Pitch Deck Outline: 10 Must-Have Pitch Deck Slides

Pitch Deck Outline: 10 Must-Have Pitch Deck Slides

Written by:
Orana Velarde

Mar 16, 2020
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Putting together a pitch deck outline is an important skill to have as an entrepreneur, startup founder or nonprofit organization. The main purpose of a pitch deck is to pitch an idea, concept or business to an individual or group that can invest their time and money towards it.

When you create a pitch deck, a detailed outline of the planned slides helps put all the information together. In this article, we'll talk about a collection of slides that every pitch deck needs to be successful. The final number of slides, however, depends on how much information you need to show.

Potential investors will expect these slides from your pitch deck. They are the basis of the story you need to tell. A number of these slides are not a question of maybe—they are completely necessary.

A few others can be left out or changed for something else, but you’re better off sticking to this pitch deck outline. In some cases, one slide topic can span two or three actual slides.

Visme offers you lots of options to create a successful pitch deck. From mix and match presentation slide templates to full pitch deck templates that are inspired by real ones.

No matter which option you choose, start by creating a pitch deck outline in a text document. You can also use a paper notebook if that’s your jam.


How to Draft a Successful Pitch Deck Outline

Before you start creating your pitch deck presentation, you need to draft out your pitch deck outline.

The text that goes into these slides is just enough to get the message across. It must hit a balance between a pitch deck that can be seen and processed on its own, or as a support for in-person pitching.

Remember that you don’t want to fill slides with text and make your potential investors suffer the dreaded "death by PowerPoint".

Below is an easy-to-copy outline to get you started:

  1. Introduction
  2. Problem and Solution
  3. Unique Angle
  4. Business Model
  5. Numbers and Statistics
  6. Competitive Analysis
  7. Future Vision
  8. Financial Projections
  9. Financial Ask
  10. Team Profile

Let’s take a look at what each slide is about and what to include in it. For each type of slide, we have also included a template that you can customize for your own pitch deck.

But first, let’s get you inspired to make your slides look amazing. The video below has tons of creative presentation ideas to help you make the best pitch decks possible.


1 Introduction Slide

The introduction slide is the first thing anyone will see of your pitch deck. It has two purposes:

  • To present your business name
  • To say what you do in one sentence

On the first slide of the Pixamize pitch deck below, notice the logo and the descriptive sentence. Both of these are set up in the center of the slide over a background in the brand colors.

As you can see, it’s short, sweet and to the point. Visualize this slide so your brand shines through and makes a great first impression.

pitch deck outline - 1-Introduction-Slide

Customize this pitch deck template to make it your own!Edit and Download

2 Problem and Solution Slides

Every business must solve a problem for its target market. But not every business offers the same solution. Your business’s solution to a problem should take up one or two slides on your pitch deck.

For example, the slides below from Visme’s Traveler Connect pitch deck template are not one after the other. They are actually quite a few slides apart. The problem is laid out on slide 4, followed by proof to support it. Then on slide 12, the solution is presented.

Whichever way you decide to set it up, first present the problem and then the solution. Practice the process of this section on your pitch deck outline before setting up the visual slides.

pitch deck outline - 2-Problem-Solution-Slides

Customize this pitch deck template to make it your own!Edit and Download

3 Unique Angle Slide

Just like your brand, your presentation needs to showcase your unique angle.

Use one or two slides to tell your audience just how you and your business are special. Your uniqueness is about how you approach your market’s problem and how you stand out from the competition.

The unique angle slide from Visme’s JournalVision pitch deck template showcases the brand’s special way of doing what they do. Plus they visualize it with screenshots of their product to bring the story home.

Visualize this slide with a beautiful or animated background. If your unique angle involves data and numbers, try a colorful data widget.

pitch deck outline - 3-Unique-Angle-Slide

Customize this pitch deck template to make it your own!Edit and Download

4 Business Model Slide

Investors want to know how you run your business to see if they want to invest their money in your vision. This slide or set of slides must be easy to understand and inspire interest and potential action.

Draft the content for this set of slides on your pitch deck outline. Make sure the information is just enough to get the idea across but not too much to overwhelm. These slides are the most difficult to visualize, so try using icons, shape blurbs and interactive charts.

These slides from Visme’s UpFront pitch deck template below showcase two important parts of the brand’s business model. The first slide delivers the brand’s origins and purpose and the second slide visualizes how their business model has grown so far.

pitch deck outline - 4-Business-Model-Slide

Customize this pitch deck template to make it your own!

  • Add your own text, images, logo and more
  • Add interactive buttons and animations
  • Customize anything to fit your brand image and content needs

Edit and Download


5 Numbers and Statistics Slide

No startup can ask for funding without showing how their efforts have turned into results. The numbers and stats slide is a great opportunity to show some of your data visualization skills.

Visme will help you create a great set of numbers and stats slides. Present either one or a set of three slides that show off your numbers in an inviting way. Surely you have a lot more stats to share, so add an interactive button to open a link with a full spreadsheet or data PDF.

The slide below is an example of how data can be visualized in an easy and simple way. How will you simplify your pitch deck’s data?

pitch deck outline - 5-Numbers-and-Stats-Slide

Customize this pitch deck template to make it your own!Edit and Download

6 Competitive Analysis Slide

In your pitch deck outline, the competitive analysis section must include enough information about your competition to make your own brand stand out. Don’t manipulate the information in this section; always be truthful and honest about how your brand compares to the others in your industry.

Visualize your competitive analysis detailing how your brand is better than others in achieving the same thing or go all out and show your competitors’ logos in a chart. Choose the style of this slide when drafting your pitch deck outline. Select the style that will make your brand look best in front of the others.

The competitive analysis slide below uses the first approach. It shows different ways of achieving the same thing while putting the pitching brand on top. Always show proof!

pitch deck outline - 6-Competitive-Analysis-Slide

Customize this pitch deck template to make it your own!Edit and Download

7 Future Vision Slide

What’s next for your brand? Where would you like to take it after you get funding?

Use one or two slides to tell the audience your big plans and goals for the future. Use predictions according to what you have already achieved.

Use unique storytelling techniques and consider adding some slides about how your startup got to where it is at the moment. This will set the stage for your vision of the future.

The slide below from the Visme Comms pitch deck template is simple and to the point. It says what has happened so far and what the brand visualizes that will happen in the near future. It’s good to be ambitious in this slide, so show your goal setting skills.

pitch deck outline - 7-Vision-for-the-Future-Slide

Customize this pitch deck template to make it your own!Edit and Download

8 Financial Projections Slide

Shortly after displaying your goals and dreams for the future, its time to present your business’s financial projection. On this slide is where your data analysis shines. Use the right type of chart with a visually appealing design to showcase the data.

Before creating your financial projection charts, sketch some ideas on your pitch deck outline. If there's a lot of data, import it to the Visme Graph Engine and customize it until it looks great.

The slide below from the Visme Startup Index Pitch Deck shows a simple chart with a nice design that inspires and invites to find out more.

pitch deck outline - 8-Financial-projections-Slide

Customize this pitch deck template to make it your own!

  • Add your own text, images, logo and more
  • Add interactive buttons and animations
  • Customize anything to fit your brand image and content needs

Edit and Download


9 Financial Ask Slide

Interested investors want to know how much your startup needs to get to the next level. After showing all the other slides and sharing your brand values, it’s time to let them know what you need.

Ask exactly what your startup needs to grow and be honest about what you need from them. Make sure that all the previous slides were the best they could be so when they arrive at the financial ask slide, they will feel inspired to invest.

The financial slide on the ToughSEO pitch deck template is simple and to the point. The startup asks for a high number of investments and offers board seats in exchange.

pitch deck outline - 9-Financial-Ask-Slide

Customize this pitch deck template to make it your own!Edit and Download

10 Team Profile Slide

Lastly, the team profile slide rounds up the whole pitch deck to a good finish. Show off the team with images that balance each other and just enough information to tell the investors who they are.

Make sure to use images that are similar to each other in color, filter, and composition. Try shaped frames for a unique visual appeal.

The team profiles slide below in Visme’s RockinIt Pitch Deck Template uses hexagonal frames to create an interlocking set up. The entire slide has a blue filter that matches the brand and it all looks well balanced and inviting.

To improve your team profile slide, link to each member’s LinkedIn profile.

pitch deck outline - 10-Team-profiles-Slide

Customize this pitch deck template to make it your own!Edit and Download

Branding Tip: Make sure all your slides look like they fit together in terms of style, color, fonts, and feel. Your brand must shine through every single slide in a way that makes them feel united and with an even visual flow. You can achieve this by using one of our templates or by taking advantage of Visme's Brand Kit feature.


Create a Compelling Pitch Deck With Visme

Your pitch deck outline forms the basis of your pitch deck. Creating visuals without a well-drafted outline is like jumping basic steps and hoping for the best. We don’t suggest you take that route, even if you use a template. Make sure you always work with a drafted outline.

That said, the Visme presentation maker is the perfect tool to take your pitch deck outline and turn it into the pitch deck that will take your startup to the next level.

Learn even more about creating pitch decks with Visme in this quick 5-minute video.


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