The Best Presentations of 2016

Best Presentations: Our Favorite SlideShares of 2016

Nayomi Chibana

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Nayomi Chibana

best presentations slideshares of 2016

Every December, we look back at the last 12 months and handpick some of our favorite SlideShares published during the previous year.

From humorous presentations that make dry subjects more digestible, to ones that weave compelling narratives, these slide decks provide valuable nuggets of advice for all those looking to start the new year with a bang.

To make sure there’s something for everyone, we organized our Best Presentations of 2016 into a variety of categories, awards-ceremony style.

And the Oscar goes to...


Best Presentations on Future Trends

A-Z Culture Glossary 2017 from sparks & honey

Every year, marketing and advertising agency Sparks & Honey puts together an ultimate crib sheet on culture trends for the upcoming year. And every year, they mostly get it right, with a prediction accuracy of 80%.

From “prankstavism” (the use of practical jokes and mischievous acts to bring about social and political change), to “social eating” (the growing trend of watching other people eat online), 100 intriguing predictions are contained in this entertaining A-Z culture glossary of 2017.

Future Today Institute's 2017 Tech Trends Report from Future Today Institute (formerly Webbmedia Group)

For those looking ahead to 2017, here’s another very useful report on tech trends by Future Today, an institute dedicated to researching emerging technologies and tracking them as they move from the fringe to mainstream.

From soft, squishy robots that can operate in unpredictable environments to nutrition labels for news and universal basic income, there are some very interesting tech predictions here, organized by industry, including advertising, nonprofits, finance, education, among others.

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Most Humorous Slide Decks

2016 Digital predictions for marketing, tech, pop culture and everything in between from Soap Creative

Who said slide presentations had to be boring? Take a look at marketing agency Soap Creative’s digital predictions for 2016 to see if any of them came true.

(Go to Slide 11 where they predict that the presidential candidate who is better able to wield the power of social media will win the election; or to slide 8 where they predict the rise of lifestyle bloggers who revolt against the narcissism of social media and start taking “anonymous” selfies.)

The Build Trap from Melissa Perri

For those looking for a good example of how to mix business with pleasure, here is a popular slide deck that manages to elucidate a normally dry concept--Agile project management--using visual slides with little text and a large dose of humor.


Best Narrative / Best Design

Melt (Beta) from Miikka Leinonen

When it comes to presentations, style matters as much as substance. Take a look, for example, at this beautifully designed slide deck by Miikka Leinonen.

Note how different design elements and principles are used to weave a fluid and compelling narrative, from start to finish: The use of pink over neutral colors like white, black and grey to create contrast; the use of repeated slide elements to create a sense of continuity and the illusion of animation, which allows for a cohesive narrative; and the use of scale (font size and boldness) to emphasize important points.

5 Storytelling Lessons From Superhero Stories from HighSpark | Presentation Design Consulting and Training

Storytelling is the bread and butter of successful presentations. Just take a look at how some of the most inspirational TED speakers use stories to move their audiences to action.

The same is done here in this visually appealing slide deck on precisely this very subject. Through the use of a design that mimics a comic book, this presentation immediately catches the eye and makes you want to stick with it from beginning to end.

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Best Presentations for Designers

The Great State of Design with CSS Grid Layout and Friends from Stacy Kvernmo

We promised something for everyone, so here is an informative slide deck on how to designers can break the mold by ditching overused layout patterns for newer CSS techniques to create a variety of designs.

Like with the previous examples, this one deftly uses repeated elements from slide to slide to create a fluid and seamless storyline.

20 Fantastic Flat Icons and Their Meaning In Logo Design from DesignMantic

Another handy visual guide for graphic designers, this slide deck explains what different icons mean in logo design. For example, check boards signify strategic appeal while forward slash lines represent “adaptability and tech shrewdness.”


Best Presentations on Leadership

Secrets to a Great Team from Elodie Ascenci

Following presentation design best practices, this deck utilizes a minimum amount of text on each slide and uses strong, bold colors to attract attention to the main message. Its flat-design style and clear messaging make for a successful slide deck that has already garnered over 80,000 views to date.

How to Successfully Run a Remote Team from

Similar to the previous one, this slide deck also employs a similar flat-design style with a vibrant color scheme and clear messaging on the challenges of  running a remote team and how to overcome them.

10 Ways Your Boss Kills Employee Motivation from Officevibe

This viral slide deck is perfect for social media. Like eye candy that attracts viewers through the use of bright and beautiful colors, this presentation has little information but effectively sends a clear message that resonates with many employees who have complaints about their bosses.


Best Slide Decks for Entrepreneurs / Startups

Startups are Hard. Like, Really Hard. @luketucker from Empowered Presentations

Entrepreneurs can attest to the fact that starting your own business is hard--really hard. This slide deck beautifully summarizes all the most important lessons and advice startup founders should know before taking the plunge into the fast and furious startup world.

14 Tips to Entrepreneurs to start the Right Stuff from Patrick Stähler

With a whopping 145 slides, this mega presentation gives viewers a master class on first honing in on the Right Idea before starting your own business. Using illustrative slides that exemplify the point being made (see slides 32 through 38 for examples of this), this presentation is also effective at keeping the audience’s attention.


Best Slide Decks on Presentation Design

SlideShare Experts - 7 Experts Reveal Their Presentation Design Secrets from Eugene Cheng

Want to know how to spread your message far and wide with a viral SlideShare? Here’s a SlideShare on just that.

Presentation designer Eugene Cheng features tips from seven of the most successful SlideShare creators. Some of the most noteworthy snippets include:

“You need to get in bed with your reader. By this I mean you need to know what keeps them up at night and position your offer as a solution.” -Barry Feldman

“You need to have the hunger or desire to become a thought leader via your SlideShare platform.” -Scott Schwertly

The Presentation Design Course from Joseph Gelman

Let’s say you’re not worried about the content part of your presentation but rather the design. Here’s an easy-to-follow SlideShare with some useful tips on how to create an appealing, well designed and persuasive slide deck, just like the ones on this list.

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Best Presentations for Content Marketers

The Remarkable SEO Power of Republishing from Rand Fishkin

Last, but certainly not least, here are some slide decks that content marketers will find useful.

In this first one, SEO guru Rand Fishkin gives some valuable advice on how to recycle and repurpose existing content to improve rankings and visibility.

2017 Marketing Predictions—Marketo from Marketo

For those struggling to keep up with all the emerging technologies, trends and strategies, here’s this SlideShare by the team at Marketo on marketing predictions for the coming year.

From the rise of design generalists who can handle a variety of tasks, to a return to prioritizing value over volume, this slide deck provides some valuable insight from seasoned marketers.

43 Expert Tips for Future Proofing Your Content Strategy from Visme

And our 2016 list of memorable SlideShares wouldn’t be complete with our own slide deck on how to future proof your content strategy against content shock and content fatigue.

Roughly 2 million blog posts are written every day, so how can you possibly stand out with so much competition for attention?

This is the question we set out to answer with this presentation, in which we reached out to 43 top content marketers and asked them for their best advice on how to future proof their content strategy against content shock, which is simply the oversupply of content and the under-demand for it.


Your Turn

Want to create your own shareable slide deck? Try this free online presentation tool, which provides tons of built-in graphic assets, such as icons, images and fonts, not available with PowerPoint or Google Slides. You can then download as a PDF file and upload directly to SlideShare, conserving hotspots such as links.

And if you have your own favorite slide deck you’d like to share, drop us a line in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you!


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