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Some of the best animation software in the market are Visme, Crello, Adobe Spark, PosterMyWall, PixTeller, Animatron Studio, Biteable and Animaker.

In this guide, we’re going to explore these options and more to help you find the best animation software for your business.

So, if you’re (seriously) interested in animation, you’ll need this guide.

Let’s get started.


10 Best Animation Software for 2020

Software #1: Visme

Software #2: Crello

Software #3: Adobe Spark

Software #4: PosterMyWall

Software #5: PixTeller

Software #6: Animatron Studio

Software #7: Biteable

Software #8: Animaker

Software #9: Canva

Software #10: Easil

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Software #1: Visme

animation software - Visme-logo

Visme is a cloud-based, online design tool that lets anyone create animated social media images, infographics, presentations, ads, banners and other visuals.

It comes packed with animation and interactivity features to help you create eye-catching designs that do much more than just static images.

Visme’s animation software lets you access thousands of premade templates, a library of free stock photos and videos, customizable pre-animated characters, illustrations and gestures, and much more.



  • Friendly and intuitive drag-and-drop editor.
  • Thousands of fully editable templates in various categories.
  • Customizable pre-animated assets: Characters, illustrations and gestures.
  • 14+ different types of animated charts, graphs and maps.
  • Interactive links, call-to-action buttons and hover effects.
  • Searchable libraries of free stock photos, videos, icons and shapes.
animation software - Visme-editor
  • Import your own images, videos and fonts.
  • Embed videos and other online content into your designs.
  • Team collaboration features: Share your projects.
  • Brand kit: Save your brand colors, fonts and logos for later use.
  • Insightful analytics: Access graphs and statistics for project views.
  • Offline animated download formats: GIF, MP4 video and HTML5.
  • Publish and share online: Use a link or generate an embed code.
animation software - visme illustration drag-and-drop

Pricing: Free plan with limited features. Paid plans start from $12/month per user.

Pros: All-in-one design tool packed with animation and interactivity features, great for both non-designers and designers, millions of free graphic assets inside the editor.

Cons: A variety of design and customizability options can lead to a steep learning curve.

Ideal for: Marketers, corporate teams, teachers, trainers, personal use.

Ready to create your own animated designs?

  • Customize thousands of premade templates
  • Access animated characters, gestures and illustrations
  • Add interactive buttons, links and hover effects

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Software #2: Crello

animation software - crello-logo

More than just your basic animation software, Crello features an extensive library of animated templates and thousands of pre-animated objects and characters. The tool lets you create animated ads, square videos and even Facebook covers with no design skills.

You can also combine videos and animated GIFs with your images, such as a moving background, to create short and eye-catching video posts for social media.


  • Thousands of animated templates to customize.
  • Access to over 140 million stock photos.
  • Library of videos and animations to use in designs.
  • Upload your own fonts, graphics and animations.
  • Download in MP4 video format.
  • Share your animated video directly to social media.
crello-animation software - editor

Pricing: Free plan with limited features. Pro plan starts from $7.99/month with free trial.

Pros: Create animated video artworks in various formats; stories, presentations, social media. Has a mobile app to create designs on the go.

Cons: Only download in MP4 format. Need to use Crello GIF maker or third-party tools to convert your video to a GIF.

Ideal for: Marketers, small business owners, freelancers.


Software #3: Adobe Spark

animation software - Adobe-Spark-logo

If you’re looking for a very basic animation software to create video posts for social media, Adobe Spark can help you do that right from your phone.

Use the Adobe Spark Post iOS app to create short videos with animated text and photos by choosing a template, and customizing it using one of the few animation styles available. As of now, you can only access the animation feature on mobile, not on the desktop app.


  • Access customizable templates in various formats.
  • Sync your designs across multiple devices.
  • Create animated posts on the go with the iOS app.
  • Thousands of free images and icons.
  • Download as an MP4 video or share online.
animation software - Adobe-Spark-editor

Pricing: Free.

Pros: Create animated social media posts on the go with the iOS mobile app. Simple, easy-to-use interface. Sign in with your Adobe account.

Cons: Lack of advanced animation features. Animations only available in the iOS app, not in Android or Web version.

Ideal for: Freelancers, marketers, bloggers.


Software #4: PosterMyWall

animation software - postermywall-logo

This animation software is straightforward and incredibly easy to use. You don’t even need to sign up to start editing a template. PosterMyWall lets you design promotional posters, graphics and videos using a large library of templates and stock videos.

What makes PosterMyWall stand out among other tools is that it lets you download your designs as high-quality videos, including 4K and Full HD. You can also send them off for printing if you’re living in the US.


  • Large collection of animated video templates.
  • Thousands of stock videos to use in your designs.
  • Bulk printing for your designs on various materials.
  • Download your videos in 4K and Full HD quality.
  • Save as high-quality MP4 and GIF files.
  • Share your designs with a link or embed online.
animation software - postermywall-editor

Pricing: Free plan with paid downloads and prints. Premium plans start from $29.95/quarter.

Pros: Create animated videos in high quality; 4K and Full HD. Start editing a template in your browser without signing up.

Cons: Pay to download in the free plan. Limited animation features.

Ideal for: Individuals, businesses.

decorate your designs with geometric shapes with visme


Software #5: PixTeller

animation software - pixteller-logo

PixTeller’s animation software is great for both business and personal use. It’s a good alternative for a full-featured video editing tool if you’re looking for something more basic.

You can create short animated videos in PixTeller by setting frame-by-frame motions, and then editing the attributes of each frame, such as colors, rotation, opacity and more.


  • Hundreds of pre-animated templates to customize.
  • Customize a frame by frame timeline.
  • Unique text effects to make your animations pop.
  • 100,000+ shapes to add to your animated videos.
  • Share the URL of your video to specific people.
  • Download in MP4 video and GIF formats.
animation software - pixteller-editor

Pricing: Paid plan with animation features starts from $12/month.

Pros: Create animated posts and banners by editing a frame by frame timeline.

Cons: Lack of advanced animation features. Option to download as MP4 or GIF only available in the paid plan.

Ideal for: Marketers, freelancers, bloggers.


Software #6: Animatron Studio

animation software - animatron-logo

This a great option if you’re looking for a feature-rich animation software. Animatron Studio offers a huge gallery of pre-animated elements and templates to help you create explainer videos, HTML5 banners, ads and more.

The customizability options are near endless—you can even customize the expressions of the characters. If you’re looking for a less robust version, you can also check out Animatron Lite.


  • Thousands of pre-animated objects, characters and more.
  • Extensive customizability options.
  • Import, place and edit your own graphics.
  • Built-in voiceover features to add narration.
  • Real-time collaboration and comments.
  • Export to HTML5, MP4, SVG and GIF formats.
  • Share online with a link or use an embed code.
animation software - animatron-editor

Pricing: Free plan with limited features. Paid plans start from $15/month.

Pros: Advanced customization options for all pre-animated characters and objects. Download your designs in several popular formats.

Cons: Interface can be glitchy, no free stock videos available inside the software.

Ideal for: Marketers, corporate teams, educators, freelancers.


Software #7: Biteable

animation software - Biteable-logo

If you want to create bite-sized, animated videos like promos, ads and social media videos, Biteable is a good option. It lets you share and download animated videos by editing one of their premade templates.

You can also look through thousands of stock footage clips and scenes to put together an entirely customized video. Biteable also lets you share your project with teammates with its collaboration features.


  • Browse hundreds of professional video templates.
  • Access thousands of stock footage clips and animations.
  • Add audio tracks using a huge library or upload your own.
  • Share your video project with other team members.
  • Publish your video on Biteable with privacy controls.
  • Download your designs in Full HD MP4 video format.
  • Share directly to social media, or use a link or embed code.
animation software - Biteable-editor

Pricing: Free plan with limited features. Paid plans start from $15/month.

Pros: Make all kinds of marketing videos, including explainers and demos. Access thousands of stock footage clips to create something unique.

Cons: You can only download in MP4 video format. No download option in the free plan.

Ideal for: Marketers, trainers, educators.


Software #8: Animaker

animation software - animaker-logo

Animaker is ideal for businesses and educators who want to create interactive presentations and videos. This animation software comes with a large library of templates and pre-animated elements, including illustrations, characters and gestures.


  • Large collection of animated templates and assets.
  • Six unique video styles to edit and remix.
  • Pro-level animation features like Curve, Camera In and Out.
  • 200+ music tracks and sound effects to add to your videos.
  • Enterprise and team management features.
  • Upload directly to YouTube and Facebook or share URL.
  • Download in MP4 video and GIF formats.
animation software - animaker-editor

Pricing: Free plan with limited features. Paid plans start from $12/month.

Pros: Create animated videos for all kinds of business or personal uses. A variety of video styles, including several for whiteboard videos.

Cons: No download option in the free plan. Only good for creating videos, not animated images.

Ideal for: Marketers, presenters, freelancers.


Software #9: Canva

animation software - Canva

Canva is a popular online design tool that has recently introduced a few basic animation features. It lets you download your graphic designs as a GIF or video by choosing one of the six animation styles available in the app.


  • Thousands of editable templates in various categories.
  • Millions of free and paid photos, icons and other assets.
  • Six different animation styles to choose from.
  • Invite team members and share your brand elements.
  • Organize your designs into folders.
  • Download your animated designs in GIF and MP4 video formats.
animation software - Canva-editor

Pricing: Starts from $9.95/month per user.

Pros: Pay-per-use graphic assets. Good for adding basic animation to images.

Cons: Only six non-customizable animation styles available. No ability to share or embed your animated designs. No animation features in the free plan.

Ideal for: Marketers, bloggers and small business owners.

Ready to create your own animated designs?

  • Customize thousands of premade templates
  • Access animated characters, gestures and illustrations
  • Add interactive buttons, links and hover effects

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Software #10: Easil

animation software - Easil-logo

Easil is another web-based design tool that also supports GIF downloads. However, the only way to make an animated GIF in Easil is by duplicating an image frame several times and making edits to each frame.


  • Thousands of editable templates in various categories.
  • Brand kit feature to save your brand colors, colors and logos.
  • Creative text effects like drop shadow and masks.
  • Resize templates and designs for social media or print.
  • Create color schemes with the color palette generator.
  • Team and sub-team sharing features.
  • Download animated GIFs.
animation software - Easil-editor

Pricing: Starts from $7.50/month per user.

Pros: Plenty of features for team sharing and enhancing your visual brand.

Cons: The only way to create an animated GIF is to duplicate an image several times and make changes to each “frame”. No GIF download option available in the free plan.

Ideal for: Brand managers, marketers, bloggers.


Bonus: Twine

animation software - twine

Twine is a freelance marketplace where freelancers are connected to paid projects and ongoing work. They specialize in the creative and digital sectors and have a global community of over 350,000 freelancers, including over 4,000 animators.

It's free to post a job ad; you only pay when you hire once you've hired an animator for your project. All animators are vetted before they're allowed onto the platform to ensure they only have people of the highest quality.


What is the Best Animation Software?

Choosing the best animation software can be confusing, especially if you’re a beginner looking to create engaging, interactive visual designs instead of fully fledged videos.

Visme can help you create animated graphics that perform much better than static images. You don’t even need to be a designer to use it—the drag-and-drop editor makes it so simple!

Sign up for a free account now and take it for a test drive.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Want to learn more about the best animation software? We've answered some common questions to help you navigate your way through the topic.

Q1. What animation software should I use?

The animation software you choose depends mostly on your budget and requirements. For small teams, businesses and individuals looking for an easy-to-use animation software, Visme is a great choice.

Q2. What animation software do YouTubers use?

Adobe After Effects, Animaker and Blender are some of the most popular animation software that YouTubers use to create engaging animated videos.

Q3. Does Adobe have 3D animation software?

Yes. Adobe Animate is a professional 3D animation software that you can use to create dynamic artwork with layers and depth.

Q4. What is the best free animation software?

Visme's free plan is ideal for beginners who are just getting started with animation software. You can also check out Adobe Spark, Blender and Animaker.

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