700+ Presentation Images That Will Enhance Any Presentation [Free Images]

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When creating a speech or a pitch to present to an audience, there’s one element that you especially want to focus on to create an engaging experience – your presentation images.

Your presentation images allow you to showcase your story through visuals. Whether you choose photography, graphic design elements and so on, your imagery is key to helping you make your main point.

Helping your audience to visualize your point is essential to a good presentation. While your overall content and your slide design matters as well, you need high-quality images to really prove your point to your audience.

Not only that, but people are visual learners. They want to see what you’re talking about.

So we’ve put together a list of over 700 presentation images that will enhance even the driest slideshow.

Plus, scroll down to the bottom for some tips on using these presentation images within your slides.

Click on the image gallery under each category to view tons of handpicked images to use for your presentation.


1 Business Presentation Images

There are so many different types of presentations that you’ll need to do in business or in your career. Whether it’s a sales presentation, a marketing presentation, a pitch to an investor, a presentation for a conference or networking event and more.

And these are typically made in an effort to promote your business. So you really don’t want your audience to get bored due to a lack of visuals.

Including images within your business presentation is the perfect way to keep your audience engaged and interested in what you’re saying.

However, we don’t mean you want these images to take up your entire slide and nothing else. You need to work it into your slide in a way that simply boosts your content. Add these presentation images as a background to your slide.

Place an image on one side of your slide and your content on the other slide. Add an image into your presentation as an accent.

There are many different ways to include imagery in your business presentation.

And to help you find the perfect images to include, we’ve created a huge list of presentation images that you can find right in Visme’s photo library and easily drop right into your slides.

Click on the image gallery below to view business presentation images.

700+ presentation images - business gallery


2 Nature Presentation Images

Are you looking for some compelling and beautiful nature photography to use in your next nature presentation?

When you’re leading a presentation for your environmentally friendly nonprofit or sharing a nature-focused movement, you want to use photos that help to argue your main point and sell your presentation to your audience.

There’s no shortage of beautiful imagery of the earth, and your presentation should show off everything that this planet has to offer.

Fighting climate change? Trying to save an endangered species? Working against littering and pollution? Share photos of how the earth and wildlife is supposed to look.

To help you do this, we wanted to put together a comprehensive list of all of the nature presentation images we have right in Visme’s photo library.

Browse through our nature photos below, then dive right into your Visme design dashboard to create a beautifully captivating presentation.

Click on the image gallery below to view nature presentation images.

700+ presentation images - nature gallery


3 Marketing Presentation Images

When marketing your business, you really need to sell in your presentations. If you’re marketing your business at a networking event, tradeshow or conference, your presentation's visuals really matter.

They also matter in a sales pitch, or even just in a marketing presentation or report with your team. Keep your team and your supervisors engaged using a combination of data visualization tools and beautiful images.

Peruse Visme’s photo library to find photos that represent your target audience for your buyer personas. Search for images of social media users to help prove your point about the importance of social media.

You can even find images with analytics and data that will help visualize the statistics you’re working to convey. 

Picture this: your interactive charts on one side with a high-quality stock photo right next to it to really pull your entire slide design together.

Scroll through our top marketing presentation images to find the ones that work best in your presentation design.

Click on the image gallery below to view marketing presentation images.

700+ presentation images - marketing gallery


4 City Presentation Images

Show off your city in your next presentation. These images can be useful to present an idea to the city council or to share a local movement or project with an audience.

Visme’s stock photo library has a plethora of images from cities around the world. Show off your landscape, sights to see and more for free.

It doesn’t matter if your beautiful city includes more skyscrapers or shopping centers, farms or amusement parks. Regardless, you can find the perfect stock photos to represent your city within Visme’s searchable library.

Your city presentation will hold that much more emotion and power if it includes visual representations of the exact locations you’re talking about.

Check out our city presentation image options below to start your search for the perfect photos for your slideshow.

Click on the image gallery below to view city presentation images.

700+ presentation images - city gallery


5 Political Presentation Images

Whether you’re running a local, statewide or national campaign, you’re going to have to give a few speeches and presentations. And it’s essential to include visuals and imagery inside any presentation slides you create alongside your speech.

People are passionate about their political views, and integrating visual aids to support your speaking points can make your stance on the issues seem even more impactful.

Help to rally your supporters by including patriotic photography alongside imagery that speaks to your focal campaign messaging.

Share images of the area that you’re running to represent to showcase your love for your district and how you want to change it. 

Whether you’re running for student council, city council, or even president or prime minister, you need to include photos that help to sell your messaging and let people know why they should vote for you.

Click on the image gallery below to view political presentation images.

700+ presentation images - political gallery

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6 Animal Presentation Images

Who doesn’t love animals? And when you’re putting together a presentation about animals (whether it’s to help animals get adopted, share information on an endangered species, combat animal cruelty, etc.), what better way to appeal to your audience than with photos?

Visme’s photo library includes images of pets as well as images of wildlife so that you can find photos that suit any presentation talking points.

Search for photos of lions, tigers, bears and more. Or on the tamer side, find images of some puppies, kittens and bunnies.

Looking for something a bit more exotic? Check out our selection of reptiles, like alligators, lizards and snakes.

Simply dive into Visme’s design dashboard, click over to Graphics in the left sidebar and start searching through the massive photo library to find the perfect animal presentation images for your slides.

Click on the image gallery below to view animal presentation images.

700+ presentation images - animal gallery


7 Holiday Presentation Images

There’s a never ending list of holidays, so the list of stock photos needs to be just as long! If you’re referencing holidays in your presentation or putting together a report that covers a single holiday extensively, we’ve got your images covered.

Find any and all holiday presentation images in Visme’s stock photo library. Whether it’s winter holidays like Christmas or Hannukah or summer holidays like Fourth of July or Cinco de Mayo, you’ll find the perfect images in our photo resource.

Remember, an image is worth a thousand words, so you always want to have a few good photos to visually represent what you’re saying.

Do a quick search of holiday presentation images in this gallery as well as in Visme.

Click on the image gallery below to view holiday presentation images.

700+ presentation images - holiday gallery


8 Educational Presentation Images

Whether you’re putting together a report for school or giving a presentation on the importance of education, the need for photos to accompany your words is essential.

Showcase children sitting at their desks, eager to learn. Share images of kids at play during recess. Visualize what it means for students to make friends in class. 

There are so many different ways to show off education in stock photos through your presentation, and we’re only here to help.

Take a look at the photos included in our roundup below, but don’t forget to conduct a thorough search in Visme’s design dashboard.

You can use imagery as the background of a slide or to simply create an accent or emphasis on your slide content.

But one thing is for sure: you need to visually represent your words with graphics and photography. Browsing through the gallery below can help.

Click on the image gallery below to view educational presentation images.

700+ presentation images - educational gallery


9 Nonprofit Presentation Images

There are many different reasons someone involved in a nonprofit might need to give a presentation. There are donor pitches, fundraising events, speeches and more.

And each of those presentations is made up of two components: words and images.

When it comes to a nonprofit presentation, the need for an emotional appeal to the audience grows exponentially. The purpose of these presentations tends to be to generate or increase donations, because nonprofits operate exclusively through donations.

Including imagery that represents what your nonprofit is fighting for or against is the best way to appeal to your audience’s senses. Even more than words, visuals help people to understand or relate to an issue.

And Visme’s photo library is full of images that your nonprofit can use in its next presentation. Just start browsing through our selection below.

Click on the image gallery below to view nonprofit presentation images.

700+ presentation images - nonprofit gallery


10 Financial Presentation Images

Putting on a presentation to talk finances? Maybe you’re a financial planner, and you’re trying to show potential clients why they need your help.

Or perhaps you’re putting together a presentation to let the board on your nonprofit or supervisors in your company know about your revenue and spending.

Either way, a presentation is a great way to visualize the dollars and cents and help to create a compelling argument for how well your company is performing.

And any compelling presentation needs visuals. While financial presentations will also require some powerful data visualizations, don’t forget about the images.

Financial presentation images can provide context for your argument, add an accent to a slide, or give you a background to overlay your information onto.

Check out the images we have in our massive photo library that can help improve your financial presentation.

Click on the image gallery below to view financial presentation images.

700+ presentation images - financial gallery


11 Motivational Presentation Images

If you’re giving a motivational speech, you definitely need presentation images to accompany your content. An image is worth a thousand words, and incorporating photos into your motivational presentation is the perfect way to inspire your audience.

Your motivational presentation images can range from photos of inspirational sayings or scenes to photos of people working hard to succeed at something.

Consider what your topic is, and find photos that are relevant. You want to inspire and motivate your audience to take action to better themselves and their lives.

Browse our extensive photo library to find the perfect motivational photos to accompany your presentation.

Click on the image gallery below to view motivational presentation images.

700+ presentation images - motivational gallery

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12 Art Presentation Images

Are you discussing art? Whether it’s the history of art, modern art or simply how art can be found in life, you’re in luck.

Our library of stock images can help you find the beautiful and artistic presentation images that you need to amplify your message. 

Showcase the exact types of art that you’re discussing in your presentation by sharing photos of it directly in your slideshow. You can use those photos as a background to your slide, as an accent that appears alongside your content or as the feature photo on a slide.

Art is such a visual concept anyways, that it should be fairly simple for you to find the perfect stock photography to match your information.

Browse through just a few handfuls of the photos that Visme’s presentation image library has to offer.

Click on the image gallery below to view art presentation images.

700+ presentation images - art gallery


13 Travel Presentation Images

Our last section of presentation images for your slideshow needs covers travel presentations. If you’re a travel agent making a pitch or a digital nomad teaching others how to do the same, you need some stellar travel photos to show off.

Sharing photos from around the world is a huge incentive to get people on your side, listening to what you can teach them or do for them.

After all, who doesn’t love the idea of vacationing and traveling the world?

Find the perfect travel photos to pop into your presentation slides with Visme’s stock photo library. With hundreds of thousands of photos to choose from, you’re sure to find some beautiful travel presentation images that are perfect for your message.

Check out the gallery below to find a few that will fit perfectly in your next presentation.

Click on the image gallery below to view travel presentation images.

700+ presentation images - travel gallery


How to Use These Presentation Images

So now that we’ve shown you over 700 of the thousands of presentation images we have available for free use, we know what you’re thinking.

How can you use these photos in a presentation? And furthermore, how can you use them and ensure your slides still look well designed?

There are several different ways to use images in your presentations, so let’s go over how you can do these right in Visme’s presentation maker.

Color Overlay

how to use presentation images - color overlay

A color overlay is a transparent color on top of a photo. These are great to use when you want to add a photo onto a slide for emphasis, but you still need to include text on the slide.

Because it tends to be difficult to see text directly on top of a bright, busy photo, a color overlay is a great way to soften the photo and ease it into the background.

You can create a color overlay in Visme by clicking the Filter setting, choosing your color and selecting the opacity percentage. Check out a few other photo filter options here.

how to use presentation images - color overlay


how to use presentation images - accent photo

Create an accent in your slide by using an accent photo. The photo can be in the corner of your slide, covering the top or bottom half, taking up the left or right side or even right in the middle of your slide with your content surrounding it.

You can easily create an accent photo by selecting your photo from our photo library or uploading your own, then sizing it and dragging it to the area you want to accentuate.


how to use presentation images - background

You can easily upload a background photo by clicking the slide background and selecting a photo from the stock image library.

If the photo doesn’t fit perfectly, you can drag it around to ensure the area that you want to be visible is shown in your slide.

When using a background image with no color overlay, it’s a good idea to choose a photo with a lot of white space. This allows you to add visuals to your presentation slide while also including copy from your slide content.


how to use presentation images - cropped photo

If you’ve found a photo that is partially perfect, don’t worry. You can quickly and easily crop photos directly in the Visme design dashboard so that you’re only showcasing the part of the image that you want to be visible on your slide.

To crop a photo, select the Crop setting and drag the corners until the area that you want to see is selected. Then click Apply.

how to use presentation images - cropped photo


how to use presentation images - feature

Last, but not least, is our feature image.

If you’ve found a photo that conveys your messaging perfectly, but you don’t want any text to distract your audience, you can include it as a feature image on a slide.

All you do is upload it as a background image or resize it so it covers the entire screen and let your words speak for themselves.

Not every slide needs to have copy on it. You can include feature images every few slides so that your audience still has something engaging to look at while you continue speaking.

To learn even more about using images in your presentation design, check out this video from our Make Information Beautiful series:


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