How to Make a GIF With Visme [Plus Templates]

How to Make a GIF With Visme [Plus Templates]

Written by:
Chloe West

Feb 28, 2020
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If you’ve been on the internet before, you probably know what a GIF is. Aside from the controversial hard G versus soft G debate, GIFs are universally loved. This is why it’s important to know how to make a GIF to use in your marketing.

GIF marketing is a great way to build rapport with your audience and incorporate humor into your brand voice.

While many people use premade GIFs from TV shows, news clips and movies to provide comedic relief, there’s an entirely different avenue that’s barely been touched. And that’s creating your own branded GIFs to share in your marketing.

It’s never been easier to make a GIF than it is now with Visme’s brand new GIF maker tool.

But before we get into that, let’s talk about what exactly a GIF – especially a branded GIF – is, and how you can use it in your marketing.


What is a GIF?

The acronym GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format, and they were created back in 1987 as simple moving images. Now, they can also be short, looped video clips or automatic slideshows of images grouped together.

Here’s a great example of a GIF with this adorable cat:

The most popular GIF resource is Giphy, a site that allows you to easily search for and share premade GIFs that are relevant to your content. There are also GIF makers available that will let you convert videos or images into GIFs to utilize.

Visme’s GIF maker, however, is one of a kind. It allows you to make a GIF out of your own brand colors, fonts, animated icons and more.


Why You Should Use GIFs

GIFs have many uses, from being reactions in comments to offering comedic relief alongside a social media post. But more than that, people recognize and enjoy GIFs in content.

Here are a few reasons why GIFs are great to use in your marketing, whether it’s on social media or within a blog post.

1. GIFs are easy to consume.

Whether you’re creating your own GIF or searching a GIF library for the perfect moving image to accompany your next tweet, your audience can easily consume that piece of content and enjoy it.

Plus, they don’t take a lot of resources to create or use. Type what you’re looking for in the search bar, or scroll further down in this post to learn how to design your own branded GIFs.

2. They’re cheaper to create than video.

While many tools (Visme included!) have a video library that will allow you to create appealing and effective promo videos affordably, many videos still require a lot of resources and time to create.

We publish new videos on our YouTube channel bi-weekly, and we know what kind of work goes into that.

But GIFs are much cheaper, easier and faster to create. Convert an existing video clip to a GIF, browse through a library or use animated features to create your own.

Plus, they’re much more effective than a static image. It’s like you’re getting the interactivity that video provides without the overhead. Win-win, am I right?

3. They can be used across multiple platforms.

Create a GIF that goes perfectly in your recent blog post? Great! You can also use that same GIF as the promo image for your blog post when you share it on Facebook, Twitter and even your personal LinkedIn profile.

While Instagram and Pinterest may be less GIF-friendly, the fact that you can use the same piece of content across various other channels still makes your job easier.

4. They’re more engaging.

People on the internet love GIFs. It’s a fact. To prove our point, studies show that GIFs were the most shared image format in 2017. There hasn’t been research since on where GIFs place today, but I’d be willing to bet that they’re still pretty high on the list.

Not only are they readily available on sites like Giphy, even Twitter has added a GIF library right into their publishing platform so users can find GIFs to share as they're tweeting.

GIFs aren’t obnoxiously large image files, they’re easy to find/create/use, and your audience will love to see and interact with them.


How to Use GIFs in Your Marketing

Now that we’ve got you convinced that you absolutely need to incorporate GIFs into your marketing strategy, let’s talk about a few different ways you can do so.

As we’ve mentioned, there are several different ways to use GIFs, and you can learn even more about the various types in our article on cool GIFs over here.

We’re going to showcase a few specific ways GIFs can be useful and help increase reach and engagement in your social media and blog content.

1. Animate your social media posts.

Each of your social media posts likely has a different goal in mind, whether it’s to inform, to engage or to convert (or perhaps something else entirely!), and a GIF can help.

Grab your audience’s attention with a captivating animated lead magnet graphic.

make a gif - animate your social content
Customize this GIF template and make it your own!Try It For Free

Promote your product or service with a GIF using animated illustrations.

make a gif - animate your social content
Customize this GIF template and make it your own!Try It For Free

Share your blog content with an eye-catching animated GIF.

make a gif - animate your social content
Customize this GIF template and make it your own!Try It For Free

Celebrate a holiday with your audience.

make a gif - animate your social content
Customize this GIF template and make it your own!Try It For Free

There are so many options when you make a GIF with Visme.

2. Animate your email newsletters.

Most email marketing platforms support uploading GIF files to their newsletter templates, giving you the ability to bring your email content to life.

Try including an animated call-to-action like this one below.

make a gif - animate your email newsletters
Customize this GIF template and make it your own!Try It For Free

Create animated email headers that relate to your topic, like this comparison example.

make a gif - animate your email newsletters
Customize this GIF template and make it your own!Try It For Free

Or simply make a GIF out of an animated icon or illustration that relates to your topic, and use it to break up the text in your newsletter.

3. Animate your blog content.

Make your blog graphics stand out as well by creating them in GIF format. This will help your graphics to jump off the screen a bit more, keeping your reader even more enthusiastic about what might come next.

Include calls-to-action within your blog content that are animated GIFs instead of a boring, static graphic and see how your conversions improve.

make a gif - animate your blog content
Customize this GIF template and make it your own!Try It For Free

Create an animated blog header that shows your audience what they can expect to learn by reading more.

make a gif - guide to seo animated template
Customize this GIF template and make it your own!Try It For Free

Or create small, animated infographics and illustrations that relate to your content and help your audience digest your information even better.


How to Make a GIF With Visme

You’ve been able to create presentations, infographics, reports, social media graphics and more with Visme for years. But with our latest platform launch, we’re bringing you even more content types, and that includes downloading your content as a GIF.

It’s never been easier to make a GIF that’s completely customized to fit your business, your promotional campaigns and your online content.

Ready to create your own GIF in minutes?

  • Add your own text, images and more
  • Customize colors, fonts and everything else
  • Choose from animated illustrations, characters and gestures
  • Animate each element in your design

Sign up. It's free.

Let’s get started.

1. Log into your Visme dashboard.

First things first, log into your Visme dashboard. If you don’t have a Visme account, sign up for free right now!

Your Visme dashboard is where you can easily access and manage all of your existing projects. Hop right in and delete any projects you don’t need anymore, rename various designs, share creations and more.

Anytime you’re ready to create a new project or design, simply click the Create button in the left sidebar to get started.

2. Choose your animated GIF template.

Our team of professional designers has created and added dozens of new animated templates across various template categories. 

make a gif - choose your animated template

Whether you’re creating a blog post header or a new animated graphic for social media, simply search through those categories to preview our new, animated templates. 

Or, if you find a template you love, you can always add your own animations to the elements down the road.

3. Customize your GIF.

When you choose a template, you’re basically selecting a starter canvas. Visme gives you the ability to completely customize every single aspect of a template, from the colors to the fonts to the visuals and more.

make a gif - customize your GIF in visme

Add in your brand fonts and colors to help it match your brand, pick and choose another icon or stock photo to better fit your content, and add any charts and graphs to visualize data and statistics.

Browse through our selection of animated illustrations, characters and graphics to find the perfect assets to accompany your GIF.

make a gif - animated illustrations, characters and gestures in visme

Each color in the icons and illustrated graphics is completely customizable, meaning you can match outfits to your brand and customize skin color to add diversity to your graphics.

Once you’ve finished with your basic design changes, it’s time to move onto animation.

4. Animate your GIF.

If you choose an animated template, this part is easy. You can edit any animations if there are some that you want to change or keep static in the design, but for the most part, your work here is done.

However, if you created your GIF from scratch or used a template that wasn’t already animated, you’re able to do this part all on your own.

make a gif - animate your GIF

There are 15 different animation types for when each element enters or exits the canvas, and you can play with each one before previewing your design to see what they look like.

We recommend sticking with a pretty standard set of animations in one design. You don’t want to use all 15 animation types within a single GIF. You want to make a GIF that’s visually appealing, not visually overwhelming.

Instead, try the Fade In with your text elements and the Fly from [Direction] with your animated icons and illustrations as one example. Choosing just a couple of animation types will help your GIF to feel exciting, without feeling cluttered.

Once you’ve animated each of your elements, click Preview in the top navigation bar to get an idea of what your GIF will look like when you download it.

5. Download and share your GIF.

Congratulations, you’ve made your very own customized and branded GIF! Now it’s time to download and share.

Once you’ve completed all of the final touches, click Download in the top right corner.

There are several different formats that you can download your creation in, from images to video. The GIF file format is under the Video category. Select that category, then select the GIF format to begin your download.

make a gif - download your GIF

After you’ve downloaded your GIF, you can upload it to social media, an email newsletter or a blog post to share with your audience.

You can also click Share instead of Download in the editor to generate a live link or an embed code for different ways to share your Visme.


Your Turn to Make a GIF With Visme

Ready to create your own branded GIFs? It’s never been easier to make a GIF that you have complete control over.

Browse our selection of social media and web graphic templates and create your own Visme account to get started today.

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