Top 11 Best Video Presentation Software of 2021 [Including Free Presentation Makers]

Top 11 Best Video Presentation Software of 2021 [Including Free Presentation Makers]

Written by:
Orana Velarde

Feb 24, 2020
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Are you in search of the best video presentation software for your project? With so many options out there, it’s difficult to choose the right one!

Thankfully with Visme, you can create pretty amazing video presentations. From animated explainer videos to informational webinars.

Actually, there are some pretty powerful presentation makers out there apart from Visme. But we think you’ll like the fact that we aren’t JUST a video presentation maker. We’re a lot more than that. 

But, we'll let you decide. 

In this post, we’ve rounded up the 11 best video presentation software out there and added an overview of their features for creating video presentations. Some of these have a free plan to try them out while others give you a free trial

Alternatively, if you want to know more about animated presentation makers, you can check out this list on our blog.


But First, Why Make Video Presentations?

Some presentations are used as companion visuals for a keynote speech, a market research meeting or a high school book report. 

Other times a presentation is sent to someone as an informational document or educational slide deck. In this scenario, a video presentation will always be better than a regular slideshow. 

Video presentations can be used as a solution for video marketing on different channels, like social media or email newsletters. Getting started with video marketing in 2020 is not something you should ignore. 

Your brand and business can only grow with a video marketing strategy. But first you have to create the videos.

That’s why video presentation makers are so practical. It helps you create a presentation that tells your story effectively without you having to be there at all! 

Additionally, your video presentations can also be formatted as video ads, video social media graphics, video stories and video banners. All you have to do is change the size.

Send and share video presentations with or without audio, as viewable links, inside emails or on social media. The output will depend on the software or app you use. Some video presentation makers also let you create GIFs.

create a stunning presentation with visme

Below are 11 of the best video presentation makers and PowerPoint alternatives. First up, Visme, of course.


1 Visme Video Presentation Software

video presentation software - visme

With the new update to Visme, you can now create, download and share video presentations as easily as creating any other type of content. You can upload your own video footage and clips as well as use any of the video clips in our extensive video gallery. 

Even if you don’t add any special animated features of video footage, all your slides have integrated slide transitions that you can turn on and off at will.

Visme is a cloud-based video presentation software. Undo-redo options are readily available.

video presentation software - visme dashboard

Create your own video presentation today!Try It For Free

Available Templates

Visme has hundreds of video presentation templates and thousands of animated presentation slides. There are three main styles — simple, creative, and modern.

Each style has hundreds of slides to choose from, plus there are predesigned templates for different industries with a number of beautiful slides.

There are also special animated templates to help you make creative video presentations with professional animations and effects. 

Available Visuals

The visuals that are available in Visme are numerous and varied. From text layouts and icons to data widgets and animated illustrations. All the visuals in the Visme editor are always available for your video presentations.

Create videos for social media with animated characters, put together report videos with animated data widgets, or design explainer videos with your own footage, photos and voiceovers. 

Visme has a large gallery with millions of images and hundreds of hand-selected video clips. You can use these as both backgrounds or elements in your composition. Make your images look better with frames and interesting shape cutouts.

You can also embed third party content from other apps into your Visme video presentations.

Data Visualization

Visme has a ton of data visualization capabilities. From data widgets to charts and graphs that can visualize up to 50 columns of data. All charts and graphs are automatically animated, and you can also edit the way they enter and exit the slides.

Visualizing data is one of the best features in the Visme editor. You can make any type of data look amazing by simply importing an Excel sheet, or you can create a report dashboard with live data from Google Sheets.


Video presentations in Visme can be branded easily. Depending on your subscription plan, you can upload fonts and maintain a Brand Kit where you can keep logos and branded templates for easy access.

With a team plan, all the users can create content while staying on brand no matter what format they use apart from video presentations.

Audio Capabilities

Add audio to your video presentation from the Visme audio library. There are a number of songs you can use or upload your own clips. Additionally, you can record a voiceover straight into the software.

If you need to find more audio clips, this list can help out with lots of options.

Length Limit

Videos can be a few minutes long but with upcoming updates, there will be a longer length limit.

Video Output

Long video presentations can be downloaded as mp4 videos and shorter ones can be downloaded as GIFs. Learn how to download and present your video presentation below.

video presentation software - download as video with visme

Your video presentations can also be shared with a public or private link, plus they can be sent directly to social media. Easily share to Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Twitter and email directly.

Share video presentations with a public or private link to receive analytics about who has opened and viewed your content. Hardly any other video presentation makers have this feature. That’s why Visme is better at helping you create content with a purpose.


The pricing tiers in Visme are organized into individual, business, and education plans. The monthly prices when you pay yearly are as follows:

Basic: Free

Standard: $14

Complete/Single: $25

Team: $75

Enterprise: Upon request

video presentation software - visme pricing

Who is Visme For

Visme is for everyone. The number of options available in Visme are so varied that anyone can make a professional video presentation.

Watch this quick video to learn more.


2 Lumen5 Video Presentation Software

video presentation software - lumen5

Making a video presentation with Lumen5 is a bit different from the other software we mention here.

The original idea with Lumen5 when it started was to import the URL of a blog post and the AI software created a presentation for you. A few years after inception Lumen5 is now a stronger software with more features to support their original idea. 

Lumen5 is a cloud-based video presentation software.

The Interface

The Lumen5 interface is simple and easy to grasp. There are two very similar interfaces, one that has a content tab for when you upload a blog post or long text, and the interface to use with templates. The only difference is the content tab.

Text layouts have limited customizations for placement and animation. All animations are automatic but can be personalized to some extent.

Video proportions can be changed into all social media sizes easily and all the content rearranges itself automatically. There are no undo-redo controls.

Available Templates

The Lumen5 software offers a number of templates to start with. Not too many but enough to get you started. Every template has all the size versions so the complete template gallery looks bigger than it really is. 

When you create a Lumen5 video from a blog post that has images, these are imported to the editor. Therefore if you create a blog post with Visme visuals, Lumen5 can create a video presentation in a few easy steps. 

Available Visuals

The visuals available in Lumen5 are images and video clips. Depending on the subscription, you can access up to 330M stock photos from Getty and Shutterstock.

You can upload images, video and audio. From the desktop or straight from your phone.

Data Visualization

There are no data visualization capabilities in Lumen5.


All paid plans have branding options like fonts, music and a branded outro.

Audio Capabilities

There are many music audio clips available in the software and you can upload your own audio clips too. Users can also add their own voiceover to their presentation.

Length Limit

The limit for any video is 5 min and there is a 20 scene limit to the vertical videos.

Video Output

All videos are downloaded as mp4, in horizontal, vertical or square formats. Plus other social media formats in different sizes. They can be embedded or share to Facebook.

The quality of the video depends on the subscription plan.


Apart from their free plan, Lumen5 has four paid plans. The monthly cost when billed annually as follows:

Starter: $19

Premium: $49

Business: $149

video presentation software - lumen5 pricing

Who is Lumen5 For

Lumen5 is perfect for content creators that want to create videos from their blog posts. Also for those who post a lot of content on Facebook, the integration is quite seamless. 

This video presentation software is also for people who don’t want to be fussing with too many tools and want things done fast.


3 Biteable Video Presentation Software

video presentation software - biteable

Biteable is similar to Promo by Slidely in the sense that they market the software as a marketing video creator. Nevertheless, just like Promo, the horizontal format on Biteable can work as a video presentation.

They have just released Biteable 3.0 in Beta and it has more features and templates than the previous version.

Biteable is a cloud-based video presentation software.

The Interface

video presentation software - biteable interface

Using the Biteable 3.0 editor is easy and straightforward. The tools for editing fonts are simple with the ability to change the font, size, and color. The animation of the text is done per slide so you can’t animate one piece of text one way and another in a different way.

The video editor is separated into text, footage, and music tracks. You can edit the footage by trimming.

There are no undo and redo controls.

Available Templates

video presentation software - biteable templates

Biteable offers hundreds of pre-designed video templates to start with. Additionally, from inside the editor, you can access a library of video slides. The most exciting are the clay animation explainer animated slides.

Available Visuals

The image and footage library has thousands of ready to use photos and clips. Most are from Unsplash. 

Data Visualization

There are no data visualization tools available in Biteable.


Easily add a watermark, upload fonts and use hex codes for colors. There isn’t a Brand Kit.

Audio Capabilities

The Biteable software offers stock audio and you can upload your own.

Length Limit

Videos can be as long as you want but Biteable suggests they not go over 3 min.

Video Output

Videos can be shared online or downloaded as mp4 HD and full HD. Both are available on paid plans.


The free plan only lets you create videos. In order to download, you’ll have to upgrade to one of the plans. The monthly prices paid yearly are as follows:

Starter: $15

Pro: $29

Unlimited: $49

video presentation software - biteable pricing

Who is Biteable For

Biteable is for content creators that work mostly with social media. 


4 Animaker Video Presentation Software

video presentation software - animaker

The Animaker video presentation software has lots of tools and resources to make complex videos of any type. Choose between animated videos and live-action videos. 

The video editing controls are more elaborate than on other programs and the character animation options are extensive.

The Interface

video presentation software - animaker interface

Animaker has two interface options, a full and a lite version. The full version has all the tools on hand to create scenes, animated character options, frame editing and more. 

The lite version is a simplified editor window for users who don’t need to have all the tools available at all times. Switching from one to the other is easy.

There are no undo-redo options.

Available Templates

video presentation software - animaker templates

Animaker has millions of templates in both animation and live-action formats. Before starting a video creation, select from the template sizes. 

Once inside the editor, all the other templates in the same size are also available through the magic box tab.

Available Visuals

There are millions of images and video clips, shapes, icons, designed text layouts, plus animated video clips, customizable characters, and animated scene effects.

Data Visualization

There are no data visualization tools available. The older version of Animaker had editable charts, they seem to have disappeared in the new version.


The software doesn’t have set branding tools but you can select colors and fonts to match their brand. Branding a video is possible but there is no brand kit.

Audio Capabilities

Videos can have music or voice-overs recorded with the user’s computer microphone. The media library has many audio files to choose from, organized by category and style. Audio files can also be uploaded.

Length Limit

There is no visible limit to videos, only to GIFs (30 seconds).

Video Output

Finished videos can be downloaded as mp.4 in varying qualities. Shapes can be horizontal, vertical or square. GIFs can be downloaded at a limit of 30 seconds. Videos can also be shared directly to Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. 

Additionally, videos can be downloaded for specific social outlets like Slack and Flickr. The software suggests optimization for each channel.


The free plan lets you download with a watermark as many videos as you want. Some other options are available in the free plan but are limited. The Starter and Pro plans have a limited amount of downloads with an extra price for additional downloads. 

These are the monthly prices billed annually:

Free: $0

Starter: $19

Pro: $39

video presentation software - animaker pricing

Who is Animaker For

Animaker is for any kind of content creator. Highly geared at creators looking for explainer videos but now expanded to more options. The learning curve is not very high but it still needs some getting used to, especially in the timeline editor tools.


5 Powtoon Video Presentation Software

video presentation software - powtoon

Powtoon has long been a favorite for creating video presentations, especially explainer videos. Their animated and whiteboard explainers have been around for a while. 

Now the software has a lot more creative options for making video presentations in five main styles with lots of templates in each. 

The main size is horizontal presentation but you can also switch to square and vertical.

Powtoon is a cloud-based video presentation software.

The Interface

video presentation software - powtoon interface

The editor interface on Powtoon has two options. Editor and Creator. When you choose a template, the editor interface opens on Edit, with options to customize the content in the template. 

By switching to Create, then many more options show up and you can add lots of things to a video presentation.

There are no undo-redo options.

Available Templates

video presentation software - powtoon templates

Powtoon has thousands of templates in five categories; modern edge, whiteboard, cartoon, infographic, and real. All the templates are available before starting a project and also once inside the editor. 

You can also import PowerPoint presentations as a beta feature.

Available Visuals

The visuals available are varied and extensive. There are thousands of different animated characters, which is what Powtoon is known for. Additionally, there are icons, shapes, design elements, images, and video clips. 

Data Visualization

There are charts but they are not editable. Apart from those, there are no data visualization tools available.


There is no practical brand kit available but since the editing options are extensive, videos can be branded to some extent. The ability to upload fonts is only available in the highest subscription. 

Also, resell right and white label rights are available in the Agency Plan.

Corporate and Enterprise plans have a brand toolkit. These plans are upon request.

Audio Capabilities

Users can record voice-overs or music directly into the software. The music upload feature has an integration with Fiverr to hire a professional music creator. Additionally, there are hundreds of tracks to choose from right inside the app.

Length Limit

The length of the video depends on the plan you buy. The free option is 3 min. Then it increases to 10 min, 20 min, and up to 30 min.

Video Output

Videos can be downloaded, published to social channels, or shared directly. Downloads can be MP4, PPT or PDF. 

Publishing goes straight to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Slideshare, Wistia, and Hubspot. Shares go to Twitter, email, and Linkedin. There is also an embed option.


There are three different pricing systems; regular plans, educational plans, and enterprise plans.

The regular plans are as follows as monthly but put paid annually:


Pro: $19

Pro+: $59

Agency: $99

video presentation software - powtoon pricing

The educational plans are monthly as follows:


Student: $4

Teacher: $6

Classroom: $10  

And the enterprise plans are Team, Corporate and Enterprise and pricing is upon request.

Who is Powtoon For

Powtoon is for anyone interested in creating elaborate video presentations for all sorts of purposes. The free and low tier options are fine for social media marketers, while the higher tiers are good for corporate or education longer type video presentations.

Ready to create your own presentation in minutes?

  • Add your own text, images and more
  • Customize colors, fonts and everything else
  • Choose from hundreds of slide designs and templates
  • Add interactive buttons and animations

Sign up. It's free.


6 PowerPoint Video Presentation Software

The classic PowerPoint software can also be used as a video presentation software. 

Any presentation created with PowerPoint can be saved as a video in mp4 or mov file. You simply create a presentation how you would normally, add animations and audio, then export or save as an mp4 or mov file.

Don’t forget that you can also import a PPTX presentation to Visme and add all of our visual features to make an even better video presentation.

The Interface

video presentation software - powerpoint interface

The PowerPoint interface has a toolbar on top just like all Microsoft software. There are many options for creating video presentations, from animated titles, images and graphics to creative transitions between slides. 

The slides are organized on the left hand tab, and slide templates are added easily with different layouts to choose from. 

Available Templates

You can use any of the classic templates that PowerPoint has to offer to create a video presentation.  Additionally you can use any PowerPoint template from sites online or specialized PowerPoint slide creators.

You can also start a video presentation quickly with the help of QuickStarter. Simply add a topic to start with a PowerPoint outline and start your presentation from there.

Available Visuals

There are plenty of standard visuals in PowerPoint for video presentations. You can select shapes, images, animation effects for text and other visual elements like tables, graphs and 3D models. 

There is also a section called smart design that offers premade templates of visuals like flowcharts, cycles and other types of layouts.

Data Visualization

PowerPoint has a variety charts and graphs for your video presentations. Data can be imported from Excel or entered manually. 


Create branded video presentations by selecting color palettes, using your brand fonts, and adding your logo. Branded templates can be saved for future use to stay on brand.

Audio Capabilities

Import any audio files from your computer to your video presentation. PowerPoint doesn’t offer an audio library inside the program. You can also record voice overs straight into the platform.

Length Limit

There is no real limit to how long a video presentation made with PowerPoint can be. GIFs don’t have a length limit either. But for optimization purposes they shouldn’t really be longer than 30 seconds.

Video Output

Video presentations can be downloaded as mp4 or mov files. There are no sharing capabilities to social media or email. If you aren’t fully happy with your video presentation, save it as a pptx file and upload it to Visme to finish off with better tools.


PowerPoint comes with a Microsoft Windows subscription. A regular one year cost is around $100.


7 Keynote Video Presentation Software

video presentation software - keynote

Keynote is the Apple version of PowerPoint. It comes included with all Apple computers and is relatively easy to use. The tools are not as varied as PowerPoint but it’s still pretty useful. 

The highest pro to Keynote is that it’s free with all Mac computers. Apart from that it’s just a simple video presentation maker.

The Interface

video presentation software - keynote interface

The Keynote interface is simple and no-frills. The tools are organized in small tabs that don’t take up too much space on the dashboard and editor. Slides are listed on the left, tools are on top and settings are on the right. 

Undo and redo options are controlled with keyboard shortcuts ctrl+Z and ctrl+Y.

Available Templates

Keynote has a number of available templates to start designing. There haven’t been any new ones added to the program lately. You can import any templates from third party sites like Envato.

Available Visuals

The only available visuals in Keynote are icons and charts. Images and videos can be uploaded from your computer easily but there aren’t any available inside the software. The visuals that are available in the software can all be animated

Data Visualization

Keynote offers a number of charts and graphs in three different styles, flat, 3D, and interactive. Input the data in a sheet inside the program manually.


Branded video presentations are created easily by using a brand’s color palette but Keynote will only let you use Apple fonts.

Audio Capabilities

Upload audio clips are uploaded into a video presentation directly for your computer. There are no available audio files inside the program. You can record a voiceover with your microphone.

Length Limit

There is no length limit to download video presentations. You can also download animated GIFs. 

Video Output

You can download video presentations from Keynote as mp4 or animated GIFs. They can’t be shared to social media straight from the program.


Keynote is free with all Mac computers. Windows users can get Keynote with an Apple iCloud account.

Who is Keynote For

Anyone can use Keynote, especially since it’s free. Even if it doesn’t have the greatest of features, it can create any sort of simple video presentations for any industry. Keynote is a great choice for students who always need to create presentations for class.


8 Vyond Video Presentation Software

video presentation software - vyond

Vyond is the new name for GoAnimate, a recognized video presentation software. The new rebrand has also come along with a new look and more features. Vyond video presentations are all about the characters and the number of ways they can be customized is pretty extensive. 

Apart from that, all other features are pretty standard, there are backgrounds and sets for the characters to interact in.

Vyond is a cloud-based video presentation software.

The Interface

video presentation software - vyond interface

The Vyond editor is called Vyond Studio. The tools are all hiding behind a menu of tabs so the editor is generally empty of clutter for easy editing. Tutorial bubbles help when you’re new so you can get used to all the tools and where they are.

The bottom of the screen is taken up by an extendable timeline editor that lists scenes, frames and all objects in order of animated settings.

There are undo and redo controls.

Available Templates

video presentation software - vyond templates

All the templates in Vyond are separated into three categories; contemporary, business-friendly, and whiteboard animation. There are no complete templates to start with. 

When you choose one, the Vyond Studio opens up with one starting scene and all the continuing slides are created with different backgrounds, props, and characters.

Available Visuals

The main visuals in the Vyond Studio are the characters, props, and backgrounds. The characters are highly customizable, to the point of face angle and animated actions. 

There are hundreds of props that can be arranged with the characters and backgrounds to create infinite combinations.

All the visuals can be animated with different movements and styles. All these animations are controlled in the bottom bar to a granular level. Additionally, you can add camera movements.

Data Visualization

There are some customizable charts that can be added to the Vyond video presentation. Data can be entered into the editor and the charts can be color-coded. The available charts are pie charts, line charts, and percentages. 


Vyond doesn’t offer a brand kit but colors can be customized with hex numbers. In high pricing tiers, companies can create a unique character and import fonts.

Audio Capabilities

The best aspect of audio in Vyond is that voice overs are synced to the character’s mouth movements. Apart from that, you can add background music.

Video Output

Videos can be downloaded as videos of GIFs but only with paid subscriptions. Higher subscriptions offer higher quality video output. Videos are only available in horizontal format.


There are three different pricing tiers; personal, business and enterprise. The prices are quite high even for personal plans.

These are the once a year prices:

Personal Essential: $299

Personal / Business Premium: $649

Business / Enterprise Professional: $999

Enterprise: Upon request

video presentation software - vyond pricing

Who is Vyond For

The video presentations made with Vyond are good for people that need to create explainer videos in one place and like to have complete control over the animations. The learning curve for the animations can be a bit high so the people creating it need to know what they’re doing.


9 Wideo Video Presentation Software

video presentation software - wideo

Wideo is an easy to use video presentation software. The tools are just what you need to create a video presentation fast. What surprises in Wideo is the granular control of the animations and transitions.

Wideo is a cloud-based video presentation software.

The Interface

video presentation software - wideo interface

The Wideo editor interface is clean looking and with plenty of space to work in. The bottom section is the timeline editor which controls one scene at a time. There are options to preview one scene or the entire video.

On the left is the toolbar for adding elements to the scenes and the right bar is the controls for adding and organizing scenes.

Wideo has undo and redo controls.

Available Templates

video presentation software - wideo templates

Before starting a video presentation with Wideo you have the choice of around a hundred templates. Every template is available as landscape, square or vertical. You can still add more slides inside the template you chose.

Available Visuals

The elements available in Wideo are backgrounds, images, videos, text effects, and animated text scenes. 

Data Visualization

There are no data visualization options in Wideo.


There aren’t any specific branding tools apart from being able to choose the right colors. You can have white label rights on the higher plans.

Audio Capabilities

You can add music audio files from the Wideo library or upload your own.

Length Limit

The video length limit depends on the subscription plan. From one minute, ten minutes, to unlimited.

Video Output

Videos can be downloaded as horizontal, square, or vertical orientation as mp.4. They can also be uploaded to YouTube or shared to Twitter or Facebook. They can also be embedded.


There are three plans for Wideo. The subscriptions are as follows in monthly amounts paid annually:

Basic: $19

Pro: $39

Enterprise: $79

video presentation software - wideo pricing

Who is Wideo For

The Wideo video presentation software is great for content creators that need to make videos or social media posts, ads and simple explainers. 


10 Promo by Slidely Video Presentation Maker

video presentation software - promo by slidely

Slidely is a visual content creation program that also offers video presentation slide designs. Their specialized app for presentation making is called Promo and it is specially geared towards ad creation. 

You can create videos with a horizontal format that can work as presentations.

They don’t call their creations video presentations, but rather video ads and marketing videos. This makes sense since the available text area is limited and there are nonexistent data visualization capabilities. 

Nonetheless, you can still create a simple video presentation with Promo. Promo is a cloud-based video presentation software.

The Interface

video presentation software - promo by slidely interface

The Promo editing interface is simple and to the point. They’ve set up a simple video editor with clips and tracks to separately edit the text, visuals, and audio The controls are simple but effective. 

There are no undo and redo controls.

Available Templates

video presentation software - promo templates

Promo has over 2M pre-designed templates to choose from in a variety of categories. The first time you log in, an onboarding wizard takes you through the choices to show you the templates that suit your needs.

All the templates are easy to customize but have limited capabilities when it comes to text length. You can only add 100 characters to each text block. 

That being said, all the text options are nice but can’t be changed too much apart from the font and color and alignment.

Available Visuals

The Promo video presentation maker has millions of stock images and video clips from Getty Images and Shutterstock. Upload your own images or short .mp4 videos. Uploaded videos can be trimmed to fit the overall composition.

Data Visualization

There are no data visualization tools in Promo.


In paid plans, you can upload a watermark logo, use hex colors and upload fonts. There is no set Brand Kit, but in higher tiers, videos are white-labeled so that companies can apply their branding.

Audio Capabilities

The program offers some song tracks. You can upload your own songs and recordings.

Length Limit

The longest video you can make with Promo is five minutes.

Video Output

Videos in all pricing plans are downloaded as mp.4 in HD. Higher plans offer Full HD. The available sizes are square, horizontal, vertical, and banner.


The Free plan only lets you create videos, not download any. To be able to actually download or share videos, you need to get a subscription.
The monthly prices paid yearly are:

Basic - $29

Standard - $59

Pro - $209

video presentation software - promo pricing

Who is Slidely For

Promo by Slidely is for content creators that need to make simple but eye-catching video presentations. These videos are best suited for social media. 


11 Premiere Rush Video Presentation Software

video presentation software - premier rush

Premiere Rush is more of a video editing software than a video presentation software but it still works for the same purpose. Especially if the presentation needs detailed video editing. 

This software is part of the Adobe Cloud and is like an easy version of Adobe Premiere, one of the best video editors in the industry. You’ll need footage to create a video presentation with Premiere Rush. It can be images or video clips.

Premiere Rush has a desktop and mobile app, they communicate with each other. These are both downloadable programs.

The Interface

video presentation software - premiere rush interface

The Premiere Rush interface is like a classic video editing software. The timeline and tracks are at the bottom of the screen, the media is organized on the left and the tools are on the right. All the video editing tools are on the bottom left of the menu. 

Premiere Rush might need a bit of getting used to and another tool to work with alongside it. Visme is a great option where you can create a perfect video presentation and then import it to Premiere Rush to make longer and more elaborate videos.

Both desktop and mobile versions have undo-redo controls.

Available Templates

There aren’t any templates to choose from when starting a project, but there are motion graphics title templates that can be added to a video in the editor. The same applies to creative transition templates between clips.

Available Visuals

Apart from titles and transitions, the software has all the editing features you need for a professional video.

Data Visualization

There are no data visualization integrations in Premiere Rush but you can import any media from another software as long as it’s an image or a video clip.


When it comes to branding, you can apply any font in your computer to the titles you use. But titles can’t be customized, they come as they are.

Audio Capabilities

You can upload any audio or voice over you’d like to add. There are no available clips in the software.

Length Limit

Since Premiere Rush is a video editing software there really is no limit.

Video Output

Videos are downloaded as mp4. They can also be shared directly to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Behance.


You can get Premiere Rush from the Adobe Creative Cloud. Either on it’s own or as part of the creator app pack that also includes Photoshop, Illustrator plus others.

video presentation software - premiere rush pricing

Who is Premiere Rush For

This video presentation software is good for content creators that want to create content on the go. Premiere Rush is not your regular presentation software so it’s more for a different kind of presentation. 

It’s more about the footage than the info, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t create presentations. 

create a stunning presentation with visme


Create Your Own Video Presentation With Visme’s Video Presentation Software

As you can see, there are so many options to help you create a video presentation. But none of them have the quantity and quality of tools that Visme has. 

Other tools have more animated characters but no data visualizations. Others have 3D visuals but no audio files or brand kits. Only Visme has it all and only Visme can say that it’s the perfect tool for anyone. 

Create Stunning Content!

Design visual brand experiences for your business whether you are a seasoned designer or a total novice.

Try Visme for free

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