The 29 Best Presentation Layout Templates for 2020 [Plus Design Ideas]

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Orana Velarde

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A presentation layout needs to communicate information and captivate the viewer. However, that isn’t always easy to do. Especially if you don’t want anyone in your audience to suffer a “death by Powerpoint.”

As you know, visuals are a huge part of a successful presentation. The right layout is the uniting factor between your information and the visuals.

Finding the perfect presentation layout template can take a long time. That’s why we’ve put together a selection of the best presentation layout templates of 2020, all available in Visme and ready to customize for your brand or project.


Create a Presentation Layout Using the Slide Library

The Visme Slide Library is readily available in the Presentations dashboard.  The slide library is separated into themes. All the slides inside a theme have a similar look and feel. 

When you choose one of the style themes, you're offered a large selection of slides in 20 different categories. 

Each category then opens up to show at least 14 unique designs in the style of your chosen theme. This way, you can mix and match the slides however you want and create a well balanced presentation. 

presentation layout templates - slide library


Modern Presentation Layout Templates

Let’s take a look at the best presentation layout templates in the modern theme. It was hard to pick just one for each category since there are so many good ones! You will have to take a look for yourself to see the possibilities.

The slides in the Modern Slide Library are visually rich and stylish. With just a bit of pizazz, these slides are great for startups and young companies. Here are the best in each category. 


The title layout is the first of all the slides. It’s a welcome mat for the viewer. This is where you include the main title and subtitle of your presentation. This slide is perfect for presenting yourself to your audience.

modern presentation layout template - title
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On the introduction slide, you give a brief explanation of what the presentation is about. The message on the slide must be short and to the point.

modern presentation layout template - introduction


A timeline layout is perfect for showing a process which you plan to take into effect. Or also to show the timeline of your project’s growth until the present. These slides can be duplicated and depending on the animation, the line can be connected.

modern presentation layout template - timeline


The agenda layout helps visualize a succession of tasks and project steps on specific dates. Different to a timeline, it’s more about goals than the process.

modern presentation layout template - agenda


The teams layout is one of the most important. On this slide, you showcase the team behind the project. The heart and brains behind your great idea.

modern presentation layout template - team


A services layout is ideal for a presentation about a company which needs to showcase what they offer. The services slide should be easy to understand and easily organized. That’s why these templates are so practical.

modern presentation layout template - services

Rewards Achievements

The slide layouts for rewards and achievements are great for showing off a company’s successes. This slide isn’t always necessary but can give great impact.

modern presentation layout template - rewards achievements


In some cases, a section layout is necessary. These are great for separating different sections of a presentation. Also if the slides are part of a conference and there needs to be a break in the middle of it.

modern presentation layout template - sections


If the presentation is about a product, then the features layout is perfect for visualizing what a product has to offer. Use high definition product images along with icons and brief explanations.

modern presentation layout template - features

Product Comparison

A comparison layout works for products, services and anything which needs to be compared. Well designed comparison slides can really make or break a sale!

modern presentation layout template - product comparison

Pros and Cons

Continuing from comparison layouts are the pros and cons. These templates can be used to show the pros and cons of pretty much anything.

modern presentation layout template - pros and cons


Diagram layouts show a combination of data and information in a visual way. These slides are perfect for informational content that could be boring otherwise.

modern presentation layout template - diagrams

Charts and Graphs

Presentation layouts with charts and graphs are common in many presentations. The Visme slide library has lots to choose from. It was hard to choose just one.

modern presentation layout template - charts and graphs


The Visme map engine will help you create beautiful map layouts in lots of different ways. The maps can be color customized for a graphic visual. Additionally, data can be input or uploaded to create data maps.

modern presentation layout template - maps


Organizing images on a slide layout is easy with this template. With the help of the Visme photo frame options, a gallery can be set up in many different ways. This layout template can get you started.

modern presentation layout template - gallery/art/portfolio


A steps or process layout is similar to a timeline slide. In this case, it’s more specific for visualizing processes or steps which you want to showcase in a presentation.

modern presentation layout template - steps/process


The presentation layout for pricing plans is a practical slide for B2B or SaaS companies which need to show their different pricing options. Perfect for proposals or product launch presentations.

modern presentation layout template - pricing/table/subscription


A testimonial from a trusted client gives your brand social proof. Including these in your presentation can make a positive impact. The testimonial slides include placeholders for the photos of your clients. Never use a stock photo for these.

modern presentation layout template - testimonials

Contact Us

Before wrapping up the presentation, you need to include contact information so that clients and prospects can get in touch with you. A contact layout is key for getting leads with your slide deck.

modern presentation layout template - contact us

Thank You

Don’t forget to thank your viewers for taking the time to look at your slides. A well designed “thank you” slide layout will leave a lasting impression.

modern presentation layout template - thank you


Simple Presentation Layout Templates

We also have our simple theme with over 300 different slide layout options to choose from, all in a simple and minimalistic style. These are perfect for customizing to fit into nearly any presentation format.

presentation layouts - simple theme
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Creative Presentation Layout Templates

If you want to have a bit more fun with your presentation layout, we also have our creative presentation theme, providing over 300 bright and colorful presentation slides to customize and fit into your slideshow.

presentation layouts - creative theme
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Create a Presentation Layout Using Full Templates

If mixing and matching slides isn’t your thing, you can opt for using pre-designed multi-slide templates. You just have to pick the one you like and customize accordingly.

The Visme pre-designed presentation layout templates are organized in categories. For example, if you need to create a sales report, browse the business category. 

Here is a list of all the categories available inside the Visme template dashboard.

  1. Business
  2. Creative
  3. Education
  4. Finance
  5. Informational
  6. Nature
  7. Non-Profit
  8. Pitch Decks
  9. Product

With this wide variety of categories, there is surely a presentation layout that will work for your project. Browse through the templates below and click through to edit it.

Design Tip: Keep in mind that the placeholder text in these templates is not binding. For example, a presentation layout template which is titled “Fashion Design Template” can easily be used for a coffee chain’s introduction presentation. Simply change the images to match your brand and keep the layout.

These templates have around 10 pre-designed slides. If you need more you can duplicate any of them. You also don’t need to use them all, only the ones that fit with your content. Most templates include a combination of  these slides:

  • Title
  • Table of Contents
  • About Us
  • Services
  • Data Reports
  • Comparisons
  • Teams

Let’s look at the best pre-designed presentation layout templates from each category.


Best Business Presentation Layout Template

Annual Report

This year, create an annual report in the form of a presentation.

It’s easy to share with investors and board members. This annual report presentation layout has a creative hexagon design that can be used as brand colors or company images with the help of hexagon frames.

business presentation layout template - annual report
Customize this presentation template and make it your own!Edit and Share

Design Tip: Customize the hexagon design to match your brand colors. Click on a hexagon and choose your brand color in the color picker, then click on the option to change all elements with the original color to the new color. 

Alternatively, change the color of some hexagons to one color and other hexagons to another color. Furthermore, apply hexagon frames to images and set them next to the colors.


Best Creative Presentation Layout Template

Creative Agency Introduction

Present your business to potential customers with a sleek and modern presentation layout. This layout has a minimal design style with transparent color sections and straight borders.

creative presentation layout template - creative agency introduction
Customize this presentation template and make it your own!Edit and Share

Design Tip: For a minimal presentation layout style like this one, choose a simple and elegant font. If you have brand fonts, then use those by all means. Use desaturated images to keep the feel of the minimal layout.

To desaturate an image in the Visme editor, click on it and then select filters in the top tap. Then slide the Saturation toggle.


Best Education Presentation Layout Template

Dinosaur Timeline

With this presentation layout, a school project can make a better visual impression. Timeline presentations are great for history studies and assignments.

This dinosaur timeline presentation layout template has five basic slides which can be duplicated to add more content. Ditch Powerpoint in your classroom this year!

education presentation layout template - dinosaur timeline
Customize this presentation template and make it your own!Edit and Share

Design Tip: Duplicate the timeline slide to add more historic events. The design will line up from slide to slide, mimicking a movement in time. Keep the colors different for each section so that the content is easily understood. 

Choose a decorative icon which matches your content. This template uses a leaf icon tied to a banner for the titles on the main slides. Use this same concept for whatever the topic of your project is.


Best Finance Presentation Layout Template

Financial Report

Generally, a presentation layout about a financial report tends to be boring and drab. Thankfully, with templates like this one, a financial report can be visually appealing.

This financial report presentation layout has 10 slides, including informative slides as well as data slides.

finance presentation layout template - financial report
Customize this presentation template and make it your own!Edit and Share

Design Tip: If possible, use photos from inside your own company instead of using stock photography. Make the presentation personal and branded.

Use brand colors and fonts and keep a consistent message throughout the slides. Insert your logo in the spaces provided inside the slides.


Best Informational Presentation Layout Template

Futuristic Template

An informational presentation doesn’t need to be boring or uneventful. With this futuristic presentation layout, you can create a visually rich presentation which captures curiosity. This template has four slides which can be duplicated as many times as you want.

informational presentation layout template - futuristic template
Customize this presentation template and make it your own!Edit and Share

Design Tip: Use the same alternating backgrounds for any duplicated slides you make. In some cases, cover the background with shapes and content so that there is a good balance between rich visuals and empty space.


Best Nature Presentation Layout Template

Wildlife Conservation

The presentation layout templates in the nature category are essentially informational but directed at nature related subjects.

The Wildlife Conservation presentation layout has 9 slides and is perfect for a school project or an informational presentation about your nature related company or project.

nature presentation layout template - wildlife conservation
Customize this presentation template and make it your own!Edit and Share

Design Tip: When choosing images, use photography which has direct relation to your content. Don’t use images which don’t make sense or are there simply for decorative purposes. Every image tells a story and you should use the ones which tell your story.


Best Nonprofit Presentation Layout Template

Nonprofit Project

When a nonprofit is looking for investors, it needs to pitch the project in a concise and inspiring way. This presentation layout template uses artistic and creative images to add color to the slides.

You can customize it with your own images or choose some artistic style images from the ones available inside the editor.

nonprofit presentation layout template - nonprofit project
Customize this presentation template and make it your own!Edit and Share

Design Tip: If you don’t have a color restriction, use the colors in the main images as inspiration for the rest of the design.

For this technique you need to choose all images in similar tone and create a 4 or 5 color palette for the elements in the slide. Use Adobe Color to create your color palette and then add it to your Visme dashboard.


Best Pitch-Deck Presentation Layout Template


Pitch-decks are a unique style of presentation layout. They are specially designed for startups looking for funding. The slides are set up in a specific order which investors can relate to and will easily understand. 

This pitch deck presentation layout has 18 different slides with different content styles.

pitch deck presentation layout template - upfront
Customize this presentation template and make it your own!Edit and Share

Design Tip: Remember to visualize the information as much as you possibly can. Don’t overstuff the slides with text. When you visit an investor to pitch them your project, the slides are your support. 

The nitty gritty of the story will be in your speech. If you are sending investors the pitch deck via email, accompany it with documentation which they can look at on their own time. The pitch- deck is the hook, the documentation comes after.


Best Product Presentation Layout Template

Creative Product Template

Show off your product with a creative presentation layout which grabs the viewer’s attention. Using rounded edges and rich colors gives this template a young and vibrant vibe. This slide deck has 10 slides which are easy to duplicate or just get rid of.

product presentation layout template - creative product template
Customize this presentation template and make it your own!Edit and Share

Design Tip: This presentation looks best paired with fun and interesting fonts which aren’t too fancy or elegant. Stay away from serif fonts with straight edges. The feel here is that things are rounded.


How To Create a Presentation Layout

It’s easy! Here are four ideas. But first, a little video to get your creative juices flowing:


1. Use The Visme Slide Library

The Visme Slide Library has many template options to choose from. They are available when you select a presentation theme. All themes have hundreds of slide layouts organized by topic. 

They are easy to browse through and select. The slides have the perfect layout ready for you to add colors, fonts, and information. 

2. Use Pre-Designed Presentation Layout Templates

The Visme designers have created hundreds of ready to use presentation layout templates. These are fully designed with colors, fonts, shapes, and data widgets. Some have up to 16 slides. 

There are templates on many different topics. These pre-made presentation layout templates are fully customizable to match your brand.

3. Use Pre-Designed Content Blocks

Content blocks give you the freedom to create presentations however you want, with a little help from us. Simply choose the blank canvas option in the presentation dashboard and place the content blocks on the slides. Finally, customize them with your own content.

4. Use Your Imagination

Use your creative imagination and create a presentation layout from scratch. Visme has all the tools you need to create engaging presentations with your own creativity. 

Which route will you take?


Create Your Own Presentation Layout with Visme

Creating a presentation layout with Visme is as easy as it gets. With so many options, there is nothing you can’t do. Try pre-designed templates or ready made content blocks. Use scalable icons, frameable images and customizable data widgets.

Try the Visme presentation maker and your presentation layouts will never go unnoticed again. 


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