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Payman Taei



We've all faced this issue at one point or another when it comes to personal computers and  mobile devices.   As you amass tens or hundreds of files, organizing them becomes imperative for accessing the content more easily in the future.

Wouldn't it be great if you could go beyond accessing all your Presentations, Infographics, Web documents, and even your resumes in one place?

What if you could properly organize your content, filter them by date and even set permissions on who can access this content to view or edit from anywhere?

These are questions we asked ourselves when we created the folder system for Visme.   It's the direct result of user feedback and our own frustration with how difficult it is to locate content when you create more than a few pieces of it.

Today we're excited to announce the launch of the updated Dashboard for Visme so you can dramatically improve managing your Visme files and utilize its sharing and collaboration features in case you have more than one user.

Lots of Projects? No Problem

As you create more and more projects you will start to fill up the "All Projects" area.   Soon you will find your self having to scroll down to locate your desired project.

To overcome this issue we came up with a couple features including an updated Dashboard interface,  a live search feature, view mode, folders and last but not least sharing features.  Let's take a closer look at each feature:


Updated Dashboard Interface

We redesigned the dashboard interface.  Not only is it now cleaner than its predecessor, but it also allows you to more efficiently view each project.

By default you will see your content in thumbnail view (individual cells), and the wider your display the more projects you will see in a row.


You can also access projects in list view by clicking on the Top list icon located on top right of your dashboard.


Search Bar

On the top left corner of the dashboard you will see a simple search bar. It's pretty neat and fast.  Just start typing the name of your project and it will in fraction of a second generate results.  No submit button to click, just quick live search.




This feature works very similar to Google Drive / Docs and other online based file repositories so you will find it very easy to use and intuitive.

You have the ability to create New Folders and simply drag and drop each of your projects into the folder of your choice.

You can also drag and drop a folder inside another to create folder trees.



Sharing Folders

Additionally you can share your folder(s) with other Visme users (great for organizations and schools) with ability to decide who can view and/or edit projects under it.  We will be covering this feature in more detail in another post in the near future.


There you have it, a set of features that will help you to get organized and help you manage your projects easily as you create more content.   Have any suggestions or requests?  share it below.


Here's the video to see features in action:


The basic features for organizing projects are free (ex. Search, View modes) and the Folder / Sharing features are available with Visme complete plans that start at just $16/month.


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About the Author

Payman Taei is the founder of Visme (he doesn’t like using the word ”CEO”—it’s way too formal), a DIY platform that allows everyone to create and manage presentations, infographics, reports and other visual content.

He’s also the founder of HindSite Interactive, an award-winning web design and web development company.

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Coming Soon: Become a Certified Presentation Expert with Visme VersityJoin the Waiting List
Coming Soon: Become a Certified Presentation Expert with Visme VersityJoin the Waiting List