How to Create a Narrated Presentation With Voice Over Using Visme

How to Create a Narrated Presentation With Voice Over Using Visme
Nayomi Chibana

Written by:
Nayomi Chibana

Aug 06, 2020
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If you've ever taken weeks, even months, to painstakingly prepare for an important presentation, you know how useful it is to have a recording of your memorable delivery to share with others.

Here at Visme, we're excited to tell you that you can easily record your own voice over right within this online presentation design tool.

This allows you not only to create self-running presentations or stand-alone slide decks but also narrated software tutorials, audio how-tos and visual stories with narration.

All of these can be easily shared across all social media platforms with just the click of a button or embedded into your own website or blog.

You can also repurpose written content into a narrated presentation, which is one of the best ways to make the most of every marketing dollar you spend. To learn more about repurposing, you can read our post on 11 smart ways to repurpose your content.

To get started, follow this simple step-by-step tutorial on how to create a narrated presentation in Visme by adding a voice over. We'll also help you learn how to add background music into your presentation to make it more dynamic and engaging.


Video: How to Make a Presentation in Visme

The video tutorial below will walk you through the process of creating a presentation in Visme. Keep scrolling for a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to create a narrated presentation.


1 Create a Visme Project

presentation voice over - create new project in Visme

First, you'll need to log in to your Visme account and create a new project. If you don't already have an account, you can easily create one here for free.

Enter your name, email and password to register. Once you're inside the dashboard, click on the "+ Create" button on the left-hand side of your screen.


2 Choose a Presentation Template

presentation voice over - choose a template

Find the perfect template for your next presentation!Browse Now

Click on the "Presentations" tab to view all the customizable templates inside Visme. Pick a presentation template that best fits your content and industry, and click on "Edit."

You can also choose to start with one of our presentation themes. Each theme is packed with hundreds of fully designed slides that you can mix-and-match for your own use.


3 Customize Your Slides

presentation voice over - customize your slides visme editor

Customize this presentation theme now!Edit and Download

Next, edit and design your presentation using all the graphic assets Visme has to offer, including icons, images, text and interactive elements such as video and maps.

Add charts, maps and data widgets to visualize boring numbers. You can also upload your own images and fonts, or embed third-party content, such as surveys, quizzes and polls.


4 Click on Add Audio

presentation voice over - add audio visme editor

Now, open the Media tab in the left-hand panel, and click on "Add Audio".

Visme offers dozens of free audio clips you can attach either to individual slides or set as background music for your entire presentation. If you've subscribed to a paid Visme Plan, you'll have access to all of the free audio files in the library.

Here, you can also upload your own audio file from a voice actor or record your voice over directly in Visme.


5 Attach an Audio File

presentation voice over - attach audio file

To attach an audio file to the current slide, click on the gear icon next to it and select "Attach to Current Slide". You can preview each clip by clicking on the Play button next to it.

If you decide to choose another file or want to remove an audio clip from a slide, you can detach it by clicking on the gear again and selecting "Detach."


6 Record Your Voice Over

presentation voice over - record audio voice over

You can record your own audio by clicking on the "Record" option to the top right of the "Add Audio" tab. Once chosen, you will see a red record button appear below your slide.

To start recording your own narration within Visme, simply click on the red button and speak into your microphone. Make sure your microphone is working properly before recording.

You can preview your recording before saving it to the library by clicking on the Play button. Once you're satisfied with your recording, click on "Save to Library."

Your audio will automatically be converted to MP3 format, added to your Audio Library and attached to your current slide. You can then rename it by double clicking on the file name or detach it from the slide by clicking on the gear and selecting "Detach."


7 Customize Audio Settings

presentation voice over - customize audio settings

To customize the way your audio is played, simply click on "Audio Settings" at the top. You'll see options at the bottom to trim your clip, or adjust more settings by clicking on the gear icon.

In Visme, you can also customize the time your audio takes to fade in and out. For example, if you want your audio to quickly fade in at the beginning, you can set it for 1 second. Or, if you want your audio to slowly fade out, you can set it for 3 or 4 seconds.

Also, you can set the time at which your audio will begin. If you want your narration to start 5 seconds into your presentation, you type in a value of 5 in the "Start Playing After" setting.

You can also reduce or increase the volume of your audio by inputting any value up to 100%. Finally, you can have the audio loop automatically by enabling the "Loop Audio" setting.

The advantage of having the option to tweak the settings for each individual audio track is that it allows you to customize it according to the content presented on each slide. For example, for slides with long animations, you might want to enable the "Loop Audio" setting.


8 Preview Your Audio

presentation voice over - preview audio

To see if your audio narration or voice over is effectively complementing your visuals, select the "Present" option at the top-right corner of the screen to preview your slides.


9 Add Background Music

presentation voice over - add background music

Along with your audio narration, you can add background music to your presentation.

Click on "Share" at the top of your screen and select "Advanced Settings" at the bottom-right of the window. Click on the "Sound" tab and then enable the "Background Music" setting.

Here, you'll be able to select your uploaded or recorded audio file from the drop down menu, or choose one of the free audio clips from the library.


10 Publish Your Project

presentation voice over - publish your project

Once you're satisfied with your voice over, you can share your presentation with the world by clicking on the "Share" button at the top and then choosing one of the three options below:

  • Publish for Web: This will publish your Visme project on the web and generate a shareable link, which will enable anyone on the internet to find and access your presentation.
  • Share Privately: This will generate a private link to your Visme project that you can share with specific people.
  • Embed: This will generate an embed code for your presentation that you can add to your web pages or email.

You can also choose to download your narrated presentation as an HTML5  or editable PowerPoint file to present offline or share with a pre-recorded voice over.


Create Your Own Narrated Presentation With Visme

Creating a narrated presentation with your own voice over in Visme is super easy. All it takes is a few clicks and your presentation is ready to be shared with the world.

Sign up for a free account today and take it for a test drive.

Have you created an interactive presentation in Visme yet? Don't hesitate to share your best projects with us or tell us about your experience using the Audio Library and Record features.

Just drop us a comment below, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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    6. Sophie says:

      Is it possible to have multiple users working on one presentation?

    7. Don says:

      I want to do one project – photo presentation with quality narration. Will the basic setup do me?

      What is required at a venue for me to show the presentation?

      • Hi Don. You should have access to Record feature with the basic plan. In order to present at a venue, all you need is a computer with a browser. Alternatively, if you don’t have internet connection, you can also download the project as HTML5 to present offline. Let us know if it worked for you.

    8. Shafi Khan says:

      Amazing tool. Visme has made creating videos so much easier and now every rookie can create share-worthy videos without hiring an expert.

      Thanks for sharing the guide. It would have been more awesome if you guys could add robot voices for non-English speaking bloggers.

    9. writeCond %REQUEST_FILENAME !-d says:

      That is a good tip especially to those new to the blogosphere.
      Simple but very precise information… Thank you for sharing this one.

      A must read article!

    10. Muhammad Faisal says:

      Hello Nayomi chibana,

      This is one of the amazing tools, recently I have searched about and features is just wow. I have done my work within some minutes.


    11. Siva Mahesh says:

      Is it possible to create animated infographics using Visme tool? I have been searching for a while and end up visiting the same website every time.

      • Mahnoor Sheikh Mahnoor Sheikh says:

        Hi Siva, good news! Yes you can create animated and interactive infographics with Visme! Add motion effects, hover effects, buttons, links, etc.

    12. Michel Rousseau says:

      Hello. Is Visme also available for Mac please ?

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