image or color.

However, the transitions can only be done for the entirety of the presentation, not slide by slide.


Create Animated Presentations with Visme

If you’re looking for the perfect software to help you create your own animated presentation, you don’t really need to look any further than Visme.

You can easily animate elements in a clean and seamless way without it getting overwhelming. Slide transition effects are also super effective with plenty of options for customization.

To present or share your animated presentation, use the online link and view from any device. If you’d like to present it without an internet connection, download it as an HTML5 file.

You can also collaborate with your marketing team to put together an animated presentation using Visme's team features. Or take advantage of the brand kit and save your animated presentation as a template to use for your future slideshows.

Sign up for a free Visme account today and create your perfect animated presentation.

Create Stunning Content!

Design visual brand experiences for your business whether you are a seasoned designer or a total novice.

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