Visme Introduces New Presentation Templates

Nayomi Chibana

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Nayomi Chibana

Apr 18, 2016

New slides headerWhile tone of voice and body language account for a huge part of how your audience perceives you, your slide design and presentation templates can also be a determining factor in how well your audience receives and understands your message.

Although PowerPoint templates have been a staple of visual presentations for many years now, there are many new options out there for communicators who want to stand out from the crowd.

Visme, for example, is an online presentation and infographic tool that provides users with dozens of unique themes and individual slide layouts. In this post, we'll go over some of the different options available for you once you create your account at (all you have to do is provide your name, email and password, and you can start creating for free).

In the next weeks, we'll also be rolling out dozens of more templates for a variety of needs, so stay tuned!

(If you want to see how you can easily and quickly customize these templates within Visme, this short step-by-step tutorial will show you how.)

Presentation Templates For Every Need

1 Golden


Whether your presentation is a startup pitch or a summary of your latest research results, this template can be easily customized to fit a variety of needs. The internal slides, like the title slide, are elegant and minimalist and come with a variety of slide layout options.

This slide, for instance, uses simple icons with an eye-catching color scheme:


It can be quickly customized by inserting your own icons within Visme and changing their color to match the template's scheme or your own unique color palette.

Also, you can use the following template to create your own basic chart by replacing the text and copying the existing elements to insert additional data points.


Other slide layouts include this timeline template, which may be useful for a presentation with a section on the company's brand story or to simply place a specific event in chronological perspective.


Or, in the case you want to create your own simple charts, you can do so by using any of the basic shapes found within Visme's extensive graphic asset library, which contains more than 6,000 high-quality vector icons.




In line with the current design trend of using subdued colors for backgrounds, such as shades of gray or black, and a bright accent color to offset it, this presentation template has a modern, minimalist feel to it.

As with the previous presentation template, you also have several different individual slide layouts to choose from, such as this step diagram, which can be customized with your own number of data points.


Or if you're giving a sales pitch or launching a new product, you can use the layout below to highlight specific functions or features.


There's also this world map template that can be used to highlight different locations on a map.


This can also be customized with your own information and icons. For example, if you want to identify locations on the map of a specific state, you can search for the state or country name within the Shape & Icon tool.


3 Cosmic


This particular presentation template also has a sleek and sophisticated look that can be easily used in a wide variety of situations, such as a classroom presentation, a sales pitch or as visual support for a conference speech.

As with all the other themes, this one also comes with several individual slide layout options, such as this process diagram model.


Or this testimonial slide layout, which can be easily customized with your own short but pithy quotes.


If you're in need of some simple but effective data visualizations, you can also use this template with simple charts that can be easily modified by clicking on the shape and inserting your own value.


Also, if you want to change the style of this simple data visualization, all you have to do is select the Charts and Data Widgets tool from the panel on the left side of your screen and choose any of the different data widgets available.


4 Neuro


For those in search of a spatial theme, there’s this simple but sleek-looking set of presentation templates.

You can choose from pre-designed organizational charts, triangle graphs and flow charts, which can be customized with your own information, as well as a timeline and gears diagram.

These can all be easily inserted and modified according to your needs, as seen in the short video tutorial above. The chart below, for example, may be used to visually represent a company's management structure or to display the different steps in a workflow or process.


Meanwhile, this modern-looking graph can be used instead of a bar chart by sizing each of the triangles comparatively, in relation to the rest of the data points. For example, it can be used to visually represent the number of employees for a certain year or the percent growth for a certain quarter.


Here, we also have a gears diagram that can be used to show the different interlocking components of a concept, strategy, program or initiative, among other things.


This type of diagram is ideal for helping an audience visualize the relationship between the various parts of a whole.


5 Stats


If you're getting ready to give a presentation chock full of stats, then this theme will help drive your message home.


This template, for example, provides you with simple radial charts and individual units of people, which you can easily customize, as seen in the video above.


Or, if you're looking for simple line graphs, this colored series is a good fit (you also have the option to animate charts, as seen here.)


Then there's this world map with a simple bar chart. You can customize it to your needs by simply changing the colors and inserting your own values into the bar chart widgets.


6 Hex


This presentation, comprised mostly of shades of gray with a splash of neon pink here and there, is perfect for making a lasting impression on your audience.

Its hexagonal shapes and eye-catching color combination give it a unique and cohesive visual style that can be used for presentations within classroom or boardroom or for standalone slide decks that can be uploaded to SlideShare.


Here, you can also insert brief profiles of your team members by inserting your text and replacing these icons with those of your choice.


Consistent with its hexagonal theme, here we also have a visual representation of the company's services, which can also be completely modified with your own color scheme and icon selections.


7 Distinctive


If you're in search of a template with a darker, more conservative feel, there's the Distinctive theme. The red accent color helps keep your attention focused, while the shades of black and gray give it a sophisticated look.


One of pre-designed templates offers you a Venn diagram with simple white icons that can easily be replaced with others.


Also, there's a minimalist quote slide that stands out because of the red accent color and the effective use of white space.


What do you think about this sample of Visme's presentation templates? Is there a particular theme or style you would like to see in our selection? If so, don't hesitate to share your feedback and suggestions in the comments section below.

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