120+ YouTube Video Ideas to Inspire You

120+ YouTube Video Ideas to Inspire You
Zain Zia

Written by:
Zain Zia

Sep 15, 2021

If you’re just starting on YouTube or looking to grow your channel, you should know that consistency is key to success on the platform.

But to consistently make videos and to rank on the platform, you need ideas.

In this article, we’ll share 120+ YouTube video ideas you can use to grow your channel and build an audience by creating valuable content.

Let’s get started.

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Table of Contents


YouTube Video Ideas for Beginners

If you’re just starting out on YouTube, the video ideas for beginners below will help you kickstart your new channel with a bang.

1. Introduce Yourself

This video is about yourself — tell your audience who you are, what your channel is about and how often you’ll be posting videos on your channel. These videos are a great way to connect with your audience at the start of your YouTube journey.


2. Introduce Your Organization

If you have a business you want to promote on YouTube, making a video about your organization is a great idea. Tell the world about the idea behind your business, the products and services you provide and the problem you aim to solve. Or, take the audience on a tour of your office and show them your workplace culture.

3. Show “A Day in the Life”

People love authenticity, which is why creating a video on how a typical day looks like in your life is a great way to build a close and personal relationship with your audience. Use these videos to show your daily routine.


4. Review Your Favorite Products

Another video you can create to build an audience can be about your favorite products. For example, if you have a perfume, makeup or handbag collection, make a video on items you frequently use and why they’re a good fit for you.

5. Show Off Your Collection

If you have a passion for collecting items, such as perfumes, shoes, memorabilia, trading cards, coins or other specialty items — you can create a video telling the world how and why you built that collection and what it means to you.


6. Show What’s On Your Phone

Creating a video on the apps that you already have on your phone is another excellent idea you can use to boost your YouTube channel. Your viewers may want to learn about new apps, or possibly download the apps you use in your daily routine for their own benefit.

7. Create a Daily Vlog

A vlog is like a video diary (or video blog) where you record yourself doing various activities throughout the day, such as visiting a bookstore or spending the day at home in quarantine. Since a vlog can be about absolutely anything, make sure your videos provide value, education or entertainment to your audience.

8. Share Your Favorite Movies

Make your audience get to know you better by creating a video talking about your favorite movies. You can list them out and make a talking head video, show snippets or scenes from each movie, and divide them by genre or time period and discuss why you have ranked them in that order.

9. Share Your Favorite TV Shows

Similar to sharing your favorite movies, you can also discuss your favorite TV shows in one of your videos. Rank them in order, and explain why you’d recommend each one to your audience. Make the video more interactive by asking viewers to drop their favorite shows in the comments section — make sure you reply to them to keep the engagement going.


10. List Your Favorite Songs

You’d be surprised to find out how many people want to know what your personal playlist looks like. You can create a video on your all-time favorite songs; include underrated bands that don’t get enough popularity, mainstream songs and trending ones too — just be authentic. You can add the full songs or 1 minute of each song to your video so people can actually listen to your playlist in the background while doing something else.

11. Talk About Your Favorite Personality

If you have a favorite personality that you look up to or are inspired by, make a video about it. Tell your audience why they’re your favorite, what it is about them that you admire, their achievements, famous quotes and what you’re doing in your life to be like them.

12. Make a Channel Intro Video

A channel intro video is a great way to tell your audience what your channel is about. These videos especially work well if you’re just starting out. You can also set this type of video as your YouTube channel trailer. Talk about the topics your channel will cover, why you’ve created this channel in the first place and what you hope to achieve from your videos.


Gaming YouTube Video Ideas

Gaming is one of the most popular (and lucrative) industries on YouTube. According to Forbes, some of the highest paid YouTube creators are gamers. Here’s a list of video ideas in the gaming niche to get your creative juices flowing.

13. Record Raw Gameplay

If you’ve ever watched gaming videos on YouTube, you know that screen-recorded gameplay videos are a hit with viewers. The trick to getting these videos right is to show the audience the real deal — don’t edit out your mistakes from the video. People love to see authenticity, not perfection. This will also keep things entertaining and add opportunities for humor. You can also live stream your gameplay and let viewers join you in chat or the actual game.

14. Create a Walkthrough

If there’s a new game out in the market, hop on the trend and create a walkthrough video for other gamers looking to play it. Or, if there’s a difficult game or level that you’ve aced, you can help others by creating a walkthrough video. The same concept can be applied to gaming devices or software — there’s almost always someone looking for a video guide.


15. Make a Gaming Review

If you have tried playing a newly released game, share your thoughts about the game with your audience in a video. Break down the game’s storyline, and talk about the characters, graphics and loopholes. Making these videos can help your audience decide whether they should purchase the game or not.

16. Share Gaming News & Updates

There’s a lot that goes on in the gaming industry on a daily basis. Keep your audience updated with the latest happenings by making videos on hot news, trends and releases. Making videos on news and updates will also help your content show higher up in search results as the algorithm favors trending topics.

17. Make Gameplay Reaction Videos

People on the internet love watching reaction videos, and the gaming industry is no exception. One great idea is to create a roundup video of shocking or funny gameplay videos of the week while recording yourself reacting to each one — your audience will love it.


18. Discuss a Game Developer

You may have a favorite game developer, or you might want to request better games or new features from one. Create a video to not only get their attention, but also gather support from your viewers and lovers of the game. In your video, you can point out the game developer’s best games, mistakes, rises, falls and more.

19. Share Your Unique Game Settings

Your gaming settings may be different from other gamers around the world. If your settings are working well for you, share them with your audience by making a video about it. Other than just showing the settings in a screengrab, you can also explain how those specific settings affect your gameplay.


20. Create a Gaming Highlights Reel

Instead of recording one gameplay at a time, try creating a highlight reel of all your best gameplays. These videos have crazy viral potential, and because they’re not too monotonous, they will keep your audience hooked till the very end.

21. Showcase a Gaming Mod

If you’ve made some modifications to a game, make a video on how you did it and how it changed the game. This may be just for laughs, or it might help your audience improve their own game.

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Educational YouTube Video Ideas

Creating videos that teach your audience how to do something or solve a problem are extremely valuable, which is why they do so well on YouTube. Below are some tried-and-tested educational video ideas that work for any industry or niche.

22. Create a Step-by-Step Tutorial

Step-by-step tutorial videos are great for creators who possess a specific skill and want to teach it to others, or who want to help users solve a problem. You can make step-by-step tutorials in virtually any industry, from gaming to beauty to business to software.


23. Create an Explainer Video

For businesses, creating engaging videos for YouTube can be tricky. However, it’s definitely not impossible. One great way to up your YouTube game is to create a unique and creative explainer video that helps people understand what your business is about, how it works and what type of products or services it offers.

Explainer Video Templates

24. Create an Online Course

If you have a specific skill you want to teach others, consider creating an online course on YouTube. You can either create one long video, or a series of videos for your online course. If you plan on selling your course, you can create a short preview or a few free YouTube videos to attract the right audience, and then link to your landing page for the full course.


25. Teach an Important Life Skill

Is there something about life that you’ve learned over time with experience and struggle? If the answer is yes, then creating a video on it is a great idea. These videos are full of value because the knowledge you’re sharing is not available anywhere else as it comes from your personal experiences.

26. Share Life Hacks

Life hack videos work like a charm on YouTube. People are always looking for ways to save their time and money, be more productive or simply find unique, creative ways to complete mundane tasks.


27. Teach a Subject or Language

If you’re an educator, you can teach your audience the subjects you are an expert in. These videos also qualify as evergreen content, which means that they remain relevant for years and years.

28. Showcase Your Creation

People love watching their favorite YouTubers make things. So, if you have a cool gaming rig, a van you designed or anything else — document your experience and share it with the world.


29. Create a How-To Series

Some educational topics are more complex than others and can’t be covered in a single video. If you find yourself in a similar situation, then try creating a how-to video series. Create bite-sized tutorial videos on multiple topics and add them to a playlist on YouTube.

30. Create a Beginner’s Guide

Beginner guides are educational videos made especially for newbies. These could be step-by-step tutorials, screen recordings or general how-tos. In these videos, try to use simple language and avoid any technical jargon, and transition from a basic overview to more advanced items.

31. Point Out Dos and Don’ts

You can create dos and don’ts videos for any topic or industry. Instead of providing an overview of a topic, these videos will cover mistakes to avoid and best practices to stick to. Keep each point short, and use examples and visuals to make your video more engaging.


32. Create a Listicle

Listicles are brilliant for keeping your audience hooked for the entirety of your video and subsequently boost your watch time. You can create a listicle for anything related to your niche. It could be a list of the most romantic places to visit in the world, the best food you’ve ever eaten in New York or the highest-rated movies of all time.

33. Discuss Pros and Cons

Just like dos and don’ts, you can also share pros and cons of any product, service, organization or even a decision. These videos can help people make the right decision, and are very helpful and valuable if done right.


Technology YouTube Video Ideas

Technology is an ever-evolving topic that has a cult following on the internet. There are always going to be people interested in learning more about technological advancements, and buying new gadgets and phones. The ideas below can help you grow your tech channel on YouTube.

34. Compare Different Products

If you’re a tech YouTuber, you can create product comparison videos for your channel. Since not everyone has the liberty to test out multiple products before buying them, you can help your viewers make the right purchase decision by comparing products for them.


35. Review a Tech Gadget

Product reviews are considered part of evergreen content because they stay relevant as long as the product exists and someone out there is looking for it. You can review any tech item or electronic, from the dishwasher you bought to a mobile, laptop or even a children’s toy.


36. Make a First Impressions Video

First impression videos don’t need to be in-depth, as you’re just documenting your early or first impressions of a product. You can also make a follow up video on how you feel about the product after using it for several days or weeks.

37. Test Out Products in Real Life

Regardless of the tech you own or are reviewing, show your audience how it fairs in real life instead of sitting at a table and talking about it. For example, if a smartphone brand has promised 24 hours of battery life, create a video challenging that claim by actually using your phone for 24 hours.


38. Show What’s in Your Tech Bag

You’ll be surprised at how many people want to take a peek inside the tech bag of their favorite YouTuber. Show viewers how you organize your bag and the products you use to shoot content in different scenarios. For example, you can reveal what you carry around while traveling abroad vs. when you’re in your hometown.

39. Make an Unboxing Video

Unboxing videos are probably the most shareable videos you can make for your tech channel. Others who are thinking of making the same purchase might be interested in knowing what they'll get in their package. Plus, there's just something therapeutic about watching unboxing videos. You can get creative and make an ASMR unboxing video too.


40. Share Your Thoughts about a Brand

If you feel something needs to be highlighted about a tech brand or a product, create a video on it. This doesn't necessarily have to be a rant video — you can also make an educational one attempting to make people aware of new brand updates developments.

41. Talk About Products You Wish to See in the Future

Everyone has that ideal phone, perfect gaming setup or a much-needed app in their minds. So, create a video talking about the specifications your dream product would possess. Who knows? Maybe some brand might even pick it up.

42. Discuss Budget-Friendly Tech Products

There are products out there in the market for every price range, and each price range has a large audience you can target. So, gather all the options you can for different budgets, and make a video for each one. This will also help you expand your reach and grow you subscriber base.


43. Review Unique Products

There are always products out there that are extremely unique and creative, but not many people know about them. Hunt these products down on Amazon or AliExpress, buy them if possible and make a video reviewing them. These videos are likely to be more successful than generic product views because there’s going to be relatively less competition (or none at all!)

44. Talk About Your Favorite Tech

If there's a product that you find yourself using more often than others, tell your audience why that product is your favorite piece of tech. People value honest opinions, so share with them how that piece of tech helps you in daily life.

45. Discuss Tech News, Updates and Rumors

With technology evolving at such a rapid rate, there's always something on the news to be excited about. Keep an eye out for interesting tech news, updates and rumors and make a video about anything that catches your interest.



Cooking YouTube Video Ideas

If you love making and eating food, there are millions of people who would love to learn from you. Take your cooking channel to the next level with these brilliant food and recipe video ideas.

46. Share a Recipe

Recipe videos are the bread and butter for cooking and food YouTube channels. They are helpful and educational, and there are so many niche keywords you can target. Pick a dish you’re an expert at making and share your prized recipe with the world.

47. Share Cooking Tips

If you’ve learned some neat cooking tips and tricks with your experience that can help save someone’s time, costs and fingers (seriously), make a video about it. You can also share tips related to kitchen organization, cleaning utensils and more.


48. Make a Food Review Video

Just because your channel is about cooking doesn’t mean you always need to cook things yourself. Once in a while, you can also taste and review food made by other cooks, such as a popular restaurant or even a chef friend.

49. Film a Kitchen Tour

People love to see what their favorite food YouTuber’s kitchen looks like and how they manage it effectively. Show around your cooking station, pantry and drawers in a chatty kitchen tour to inspire your audience.


50. Show What’s in Your Fridge

Just like how a tech YouTuber would show what's in their tech bag, a chef or cooking enthusiast may want to show what's in their fridge. Show your audience the ingredients you swear by, what you do with leftover food and come up with ways to cook something creative using only the items currently available in your fridge.

51. Share Recipes With a Creative Twist

Everyone has a different way of cooking food, so if you know a unique food recipe or a creative way to make something, making a video about it is a great idea.


52. Make a Comfort Food Guide

Tell your audience what comfort food is and how they can make a hearty dish with whatever's in their fridge. You can also make a round-up video of the best comfort foods in the world.

53. Show Street Food from Around the World

Mixing traveling and food is a wonderful idea to add some flare to your videos. Try making or replicating street food recipes from different countries and cultures. This is also a great way to attract a global audience to your channel.

54. Recreate Famous Recipes

Some famous dishes are timeless, legendary or just too hard to replicate. Make this easier for your followers by trying out famous recipes and making a step-by-step video guide.

55. Prepare Vegan Versions of Non-Vegan Dishes

Vegans and vegetarians are always looking for tasty recipes to add more versatility to the food they eat. Make a video on how they can create vegan versions of dishes that traditionally use meat or animal products.


56. Share Hacks for Cake Decor

If you know of a fantastic cake decor hack you learned in school or while cooking with your grandmother, create a video and show off your cool trick to the world.

57. Invite a Famous Chef to Cook With You

If you have a decent number of subscribers or viewers on your YouTube channel, people would be more open to collaborating with you. Use this opportunity to reach out to cooking influencers or chefs, and invite them to make a video with you.

58. Cook Traditional Cuisines from Around the World

Cooking traditional recipes from different countries is a great way to target international audiences. Just make sure you're doing justice to each recipe and tell the world why they should try those recipes too.



Beauty & Fashion YouTube Video Ideas

One of the most popular niches on YouTube is beauty and fashion. Create amazing videos for your makeup, skincare or styling YouTube channel with these tried-and-tested video ideas.

59. Create a Makeup Tutorial

YouTube is full of makeup tutorial videos, and there’s a reason why people keep making more — there’s a huge demand for these videos. If you’re good at makeup, create a tutorial on a trending or beautiful look you’ve mastered.


60. Review a Clothing Brand

Did you buy something from a specific brand recently? Create a video showing your experience with them, discuss the quality of the material and item you bought, and talk about whether you’d recommend others to shop from there or not.

61. Review a Beauty Product

Beauty products can be expensive, and people don’t want to waste money on items that don’t deliver any results or might harm their skin. Make videos of reviewing beauty products you’ve invested in — the ones you don’t like and why, and the ones you love and why.


62. Give Styling Tips & Advice

If people in your circle look up to you as the “fashion guru”, take those vibes to the internet and make a video advising people on how to style their outfits, hair, jewelry, makeup and more.

63. Do a Makeup Challenge

Ask your audience to challenge you to create a look in your next video, and then try to complete that challenge.

64. Make a “Get Ready With Me” Video

Create a video recording yourself while you get ready for an event, date night or any other occasion. These videos can be about makeup and hair or outfit styling, or both!


65. Show What’s in Your Closet

Show off your collection of beautiful dresses, tops, bottoms, shoes, sweaters and more in a video. Share with your audience where you like to shop, what kind of clothes you like to wear, and whether you’re okay with buying expensive clothing or not.

66. Make a Shopping Haul Video

Shopping haul videos are a cult favorite among fashion enthusiasts. If you have a decent following, people would love to see where you get your stuff from, what you like to buy and just new and trending items that they can take inspiration from.

67. Display Your Makeup Stash

Do you have a big collection of makeup that’s worth showing off? Make a video about it! People are always interested in finding out what products their favorite beauty and makeup bloggers use. Don’t forget to mention your specific shades, where you got the product from and pricing details.

68. Reveal Your Skincare Routine

Makeup is big, but skincare has also been steadily increasing in popularity and not going anywhere anytime soon. People are more interested in being comfortable in their skin, and they are always looking for ways to improve their natural complexion and beauty. If you have a skincare routine that works for you, make a video about it and showcase the products you use.


69. Test Viral Makeup Hacks

Thanks to TikTok and Instagram, there are hundreds of viral makeup hacks and trends going around the internet world. For example, did you know that holding a cotton swab between your lips while applying lipstick can make your lips look plumper? Jump on a trend you like and try it out to see if it works or not.

70. Recreate Celebrity Looks

If there’s a celebrity look trending online, such as Gigi Hadid’s makeup at the Met Gala, show your audience how they can recreate it at home by making a tutorial video on it. You can also do the same with fashion styling, such as hair, clothing, shoes, bags and jewelry.

71. Discuss the Latest Fashion Trends

Create a video talking about the latest fashion looks trending all over the internet or being carried by celebrities and models at prominent fashion events.

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Fitness & Health YouTube Video Ideas

Helping people stay fit and in shape can be highly rewarding. Plus, the fitness and health niche is a timeless niche with high demand for new and updated content. Take your fitness and health channel to the next level with these innovative YouTube video ideas.

72. Share Your Workout Routine

If there’s a specific workout routine you follow that you have benefitted from, create a video telling other people about it. Share information about the routine itself, how it helped you and how other people can adapt it to change their own bodies and health.

73. Share Your Morning Routine

Workout routines aren’t the only healthy routines you can share with your audience. If you have a nice morning routine that works well for your health and fitness goals, such as waking up at a certain time, doing yoga or eating specific foods at breakfast, make a video about it.


74. Film Your Fitness Transformation

If you want to lose weight or transform your body in any way, make a video of the journey. Make sure you have footage showing your body after every few days or weeks. Fitness transformation videos have incredible viral potential and can do wonders in motivating others who want to transform their bodies just like you.


75. Discuss Exercising Mistakes to Avoid

If you’ve trained a lot in your life to know what exercise works and which doesn’t, or what’s the correct form of doing a specific exercise, and what can hurt you. If this is something that you can relate to, then share the mistakes you’ve made over the years so others can benefit from them.


76. Debunk Fitness-Related Myths

We often see fitness-related trends going viral on social platforms — and not all of them are true. If you’re feeling brave, try the trends out for yourself and share your results. And if something bogus is floating around online, tell your audience why they should avoid it.

77. Answer Fitness FAQs

If you get a lot of questions on YouTube and other social media channels, or generally find some common questions popping up on the internet, make a video answering these FAQs. Make sure you do your research to back up your points with data and statistics.

78. Review Fitness Products

There are tons of fitness-related products out there in the market. Pick the ones you use and leave your honest feedback about whether they helped you achieve your goals or not.


79. Share Healthy Recipes

A common query in the health and fitness world is about food and nutrition. If you make your own food, share your recipes, methods and go-to ingredients with your audience. Don’t forget to mention a breakdown of the nutrients or calories you’re eating per meal and how it can impact overall fitness goals.

80. Try Out Famous Diets

There are dozens of popular diets out there that celebrities, groups and other people swear by. Try these diets out for yourself for a week or two, and share the results with your audience. People are often skeptical about trying out new diets, so videos like these can help them make the right decision.


81. Do a “No Equipment Workout”

Always consider the types of people watching your fitness videos; some have access to gyms, and some don’t. That’s why it’s a good idea to create a video on exercises people can do without buying any equipment.

82. Give a Zumba or Yoga Class

With the pandemic still looming upon us, most people don’t want to go to or have access to a gym or fitness classes. To help these people still achieve their fitness goals, you can give Zumba or Yoga lessons on YouTube by making weekly or daily videos, or hosting live streams.


Travel & Adventure YouTube Video Ideas

While many of us are cooped up in our houses waiting for the pandemic to go away, the yearning for travel has never been more profound.

Travel and adventure videos can inspire your audience and help them learn about new places, add items to their bucket lists and plan their travels. Below are some amazing ideas for your travel and adventure YouTube channel.

83. Make a Travel Vlog

If you’re a travel enthusiast and like to explore new places, cultures and activities, consider documenting your journey in a travel vlog or a series of travel vlogs.

84. Show Hidden Gems Around the World

Not all places are frequently traveled or widely known by everyone. Find a place that you feel deserves more recognition, go there and show the world why they should visit it too. These videos can also help you become a content leader or authority for a specific place.


85. List the Best Places to Visit

If you’ve visited many countries in the past, you can create a round-up video on the best places to visit in a town, city, country or region.

86. List the Top Things to Do

Another travel round-up video you can create is list the various activities people can do when they visit any city, country or region. For example, some of the things you can do in Bali is visit the temples, take photos in the rice fields, go surfing and take a local cooking class.

87. Make a Video About a Unique Culture

One of the many benefits of traveling the world is that you get to experience different cultures, some familiar and others unique. If you come across a community, city or country with a unique and fascinating culture, make a video about the norms, traditions, dos and don’ts of its people.

88. Taste Food from Around the World

When you travel the world, you also get to try local cuisines from around the world. Create a video on the best local dishes to try from each country you travel to. You can also film yourself tasting these delicacies during your travels.

89. Share Your Bucket List

We all have bucket lists with things we want to do before we die, turn 30 or get married. Share yours with your audience, and make a video each time you tick something off your bucket list. This will also keep your viewers engaged with your channel.


90. Give Travel Tips & Advice

As you travel more and more, you pick up some tips and tricks to save money, buy a spacious backpack, get a better airplane seat, find amazing accommodation, etc. If something has helped you along the way, make a video about it to educate and help others like you.

91. Share How to Travel on a Budget

Not all travelers have big budgets to afford luxurious hotels, but they still might want to explore a destination. Do some research, take a trip and make a video about how they can achieve their travel dreams on a limited budget.


92. Create Luxury Travel Videos

While there’s an equally large audience for all kinds of travel videos, luxury travel videos have more viral potential than budget travel videos. Why? Simply because of the amazing hotels, stunning views and an expensive lifestyle others aspire to achieve one day.

93. Make an Adventure Travelogue

Adventure traveling has picked up a lot of popularity in recent years. If you’re into adventure sports or exploring dangerous places, show your audience how your experience was.


Sports YouTube Video Ideas

There’s a huge demand on YouTube for sports videos, and there’s a lot of different content you can create for fans of different sports, from tennis to football to soccer to cricket to basketball to baseball and more. Below are a few ideas you can use for you sports YouTube channel.

94. Preview a Match

If you’re a sport-related channel, one of the videos you can make is a preview of an upcoming match. Don’t forget to share expected lineups, players’ news and predictions in your videos.


95. Create a Watch-Along Video

Watch-along videos are usually live streams where your followers can watch the match with you and talk to you in chat. You won’t be able to show the games on your channels because of copyrights, but it’s still a good idea to make watch-alongs because it helps you engage with your audience.

96. Record a Match Analysis

After a match is over, create a video to share your match analysis and thoughts — what do you think went wrong and right? Discuss tactics, future decisions, player performance and more.


97. Discuss Sports News & Updates

There’s always something new going on in the sporting world. So, if you think something deserves attention and needs to be discussed, create a video sharing your thoughts about it.

98. Discuss Top Players & Teams

Creating a video on top players and teams is a great way to engage with an audience interested in learning more about a certain sport. Share what the players have achieved, how they have earned it and why they are top-rated.

99. Show the Journey of Your Favorite Player

Create a video on your favorite personality’s personal and professional journey. These tributes are often timeless and can help you win over the audience who shares your love for the same personality.


100. Share a Sports Workout Routine

If you’re into sports and have a workout routine that helps you stay fit and light on your feet, share it with your audience to inspire them. Even if you’re not pursuing a career in the sporting industry, you can still try out different sports workout routines yourself or educate your audience on the workout routines of famous players.


Funny YouTube Video Ideas

Everyone loves a laugh, and most people on YouTube are hungry for entertainment. Spread the joy by creating funny videos that keep viewers coming back to your channel to improve their day. Here are a few ideas you can use to get those views and subscriptions pouring in.

101. Make Prank Videos

Prank videos (nice ones) are timelessly funny, and carry high viral potential because you’re capturing the raw emotions of someone being surprised. But practical jokes aren’t as easy to pull off as you might think. Plus, make sure your pranks don’t hurt or harm anyone.


102. Make Scripted Skits

You can create skits with your friends and family and show them to the world. Of course, many people act in such videos and it’s fairly obvious that the play is scripted, but these videos still carry enormous viral potential.

103. Film Reaction Videos

Reacting to funny online videos is another tried and tested YouTube video idea. Some YouTubers have built their channels just by reacting to other people’s videos.


104. Create a Parody

Creating parody videos for songs, movies and famous personalities has amazing entertainment potential and can help you increase subscribers. Of course, your parody should be good enough for this to happen, so make sure you have real talent before you go this route.

105. Make a Bloopers Compilation

Compile all the bloopers you’ve made in your videos for the week, month or year, and make a video on it. You can also use the same concept for videos made by others and compile cringe moments caught on tape like celebrity fails, and TV show and movie bloopers.


106. Do a “Try Not to Laugh” Challenge

There’s just something about these videos that has a lot of viral potential and attracts a lot of viewers. Find the funniest videos online and challenge yourself not to laugh while recording yourself side by side with the videos that are playing.

107. Show Fails of the Week

Create a round-up video of all the fails or blooper videos of the week. Of course, you’ll have to spend a lot of time finding unique videos to include in your compilation, but if you do this right, there’s a chance your video may go viral.


Home Decor YouTube Video Ideas

If your channel is about home decor and construction, there are plenty of video ideas you can to grow your audience. Here are a few home decor video ideas to get you started.

108. Give a House Tour

Apartment or house tours are a great way to show your audience where you live and how you live. People are always interested in finding home decor inspiration, so if you’re proud of the space you’ve created for yourself, show it off in a video.


109. Share Home Decor Ideas

If you are an interior designer or a home decor enthusiast, share your fabulous ideas with your audience to inspire them. You could also show ideas you’ve implemented in your own house.

110. Do a Home Makeover on a Budget

People often want to change the way their house looks, but home makeovers can get costly. Show your viewers how they can create their dream space on a budget by sharing tips, hacks, affordable brands and shops, and more.

111. Share Home Decor Hacks

If you’re great at saving time and cost by finding unique ways to decorate your home, make a video on it. Share genius home decor hacks that can help people on a budget transform their house.


112. Make a DIY Home Decor Video

If you’ve created something yourself, such as built a piece of furniture or handcrafted a decor item, create a video showing your audience how to DIY it themselves.

113. Try Out Trending Home Decor Ideas

Many home decor ideas gain popularity through social media like TikTok and Instagram, and people start to follow the trends. If there’s a trending topic in your niche, try the idea yourself and record a video about it.

114. Discuss Home Decor Mistakes to Avoid

Educate your audience on things they should avoid while decorating their houses. For example, you can talk about colors that don’t go well together, items that may look good but aren’t practical and so on.


Productivity YouTube Video Ideas

Help people from all walks of life improve their work and efficiency by making educational and valuable videos about productivity. Below are several ideas for boosting your productivity channel on YouTube.

115. Share your Productive Work Routine

Tell your audience how you work so efficiently; break down your day, tell them the productivity apps you use and guide them on how they can achieve efficiency in their work.

116. Discuss Self-Care

Self-care is of paramount importance to many people. Create a video discussing its significance and guide people to take care of their mental and physical health.

117. Discuss Popular Tools & Apps

If you use any productivity apps to boost your productivity, create a video on how these apps help you along with their features and pricing details. You can even create a listicle video for your favorite software, tools and apps.


118. Interview Successful People

Sharing your thoughts on productivity and self-care topics is great, but it’s even better to ask an expert to drop by and share their insights. Opinions from qualified and successful people who have made it big will always be respected and trusted by the masses.

119. Share Your Productive Desk Setup

If you like to set up your desk in a certain way, make a video on it. Explain why that particular setup makes you more productive, and guide viewers on how they can replicate it — for example, where can they purchase some of the items you use?


120. Share a Productivity Music Playlist

Create a playlist of the music you listen to while doing your work. You can also use this playlist yourself. Plus, others looking for productivity music will thank you for it.

121. Create a Productivity Affirmations Video

Affirmations for self-discipline and time management can help people reprogram their mind and bring productivity back into their life. Make a long affirmations video people can tune in to while they sleep, and help them feel more productive, energetic and motivated each morning.


122. Make a Productivity Meditation Video

Share meditation techniques you use to boost your productivity. For example, if you meditate in the morning or before going to bed, show why and how you do it. You can also make a 5 or 10-minute guided meditation video for your audience.


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