7 Best Adobe Spark Alternatives for Graphic Design (In 2021)

7 Best Adobe Spark Alternatives for Graphic Design (In 2021)

Brian Nuckols

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Brian Nuckols

Are you looking for an Adobe Spark alternative?

Here’s a list of the 7 best alternatives to Adobe Spark (both free and paid) for seamless graphic design.

  1. Visme
  2. Canva
  3. Snappa
  4. PicMonkey
  5. DesignWizard
  6. Easil
  7. Stencil

Let’s examine each of these tools in detail, and find out the best one to create graphics and videos for your various needs.


7 Best Adobe Spark Alternatives for Graphic Design

Tool #1: Visme

Tool #2: Canva

Tool #3: Snappa

Tool #4: PicMonkey

Tool #5: DesignWizard

Tool #6: Easil

Tool #7: Stencil

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Tool #1: Visme

The first Adobe Spark alternative to explore is Visme, an online design tool that has some distinctive features that stand out compared to most other options.

The drag-and-drop editor stands out as a feature that is particularly valuable to users. This is useful because it helps even those who are entirely new to design have the power to create professional visuals.

When it comes to graphic design projects, it’s essential to create professional and stylish visual assets. For this reason, Visme is the best alternative to Adobe Spark.

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Usability is one of the core features of Visme that makes this tool such a great option. Pre-existing skills are 100% unnecessary to get started with creating professional design assets.

Another helpful feature that Visme offers is its vast-ranging capabilities. Using Visme, you can create several different assets, including an animated video, infographics, high-quality social media posts and branded documents.

This ability to create a wide range of assets helps users  who may be looking for a more versatile graphic design tool.

Visme facilitates your graphic design journey with pre-designed graphic design templates. Using templates creates a more streamlined approach.


Who is it for?

Visme is an excellent tool for those who want to create engaging graphic design creations. Some everyday use cases include businesses, students and employees who wish to apply great design to the most pressing goals.

Marketers and founders use Visme to create infographics, videos, social media posts, business presentations and so much more.

Teachers use Visme to bring vitality to their lesson plans, classroom assignments and lecture slides.

Also, nonprofit leaders rely on Visme to communicate with donors, staff and stakeholders.



Now that we’ve explored some of the critical use cases for Visme, let’s shift to exploring some of its features.

The first feature to highlight is Visme’s advanced data visualization tools. These user-friendly tools include dozens of customizable charts and graphs.

Each chart comes with fully customizable data widgets that help you take your data storytelling to the next level.  It even includes more niche features like an interactive map builder.

Visme also comes with an easy-to-use infographic maker. Infographics are one of the most useful graphic design assets you can create.

Also, Visme has incredible photo editing tools. The built-in editor allows you to make changes to your images from directly inside your browser. There’s no reason to use another heavy design app on your next graphic design project because of this functionality.

Additionally, Visme gives you access to royalty-free stock photos. You can use these images, add overlay text on top and add frames or stickers.

Check out the animated video below to see more cool features of Visme.



Visme comes preloaded with many professionally designed templates ready for use. Using these templates, you have plenty of options for your next graphic design project.

Whether it’s social media graphics, presentations, flyers or your next infographic, Visme has a template for you to use.

You can browse through 1000s of these professional templates for infographics, presentations, and more.



Choose a pricing plan that works for you!Browse Plans

Visme organizes pricing in three buckets.

First, you can create an account completely for free. Visme built this free account to help you translate great design into your brand. Plus, the free allows you to give the tool a try before deciding to buy.

The free plan is filled with robust features. More than 80% of all existing features are included in the free plan.

However, if you’re looking for more premium features, you will need to transition to a professional or business account. These start at a $15 per month price point.

The third and final account type exists for teams that need the standard account for multiple users. This is the enterprise account starting at $29 a month per user.


Visme vs. Adobe Spark

When it comes to deciding between Visme and Adobe Spark, the choice will ultimately depend on your unique needs.

While Visme has a definitive edge on total features and usability, you may use Spark if you need a mobile app to create designs on the go.

Even though Spark has a similar drag-and-drop editor to Visme, you may need the robust set of templates that Visme offers to create professional-looking designs.


Tool #2: Canva

If you need a graphic design tool to create posters, documents and visual content, Canva may be a decent alternative to Spark.

Canva includes a large collection of templates for you to get started with. Also, Canva’s free trial is a helpful feature.


Who is it for?

Canva has several potential use cases.

If you’re a professional blogger or creative entrepreneur, then Canva may be a great fit. Also, Canva is a useful tool for enterprise teams with multiple collaborators on staff.

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  • Respond to and resolve comments easily

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A cool Canva feature is the ability to use textured backgrounds. When you need more than a flat color background, you can utilize Canva’s variety of textured backgrounds.

Textured backgrounds help your designs stand out with unique backgrounds. You can place your visual against a splash of color or give the impression of a real-world fabric.

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Another exciting Canva feature is the precise image cropping tool. You can easily crop your photos until they look perfect for your next social media campaign.

The last feature we’ll explore is the video maker tool from Canva, which makes it easy to create social media-ready videos right from your Mac, PC or other mobile devices.



Canva has over 8,000 templates available for free use. Templates can help you go from zero to a viable design quickly. You can explore these free templates and customize a design for whatever purpose you need.



Canva has a free account that has plenty of features, from cloud storage to free templates. If you want to add the premium features, the upgrade starts at $12.99 a month.

If you are working in an enterprise context and need to empower a team, Canva begins at $30 a month per user.


Canva vs. Adobe Spark

Both Canva and Adobe Spark may have advantages for your team. If you’re looking to integrate with tools like the Creative Cloud, Illustrator or Photoshop, Spark is the tool for you.

However, if you need nice typography, work with multiple team members, video editing, or resize photos in one tool, Canva is a much better fit.


Tool #3: Snappa

Snappa is a graphic design tool that is great for bloggers and social media managers. It has a clean and straightforward editor, and comes packed with all kinds of visual elements that make the design process fun.

In particular, the numerous icons, photos and vectors give the designers a lot of tools to work with.

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Who is it for?

One use case for Snappa is for social media managers who want to create graphics to amplify their reach on various social platforms.

Additionally, Snappa is a great tool for bloggers.

Bloggers need featured images as well as photos throughout their posts. Snappa caters to these by making it easy to modify images to bloggers’ dimensions for their specific posts.



An essential feature for Snappa users is the resizing tool.

Because both bloggers and social media managers may need the same image in multiple sizes, they need an intuitive resizing tool. Snappa delivers on this need.

Additionally, the Buffer integration makes social media scheduling easy with Snappa.



Snappa does have some templates, especially for social media cover photos and blog graphics. However, they do not have any templates for any other use case such as videos, business presentations and infographics.



Snappa has three tiers that you can choose from.

The first tier is free and comes with limited features available for one user. The next two tiers are paid. The pro plan costs $10 per month and includes all the premium features for one user.

The team plan starts at $20 per month for multiple users.


Snappa vs. Adobe Spark

Snappa is a clear winner if you are a social media manager or blogger.

However, the lack of animation features and data visualization tools will be a massive limitation for those who need access to those tools.


Tool #4: PicMonkey

PicMonkey is an excellent Adobe Spark alternative. It has many features that its users find helpful. You can create visual assets from scratch or choose to start from a template.


Who is it for?

PicMonkey is a tool for when you need high-level graphic design. Photographers and video editors may find the professional graphic design tools helpful.

Additionally, if you are a creative entrepreneur, startup or business owner, you may find PicMonkey helpful.



The editor has many tools you can work with to make impactful designs. The retouching tool is often compared to the user experience of working with Adobe Photoshop.

Additionally, the pattern and effect tools give users the ability to work creatively with the background of their images and designs.



Create stunning visual content for free!Try It For Free

PicMonkey has thousands of design templates that you can use. From videos to business cards, there is a wide variety of templates, presets and customization options.



With PicMonkey, there is no free subscription.

Their basic account starts at $7.99 / month. The Pro accounts $12.99, and the team is $33.99 a month. You can sign up for a one week free trial on the first two accounts.


PicMonkey vs. Adobe Spark

PicMonkey is an excellent alternative to Adobe Spark. If you need to add some high-quality editing to your graphic design creations, then PicMonkey is a perfect choice.

However, if you need access to a free account, staying with Spark is a better option.


Tool #5: DesignWizard

The next tool we will explore together is Design Wizard. Design Wizard is a Spark alternative known for its ability to create static graphics and videos.


Who is it for?

When you need to design simple visual assets and don’t have time to invest in tools with sharp learning curves, DesignWizard is the tool for you.

If you are casually creating gifs for social media or your blog, then look no further.

Customize beautiful social media templates for free!Browse Templates



An exciting feature within DesignWizard is the ability to toggle between a graphic editor and a video editor. These two editing spaces allow you to organize and differentiate your projects.



DesignWizard has a total of 15,000 templates. This large number of templates allows its users the creative license and flexibility to bring their creations to life.



Design Wizard offers three total plans.

The Basic is free with pay as you go features that you can add as needed. The pro plan starts at $7.42. The business plan begins at  $37. 42 per month.


DesignWizard vs. Adobe Spark

Design Wizard is a useful tool for you if you are a casual user who needs a personal brand or hobby tool.

If you need to have more granular control, visualize data or need to churn out images for your social media, a tool like Spark is preferable.


Tool #6: Easil

Easil is a tool that specializes in vibrant Instagram-themed designs. It also includes all types of template options for your various social media channels.


Who is it for?

Easil is primarily designed for social media users. The designs are often described as trendy and modern. They are probably not a great fit for corporate clients.

However, small teams and startups may find designs that match their unique personality. If your brand focuses on the creation of Instagram stories, then Easil is a good tool for you.



Inside the Easil editor, you will find many design elements and tools to utilize, such as images, icons and illustrations.

Also, Easil is distinctive for its numerous shape mask options. These multiple options are perfect for a social media manager who needs to stand out.

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Easil has thousands of high-quality templates that you can apply to your social media goals. You can also utilize Easil's templates for posters, menus and logos.



Easil has a total of three plans. Their first plan is 100% free and comes with limited features. The plus plan has additional features at $6.25 per month. The Edge plan comes with all the features available at $49 per month.


Easil vs. Adobe Spark

Easil is the clear winner if you have a use case involving social media or Instagram Stories. However, if your needs are more professional and polished, then Spark is the better choice.


Tool #7: Stencil

Stencil is a streamlined and straightforward tool, and focuses on lean content creation on a budget.

Fundamentally, Stencil solves one problem — if you need to add text to a background image, then Stencil is an excellent option for you.


Who is it for?

The main use case for Stencil is creating simple images with text overlay. If you’re going to iterate a particular type of quote-based content repeatedly, then Stencil is worth investigating.

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Stencil does not have many features. It is a simple tool. However, they do allow you to add a few types of icons and shapes to every design.

Also, the editor is straightforward and has excellent usability. Included in the editor is an easy to format quote generator that will speed up the already streamlined process for many users.

Stencil cannot add any kind of animation or video content.



Compared to our other options, Stencil does not have many templates. However, the tool does include numerous templates for shirts you can sell on Amazon or Zazzle.



Stencil does come with a  free account with paid images you can use to try out the tool.

If you like it, you will need to progress to a paid plan. There are two paid plans — the pro account is $9 per month and the unlimited plan is $12 per month.


Stencil vs. Adobe Spark

If you need a tool that can help you create simple and straightforward social media graphics, then Stencil has some potential for helping you out. However, if you have any other use case, you will need to upgrade to a more robust tool.


Looking for an Adobe Spark Alternative?

If you're looking for a good Spark alternative that offers better features and more value, it’s time to end the search.

You can get started for free with a Visme account!

With Visme, you can do everything that Spark offers its users. Better yet, you can also access advanced features like data visualization tools, professional templates, animation and interactivity.

If you upgrade to a premium plan, you’ll also unlock the brand kit to help you bring fantastic and consistent branded design into your organization.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Adobe Spark is a fantastic graphic design tool.

But you might still be looking for something more accessible, less expensive, with more templates, with a different style, or only a better tool with team collaboration features and advanced data visualization capabilities.

Below, we’ll help answer some common questions about Spark alternatives.

Q1. Is there a free version of Adobe Spark?

Yes, there is a free version of Adobe Spark. Two paid versions are available as well.

One downside to the free version of Spark is that you cannot remove the watermarks and Spark branding on your designs.

This lack of a cohesive brand may be a concern for some users and prevent them from using the free account on Spark.

Q2. Which is better, Canva or Adobe Spark?

Ranking Canva vs. Spark will always be a subjective question.

Consulting numerous reviews, it appears that Canva has a better workflow in comparison to Adobe Spark. However, both tools shine when it comes to usability.

Q3. What can Adobe Spark be used for?

SparAdobe Spark helps you create short videos and social graphics. You can use it to augment your work with Adobe’s creative cloud.

Q4. Can you use branding kits in Adobe Spark?

Yes! You can define a brand kit in Adobe Spark. The tool makes it easy to add fonts, logos and define unique colors to a wide range of templates found inside the tool.

Brand kits plus templates will save you an enormous amount of time inside the tool.

Q5. Can you use Adobe Spark offline?

You can! Both versions of the iOS apps have offline functionality. However, there is no option to access Spark from the web offline.

Q6. What is the best online graphic design maker?

Visme is the best online graphic design maker for creating a variety of print and web designs, including presentations, infographics, documents, social media graphics, animated videos and more.

With Visme, you can create designs online right inside your browser. The drag-and-drop editor is incredibly easy to use, with or without design experience.

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