6 Creative Ways To Use Interactive Content For Visual Marketing

6 Creative Ways To Use Interactive Content For Visual Marketing 

Etee Dubey

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Etee Dubey

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Visual content is like the ‘Super Mode’ on the car you just bought. It makes your wheels go from 40 to 120 in absolutely no time. In fact, 90% of the information that comes to the brain is in a visual form! 

This is why the concept of visual content marketing is so crucial for your business.
It basically includes using visual forms to convey information and engage audiences. This content could be static images or dynamic.

Interactive content is a gold mine when it comes to visual marketing. It captures the attention of potential customers a lot faster than static content does. So read on to learn why and how you can use interactive content for visual marketing. 


What is Interactive Content?

Interactive content is a type of content that requires or enables the viewer to actively engage with it. And tools for creating interactive content – like Visme – are on the rise, allowing more and more businesses to create awesome content that their audiences love.

Interactive content experiences are all about providing a new and unique way for your audience to digest your content, whether it's an interactive presentation, interactive infographic, interactive ebook or something else entirely.

Learn more about the benefits of interactive content, as well as a few ways that you can also incorporate this type of accelerated content into your strategy.


Why Use Interactive Content

Before we move on to the various ways to use interactive content, let us talk about why you need to go visual. Visual content marketing isn’t just about adding an image to your data. It’s about sending a message and delivering quality information. 

And there are some major ways in which visuals can help boost your business. 

1. Customer Engagement

Visual content catches the eye. It is more powerful and engaging than written content. Research shows that tweets with images received 18% more clickthrough rates, 89% more likes, and 150% more retweets!

interactive content - infographic about tweets with images

The popularity of Instagram and Facebook can be mainly attributed to images and other types of visual content. It makes it easier for users to retain information and it stays in memory for a longer period of time. 

2. Brand Recognition

Your business is much more than a logo or a product. It’s about your vision, your brand, and your purpose. 

Using visuals leaves a stronger impression on your audience. Using the right visuals on your website and landing pages can do the trick in setting your brand apart. 

Having a set color scheme, logo and icons can help the audience associate with your brand and make your brand more recognizable.

Creating brand guidelines to help strengthen your brand and ensure everyone in the company is using the correct fonts, colors and more is a great idea.

interactive content - branding guidelines
Customize this brand guidelines template and make it your own!Edit and Download

3. Better SEO

SEO and visuals are like that couple that not many people know about. Adding good visuals is more likely to increase your audience interaction. This increases your site popularity and in turn your search rankings! 

It’s all about the alt-text and image tags. To get more specific, optimizing your images by including keywords in the file name. 

Rather than sticking to a generic name (especially when you’ve downloaded stock photography), add the keywords you’re trying to rank for. This will give your images an extra SEO boost. 

interactive content - image file name

4. Better Numbers

Using visuals for your social media, websites and posts can really improve your numbers! It generates increased views, likes, shares, and conversions! 

They say, "A picture is worth a thousand words," and they’re right. It has been reported that a brand’s video influences 81% of viewers to buy a product or service. And 95% of people get to know about a product by simply watching a video. 

In fact, adding an image to your post gets you 37% more engagement on Facebook!  


How to Use Interactive Content in Visual Marketing

Interactive content is a quick, effective, engaging way to get an audience. It helps you with generating leads, nurturing them, and converting them. So why should interactive content be left behind when it comes to visual content marketing. 

Interactive content aims at collecting information from your audience without you having to do the work. With this data, you can create a target audience and offer them relevant content. And at the same time, it’s pretty to look at! 

Here’s how you can use interactive content for visual marketing. 

1. Quizzes 

These are one of the highest converting content types out there. They can be embedded in a lot of places to attract potential customers. 

Here is an example of a great quiz used by Pottermore. Pottermore is a Harry Potter-themed digital wizarding world. It has used some great Potter related quizzes on its website to add a certain visual appeal to it. 

These quizzes help with engaging customers, gathering leads and increasing time duration on the site. Plus they're fun, right?

Here’s another quiz for Which University Courses Should You Consider? by a business called Matrix Education. This quiz does not only contribute to visual marketing but also helps them increase visibility and shareability. 

2. Calculators 

When God made math teachers, man made calculators. And calculators made our lives easy. Calculators are another way in which you can boost up your visual marketing. They help your visitors gain value and allow you to gather more leads. 

You can use calculators in live chats, emails, websites, landing pages, etc. Suppose you are looking to market an online tool, and you wish to retain your customers.

You can embed a calculator in your follow up emails allowing them to calculate the ROI of your tool. This will not only contribute to your email visually but also increase the chance of re-purchasing.

Here’s an example of a Calorie calculator used by freedieting.com. This calculator tells you your daily calorie needs on the basis of your age, gender, weight, etc. The calculator provides your visitors with value and helps you stand out! 

3. Interactive Videos

Research says that almost 85% of marketers use video as a tool. They can’t be all wrong, can they? Video has become an important part of a good marketing strategy in today’s time and for good reason. 

Interactive videos are attractive, engaging and fun to watch. They can be informative and entertaining. They keep your audience hooked and make them stay a little longer. 

A lot of websites use videos to increase their visual score. Buzzfeed, for example, uses tons of interactive videos on its website. 

However, it was Netflix, the American streaming service that took the concept of interactive video one step further. They created an interactive video (movie, in fact!) where the fate of the main protagonist was decided by the viewer. 

This movie ended up garnering so much attention that it was termed as Netflix’s secret marketing weapon. If you want to anonymously stream the movie, you can use a Netflix VPN.

4. Infographics

‘Infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly.’ Infographics convey more efficiently and stick with the user, and especially when it comes to a large amount of data. 

An infographic can be on any topic, any theme and can use countless numbers of visuals in itself. It adds a certain aesthetic appeal to your data. 

National Geographic made great use of an interactive infographic on The Manhattan Skyline. It gives out a lot of information all at once. It also saves the user the pain of reading long blog posts to educate themselves. 

The infographic is brightly colored and uses attractive interactive elements to capture the attention of the user. This is good visual marketing, case in point. 

interactive content - infographic example from national geographic

You can create animated and interactive infographics with Visme, just like this example below that shows how the top design tools rank.

Create your own interactive content today!Try It For Free

5. Assessments

Assessments are a super quiz, low-cost way of determining whether your lead fulfills your criteria or not. Moreover, you can use assessments to generate leads, grant scholarships, and prizes and also nurture leads with discounts, etc. 

And what’s more, assessments also contribute to your visual marketing strategy. Study International is an online independent news portal for international students. They used an assessment for How Fluent Are You In English? in the form of a blog post.  

The assessment was a great way to make the blog more catchy and engaging for the readers. The best part was that it added value to them at the end of it. This can also help the company in segregating leads on the basis of their answers and targeting them accordingly. 

interactive content - assessment example from study international

6. Contests And Giveaways

Giveaways and contests are a huge part of visual marketing. They are the best way to reach a large amount of audience in a very short time and generate leads. 

In fact, giveaway statistics show that 34% of new customers are acquired through giveaways and contests. And all for a very low cost. 

Having giveaways and contests attracts a lot of users and encourages them to further engage with you. They also use very captivating visuals that add to your website. 

Here’s a contest example by Forever 21. The contest required the audience to follow some Instagram pages, enter their favorite 80s or 90s movie and tag 2 friends. 3 winners would be chosen at random and given a prize. 

The contest was eye-catching and ended up garnering a lot of popularity on social media. 


Create Your Own Interactive Content

That was fun, wasn’t it? Who wouldn’t want to dive into visual content marketing after knowing how beneficial and easy it can be. You can use interactive content for visual marketing in so many ways and in so many places. 

So why wait? Go ahead and start creating interactive content today. There’s a lot on the internet that is just waiting to be put to good use!


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