25 Great Presentation Examples Your Audience Will Love

25 Great Presentation Examples Your Audience Will Love

Written by:
Chloe West

Sep 24, 2019
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Looking at a blank slate of a new presentation can seem defeating. How do you even start?

The hardest part of your presentation design is always figuring out how to lay out that first slide. That’s why we’ve put together 25 awesome presentation examples to get you started.

Each of these presentation examples has something specific about it that really makes it stand out. And when you’re designing your next slideshow, you want to make sure it’s something your audience will love.

Take a look through each of these examples to find inspiration for your next presentation.


Presentation Example #1: Colorful Slides

Draw your audience in by including a lot of bright colorful slides within your presentation.

This colorful presentation example was created to showcase how fun and playful Adidas’s boring presentation deck could actually be.

Although we typically say that every design you create should include just about 2-3 colors, there are ways that you can create a colorful presentation tastefully.

Pay close attention to the main colors of these slides. You see a lot of white, coral and navy with a few other colors splashed around the illustrations. Because the overall slide design focuses on three main colors, the way they’ve included other colors still works.


Presentation Example #2: Embedded Video

We love this presentation example that was created in Visme. This short presentation has a couple of beautifully designed slides with a YouTube video embedded in one of them.

An example of a video embedded in a presentation slide.

Embedding a video in your slides is a great way to create an interactive experience for your viewer, and also to give yourself a break while you’re presenting.

You can add a video that you or your company has created to emphasize your point or even embed a video that someone else created that supports your argument. It can be helpful for your audience to hear more than just your thoughts on a controversial subject.


Presentation Example #3: Interactivity

Not every presentation or slideshow is created to be, well, presented.

With Visme’s presentation maker, you can even create slideshows that are easily embedded on your website for your audience to watch and go through by themselves.

This is why it’s a great technique to add interactivity to your presentation, so that viewers don’t get bored and you can effectively lead them to other areas of your website.

Consider this presentation example. Her last slide includes an RSVP button for people to learn more about the service she teased within her presentation.

presentation examples - Interactivity

This is the perfect lead generation and call-to-action for increasing your customer or membership base, and with Visme, you can easily link text and other elements in your presentation slides to your website.


Presentation Example #4: Metaphors

If you can appeal to your audience with a metaphor from pop culture or another well-known reference, you’re sure to keep their attention.

That’s why we love this presentation example that uses superhero comparisons to talk about storytelling.

This storyline is catchy, and it gets the audience intrigued as to what comparison they’re going to make next. Plus, who doesn’t want to be compared to a superhero? I’ll take Captain Marvel comparisons any day!

During your next presentation, see if there are any popular references that you can make easy comparisons to in your topic. But don’t try too hard to fit a comparison in, or your audience will be confused.


Presentation Example #5: Animation

Here at Visme, we love a good animated presentation. But there gets to be a point where too much of a good thing is a really, really bad thing. And it's the same with animated effects.

There are also times where slight animation makes for the perfect slide. And that’s exactly where this presentation example comes in.

presentation examples - animation

While it’s not much, having each expert’s quote pop up after the rest of the information is already on the slide gives the presentation a slightly more fun air than if the entire slide content was static.


Presentation Example #6: Laptop Mockups

There are times when you may need to include a phone or computer screenshot within your presentation to showcase what a website page looks like or could look like.

And slapping that screenshot right onto a presentation slide with no other formatting is boring and we know that you can do better.

Take notes from our next presentation example and include computer or smartphone mockups instead.

This offers another layer of design that makes your presentation look much more professional.


Presentation Example #7: Visual Hierarchy

When we say visual hierarchy, we mean that the elements need to be organized in order of importance. In this specific presentation example, we’re focusing on the text.

Pay attention to how the header text and body content differ.

The headers on each of the above slides is in a large, all caps font while the body copy is much smaller and in sentence case. This creates a visual hierarchy that makes it obvious which font is the header, and therefore the most important part of the slide content.


Presentation Example #8: Icons

Your presentation should not be all words. Incorporating pictographs, graphics, icons and other visuals into your slides is a great way to provide further context to your information.

This presentation example does a great job of using icons to emphasize on each of their slide points.

presentation examples - icons

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Not only is this much more creative than boring bulleted slides on PowerPoint, it’s an incredibly easy thing to do on a presentation maker like Visme. Simply search for an icon relevant to your point and search through hundreds of options.


Presentation Example #9: Monochromatic Slides

A monochromatic color scheme consists of tints and shades of a single color and can be extremely visually appealing when done well.

This presentation example includes multiple bright colors in the overall presentation, but they’ve utilized one at a time to create monochromatic slides.

In other types of design, like an infographic or social media graphic, you’d stick to a single monochromatic color scheme.

But this example does a great job of utilizing monochromatic harmonies in a presentation while still keeping it engaging by focusing on more than one color the entire time.


Presentation Example #10: Video Presentation

If you won’t be physically present to give your presentation, you can still create the illusion that you’re putting on a show by creating a video presentation.

This is a great presentation example because it utilizes audio and animation to make it feel like viewers are watching a video when they’re just watching a slideshow.


You can easily create a presentation like this in Visme by animating your design elements and uploading or recording audio to accompany your slides.


Presentation Example #11: Consistency

When putting together a presentation, you want it to be obvious that your slides are cohesive and meant to go together in the slideshow. This means you should be utilizing the same color scheme, fonts and overall theme throughout your presentation.

This presentation created with Visme is a great example of consistency throughout the slides.

presentation examples - consistency

Each of these slides follows the same design even though the content on each one differs.


Presentation Example #12: Fancy Fonts

There is a time and place for fancy fonts in a design, and Marketo does a great job of capturing that in the presentation example below.

When you’re using fancy fonts, they should be used sparingly and in a large font capacity, like a header. You don’t want to place too much text in a fancy font or it gets to be too hard to read, giving both you—as the presenter—and your audience a headache.

Using this fancy script font in their presentation gives their slides a more playful air and allows them to further connect with their audience.


Presentation Example #13: Flat Design

One popular design style is flat design, and there are so many great ways to incorporate that into a presentation as well.

Take a look at this presentation example. The visuals on each slide are characters illustrated in flat design. Utilizing this style can be a great way to create beautiful slides that your audience can’t get enough of.

Be sure that your illustrations are relevant to your slide content so they don’t seem out of place. Just because something looks pretty doesn’t necessarily mean it makes sense in your presentation.


Presentation Example #14: Slide Progress

Letting your audience know how much is left in your presentation can be a great way to keep them paying attention and engaged.

This presentation example includes a slide progression countdown in their slideshow to let their audience know how many points are left to be covered.

This can be helpful for longer presentations so audience members know how much more content there is left to cover.


Presentation Example #15: Data Visualization

When you’re sharing data and statistics in your presentation, you should visualize them with charts, graphs and other data widgets. Using figures to showcase what your numbers mean can resonate more with your audience than simply telling them what the numbers are.

This presentation example does a great job at using data visualization to present stats and information.

Try adding your own data visualization into your next presentation using one of Visme’s dozens of data widget tools. You can also add and customize charts and graphs of different types.


Presentation Example #16: Minimalistic Slides

You don’t have to stuff tons of information into each one of your presentation slides.

Sometimes less is more.

You can place only the most important words and visuals on a slide and let your voice do the rest. Or you can just add more slides for each of your points.

This presentation example uses minimalistic slides that only focus on a single point at a time.

You don’t have to have a ton of design elements on a slide for it to be visually appealing. This presentation includes just the basics and it still looks well designed and teaches something to its audience.


Presentation Example #17: Graphics

Another great way to create a minimalistic and visually appealing presentation is by placing equal emphasis on text and graphics.

We love the way this next presentation example utilized graphics in each one of their slides.

This presentation covers 25 need-to-know marketing stats, and while the data isn’t placed into charts and graphs, they’ve still come up with a way to add visuals.

This is a great way to incorporate graphics into their slides.

They’ve put a large emphasis on the text, especially since that’s the only white on the slide with the rest monochromatic, but they’re still adding visuals to further emphasize the content.


Presentation Example #18: Lowercase Text

Not every heading has to be in title case and not every sentence has to be in sentence case.

In fact, this presentation provides a great example of how visual hierarchy can still be achieved while utilizing all lowercase letters.

Use larger fonts for headers and smaller fonts for your body, and you can also take advantage of this unique typography design in your presentation.

Just remember that visual hierarchy is still important. The lowercase text works in this presentation because they’ve made it so obvious which text needs to be read first.


Presentation Example #19: Transition

Your transition matters. Notice how I didn’t pluralize the word “transition.” This is because you should only be using a single kind of transition per presentation.

You don’t want to overwhelm your audience or make your presentation look overly busy. Take note of how seamless this presentation example’s slide transition is.

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Not only does the slide transition in the same direction each time, but all of the design elements also glide in the same directly creating a beautiful and visually appealing transition.


Presentation Example #20: Focus on Text

While we love a good graphic or icon, not every presentation needs to be built that way. In fact, this presentation has an awesome focus on text with nearly every slide including nothing but text.

This presentation uses different colors and different sizes to emphasize the more important pieces of text, making it creative without having to add a ton of visuals.


Presentation Example #21: Focus on Graphics

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you can also have a presentation that puts a huge focus on visuals.

While this presentation still includes text to help tell the full story, no one in the audience is going to be looking at the text. Check out the graphics in this presentation example.

These illustrations are playful and draw the audience in. Creating a focus on graphics in your presentation gives your viewers something fun to look at while you speak about the content.


Presentation Example #22: Photography

Another great way to include visuals in your presentation is with photography.

There are many different ways to include images in your presentation, but this presentation example does a great job with using them as background images.

Each slide has a photo in the background and a color overlay on top so the text can still be seen easily.

Figure out how you could include photos in your next presentation.

You can hire a photographer to do a curated photo session for your brand, or you can check out the millions of stock photos available in Visme’s photo library.


Presentation Example #23: Section Headers

Each time you move onto another main point in your presentation, it’s a good idea to break it up with a new section header.

We love the way this presentation example has utilized its section headers to make them really jump out at the audience. There’s no doubt that we’re moving onto another main point in this slideshow.

Blow your text up like this next time you’re making a transition to the next section of your presentation. It’ll be sure to grab your audience’s attention.


Presentation Example #24: Pop of Color

Another design style that I love is having a pop of color that really stands out from the rest of the design. It’s a great way to emphasize certain parts of your slides and create a focal point for your audience.

This presentation example makes this happen with a black and white color scheme and a pop of bright pink in the most important parts of each slide.

Your eyes are immediately drawn to the words in pink, and it’s used strategically because of that. Try this out in your next presentation to highlight the most important words or parts of your slide.


Presentation Example #25: Strong Start

Want to keep your audience awake and engaged for your presentation? Start off with a killer first slide.

Take this presentation’s introductory slide for example. It's a great way of making people sit up a little straighter and causing ears to perk up.

Asking a powerful question or making a strong—maybe even controversial—opening statement is a great way to create a strong start to your presentation and really draw your audience in.

See how you can use this to your advantage in one of your next presentations. Startling your audience can actually be a good way to pique their curiosity and keep them engaged.


Get Inspired With These Presentation Examples

Now that you’ve surfed through these great presentation examples, hopefully you’ve got some inspiration to create your next slideshow.

If you’re looking for a good way to design your presentation slides, look no further.

Visme’s presentation software can help you to create a beautiful, animated and interactive presentation that your audience will eat up.

Log into your design dashboard today, choose a template and get started on your next presentation.

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