Coronavirus (COVID-19): Prevention Do’s and Don’ts [Infographic]

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Chloe West

Mar 24, 2020
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COVID-19, an infectious disease caused by a new strain of the coronavirus, is quickly making its way around the world, making everyone wonder what they can do to aid in coronavirus prevention and ensuring they and others don’t contract this contagious disease.

To learn more about what this virus is and how it has spread, you can check out our other article and infographic all about getting to know COVID-19.

This worldwide pandemic has spread quickly from country-to-country, resulting in lockdowns, school closures, event cancellations and more.

In order to do our part in the global coronavirus prevention, we’ve put together a helpful infographic covering what to do if you find yourself in one of three different situations so that everyone knows how to handle this outbreak.


Coronavirus Prevention Do’s

If you’re looking to help prevent the further spread of COVID-19 in your community, here are some things you can do:

  • Wash your hands frequently for 20+ seconds with soap and water
  • Stay at home and limit contact with others
  • Routinely clean frequently touched spaces in your home
  • Seek medical help if you’re suffering from a fever, cough or difficulty breathing
  • Limit contact with pets and animals

Self-quarantining and social distancing is the best protocol you can follow at this point, especially since many areas are enforcing lockdowns and shelter in place orders.

Stay clean, wash your hands, avoid touching your face and disinfect high-traffic areas around your home as often as you can.  


Coronavirus Prevention Don’ts

Make sure you take the precautions to avoid doing each of these things to help prevent the spread of the disease:

  • Don’t go to crowded areas
  • Don’t touch your face
  • Don’t be in close contact with others
  • Don’t ignore symptoms
  • Don’t leave your home, especially if sick

Avoid mingling with others, touching your face often and leaving your home, especially if you’re showing any cold/flu/COVID-19 symptoms.


Social Distancing – What You Need to Know

One major coronavirus prevention tactic that is being encouraged – and even enforced – in many places in the world is social distancing.

Social distancing is an act of self-isolation to prevent and control the spread of person-to-person contagious and infectious diseases. 

The objective of social distancing is to reduce the probability of contact between persons carrying an infection, and others who are not infected, so as to minimize disease transmission, morbidity and ultimately, mortality.

Self-quarantining, whether you have symptoms or not, staying home, and avoiding any non-essential in-person interaction is key to helping make sure the spread of the disease is contained and ultimately stopped.


COVID-19 – Flattening the Curve

The enforcement of social distancing and lockdowns is in an attempt to flatten the curve, or the amount of people who contract this disease.

coronavirus prevention - flattening the curve

As you can see in the above graph, there is a certain level of capacity that our existing hospitals and healthcare staff can manage. Without measures put into place, the curve will remain much higher than our current system can handle.

This is why social distancing and COVID-19 preventative measures are essential, to intervene in the situation and help us flatten the curve of coronavirus cases.


COVID-19 Prevention Do’s and Don’ts [Infographic]

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Coronavirus Prevention – What Can You Do

Follow each of the do’s and don’ts within this infographic and share with your friends, family members, colleagues, etc.

Do your part in social distancing and helping to decrease the spread of COVID-19. Learn more about this virus here, and check out some of our remote working tips and tools if you’re finding yourself working from home for the first time.

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    1. Vikki Gillespie says:

      Informative post. Thanks for sharing with us. We’ll really defeat this coronavirus soon. I also follow all the tips shared by you. After reading your post I also hired the coronavirus clraning company to sanitize my home. I hope everyone in our society will take precautions against this coronavirus.
      Thanks once again for sharing.

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      Coronavirus is a very dangerous diseases. This article will give some awareness to the people and they can make safe and healthy living. Nice and useful article.

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