How a Nonprofit Uses Visme to Connect With Its Audience

How a Nonprofit Uses Visme to Connect With Its Audience

Written by:
Chloe West

Oct 19, 2020
An illustration of a woman holding a laptop and an infographic against a blue background

“I highly recommend Visme to anyone who wants to create impactful, elegant, informative graphics for social media and other marketing and educational content.”

Bio card for Melissa Daley of CISCRP

Many nonprofit organizations consist of people who wear many hats. In Melissa’s case, the Communications & Marketing Manager of CISCRP, it’s marketer, designer, content creator and more.

To maximize your time when you’re wearing many hats, it’s important to find a tool that makes the process easy to generate visually appealing content that helps convey the message.

The Center for Information and Study on Clinical Research Participation (CISCRP) is an educational nonprofit organization dedicated to informing patients and the public about the importance of clinical research participation and how clinical trials work.

“Our mission is to educate and inform patients, their loved ones and the public about the importance of clinical research participation and explain how all stakeholders play a role in the process of bringing medicine, treatment and therapies to fruition.”

Doing this is enhanced by visual formats including social media graphics, infographics, presentations, animated visuals and more.

Let’s dive more into how the marketing team at CISCRP takes advantage of everything Visme has to offer and creates visually appealing, educational graphics for their audience.


How CISCRP Uses Visme in Their Nonprofit

CISCRP consists of about 30 employees, two of which use Visme for their marketing campaigns and other educational purposes.

“We’re an educational nonprofit, so we have a variety of programs and services. We also have community events that have taken a more virtual platform given the current pandemic.”

To get the word out about these various programs, services and community events, Melissa and her team use Visme to create graphics like the one below.

A photo of an older couple hugging with the caption "Search Clinical Trials"

Melissa’s reasoning for wanting to dive into a more visual communication approach is simple.

“I was looking to up my marketing game as well as present information in a more dynamic way to students, in my role as a college educator. It was really becoming clear that students weren’t reading as much as they used to. Everything was becoming way more visual for learners.”

Taking advantage of visuals to grab attention on social media, websites, emails and more is a great tactic, especially when talking about such important information as clinical research participation.

Luckily, Visme offers a full library of professionally designed templates to help people on Melissa’s team kickstart their designs and save time on marketing materials. 

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Plus, Visme’s available design elements – especially the animated illustrations – and easy-to-use editor are high on Melissa’s list of features.

“My favorite thing about the platform is its ease of use. It’s a very intuitive platform. You don’t have to be someone with a strong background in visual design to understand how to make Visme work. And if you do have a design background, so much the better.”


How CISCRP Educates Their Audience Using Visme

In Melissa’s field, it’s incredibly important for their information to be easily accessible by their audience. They’re communicating with people all around the world about clinical research and why it matters, so they need to have the visual assets to accompany that.

One of their biggest educational events is the AWARE For All events that they host across the globe. Lately – due to the pandemic – these events have been virtual.

“We go to different communities around the country and around the world, and we have these events called AWARE For All. The AWARE For All events are community education events where they have healthcare screenings, a panel of doctors and individuals who have participated in clinical research and other informational materials.”

They need to be able to put together visuals, not only to promote these events, but also to further educate attendees as well as those who aren’t able to attend.

Here’s an example of an infographic they created to share a high-level overview of one department’s capabilities with their audience in a more engaging way.

A grey and blue informational infographic about Research Services
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But their content creation doesn’t stop there. Visme helps Melissa create a full suite of branded content for their marketing and educational outreach.

“I use Visme for social media graphics, for informational infographics that I promote on social media and on our website, and I also use it a lot to create the graphics for email campaigns.”

One point Melissa talked about also is the fact that Visme helps make branding their content easy. By setting up a Brand Kit, CISCRP’s fonts and colors are immediately available for any piece of content they need to create.

Not only does this streamline their brand, it also helps make content creation a much faster process.

“I have branded templates saved. Once I created the framework and foundation for the social media posts that we create, I can just duplicate them and strip out words, pictures, change things, but the branding remains, so that’s really nice.”

You can see this throughout their graphics. All have a similar look and feel, strengthening their brand and creating brand recognition in their audience.

A dark and light blue infographic about maximizing patient engagement
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They’re able to generate more awareness and attention around their nonprofit’s educational content by using Visme.

“The positive results that I’ve seen from using Visme is that we create visually dynamic social media posts that get a lot of attention.”

Melissa also utilizes a mixture of their own proprietary assets in their content as well as the design elements that Visme’s platform offers to create visually appealing, educational content.

“You can curate your own universe of content within the library, but there’s also this very robust photo library that’s easily searchable.”


Other Visme Features CISCRP Uses

Melissa talked about many other Visme features that she utilizes to help create even more digestible content for CISCRP’s audience.

For example, she’s recently been taking advantage of our new animated illustrations and characters to help their content be more fun and approachable.

“I used the new animated figures in Visme to promote a Covid-19 report CISCRP had conducted to look at how the pandemic was impacting clinical trial participation.”

Take a look at one of these animated graphics Melissa’s team has created by taking advantage of the characters and their various poses.

An animated graphic with animated characters showcasing a promotion for AWARE For All

Melissa uses Visme in some of her other ventures as well, like in her participation as Vice President of Virtual Activism, another educational nonprofit dedicated to strengthening marginalized communities through the use of information communications technologies and linking the to human rights, development and sustainable development goals.

Because Visme’s visual content creation platform is so versatile, Melissa is able to put together educational infographics, social media graphics and other marketing materials quickly and easily for a variety of projects.

“Visme is incredibly user-friendly and has tons of fun features that make your content pop.”


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