8 Best Powtoon Alternatives for Stunning Videos (In 2021)

8 Best Powtoon Alternatives for Stunning Videos (In 2021)

Written by:
Orana Velarde

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Are you looking for a Powtoon alternative? 

Here’s a list of the eight best alternatives to Powtoon to help you create stunning and professionally-looking videos with ease:

  1. Visme
  2. Biteable
  3. Animaker
  4. Vyond
  5. Moovly
  6. Raw Shorts
  7. Videoscribe
  8. Promo 

Let’s examine each of these tools and see what’s the best video creation platform for you.


8 Best Powtoon Alternatives for Stunning Videos

Tool #1: Visme

Tool #2: Biteable

Tool #3: Animaker

Tool #4: Vyond

Tool #5: Moovly

Tool #6: Raw Shorts

Tool #7: Videoscribe

Tool #8: Promo


Tool #1: Visme

The Visme logo.

The first Powtoon alternative on our list is our very own Visme. Contrary to all the other tools on this list, Visme is much more than just a video maker.

With Visme, you can create video ads, video presentations, marketing videos, multimedia videos, videos for social media, and hundreds of other visual content types.

For example, with Visme, you can create infographics, reports, documents, and branding assets like letterheads and brand guides. The best part is that you can add your videos made with Visme to any other project in your dashboard.

Who Is It For?

Visme is for everyone! But it's perfect for teams that need to create content together. It’s also great for startups, educators and academics.

With a Visme team subscription, your team can create many types of content. For example, social media managers can create graphics. Marketing teams can create reports and pitches. Human resources can create training materials and public relations teams can design invitations and tickets to events. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what Visme can do for your business.


A screenshot of a promo video template in Visme's editor.
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The features in Visme are varied. When it comes to creating videos, you have many resources at your disposal. From animated icons and illustrations to  animated backgrounds, special effects and customizable animated characters.

All elements are drag and drop and easy to place on the canvas to create engaging compositions. 

You can add your own video easily by uploading video files or importing from YouTube or Wistia. Additionally, you have access to video clips and stock images from our resource library.

Additionally, you can add charts, maps, and lots of data widgets to visualize data in your videos.

Add audio backgrounds and voiceovers easily with the audio feature. Import files from your Google Drive or Dropbox folders and export your finished video for storage when it’s finished.

Video Templates

Video templates in Visme are in two categories; video presentations and general video. 

Using Visme’s presentation software, you can create regular presentations, videos, or two versions of the same project. One for presenting in person or a meeting and the other to post to YouTube or Vimeo.

Video presentations created with Visme are much more than simple animated slideshows. But if you have a Microsoft Powerpoint presentation already started, it's easy to turn it into a professional animated video. Simply import it into Visme and customize it as you like.

To create video ads, intros + outros, animated quotes, and listicles, simply navigate the Visme template’s video section and choose your favorite. 

Video Templates

Create an engaging video online quickly and easily by getting started with one of Visme’s professionally designed templates. Upload to YouTube, share a video ad on social media and more. Find a video template that your audience will love.

To create a video presentation from scratch, check out this article where we walk you through the steps.


A screenshot of Visme's pricing page.

The free accounts on Visme have everything you need to get started with video creation, plus many other content types. All under the same price point. 

  • The Standard plan with more features and access to premium video template and assets is $15/month,
  • The Best Value plan, the Business plan with unlimited projects and a Brand Kit is $29/month.
  • Enterprise plans are custom upon request.

Visme vs. Powtoon

Visme and Powtoon are very different from each other. Powtoon will let you create suitable videos for marketing and business purposes, but Visme gives you the option to make a lot more than that. 

With Visme, you can create videos in different styles, like video presentations, social media ads, listicles and testimonials. On top of that, Visme has all the tools to create infographics, reports, documents and many more content types for your team.

Make video production easier than ever with Visme.

  • Choose from our fully customizable templates
  • Customize fonts and colors to match your brand
  • Access animated design elements that tell your story

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Tool #2: Biteable

The Biteable logo.

Biteable is a cloud-based video creator software that prides itself on being an easy-to-use Powtoon alternative.  They offer a variety of videos in easy to customize templates. Since their main feature is a video editor, there are no other visual design options.

Who Is It For?

This Powtoon alternative is for content creators looking to create video presentations, marketing videos, social media videos and blog content. It’s not for those who need to create videos and other content in the same project. 


A screenshot of Biteable's website.

The Biteable video editor has a practical timeline editing tool to trim and customize individual slides. 

All slides can are editable as a group with the style options. You can edit the font on all the slides in this window, plus the color palette for flat backgrounds and animations.

Video Templates

Video templates in Biteable are available in horizontal, square and vertical sizes. Most topics are perfect for small businesses looking to create videos for internal comms and marketing strategies.


A screenshot of Biteable's pricing page.

Free Biteable plans offer as many videos as you want, but they’ll have a Biteable watermark and will be of low quality.

  • The Plus plan with HD downloads without watermarks is $19/month.
  • The Ultimate plan offers reseller rights and team collaboration and is $49/month.

Biteable vs. Powtoon

The most significant difference between Biteable and Powtoon is the sheer number of templates and styles available in Powtoon. 

Another difference is that the Powtoon timeline tool has detailed editing features with tabs for each element. 

Third, even though Biteable offers square and vertical videos, you’ll have to switch templates. On Powtoon, you can change the canvas’s size but will still have to rearrange the elements to fit.


Tool #3: Animaker

The Animaker logo.

Animaker is a cloud-based video presentation and animation software to create both animated or live-action visuals. Animations are a heavy feature in this tool and include a lot of customization options.

Who Is It For?

Animaker is an excellent tool for entrepreneurs, content marketers, bloggers and anyone that needs to make a video animation for a blog, website or social media.

This tool is suited for creators who like to include motion graphics and animations in their slides and scenes and for creators looking to make GIFs with classic meme assets and custom text.


A screenshot of Animaker's website.

There are many practical features in Animaker. The most notable are:

  • Text to audio narration lip-sync with Animaker Voice
  • Custom animated characters
  • Auto canvas resize with instant element rearranging
  • 4K quality video downloads
  • GIF maker with meme visuals

Video Templates

Animaker has two main styles of templates; videos and video presentations. Additionally, there are also GIF templates. Each of those opens the editor differently according to what each type of project needs.

In the Animaker editor, videos are spliced into scenes and video presentations into slides. Both with detailed animation editing features.


A screenshot of Animaker's pricing page.

The free plan lets you see how the editors work, but the options are limited in downloads and assets. Paid subscriptions have more and more features as they go up.

  • The Basic Plan is $10 a month with some basic premium features.
  • The Starter Plan is $19 and includes HD video downloads.
  • The Pro Plan is $39 and includes 20 premium downloads and 30 custom characters.
  • The Enterprise Plan has pricing upon request.

Animaker vs. Powtoon

Animaker and Powtoon are even competitors when it comes to video creation. Both have many templates and animation features for videos in square, vertical and horizontal sizes. But Animaker has an auto-resize feature with instant rearranging of elements.

One of the most significant differences between these two tools is that Animaker has a different editor for presentations and videos. The video editor has a timeline, while the presentation one does not.


Tool #4: Vyond

The Vyond logo.

Vyond is the new name for GoAnimate and is one of the most versatile tools on this list. The Vyond team is very vocal with their privacy features and offer their animation video tool for use by the US Federal Government. 

Who Is It For?

Videos created with Vyond are ideal for training and education, marketing strategies, internal communications, human resources and explainer videos for startups.


A screenshot of Vyond's website.

The main features in the Vyond Studio are characters, props, and backgrounds. The characters are highly customizable, from face angles to clothing, skin and movement. 

Everything can be animated to create highly animated videos. The editor includes a timeline feature at the bottom to customize scenes. You can customize props and characters with the tools on the left tab.

Higher plans include team collaboration.

Video Templates

There are three styles of templates in Vyond;

  • Contemporary
  • Business Friendly
  • Whiteboard Animation

The contemporary and business-friendly templates are much like other video software on this list. The whiteboard option is the most unique of the three, including animated text written by a hand holding a marker. 


A screenshot of Vyond's pricing page.

Vyond doesn’t offer monthly plans, only yearly plans. There’s a free trial that includes most features to get a good idea of the software. 

  • The Essential plan for individuals is $299 for the year (around $24 a month).
  • The Premium plan for small businesses is $649 for the year.
  • The Professional plan is $999 per user/per year.
  • Enterprise plans are available upon request.

Vyond vs. Powtoon

Vyond and Powtoon are strong contenders to each other. Both are robust software for creating videos, but their differences are more noticeable in the templates and visual assets’ style than anything else. 

One feature that Powtoon has that Vyond doesn’t is creating square and vertical videos for social media.


Tool #5: Moovly

The Moovly logo.

Moovly is a robust video editor. It has a higher learning curve than the other tools on this list and offers a professional style editing tool that resembles higher-end editors. 

Who Is It For?

Moovly is a Powtoon alternative for larger companies and corporations with team members that know how to use video editing tools. A non-editor can learn fast enough, though. 

Moovly is useful for internal communications, marketing visuals, ads, training and onboarding, elearning and other content creation types.


A screenshot of Moovly's website.

The most notorious Moovly feature is its editor. It opens up in a new window and resembles video editors like Premiere Pro and iMovie. There are many different visual asset collections to choose from; icons, illustrations, charts and more. 

Additionally, like on professional video editors, there are also animated transition slides available.

Moovly has collaboration features for editing videos as a team.

Video Templates

Moovly has around 100 templates for different purposes, most business-related. 


A screenshot of Moovly's pricing page.

The Moovly free version is enough to get to know the editor and the resources in the editor. For more advanced features, you’ll need a paid plan. 

  • The Pro plan offers unlimited video length at $24.92/month.
  • The Max plan offers unlimited video downloads and is $49.92/month.
  • The Enterprise plan has custom pricing upon request.

Moovly vs. Powtoon

Moovly might have a more professional editing tool, but Powtoon has more template and visual construction options. Powtoon also has considerably more style options, but Moovly lets you upload your video assets and motion graphics.

The difference between the two is more about the visual workflow and personal choice to select each tool.

Make video production easier than ever with Visme.

  • Choose from our fully customizable templates
  • Customize fonts and colors to match your brand
  • Access animated design elements that tell your story

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Tool #6: Raw Shorts

The Rawshorts logo.

Raw Shorts has a bit of a different approach to the other software on this list. With Raw Shorts you can create animated videos using their AI tools. 

Who Is It For?

Raw Shorts is an excellent tool for marketers, content creators and business owners looking to save time in animated video creation. They also offer a spreadsheet to video feature for eCommerce advertisers.


A screenshot of Raw Shorts' website.

The Raw Shorts editor has the essential toolkit you need to create animated videos, much like the other software on this list. The resources include objects and icons with animation features, background video clips and audio clips.

Videos in Raw Shorts are available as horizontal, square and vertical format for use in social media. You will need to rearrange the elements when the video size is changed.

Video Templates

When you log in to Raw Shorts, you have four options to start with:

  • Pre-made templates
  • Convert text to Video (A.I.)
  • Storyboard Wizard
  • Start from scratch

Both pre-made templates and the Storyboard Wizard are available in various styles for a long list of industries and purposes. From business and marketing to education and blogging.

Raw Shorts pre-made templates are not as easy to customize as the ones in other tools in this list but the Storyboard Wizard is a pleasant surprise.

First, you choose the type of video you want to create and the wizard will open up with a progression of slide topics. You then select from a slide library and fill up the storyboard before launching the editor to customize the content.


A screenshot of Raw Shorts' pricing page.

The free option plan in Raw Shorts is just enough to get to know the software but not enough to download a high-quality video. 

  • The Essential Plan with 25 downloads is $39/month.
  • The Business Plan with 50 downloads is $59/month.

Raw Shorts vs. Powtoon

Between Raw Shorts and Powtoon, Powtoon is the clear winner when it comes to available design resources and styles. That said, the Storyboard Wizard in Raw Shorts is a step up from all the other Powtoon alternatives here today. 


Tool #7: VideoScribe

The VideoScribe logo.

VideoScribe is a whiteboard animation maker and unlike most other video software, VideoScribe isn’t cloud-based. This software must be downloaded to your computer and is available for both Mac and Windows. VideoScribe is a whiteboard animation maker.

Who Is It For?

This VideoScribe software is essential for content creators looking for a whiteboard animation to tell a story. It‘s suitable for marketing purposes, education or explainer videos.


A screenshot of VideoScribe's website.

The main feature in VideoScribe is that it’s a desktop program not available in the cloud. In the canvas, you have the choice of a few thousand visuals to use in the animation. Since VideoScribe is downloadable software, you can use whatever fonts you have on your machine.

There are some audio tracks available but you can import any audio file you want.

Video Templates

VideoScribe has a minimal number of templates to choose from without much variety. You’re better off creating from scratch following tutorials, but it will take time.


A screenshot of VideoScribe's pricing page.

The free VideoScribe trial lasts seven days and is enough to get a good idea of what is possible with the software. To use VideoScribe for business purposes, you’ll need a paid plan.

  • The Monthly plan is 13 Euros a month when paid yearly.
  • The One-Off payment is 550 Euros.

VideoScribe vs. Powtoon

In the competition between VideoScribe and Powtoon, Powtoon is the clear winner. Powtoon has many more features available than VideoScribe and will help you create videos in different styles.

The only feature that VideoScribe has over Powtoon is that it’s available without an internet connection.


Tool #8: Promo

The Promo logo.

In social media marketing, creators are always looking for tools to make their creation easier. Promo is one of the all-time favorites. They are Facebook and Instagram marketing partners, and their options are perfect for creating the best content for those platforms.

Who Is It For?

Promo is an excellent tool for marketing managers of different industries, mainly social media and digital marketing. This tool isn’t well suited for education or startup pitch video, though.


A screenshot of Promo's website.

The editing features in Promo are just what you need to create engaging social media videos. Like other tools, you have background videos and images to start with, but Promo offers pre-animated text features in different styles that other software doesn’t provide.

The timeline tool is straightforward and easy to use. Each scene starts with a chosen video or photo and the text is included in a different track. This set up gives creators flexibility over transitions between imagery.

Video Templates

Promo video templates are available as horizontal, square and vertical layouts. In terms of content, all options are for small businesses, startups and marketing strategies. 

All templates are visually ideal for social media promotion.


A screenshot of Promo's pricing page.

Anyone can sign up for a Promo account and use the editor to discover how it works. But to download a video to use on social media, you’ll need to have a subscription.

  • The Basic plan with minimal features is $49/month.
  • The Standard plan with all features and one brand is $99/month.
  • The Pro plan for agencies or social media managers is $359/month.

Promo vs Powtoon

Both Promo and Powtoon have positive features for creating videos in different styles. But Promo is a better tool for working on social media videos. If you’re looking for a video maker that includes animated characters, then you’re better off with Powtoon. 


Looking for a Powtoon Alternative?

Right now is the perfect time for you to get started with video marketing for your business. Stop delaying the inevitable; your content needs video. Either with Powtoon, Visme or any of the other software on this list.

Today we looked at seven online video creation software and one desktop tool capable of being alternatives to Powtoon.

It’s worth mentioning that there are a few more—for example, Emaze, Wideo, Doodly and Toonly. Even Prezi can be considered as a video editing tool as long as you download your presentation as a video. 

All these are also worthy competitors to Powtoon and you can find them for yourself online. 

But no other tool offers more than just video. And that’s where Visme comes in. With Visme, you can create videos while also having the option to create many other visual content types. On top of that, include your Visme made video into an interactive infographic, report or presentation. 

If you need help creating a new video with Visme, we have plenty of learning resources to get you started in the right direction. For example, the Visual Learning Center, our YouTube Channel and our Webinar series

If you’re looking for a Powtoon alternative, you’ve got all you need in Visme. Sign up for your free account right now and get started!


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