How to Create a Compelling Facebook Video Ad Funnel in 2020

How to Create a Compelling Facebook Video Ad Funnel in 2020
Mitt Ray

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Mitt Ray

Aug 20, 2020
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If you want to get the maximum ROI from your Facebook ads in 2020, you need to be creating more video ads. Research shows that they generate 7.5X more click-throughs than display ads.

Most people avoid using video ads as the whole process of creating and running them can seem complicated. Yes, creating videos can take longer than writing text or even creating images.

But if you perform the right steps, you'll be able to create a powerful Facebook ad that will help you generate a robust ROAS for months and maybe even years. That extra time you put in will pay for itself several times over.

This guide will help you create a compelling Facebook video ad funnel that generates more clicks, leads and sales for your business.


1 Warm Up the Audience

Sending cold traffic to a landing page can get you a decent ROAS (return on ad spend). But if you want great results, you need to warm up the traffic before you pitch your products.

This is especially necessary if your products cost more than $20—most cold visitors who aren’t brand aware will not want to buy products from someone they barely know.

Before you begin sharing promotional videos, you should warm up your audience. If you already have an email list that you have a good relationship with or a blog that gets a lot of traffic, and you are tagging the traffic with the pixel, you can skip this step if you want to.

But you can still try it as it’s always good to warm up any kind of audience with quality content before you share something promotional.

Create a few videos that are relevant to the product you want to promote, and publish them organically. Then, wait for a few days and boost the ones that perform best to drive more views.

Facebook lets you create custom audiences consisting of people who watched your videos. It's a good idea to retarget these people later.

The videos don’t have to be very long either. A Facebook video study by Social Insider found that videos between 2 to 5 minutes drive the highest engagement.

facebook video ad funnel - Warm-up-the-audience

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You can quickly create videos like these using an online video tool with templates that make it easy to create highly shareable videos. If you don't want to create your own videos, you can also republish the best performing videos created by other people.

Of course, you will need to get permission from the creator of the video before you publish it on your page. You will also need to credit or tag them in the Facebook post’s description.

Another option is to just send the person to the video on the other Facebook page itself, but use a link targeting URL. This is where you create a shortened URL and attach your Facebook pixel to it. Everyone who clicks on the ad link gets tagged with your pixel.

This will help you create an audience that can be retargeted later. It can also help you build a strong relationship with the video creator. You can create this URL with a tool like Rebrandly.

It lets you shorten the URL and add the pixel to it.

Only use link retargeting if you direct the person to a video on another page. You don’t need to do this with videos on your own page because, as I mentioned earlier, Facebook lets you create custom audiences based on video views.

While warming an audience with video, you might want to give live videos a shot too. Social Insider's study also found that live videos generate more engagement than pre-recorded videos.

facebook video ad funnel -Warm-up-the-audience-with-organic-video-posts

Create your own stunning infographic with Visme!Browse Templates

You can cast this live video directly on Facebook or use a broadcasting tool. There are several webinar platforms that let you run a webinar and broadcast it live on Facebook at the same time.

Make sure you track the performance of your live videos and your organic videos with a Facebook tool that includes video analytics. This data can be used to create better ad videos.


2 Visit Competitor Websites

While your organic content does the job of warming up your audience, you can begin the process of creating the ads with some good research. The best way to get started with this is by visiting the websites of the top competitors in your niche.

After that, you should go on Facebook as some of the competitors’ you just visited will begin retargeting you with video ads. An example is this video ad I recently came across.

facebook video ad funnel - Visit the sites of your competitors.

They retargeted me as I visited their website the previous day.

Keep browsing and look for as many video ads as you can. When you come across these ads, you should play them repeatedly and study them. Save the videos using the Facebook save feature too and take notes such as how long the videos are, what landing pages they lead to, what types of colors do they use in the ads, etc.

Your top competitors’ have already done the research, so if you do this research you will gain a lot of useful insights on what ads work. And you can create similar versions.

If you want to you can even go all the way and sign up to their list (in case of a lead generation ad) or buy their products. This will help you understand the whole funnel.


3 Create the Landing Page

You need to create the landing page before you create the video as there needs to be a message match between the video and the landing page. If they appear similar more people will feel familiar when they visit your site and more of them will convert.

Your landing page is as important as the ad. The job of the ad is to drive traffic and the job of the landing page is to convert them to sales.

So, create a custom landing page that resembles the ad in design. You can also add a video to the landing page. As people who just visited your website via a video ad will probably prefer watching a video or a video sales letter to learn more about your product. This can be a longer version of the ad video.

facebook video ad funnel - Create the landing page.

Other important elements to add to your landing page are photos, a prominent call-to-action button, cross-sells, customer reviews and detailed copy about the product. All of these elements play a key role in converting traffic into sales.

If creating a video sales letter along with a conversion-optimized landing page sounds overwhelming, you can use a service like Shopify Experts to hire someone to take care of it for you.

facebook video ad funnel - Create-the-landing-page.

You will find several freelancers there who can help you out with your video and landing page.

Shopify also has a good builder that can help anyone set up a landing page from scratch, such as the example shown above. You can also host your video on Shopify.

Another great tool for building landing pages from scratch is Leadpages.


4 Create the Ad Video.

After you create the landing page, you can create the video for the ad. Here are some quick tips you need to follow while creating your ad.

Use the data from your research.

Make sure you use the data from the research you conducted earlier to create your ad. This will help you determine how long the ad should be, what colors work best, whether your video should have people, etc.

Keep them short.

Your Facebook video ads can be up to 240 minutes long, but you don’t need to create ads that long as short videos that are less than 30 seconds long will do the job.

Short videos do better because when there is little information people need to visit the landing page to get the rest. So, keep your ads less than 30 seconds long.

Here's a Facebook video ad template from Visme that helps you keep things short and sweet. You can customize the text, colors and graphics to fit your own requirements.

facebook video ad funnel - animated social media ad template

Customize this animated social media graphic today!Edit and Download

Create several versions.

It is very unlikely that you will create the best version of your ad in the first attempt. This is why you should create several versions of them.

You can experiment with various factors in each video. This can be the length, the color, the style, the characters, etc.

Optimize for silent viewing.

83% of people will be watching your video in mute. This number goes up 92% on mobile. This is why you should optimize your Facebook video ads for silent viewing.

The easiest way to do this is by adding subtitles. They will make it easy for people to follow along even on mute.

Create thumbnails.

By default Facebook will autoplay your video ad. But people have the option to turn off autoplay.

So, some people will see your thumbnail first when they come across your video in the feed.

If you want more of these people to click on the play button and watch your videos, you should be creating thumbnails. To create these thumbnails you can use Visme. They have several templates for creating Facebook ads.

facebook video ad funnel - animated social media template

Customize this animated social media graphic today!Edit and Download

You can either use these templates or you can create one from scratch with their editor.  A simple image that includes a headline for the ad will do the job. It should be minimalistic as people should want to watch the video to learn more.

Make sure you limit the amount of text on your video to less than 20% as Facebook will limit your reach if you exceed this.

Optimize for mobile devices.

A large percentage of Facebook users will be watching your video on mobile devices. This is why you should make sure that the video is easy to view on all devices including smartphones.

You can do this by publishing the video privately on your Facebook profile or page and watching it on your phone. You should make sure that everything in the video including the subtitles are easy to view and read.


5 Launch the Facebook Video Ads

After you set up the videos, you can begin launching your Facebook ads.

As you created several versions of the video, you'll need to launch all of them individually with a small budget of $5/day. This will help you test out the ads and see which one performs best.

While testing, the best people to target are those who previously watched your organic video content. These people have been warmed up and they like watching videos, so they will be very likely to watch your video ads too.

You need to pay attention to both video metrics such as views and complete views and conversion metrics such as clicks, click-through rate and ROAS during the testing phase.

After you test for a few days, you will know which ads are converting and which aren’t. This helps you scale up the budget for the best performing ads and pause the ones that aren’t working. You can also create new versions of the best performers and test them further.

And when you scale your ads, you can begin targeting wider audiences such as people who visited your website, people who signed up to your list and people who previously purchased your products. After you exhaust those audiences you can set your ad to reach lookalike audiences.


Start Creating Your Own Facebook Video Ads

This is the step-by-step process you need to follow while creating a Facebook video ad funnel. You start off by warming up the audience with free helpful video content.

After that, you begin the research process by visiting your top competitors’ websites to learn as much as you can. Then you use the data from this research to create the landing page and the video. Then finally, you can launch the ads and start converting.

Sign up for a free Visme account and start creating your own Facebook ads today.

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