The Complete Guide to Company Culture Videos 

The Complete Guide to Company Culture Videos 
Yoni Yampolsky

Written by:
Yoni Yampolsky

Mar 23, 2021

It may feel like something that happened eons ago, but most of us used to work in what archaeologists would call an “office.”

You know, that place we’d spend most of our day at, fraternizing with colleagues and collaborating with teammates? At this point, even Dilbert would probably miss going into the office.

For those who work for companies with a rich, nurturing corporate culture, not going into the office has been especially trying.

Some have a more relaxed company culture, while other more sensitive industries require technological supervision using monitoring apps. These exceptional office atmospheres don’t appear out of thin air, either.

Companies spend a lot of time and resources to create unique corporate environments. They go to great lengths to foster a fun, rewarding atmosphere within their offices; the kind that keeps their best employees from leaving and helps attract talented recruits.

But how do these companies get the word out? How do they show the world how awesome it is to work for them and how much their employees actually love coming to work?

Well, just like when they need to promote their products or services, companies will use videos to showcase their unique company culture.


What is a Company Culture Video?

A company culture video offers viewers a quick look into your corporate working environment. Company employees are shot in their natural habitat; working at their desks, brainstorming with teammates, or reaching out to prospects and customers.

Ideally, company culture videos will showcase actual interviews of employees (or at least snippets of them). The latter will explain why they love to work for the company in question.

Additionally, these employees will typically highlight the ways in which they’ve been able to grow, both professionally and personally, while working for their chosen company.

For your company culture video to truly pop, you need to show viewers that you and your company know how to have fun, too.

Great company culture videos will showcase employees away from their desks; either eating together in the company cafeteria, playing Ping Pong or hanging out at company cookouts.

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Why You Need a Company Culture Video

Like most other marketing and promotional initiatives, whether or not you absolutely must create culture videos will depend on your company’s unique challenges.

Are you a cutting-edge tech company? Is competition for top talent fierce in your industry? Do potential employees place a heavy premium on your company’s Glassdoor profile when considering whether to join you?

If you answered yes to these questions, then you need to create company culture videos.

Company culture videos are virtually mandatory for small to medium-sized startups. Forced to compete with the likes of Google, Amazon and Facebook, startups are presented with a tall task:

They need to convince star developers that they’d be making a better choice joining them instead of recognizable, powerhouse companies.

Google and Facebook are like Harvard and Yale. Your small to medium-sized startup may be just as prestigious, but to much of your recruiting pool, you’re some obscure liberal arts school.

It’s on you to prove to them that you offer a more rewarding, fun experience, along with a more promising future.


9 Best Company Culture Videos

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the companies that are killing it when it comes to company culture videos.

We’ve gathered a good sample of videos with varying tones and styles. Whether your company is B2B or B2C, SaaS or eCommerce, you’ll be able to learn some best practices that you can act upon when creating your own video.




If you’re looking for a straightforward approach to company culture videos, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better example than this one, created by

The sales enablement platform points the camera at a single employer who delivers an articulate, impassioned rundown of her role.

Ashley Ford, a sales development representative, is interviewed in her natural surroundings. Throughout the video, her teammates can be seen working behind her. All of this lends a distinct air of authenticity to the video.

Additionally, the company’s professional atmosphere really comes across strongly throughout this short, compact video.

What They Did Right

Clocking in at a minute and 11 seconds, there’s virtually zero fat that needs to be trimmed off this video. Bonus points to for presenting its videos using a video hosting platform.


2. HubSpot



This is the most recent of all the videos on this list.

As such, it tackles the current state of work — and its ramifications on company culture — in the age of Covid-19.

Like almost anything it produces, HubSpot knocks it out of the park with this video.

Composed almost entirely of remote employee interview clips, the video proves that HubSpot has helped its workers remain resilient and productive during this unprecedented year.

The animated transitions are smooth and help the video flow, despite an unconventionally long runtime.

What They Did Right

Capturing and editing high-quality asynchronous video clips is not as easy as you might think.

However, with such a deep pool of talent, HubSpot found their most engaging, articulate employees and put them in place to shine.


3. Salesforce


One of the more recognizable names within the world of SaaS, Salesforce is renowned for its rich company culture.

A permanent fixture on Fortune’s list of top companies to work for, Salesforce was ranked 6th in 2020, 2nd in 2019 and gained the highly coveted first spot in 2018.

This didn’t happen by accident. The sales-oriented CRM really stands out when it comes to creating and fostering a culture of trust and respect amongst its employees.

You know how companies incentivize their employees to refer new recruits by offering monetary compensation? Salesforce handed out more than $5.5M in 2018 to that end.

This video is a victory lap of sorts, highlighting the reasons it attained the crown of the best place to work for in 2018. Once you watch it, it’s hard to argue they didn’t deserve the title.

What They Did Right

Opting for a documentary-style video, Salesforce’s video sheds light on all the aspects potential employees would care about as far as company culture is concerned.

Clips of their recognizable, charismatic CEO highlighting the company’s meteoric rise are balanced with footage of employees participating in pride parades.

This goes a long way in proving that Salesforce is actually an inclusive, socially-progressive company (and not just the kind that claims it is.)


4. Nextiva


It can be daunting to work for a larger company; especially if that company competes in an arena that’s not exactly sexy.

While powerful and dynamic in their own way, VoIP and small business phone solutions are not as cutting edge, say, as cloud architecture. If you compete in that field, luring top talent may be challenging.

That’s what makes Nextiva’s video so powerful. Instead of positioning itself as ‘the next big thing’ in tech, the company chose a different pitch for potential employees:

Come work for us because you’ll have fun!

Employees are showcased in a variety of unorthodox, quirky scenarios. In all of them, they seem to be having a blast.

What They Did Right

Fake enthusiasm is very easy to detect.

The employees in Nextiva’s video seem like they genuinely enjoy being part of the company.

When you know your employees love your company (not just their salary and the benefits they’re given), focusing on them can prove game-changing.


5. Walmart


Arguably the most instantly recognizable name on this list (along with Google), Walmart opts for a conventional approach with their video.

Unlike with many of the other videos on this list, the target audience isn’t tech professionals. Instead, the retail behemoth hopes to attract ordinary, hard-working Americans to its workforce.

Empowering floor, aisle and store managers to explain their role culminates in an incredibly authentic, relatable video. If you’re wondering whether Walmart employees are passionate about their job, just watch this video.

What They Did Right

Showcasing a store manager whose young daughter now works for Walmart, as well, makes this video really memorable. It paints Walmart in a very warm, positive light, and positions it as a great company to be employed by.


6. Shopify


Ask most people to blurt out the first thing they think of when they’re asked about online shopping, and they’re likely to say Shopify (or Amazon, but Shopify is a close second.)

The most popular eCommerce website builder, Shopify benefits from having an objective party highlight its unique, standout company culture.

Having signaled Shopify as the top place to work in Canada, Glassdoor, one of the world’s utmost authorities on company culture and employee satisfaction, created a video in which it expertly proves why the eCommerce builder deserves this billing.

While relatively conventional, this company culture video is striking (even four years after it was published) specifically due to its indisputable objectivity.

Anyone can claim that their employees are happy, productive and engaged. Shopify has the luxury of showing that their workers truly do love their job.

What They Did Right

Any time you can get a site like Glassdoor to feature you in a company culture video, you’re doing something right.

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7. Google


Come on. Did you really think we’d leave them off the list?

In many ways, Google has written the book on modern company culture. The world's second most valuable brand has set lofty standards as far as employee perks and unique working environments are concerned.

It's true that very few potential employees would turn down an offer from Google. Therefore, their culture videos are geared less toward attracting contemplating talent.

Instead, their primary objective is maintaining the public perception that Google is the best company to work for in tech.

What They Did Right

Perhaps responding to the gender-disparity controversy raised by James Damore in 2017, Google chose to focus on female employees. This goes a long way in painting the internet’s most popular search engine as significantly inclusive.


8. Qualtrix


It may be a rapidly-developing tech hub, with a serious chance of challenging Silicon Valley as the US’s premier tech center, but Salt Lake City is still considered remote for many potential tech recruits. Utah Valley-based companies are forced to think out of the box in order to lure top talent away from the bay area.

Highlighting the quality of life one can attain by living in such an open and beautiful place is an original approach.

Right out of the gate, one of Qualtrix’ female executives is interviewed in an open, expansive grassy area with a majestic mountainous ridge set as the backdrop.

Later on, another employee is interviewed atop a mountain, with the entire Salt Lake valley sprawled out below her.

I have no idea if I qualify for any open positions there.

But having watched the video, I can say this: I’m not turning down a job offer in Utah.

What They Did Right

Highlighting areas in which you and your company shine as compared to your competitors is always a recommended practice, especially when it’s done subtly and elegantly.

Qualtrix’s creative team simply capturing the beautiful surroundings in and around their offices is a touch of genius.


9. IBM


IBM has the reputation of being a blue blood company; while the younger kids on the block ( like Google and Facebook) project an air of youth and vibrance, IBM is somewhat more austere.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

In an industry infamous for its ageism problem, it’s nice to see how IBM incorporated employees from a variety of age groups and ethnic backgrounds.

What They Did Right

Sometimes companies, even giant corporations like IBM, lack the necessary video footage to create a standout company culture video.

This video is a case study in how cool editing, a powerful script and a moving soundtrack can be leveraged for creating an awesome video revolving around static images.


Create Your Own Company Culture Video

More than a third of potential recruits will turn down a job offer from you if they don’t like your company culture.

After what was, by all accounts, a tumultuous year, top talent will be examining whether you and your company will be by their side if and when a similar storm occurs.

Whether you choose a traditional approach or opt for one that’s more original and adventurous, it’s important you focus on the elements that help set you apart from other companies potential employees may be considering joining.

It always helps to learn from those who’ve excelled at creating company culture videos.

We encourage you to take a page out of these companies’ playbook en route to creating your own, unique company culture video!

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