6 Web Design Ideas To Boost Conversions in 2021

6 Web Design Ideas To Boost Conversions in 2021

Deana Kovac

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Deana Kovac

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The relationship between customer interaction and technology is stronger than ever, and web design is set to play a critical role in fortifying this bond.  

Unfortunately, many marketers cut corners with website design and development, when these tactics should be among their top priorities.

And then when they see that the resulting site isn’t mobile responsive, functional or doing much for their lead generation efforts, they have no idea where they went wrong.

Now is not the time to be complacent about web design, as businesses across the world are rising to the opportunities presented by e-commerce and digital marketing.

Exciting new technologies like voice search are also coming of age, aiding in the creation of personalized web experiences that have a real impact on business bottom-line. 

To ensure visitors stick around your website and respond to your calls to action, make sure you deliver real value to them. Remember, humans are visual creatures, and the right visual aids and design features can help your content be memorable and actionable.

At the end of the day, no conversions mean no business.

That’s why now is the time to step up your conversion game.  We’ve compiled these web design ideas and best practices after working with hundreds of companies and web designers across all kinds of niches and industries.

Improve your conversion rate using these fool-proof web design ideas that will have customers coming back for more.


Web Design Idea #1: Use Consistent Branding

Whether you’re a new parent that wants to use a mom blog to share your new experience or an experienced ecommerce merchant that needs to market products more efficiently, your branding influences the way your audience relates to you.         

Regardless of the business or industry – your brand tells a story that helps the right audiences connect with your products and services.

Your website must match this narrative to make your business seem more authentic and engaging. That’s why it is vital to infuse brand consistency with your web design.

Standardize your branding: your website should have a distinctive logo placed strategically across the site along with messaging that conveys your goals and product/service in the best possible way. 

These help customers visualize your story and help them positively associate your brand values and beliefs with the service you provide. 

Take, for example, the Anton & Irene website. They're a New York-based design studio with a unique look and brand message that is visible across their digital presence. The site offers seamless navigation and compelling visualization of the brand’s origins.  

Neglecting the development of your brand online can end up hurting your site’s ranking in organic search results.

That’s because as search engines crawl through your site, they simply can’t figure out who you are and what you offer – and that’s why it doesn’t present your website to searchers because it believes you don’t have what it takes to fulfill their needs. 

Branding uniformly across your website will help you build business credibility – and soon, both search engines and prospects will respond positively. 


Web Design Idea #2: Don’t Fear Colors And Contrast

On its own, color can influence up to 90% of a customer’s first impression of your brand.  

Eye-catching color schemes will help your unique selling proposition stick with users, especially crucial with Calls to Action, as the user is more likely to click.

Your website colors should contribute to familiarity and brand recognition, while contrast helps website components stand out from the rest.

The right colors have the power to spark emotion in your audience. Color can convey brand sentiment as well as the mood of the website. That’s why, when selecting a theme for your website, pick out colors that resonate with your brand message. 

Dunkin Donuts' bright pink and orange color contrast is a perfect example of visual branding done right. It stands out and is easily recognizable.

However, contrast does a lot more than just helping websites pop out. It is, in fact, meant to ensure that those with visual impairments, motor and mobility issues or seizures, do not have trouble interacting with websites. 

Ensuring enough contrast in the different elements on your website make it more accessible so that your message is seen and understood by many people. 

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Web Design Idea #3: Use Negative Space Wisely

Negative space is an art concept that focuses on the area around and between the subject of an image or drawing. While it projects bare visuals on the surface, negative space emphasizes the subject of an image and draws your focus to it.  

Negative space can help cut through the noise and helps keep web content crisp, clear and digestible – leading to increased conversions. Be sure to create a website that incorporates negative space.

For businesses and individuals that want to portray an edgy vibe, negative space can give your website a more refined and candid persona.

Use the margin and padding to create space between the elements such as images and copy, etc. – giving each section the room to ‘breathe’ visually. 

Look at how Snap Inc. did it with their website – their bright yellow background coupled with minimal imagery, makes for very eye-catching icons and a polished look to the site.  

Negative space is aesthetically pleasing and doesn’t have to be boring.

In essence, a carefully selected color palette and stark images can create a minimalist design that is easy on the eyes. All in all, it is a great way to accentuate your messaging and get your site’s visitors to sit up and take notice.


Web Design Idea #4: Reduce The Need For User Generated Actions

According to Hick’s Law, when you present customers with an overwhelming number of choices, they take longer to decide. And they may even choose to forego the decision (and your website) altogether. 

That’s why we think CTA buttons are so crucial for your CRO (conversion rate optimization) – CTAs tell users exactly what their next step should be.    

Enable users to get the information they need, right from the get-go. Popups and other interruptions that increase user clicks can make the web experience more of a nuisance for them.

web design ideas - reduce the need for user-generated actions
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Offer fewer choices – an image might be best – and link to your best-selling product instead of spamming them with pictures of all of your products. 


Web Design Idea #5: Use Impactful Images

People can recall  65% of all visual content they see for up to three days after the fact. This mandates the use of vibrant and useful brand imagery that integrates seamlessly with preexisting material. 

Online content that has high-quality images receives 94% more views, influencing your users to develop a positive relationship with your brand. And according to Service Direct, using compelling images can increase conversion rates by as much as 45%.

Additionally, using personalized images in your website content has proven to more than double conversion conversions, according to a survey conducted by HubSpot from over 300,000 websites.

High-quality images encourage users to associate your brand by delivering quality products/services. Since custom graphics take time and effort, your brand can come across as unique and dedicated.  

Your image resources need not stick to Stock photos that may or may not ideally reflect your brand. Check out this video on creating infographics and custom visuals for your website:

Nature has programmed us to read human faces, whether we view them in person, video, or photograph. The facial expressions we see on others can influence how we feel too. 

Naturally, customers love faces! 

So help them make a human connection, but including pictures of real people on your website. These could be your staff, employees, clientele, or other stakeholders – all coming together to give your business a human touch, making it seem friendly and approachable. 

Incorporate faces into your articles, blogs, testimonials, about and contact pages for a boost in conversions. 

Take Dove for example. The company’s homepage shows a group of women with different ethnicities and body types, keeping in line with the brand’s message and ideals.

The image is not only inclusive of all audiences, but it also inspires a sense of unity and togetherness – successfully portraying the brand’s vision.   

Pro Tip: Have a photoshoot! Ask the photographer to take plenty of horizontal shots with plenty of negative space; place the pictures next to a CTA or other text. This way, you can get high-resolution images for your website that invoke feelings and inspire action. 


Web Design Idea #6: Performance And Speed

Slow-loading sites hurt conversions and reduce the likelihood of customers becoming repeat buyers. In fact, a one-second delay can impact your conversions by 20%!

web design ideas - performance and speed
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Beautiful web design won’t be of any help converting leads when they face issues in your conversion funnel right from the start. 

It’s crucial that you solve the problem from the get-go: your solution to boosting conversions is finding the right web host that can keep your website performing at an optimal level and provide better server response times.

That way, you can improve your conversion rate and simultaneously please customers.   

According to Google, visitors leave sites that take longer than three seconds to load. Because slow sites significantly degrade UX, search engines tend to rank them lower in SERPs. It’s an essential ranking factor in Google’s SEO algorithms.

Note: You can use a VPN to ensure your network is private and secure.


Take Advantage of These Web Design Ideas

Internet users today are goal-oriented and expect results immediately – if your website takes too long to load, doesn’t offer value, is difficult to browse or looks meh, they are taking their business elsewhere.

In 2020, with all kinds of web design ideas and best practices available, there is no excuse for providing poor experiences or dated design trends to your site’s visitors.

Your visitors have little reason to tolerate crappy browsing experiences, making it imperative for brands to step up their web design game and do all in their power to enrich customer journeys. 

Now is the right time to start designing with a more sophisticated mindset with an eye on the future, aiming for experiences that keep people engaged each step of the way, through to conversions. 

This means setting up sites that look perfect across all devices and are optimized to retain visitors and attract search engines alike. This is the key to keep them coming back for more so they don’t even think about doing business elsewhere. 

What does your website look like right now? If you’re looking to create visually exciting websites that engage and convert, take Visme for a spin and let us know what you think below!


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