How to Create a Product Video Your Customers Will Love

How to Create a Product Video Your Customers Will Love

Written by:
Orana Velarde

Sep 24, 2021

Advertisements and promotions are a huge part of your product’s success. But for people to spend their money on your product, they need to know what it’s about and why it’s so great.

If you’ve been looking for ideas on how to show your product to the world, a product video might be just what you need. We put together this guide to help you figure that out.

In this post, we'll help you learn when exactly you need a product video and what kind is best for your needs. We've also included pro tips and real-life examples of product videos to learn from.

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Table of Contents

What is a Product Video?

Types of Product Videos & When to Use Them

12 Tips for Creating a High-Converting Product Video

21 Amazing Product Video Examples to Learn From


What is a Product Video?

A product video is a video that shows off your product’s features and how it works. Even though a physical product is what you’d most likely think of in a product video, you can also create product videos for services and SaaS products.

Here's an example of a product video by Visme:

Product videos are excellent marketing tools and can be shared on social media, embedded on blogs and landing pages, or sent to clients via email during a sales pitch.

The main objective of a product video is to build trust with customers and drive more sales. A good product video does exactly that by showing customers how the product will benefit them or add value to their lives.

Now, there are three main types of product videos and they also have specific use cases. Let’s take a look at each one in more detail.


Types of Product Videos & When to Use Them

An easy way to differentiate the three types is by locating their place in the sales funnel, and also the emotional factor tied to them. Some product videos are only one type, but many fall into two categories at the same time, as you’ll see in the section further below with the examples.


1. Teaser/Promo

Most TV commercials, or advertisements that promote a product, are teasers. They tap into the viewers’ emotions and perceptions of beauty, wealth, prestige and even hunger.

Take, for example, chocolate commercials that show the raw chocolate swirling and pouring and mixing with other ingredients to make a perfect final product, and then someone eats it happily. Or, the videos for perfumes with the bottles lit with seemingly magically lighting and beautiful people looking grandiose.

Let’s not forget the product videos for all Apple products, phones and computers floating in a gravity-free environment showing off how sleek they are. All of these are examples of teasers, or promo videos.

Promo Video Templates

Teaser product videos are both the top of the funnel and the bottom. New customers will feel intrigued and mesmerized wanting more, while loyal customers will feel like they are part of that magic and will keep buying the new and better versions of the product.

TV commercials usually involve professional camera footage and expert special effects. But you can also shoot your product in creative ways using your phone and some tricks of the trade. There are plenty of how-to videos on YouTube for shooting product clips.


2. Explainer

Explainer videos answer the "what" behind your product. They showcase your product in its best light while explaining what it is and what problem it solves.

This type of product video is usually found halfway down the marketing funnel when a customer has already gone past the awareness stage and is at the consideration stage.

An explainer video gives much more information about a product than a teaser; it reels the customer in by relating to their actual problems and pain points. An explainer video is not about glamour, but more about practicality.

Explainer Video Templates


3. Demo

A demo product video is more about how a product works in detail than a video to convince people to buy.

In some cases, however, a product demo is just what people at the top of the funnel need to be drawn in — it all depends on the type of product you're selling.

Product videos that are demos go step by step showing how to use the product or service for a specific task or to solve a specific problem. They must be detailed and well-narrated.

SaaS product companies could easily have a whole array of demo product videos, each one showing how to perform a specific action, use a specific feature or achieve a specific goal.


12 Tips for Creating a High-Converting Product Video

Creating a product video for the first time isn’t always easy, especially if you’re now at it. More so if you’re doing it yourself. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 12 pro-tips to help you start, create and distribute your product video.

Let’s take a look.

If you want to go deeper and learn about advertising techniques used by marketing professionals and publicity creatives, read our in-depth guide to visual advertising techniques.


1. Tell a story.

The first tip is valid for any type of content you create, not just a product video. Always look for the opportunity to tell a story with your video. Even product teaser videos with minimal narration can tell a story, the trick is to find the angle and go with it.

Here's a product video template that uses storytelling techniques.

Customize this template and make it your own!Edit and Download

In a general sense, stories have a beginning and an end. But when it comes to short videos, the story can be a snippet of something that isn’t fully said, like opening a window into a bigger story.


2. Show how it solves a problem.

This tip is a little tricky when it comes to teasers, but pretty obvious to explainers and demos. The difference is that for a teaser, the problem being solved is not a practical one, but actually an emotional one.

Here's a product video template that focuses on the pain points that the product aims to solve for the customer.

Customize this template and make it your own!Edit and Download

An explainer video needs to use storytelling techniques to explain how a pain point is solved by using the product, and a demo shows exactly what to do with the product to get something done.

A teaser makes the viewer feel like they need the product they are seeing; in other words, it triggers an emotional response to an emotional pain point. This is where advertisers take advantage of emotional cues to drive an idea home.


3. Keep it short.

Product videos, regardless of their style, should be relatively short. So, anything between 30 and 90 seconds is good. Sometimes, however, a product video can be longer — even up to 5 min.

A longer product video, however, wouldn’t be good to use as a TV commercial or a YouTube ad but would be more like entertainment material.

If in doubt, just keep it short.


4. Be conversational.

It’s important to be relatable to your audience. Nobody likes an outright sales pitch that leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Even if your product fits inside a serious niche like health or law, you can still be conversational in your narration.

Think of it like this; you’re talking to a person that represents a larger section of the population. You’re conversing with them about how your product solves their problem. So, be human and be honest.


5. Use high-quality footage.

Product videos for physical products will need high-quality footage that showcases the product at every angle.

Professional product videographers use tools like rotating tables, high-speed cameras, directed lighting, mirrors, water and air to create magical experiences. You can be sure that the majority of these are highly enhanced, especially when it comes to food and hair products.

For SaaS products, use well-recorded screen grabs or create a more stylized representation of your tool in action. If you need help learning how to shoot high-quality product footage, there are plenty of resources on YouTube.


6. Get visually creative.

Getting visually creative is key to making your product video appealing and interesting. Look for creative ways to showcase your products. For example, f your product is edible, you can use the ingredients as supporting visuals.

Here's an example of a food product video template you can customize.

Customize this template and make it your own!Edit and Download

For drinking products that are best when cold, you can use ice or a condensation effect on the bottle to trigger feelings of thirst and the need to quench it.

Getting creative basically means not to fall for the same overused styling of products. You don’t want your product turned into a meme — unless you’re into that kind of publicity.


7. Don’t keep them guessing.

Product videos aren’t meant to be mysterious— although some brands have used this angle — so, even if you’re making a teaser product video, make sure the audience can tell what your product is in the end.

Consider adding textual cues along with the footage to really drive the message home. Take a look at the product video template below as an example.

Customize this template and make it your own!Edit and Download

The product video above uses contextual clues with relevant visuals that indicate what the product is: bags!


8. Include calls-to-action.

Regardless of the style of product video you create, make sure you include a call-to-action (CTA.) Your CTA could be anything that triggers the desired action from the customer watching your video.

For example, you might want customers to:

  • Visit your website
  • Visit your store
  • Scan a QR code
  • Make a booking

Here's an example of a product video template that uses a CTA at the end to get customers to order the product.

Customize this template and make it your own!Edit and Download

Whatever your CTA is, add it somewhere inside your video — preferably at the end — and as a clickable link in your social media caption or any accompanying text. If you don’t add a call to action, you’re missing an opportunity and your video will not be effective.


9. Incorporate your branding.

Your brand should be front and center throughout your product video. It should reflect in everything, from the story to the colors to the brand voice and tone. When people see your product they will make a connection to your brand and what it stands for.

Great product videos help grow your brand equity and loyalty. As your brand grows, your product videos will become some of the most important content.

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10. Pick the perfect audio.

To have maximum impact, your product video needs an audio track. Some product videos have only music, some have narration and others have both. Teasers, for example, are great with just a music track and maybe a narrated call-to-action at the end.

Here's an example of a product video template that uses an upbeat music track.

Customize this template and make it your own!Edit and Download

Explainers need either narration or a text design that is easy to read over the footage. Demos are usually better with a voice-over but can have a subtle music track in the background.

In the end, it’s all about choosing the perfect audio, be it only music, only narration or a mix. When it comes to choosing music, pick something that fits with the emotional factor of your video.

The same applies to narration. Do you feel that a female voice or a male voice will be better? What about their accent? Should it be neutral or location-specific?


11. Make it in different aspect ratios.

When you think of a video, more than likely you’re thinking of it in a horizontal layout. But video marketing has expanded to so many channels that horizontal videos aren't good enough anymore.

Unless your brand truly needs to stay in the cinematic style, consider creating your product video in horizontal, vertical and square aspect ratios.

This way, you can share your videos on any social media platform, plus YouTube and TV if you want. You might even want to create a product video only for vertical platforms like TikTok, Instagram Stories or Pinterest.

The best way to choose is to really know your audience — where are spend the most time, which channel they respond to most and how can you best reach them.


12. Make it easy to share.

People love sharing content they find, especially if it’s relatable or visually enticing. So, make your product videos easy to share, and you might be surprised how far it spreads.

For example, you can upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo, and enable sharing or embedding, or embed it into your own site and offer the code for anyone to use.

If you're using Visme to create your video, you can easily publish it to the web and share it as a live link. This way, you can change any details that need editing and the audience will always see the updated, new version.


21 Amazing Product Video Examples to Learn From

Now, it’s time for my favorite part, the inspiration. I had a great time putting this list together for you; it includes product videos for food, tech, SaaS and even an inside look at Apple Park.

Let’s dive in!


1. Pringles 3D Commercial


Length: 17 seconds

Type: Teaser

This Pringles product video is super short but very effective. Everything in the video is rotating, from the cans to the chips to the ingredients they’re flavored with. The music is a perfect companion to a fast-paced and memorable product video.

It’s not easy to see a storytelling angle in this product video, but it’s definitely there. The last scene shows the classic red Pringles can in the center and the flavored ones to the side. But first, each flavor is presented with rotating cans and ingredients. This is like a presentation of an athletic team — the Pringles team.


2. Social Lite Bold Vodka Soda


Length: 15 seconds

Type: Teaser

The Social Lite Bold Vodka Soda relies on the color black for imparting a sense of luxury to a can, which is generally not as luxurious as diamonds or champagne. This product video shows off the can with water condensation to give a sensation of refreshment. As the can moves in the scene, you can read the label.

Cut scenes show oranges being squeezed, again refreshingly. Plus, there are type effects intertwined with the elements. It definitely makes you thirsty. What’s the story here? It's that you can feel lux by drinking a refreshing Vodka soda from a can.


3. Lindt Lindor Truffles


Length: 30 seconds

Type: Teaser

Lindt Chocolate has a branded product effect where the chocolate flows onto the classic rounded shape. This clip is present in the Lindor Truffles product video and comes after the scene that shows silky chocolate moving around quite sensually.

Chocolate and sensuality are a common combination because it works. Also, the person eating the truffle is a woman alone, which is who their target audience is. Master chocolatier making silky chocolate truffles for women to eat. Storytelling and marketing at its finest.


4. Samsung Frame


Length: 36 seconds

Type: Teaser + Demo

The Samsung Frame is essentially a TV, with perks. So, what problem is this TV solving? The fact that a big black screen looks ugly in an otherwise lovely room. The Samsung Frame, on the other hand, offers a “Make Your Own” approach so that you can display art or photos in a frame in the color of your choosing.

The product video itself does a great job of showing all the possibilities that a Samsung Frame offers; for any house, any wall or interior decor. The use of text on the screen is seamless with the product as well. What’s the story? It’s "Make Your Own."


5. Alienware


Length: 54 seconds

Type: Teaser + Explainer

The Alienware product video is a great example of how a teaser can also be an explainer. The product shots show both the outside and the inner workings of the laptop computer. Parts and pieces are shown in hyperreality for an added feeling of power. The music, similar to the music you’d hear in an action-packed video game, is a perfect choice.

What’s the story here? It's about how Alienware got a desktop, turned it into a laptop and added all the features that games always ask for; performance, speed, memory, low heating and portability — the best gaming computer just got better.


6. TP-Link Smart Bulbs


Length: 65 seconds

Type: Explainer + Demo

The TP-Link Smart Bulbs product video is an explainer and demo all rolled into one. The storytelling technique used is “A day in the life.” It begins in the morning and moves on through the day.

At each stop, we’re shown how the bulbs can be controlled and what their characteristics are. There’s a general feeling of well-being, resulting in the consumer feeling that these bulbs will make their lives better.


7. FitBit Charge 4


Length: 65 seconds

Type: Teaser + Explainer

The FitBit Charge 4 product video uses the 3D effect of showing the product at different angles to showcase specific details. As the different styles of FitBits are displayed, there’s text explaining all the new features plus the ones you already know about.

This product video is for both new and returning FitBit users but takes the opportunity of a new watch style to show off all the ways that FitBit can help people live a better, healthier life. A notable moment in the video is when the waterproof watch comes into the scene, there are water droplets around it.


8. Echo Plus


Length: 60 seconds

Type: Explainer

The Echo Plus explainer product video is simple and to the point. There’s a friendly female narrating what the Echo Plus can do in an easy-to-follow tone.

When it comes to creative product shots, they don’t go overboard with the movements, rotation or special effects. The Echo Plus is displayed in its very common location; a living room table. This is a relatable product video that doesn’t pretend to be more than it is.


9. Orika Spices


Length: 32 seconds

Type: Teaser

Food product videos are where creative directors, videographers, lighting specialists, food stylists and visual effects artists have the most fun. I worked in the advertising industry for ten years, and every time I was on set of a food commercial shoot, the people involved were always super excited about the results they were getting.

Orika Spices uses slow motion, close-ups and powder collisions to give a sense of excitement and vibrancy. The music with Asian and Western melodies harmonizing together tells a story of how Asian spices can make any home cook a master chef.


10. Salesforce Sales Cloud


Length: 89 seconds

Type: Demo

Software product videos are different to physical product videos for obvious reasons — it’s all inside a screen. This particular product video is on the long side, at 89 seconds, and is a demo of the Salesforce Sales Cloud.

The narrator quickly explains how this software solves various problems by showing how the software works. It’s a demo because it goes directly into the software tools.

To make software demos and explainers look good, editors take creative licenses to adjust the navigation minimally for better visual effects without changing how it all actually works.


11. Wix


Length: 86 seconds

Type: Explainer

In this product video explainer, Wix directly answers all the questions that people have about using Wix for business websites. The mix of the live-action narrator and creative screengrabs with motion graphics is seamless and feels relatable.

To make it even more human, they add a short bit at the end where the director says “Ok, let’s do it again” and the narrator gets up saying, “Nope, we’re done here.” This small addition also makes Wix seem like they have more authority over accessible web design.


12. HubSpot


Length: 104 seconds

Type: Explainer

This HubSpot explainer video starts with the story straight up. The first 30 seconds lays out the problems business owners have and that HubSpot can fix. The software screen grabs are laid out seamlessly on the white background, mixed in with people actually doing the work.

The creative angle of using an all-white background where the narrator is standing in the center is meant to take away all distractions from listening to the story she’s telling. Only at the end is there more illustrations brought in to start a subliminal idea that HubSpot exists on the cloud but works for all businesses, regardless of the industry.


13. Microsoft Office


Length: 73 seconds

Type: Teaser

Creating a teaser product video for software that looks as enticing and creative as a food product video isn’t easy. This Microsoft Office video did it. To show how the suite of Microsoft Office apps is easy to use, they’re displayed on a mobile device screen — that could be of any brand.

Instead of a finger, there’s a bubble pressing icons that make things happen on the screen almost magically. When it comes to teaser product videos for software, this one takes the cake.


14. Spaceti App


Length: 99 seconds

Type: Explainer + Demo

App product videos rely on motion graphics and elegant movements on the screen to show off what they can do. The story in this product video is that going to work is boring and drab unless your office building is digitalized and you can manage tons of things on their app.

The narrator and chirpy background music set the scene for a new product that people will want to look more into.


15. WeWork India


Length: 41 seconds

Type: Teaser

Yet another type of product video is the one where a location itself is the product. This teaser for WeWork India could have been made on any WeWork location anywhere in the world, the story is the same; one place where any startup can put up an office and work their way to success while having fun.

The music in this video is peppy, high octane, and makes you feel happy and interested in the footage of people working, interacting and being successful.


16. Amazon Fulfillment Center


Length: 11 minutes 8 seconds

Type: Explainer + Demo

Putting aside any talk about going to space and overworked employees, this Amazon Fulfillment Center product explainer and demo video is a great example of how showing behind-the-scenes action helps sell. Many people who order from Amazon, don’t know how things work to get their items to their location so fast and this video clears away all those questions.

On the longer side, this product video is both an explainer and demo because as it shows how things work, it also explains the story behind the system.


17. Grammarly Business


Length: 86 seconds

Type: Teaser + Demo

When it comes to creative SaaS product videos without relying majorly on screen grab footage, Grammarly does a great job. They tell a story right from the start and show the app at work in small snippet windows on top of live-action footage.

This is a great example of how a software product video can be relatable, diverse and inspiring all in one grammar-correct package.


18. Apple iPad Pro


Length: 92 seconds

Type: Teaser

Every Apple product video is high in visual appeal and mouthwatering slickness. This particular example starts off as a woman makes coffee and toast, ready to slay the day on her iPad Pro.

The live-action footage done in interesting camera angles is interspaced with fancy motion graphics to display how supercharged and fast the iPad Pro performs with the M1 chip.


19. Square Team Management


Length: 92 seconds

Type: Explainer

The product video for Square Team Management is another great example of how a software company doesn’t always need to show the app itself throughout the video to get the story across.

In this video, what’s shown is the solution that the app solves; seamless team management. The narration drives it home and you can be sure that any business own watching it will look into the service.


20. Starbucks


Length: 3 minutes 27 seconds

Type: Explainer + Demo

This product video is similar to the Amazon Fulfillment Center above. It’s not directly about a Starbucks store or their coffee, it’s about the people. The difference is that Starbucks has a sustainability angle.

The behind-the-scenes product video is not one that many companies get right, but it’s always worth a try. It makes people feel like they know the brand better, that the brand can be trusted.


21. Slack


Length: 88 seconds

Type: Demo

The demo product video is the perfect solution for a SaaS company to show how their system works for solving problems. Along with a friendly narration and clear display of the app in play, you’ve got a great product video that can be shared at every level of the sales funnel.

Slack did a great job with this product video as it’s easy to follow and understand, answering many questions that customers have.


Create a Captivating Product Video for Your Brand

Regardless of where you are in your video marketing journey, a product video will always be a good idea. It’s a great way to showcase your products, share how they can help your audience and highlight its best features.

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