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Looking for report examples? You’ve probably noticed in your search that there many different kinds.

It can get a little confusing if you don’t know exactly what report example you’re looking for. Don’t worry, we can help.

But first, what is a report anyway?

A report is a document that details a specific set of information about any number of topics. It’s a compilation of data and facts put together to show or explain to someone or a group of people.

This definition of a report applies to both businesses and schools. 

When a teacher or student thinks of the term "report," they think:

  • Book Report
  • Progress Report
  • Report Card
  • Science Experiment Report

Businesspeople, on the other hand, think of:

  • Sales Reports
  • Marketing Reports
  • Progress Reports
  • Social Media Reports
  • Market Research Reports
  • Weekly Reports
  • Monthly Reports
  • Annual Reports
  • And many more...

If you think about it though, all the reports above fit under the same description. It’s just the environment where it’s produced and presented that’s different.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the most common report examples in both education and business. And to help you out, we’ve added some sample templates from Visme that are ready for you to customize and download.

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1 Progress Report Examples

A progress report shows how a specific project or plan is progressing. It shows and visualizes any variety of the following things:

  • If goals are being met or not
  • When a specific task needs to be either repeated or discarded
  • A timeframe of task completed and results
  • New or adjusted goals created with data from the ongoing process

Good visualization tools for progress reports include comparison widgets showing the goal against what was achieved. 

Another type of progress report is for school-aged children. Teachers put together progress reports and report cards of what they learn in class throughout the year.

Below is a Visme template for a preschool progress report. Teachers can print this out, make copies and send home with the kids. Alternatively, and as a way to save paper, they can fill it in digitally and send the parents a link to the report published online.

report examples - progress report template

Customize this progress report template and make it your own!Edit and Download

2 Sales Report Examples

A sales report showcases the results of a sales campaign. These are presented by the sales team to the stakeholders of a company or the other teams like marketing and content marketing. It’s usually presented at the end of a campaign, otherwise it would be a sales progress report.

Sales reports are improved with data visualizations like line charts, bar charts and histograms. These can be presented as live reports, presentation slides, like an infographic or even a document. 

The sales report sample template below comes with enough slides with charts to get your data organized nicely. Using the Visme editor, add slides in between the sample template slides to add explanatory content if necessary.

report examples - sales report template

Customize this sales report template and make it your own!Edit and Download

3 Market Research Report Examples

A market research report is all about showing the results of a market research audit. The main idea is to describe the competitors, the ideal client, the current atmosphere in the market and ideas on how to implement a successful marketing strategy.

This type of report uses visualizations like pie charts, maps, percentage widgets and regular visuals like photography or illustration. 

report examples - market research report template

Customize this market research report template and make it your own!Edit and Download

Learn more about how to visualize statistics in your reports by watching this video.

4 “The State Of” Report Examples

Similar to market research reports, this type of report can be about any topic whatsoever. The research will go in-depth, with surveys and studies that show trends and statistics that are then visualized and presented. 

The similarity between these reports is their title, it always starts with “The State Of”. For example, SlackHQ released the State of Work Report this year while other companies do the same for other topics.

The Visme sample template below was created as a State of the Ecommerce Fashion Industry but can easily be customized for your needs.

report examples - state of report template

Customize this report template and make it your own!Edit and Download

5 Weekly / Monthly / Quarterly Report Examples

Similar to progress reports, weekly, monthly and quarterly reports are constants in a business setting. They’re usually more generalized than a progress report, which is about a specific project.

Weekly and monthly reports are sometimes condensed sections of different analytics reports put together into one document. Other times it can be a live dashboard that shows each week’s or month’s activity. 

The sample template below is a monthly report for sustainable development. It’s in document format, which you can print or share as a PDF.

report examples - monthly report template

Customize this monthly report template and make it your own!Edit and Download

6 Annual Report Examples

An annual report is the cumulative data about a company for an entire year. These reports are much larger than others because they have a lot more information. Many companies create beautifully designed annual reports to show off their data. 

Annual reports come in all shapes and sizes. Like printed books, as slide presentations, as scrollable infographics or even entire websites. With Visme, you can create many different types of annual reports easily.

The sample annual report template below is a slide presentation.

report examples - business annual report template

Customize this annual report template and make it your own!Edit and Download

This sample template is in document format.

report examples - annual report template

Customize this annual report template and make it your own!Edit and Download

7 Forecast Report Examples

Another business-minded report is the forecast report. This type of report is similar to the “state of the” report but instead of being about the present, it’s about the future. 

Many well-established companies create forecast reports because they are trendsetters and want to stay ahead of other companies in the industry.

Such is the case for The Pantone Institute. They publish color trend forecast reports every year, and for seasons and themes as well.

If you publish a forecast report to set yourself up as an influential entity in your niche, it’s best to promote it and share it as much as possible. Also, be sure that what you’re presenting as a forecast has good informational backing it, and you aren’t just making it up.

The sample report below is a document format forecast report for a tech company.

report examples - forecast report template

Customize this forecast report template and make it your own!Edit and Download

8 Book Report Examples

In the educational aspect, reports are a little different. A book report, for example, is meant to show that a student has read a book and can give a summary of it to the class and the teacher. 

There doesn’t tend to be much data visualization involved, but graphic organizers can help add visuals to the written content.

Book reports can be set up as presentations or as printed PDFs. It really depends on the teacher and what they assign to the student.

The Visme template below is a book report slide presentation ready to customize with the information the student gathered from the book. 

report examples - book report template

Customize this book report template and make it your own!Edit and Download

9 Scientific Finding Report Examples

Scientific finding reports can be used in the classroom as a way to teach students about the scientific method and how to present the findings. 

In a more professional scenario, scientists and researchers will create these types of reports to show their superiors or the people funding their work.

These reports are generally full of data visualizations, along with photographs of the experiments – if there were any – as they progress. In some cases, there can be illustrations and video embedded into the report to add extra visuals.

The sample template below is a study about stress in the workplace. It’s not a detailed visualization of microbes in a lab, but the report writing format is the same.

report examples - scientific finding report template

Customize this report template and make it your own!Edit and Download

10 Analysis Report Examples

An analysis report in school is mostly used in Literature classes. The main idea is to analyze a book or a group of books and analyze them. This can be done with one analysis terms or in a more general sense. 

This type of report works well with graphic organizers instead of data visualizations.

An analysis report can also be considered as a visual analytical essay because it follows the same format. There must be the main idea and a thesis to begin with. The content must then reinforce or counter the thesis.

The sample report below is about the idea that going to university isn’t for everyone. The slides are in a modern creative style and will look great with any content.

report examples - analysis report template

Customize this analysis report template and make it your own!Edit and Download

Which Report Example is Right for You?

Now that you’ve seen all the different report examples and what each one is used for, it’s time to create your own! Put together all your content, data and notes, and get ready to make it all look amazing. 

Open up your Visme dashboard or simply click on any of the templates in this post to get started. If you need more images, you can find plenty inside the Visme library. If you want to add data visualizations, just use the graph engine!

Bookmark this post and you’ll never have to wonder about report examples again, then check out our video below to learn even more about how Visme makes document design easy.

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