How a Marketing Agency Uses Visme to Create Engaging Content With Infographics

How a Marketing Agency Uses Visme to Create Engaging Content With Infographics

Written by:
Chloe West

Aug 14, 2020
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“Even if you don’t have a design bone in your body, you can use one of the Visme templates and modify it.”

visme case study - rebekah carroll with smartbox dental

We’ve all made trips to the dentist, so we know how often dental advice can go in one ear and out the other.

This is exactly the challenge that SmartBox Dental, a marketing agenvcy focusing on dental practices, faces when trying to connect with their clients’ audiences.

Dental content is not exactly the most invigorating, and the content team at SmartBox Dental, led by Rebekah Carroll, needed to figure out the best way to share important information with dental patients.

They found the answer with infographics.

“When we’re creating content for our doctors, we’re trying to create something that is quick and easy to read and interesting to look at so that we can share that important information for our clients.”

SmartBox Dental’s content team takes this essential information about how patients need to care for their teeth and repurposes it into a visually appealing and attention-grabbing infographic.

Take a look at an infographic SmartBox Dental has created in order to share boring content with their target audience in a more engaging way.

visme case study - dental veneers infographic
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“Visme helps us a lot to create imagery, and a colorful background, and all of that stuff makes it a lot more fun for the reader to see that information.”


How SmartBox Dental Uses Visme in Their Business

The content team at SmartBox Dental consists of six people – Rebekah, who is the content team supervisor, 4 writers and an editor, and each of them use Visme within their day-to-day tasks.

While none of them are trained designers, each team member is still able to use Visme to create visually appealing infographics for their clients.

“I wanted a program that would help non-designers design great templates and infographics, which is what we found with Visme.”

visme case study - mask up infographic
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Rebekah’s team previously used Piktochart, but the tools didn’t offer enough support and ease of use for non-designers to really jump in and create something beautiful.

“With Piktochart, there wasn’t enough scaffolding and support for a non-designer. Once we saw what Visme had available, it was an easy switch.”

SmartBox Dental has a Visme team plan, giving each user access to folder organization, brand kits for each of their dental clients, commenting and other essential collaboration features.

“We really like the collaboration too. Being able to see what a co-worker is working on and borrow their ideas or collaborate on a project to make sure we get the best end result really helps us out.”

And by taking advantage of Visme’s team plan, each content creator is able to take a look at completed projects within their client folders, thereby gathering essential inspiration and making future projects go by that much quicker.

“It used to take us an hour to create an infographic and it was laborious. But now being able to duplicate and customize a co-worker’s design has given us a lot of efficiency, and now it takes probably 10-15 minutes.”

visme case study - time to create infographics with visme

The SmartBox Dental team also takes advantage of the Brand Kit to ensure all of their clients’ appropriate color schemes are easily accessible while they’re creating content.

visme case study - visme brand kit

The Brand Kit makes it incredibly easy for their team to store client branding colors in separate color schemes so that they can access specific colors for specific designs. This feature is perfect for agencies handling a variety of brand colors and fonts.

And while SmartBox Dental’s team is mostly using Visme to create infographics, they also create the occasional presentation, although Rebekah is hoping to expand that soon and start working on other things like interactive ebooks.


How SmartBox Dental Creates Engaging Content With Infographics

Rebekah and her team know their industry, and they know they have to be strategic about creating content to share on their clients’ websites and social media profiles.

This is why they’re taking advantage of Visme’s templates and design assets to create infographics that share information in a really fun and engaging way. 

By creating and sharing infographics, SmartBox Dental is getting more eyes on this need-to-know content. This seasonal infographic is a great example of the content they’re able to create and share.

visme case study - seasonal infographic by smartbox dental
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Some of Rebekah’s favorite design assets include the stock photos and the animated illustrations and characters.

“I really love the images and the look those give to an infographic. I also really like the animated little guys and the animated pictures. That’s added a lot of fun to our designs.”

Visme’s design elements include various animated icons, illustrations, characters and gestures, as well as static icons, shapes, stock photos and more, to help create stunning designs that your audience will love.

“It’s just so easy for any person to come into the program and create something that works for their client.”

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Other Visme Features SmartBox Dental Uses

Aside from the design elements, Rebekah’s team also loves the interactivity they can add into their designs, like adding links right inside their infographics.

“You can add URLs and phone number links directly into the infographic so they can just click and call or go to another page on the website, and I really like adding those hyperlinks in.”

Each design you create in Visme can be published on a webpage with an embed code so that all of your animated and interactive elements are still in place, like the animated illustrations and any hyperlinks or virtual phone numbers you might add.

You can even incorporate pop-ups into your infographic for an even more interactive experience for your audience or your client’s audience. Learn more in this quick tutorial video.

Interactive elements like this help to make the content even more fun for the end user.

“We really try to create content that is reader-friendly so that the end reader is not as miserable as when going to the dentist.”


Your Turn

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