How to Tailor Your Social Media Content to Each Platform

How to Tailor Your Social Media Content to Each Platform

Sabra Mwaura

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Sabra Mwaura

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If used correctly, social media can be one of the most powerful forms of marketing and one of the most effective ways to expand your audience and reach. 

Social media – and the tools that come along with it – offers an opportunity to distribute content, reach new readers and engage audiences. Remember, just because you wrote something great, doesn't mean people automatically know about it.

Each social channel has a different demographic and intended use, so for the best ROI, you’ll want to ensure that the channel’s usage matches your content and your audience.

With an ever-changing digital landscape, creating a unique and targeted post for each social channel can be a challenge, but trust me, it’s well-worth the effort.

Google drove over 50% of total visits to sites examined in the last 12 months, but social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter combined drove a whopping 30%, which means there is a huge opportunity to grow your audience.

It can take some trial and error when it comes to figuring out when to publish a post. In addition to that, each major social network continues to diverge in how they are set up and also what your audiences may expect on each one.

Every platform also has its own set of character limits, best times to post, ideal image sizes and more. So the best way to get the most engagement on Instagram won’t work the same way for Twitter — even for the same exact piece of content or topic.

Successful brands on social media are constantly changing their message between social networks for any given post.

So we're here to guide you through the process of creating engaging and well-crafted messages for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to help increase visibility and drive more traffic to your site.

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Facebook Social Media Content

No matter what type of post you’re sharing on Facebook, the copy you add alongside your content can be crucial in how it performs.

Facebook audience research shows that their platform continues to be the most widely used social media channel, with 2.37 billion active monthly users.

At 63,206 characters, Facebook’s character limit is not modest by any means, but studies show that posts with 40 characters or less receive about 86% higher engagement. So in this case, less is more.

"The more engagement you get on each post, the more people will see it, and the more likely they are to actually click over to your site," says Liam Hayes, a digital marketing manager at Essay Writing Service.

After all, Facebook is responsible for 924 million referrals per month. And if you don’t think that number is impressive, compare it to the second highest from Twitter, which averages 97 million referrals per month. 

We can see a great example of this in a recent Facebook post by Birth.Movies.Death shown below. In this post, they just give us a small nugget into what’s covered in the article without revealing too much.

social media content - facebook content

Notice how they included a link preview in the post, with a big visual. We highly encourage you to include visuals in your posts as they increase desire to read your content by 80%

So if you’re an entrepreneur, small business owner, blogger or really just any non-designer looking to create better visual content, here are some different types of visual content that you can easily share on social.

For Facebook, you’ll want to keep their image dimensions in mind. Shared link and Facebook ad images should be 1200x628 pixels and shared images should be 1200x630.

Try using a template to make it easy to create your Facebook graphics.

social media content - facebook template from visme
Customize this Facebook post template and make it your own!Edit and Download

However, if you’re not constantly sharing articles from your site, some additional tips for creating captivating and engaging Facebook posts include:

  • Adding a quote from your content
  • Using emojis 🤗
  • Using a list to break out some of your key points

A personal favorite is asking a question — for example, instead of saying, “Here’s our Ultimate Guide to Social Media,” you can say something more along the lines of: 

“Looking for ways to be more effective on each social media channel? No worries! Check out our complete guide here.” 

Notice how a small tweak like this can totally change the way the message is delivered, making it more relatable and helpful to the viewer, in turn encouraging them to click over your content.


Twitter Social Media Content

Twitter is a great way to reach more people using short and sweet copy. Even the smallest tweaks to your tweets can help drive more engagement and traffic to you.

The most popular tweets are about 33 characters, even though the limit is 280 characters — but we suggest sticking to that lower number.

Tweets shorter than 100 characters get a 17 percent higher engagement rate, so we always recommend keeping tweets concise but informational. Additionally, try to avoid overusing hashtags as it rarely translates to more clicks.

Keep track of your social media analytics to make sure you know what your sweet spot is for hashtags and tweet length.

Another pro tip is to rewrite headlines when you are sharing links with previews. Using this trick or picking out a key quote from the post can help hook people and diversify the copy of your tweet, especially if the headline is already displayed in the post.

We want people engaged enough to visit your site and keep reading, without giving too much away in the post that they don’t feel the need to read the full article.

A great example of this can be seen in a recent tweet from lifestyle site High Snobiety.

Notice below how they wrote their tweet to avoid copying the headline in the link preview, and even gave a small hint of what readers can expect in the piece to entice users to click over to the article.

social media content - twitter content

Tweets with images receive 150% more retweets and 89% more likes than tweets without them, so make sure you’re adding graphics to your posts to optimize engagement.

Start by making sure your profile is fully set up, and keep in mind that the header photo dimensions are 1500x500 pixels, your profile photo needs to be 400x400 and in-stream graphics are sized at 440x220.

social media content - twitter template from visme
Customize this Twitter template and make it your own!Edit and Download

If you’re not totally convinced yet, keep in mind that users engage 5x more when an image is included in a post, so don’t be afraid to get creative.

Remember, the more engagement, the more visibility, which means more opportunities to reach new people and convert them into loyal visitors. 📈


Instagram Social Media Content

Instagram is a largely visual platform, which means posts are either in the form of photos or videos, allowing publishers to experiment with different kinds of content. 

From posts, stories and IGTV, you have a lot of options. It’s also an excellent way to earn more visibility as Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users.

Similar to Facebook posts, Instagram offers a larger character limit (2,200), but keep in mind that it will cut off the text after three lines. That being said, you’ll ideally want to hook the reader’s attention in your opening lines. 

This will encourage users to keep reading, especially if you have a longer and more informational caption continued after those initial three lines. 

Also, be sure to always make an effort to reply to your followers if they reach out. Disqus has never been shy about emphasizing how effective replying to your commenters can be, and we stand by it.

Prompting your followers to respond directly to your post is one of the best ways to increase engagement, which will build rapport and encourage people to read more of your content on your site.

A new rising trend on Instagram is to utilize the caption as a sort of micro-blog post to share valuable content with your followers. 

Here are a few different ways you can make this approach work for you:

  • Tutorials: Your Instagram caption is a great way to share a tutorial with your audience.
  • Behind-the-scenes: A personal Disqus favorite! Take your followers behind the scenes by using the caption to tell the story behind an image.
  • Tips and tricks: Small nuggets of information related to the theme of your Instagram post. For example, accompanying an image of a freshly cooked meal, you could include secret cooking tips that you used.

If you’re stuck on the perfect image size (1080x1080 px), which colors to use, or emojis to include, check out this guide on how to better engage your followers on the platform. 

Check out some of Visme’s Instagram templates as well to help you create stunning graphics to share with your audience.

social media content - instagram templates from visme
Find the perfect template for your next Instagram post!Browse Now

Instagram is a great place to build relationships with  younger audiences, and it is always adding new functionality for marketers to reach more and more users.

And as always, be sure to regularly check your social media reporting to ensure your content strategy is seeing positive results.


Create Your Own Tailored Social Media Content

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Now tell us, what are your favorite social media strategies to increase traffic and drive engagement? Share your favorites below! 👇

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