These 21 Tools to Create Infographics Will Save You Tons of Time (And Your Infographics Will Be Stunning)

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Orana Velarde

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Finding the right tools to create infographics takes time, like scouring the internet for the perfect template or data widget.

But trying to find an all-in-one graphics editor that has all the tools in one place doesn’t need to be a hair-pulling experience.

When choosing a versatile tool to create the perfect infographic, go for the one that makes it easy to visualize your content fast.

Some infographic makers have wonderful free templates to choose from, but when you try to customize them, you encounter annoying design limitations.

Visme, our web-based design tool, has over 21 integrated tools that let even the most inexperienced designer create stunning infographics.

The best part is—everything is fully customizable!

No matter what template you choose to begin with in Visme, you have plenty of powerful tools at your disposal; from icons, fonts, and colors to brand kits and content blocks.

Let’s take a look at all the free tools to create infographics available inside the Visme infographic maker.


1 Free Templates: The Ultimate Tool to Create Infographics

A great infographic usually starts with a great template.

When a lot of information needs to be condensed and broken down into a small visual space, you need a template that solves most of the heavy work straight out of the box.

tools to create infographics - templates Visme

All the free templates available in Visme are fully customizable and adjustable. You can use the template to help you along the way, but don’t feel limited by the design.

With so many customization tools just a click away, you can use your favorite template as a starting point and tweak it to create the perfect, finished infographic in minutes.


2 Icons: The Favorite Tool to Create Infographics

Icons are easily the most used tool for creating eye-catching infographics. A well-chosen icon collection turns simple text into rich visualizations.

tools to create infographics - icons Visme

Icons are also a great tool to help the viewer follow the story on your infographic or let you emphasize on key points.

Plus, they’re incredibly versatile; they can work as numbers, bullets, arrows, cycles, buttons and separators.

Visme’s library has thousands of free infographic icons in various themes and styles, including line icons, color icons and more. Your infographic resume, for example, will look great with icons in each section.


3 Fonts: The Tools to Create Infographics That Make Your Text Stand Out

Text in an infographic should look interesting and inviting, and that’s exactly why you need great fonts!

Apart from well-worded headers and concise paragraphs, the typography you choose can make your content pop or blend into the background.

tools to create infographics - fonts Visme

A good font combination is easy when there are many different styles to choose from. With Visme’s library of over 120 free fonts, you’ll never run out of options. You can even upload your own!

Use a stronger font for the headers and a classic text font for smaller, or ‘body’ content. Check out this article for more insight on font pairing.


4 Free Images: The Tool to Create Infographics That Express Ideas Visually

Imagine having thousands of free images just a click away while designing your infographic—Visme makes that possible.

With access to over 500,000+ free stock photos directly within our editor, you can create a visually strong infographic in literally minutes.

tools to create infographics - images Visme gif

Although images are not usually a big factor in most infographics, they can help with subtle backgrounds.

All you need to do is adjust it with the filters, like transparency effects, and turn any photo into a subtle backdrop for the rest of the content.


5 Content Blocks: The Tool to Create Infographics with Just a Few Clicks

Creating an infographic is easier with a template. But what if we told you it can be easy with a blank canvas too?

With pre-designed content blocks, you can build an infographic as easily and quickly as solving a 6-piece puzzle. Content blocks are premade sections for titles, data visualizations, charts and graphs, bullet lists, processes, and features.

tools to create infographics - content blocks Visme

Content blocks can also be used as templates!

You can create the block once and save it in your personal library to use later. This way, if you’re creating infographics as part of your blogging content strategy, they can all keep the same look and feel.


6 Draggable Length Bar: The Tool to Create Infographics That Provides Full Control Over Design

Starting an infographic design with a set vertical size is okay when you know exactly how long it will be. But sometimes, the content needs to be adjusted and it just doesn’t fit!

A draggable length bar solves that problem. Simply drag the tab up or down to resize the vertical length of your infographic.

tools to create infographics - draggable length bar Visme

Of all the tools to create infographics, the customizable vertical drag bar is the most valuable one you can use inside the Visme editor.


7 Charts and Graphs: The Tools to Create Infographics That Make Your Data Beautiful

Charts are a favorite feature in both infographics and presentations for a reason. A pie chart or a bar graph with the right colors and customization can make your data look beautiful and inviting.

The Graph Engine inside the Visme editor is like the Swiss Army Knife of infographic data. With one tool, you can create 15 chart types!

tools to create infographics - charts and graphs visme

You can even import your data with a .csv spreadsheet file or use live data from an integrated Google sheets document.

Need to create stunning charts and graphs in a few minutes?

  • Upload an Excel file or sync with live data from Google sheets
  • Choose from 16+ types of charts, from bar and line graphs to pyramid and Mekko charts
  • Customize anything, from backgrounds and placement of labels to font style and color

Sign up. It's free.


8 Flowcharts: The Tool to Create Infographics That Help You Visualize Any Process

When creating an infographic with timelines or processes, choose the flowchart maker to make your work easier.

There are several pre-designed flowcharts in the Visme’s content blocks to give you an idea of how these work. The flowchart maker is also extremely versatile and easy to use.

tools to create infographics - flowcharts visme

To make it even easier, we have many ready-to-use flowchart infographic templates with beautiful designs.

Flowcharts can help you create a network diagram, a organizational flow chart for teams or even timelines for school visualizations.


9 Tables: The Tool to Create Infographics That Lets You Shape Perfect Schedules

Wondering how to create a printable infographic for your classroom? Tables can be a big help.

Tables can be used to design any type of scheduling infographic, syllabus or questionnaire. Choose from different styles and colors, and customize the cells however you like.

tools to create infographics - tables visme

You can also include a table in one section of your infographic and fill the rest with different types of content. You can easily adjust your tables with the draggable corner tab.


10 Maps: The Tool to Create Infographics That Visualizes Geographic Data

If your infographic includes content or data about a specific location, there’s no better way to show it than with an interactive map.

A map can be as big as the entire infographic or small placed in a single section. Visme’s Map engine lets you color-code countries or regions however you like.

tools to create infographics - interactive maps visme

Maps can also be used as an illustrative element or as a data widget. Simply input your data and customize the legend. If you don’t want to use an entire region, you can also just use a single country.

The customizable map engine in Visme’s editor is so versatile, you’ll be happy you found it!


11 Arrays: The Tool to Create Infographics with Creative Data Visualizations

An array is a data visualization tool to show a statistic. They are perfect to showcase data sets about groups of people or things with two or three different variables.

Use the array maker to choose three of any of the icons available inside the Visme editor.

tools to create infographics - arrays visme

Color-code your icons to match the rest of the design in your infographic. You can also adjust the size of the full array to fit the rest of the content easily and seamlessly.

There are some pre-designed array compositions in the content block library to inspire your own creations. A large array composition can even be the entire infographic. You can really get creative with the array maker!


12 Round Counters: The Tools to Create Infographics That Show Numerical Amounts

Sometimes, a circular infographic counter is better than just a big number. In Visme, you can choose between radials, counters, gauges or semi-circles.

tools to create infographics - round counters visme

You can also color-customize the circular icon the way you like to make it stand out. Stretch it to a nice size and arrange it so it looks balanced with the rest of the content.


13 Progress Bars: The Tool to Create Infographics That Visualizes Percentages

A progress bar visualizes any process with a compelling graphic.

If you need to visualize how much of something has been done or how much still needs to be done, a progress bar widget is your best choice.

tools to create infographics - progress bars visme

In Visme, you can pick from thermometers, batteries, hourglasses and other customizable widgets. Like all our other data tools, you can customize the number and colors to match the rest of your infographic.


14 Shapes and Frames: The Tools to Create Infographics That Create Separations

Any infographic, whether data-driven, creative or artistic, will need shapes to make separations within the content.

Squares, triangles, circles and other polygons can help you create colorful sections and visually appealing backgrounds.

tools to create infographics - shapes and frames visme

Shapes can also assist with the visual storytelling process, giving viewers a direction to follow.

Use shapes like a puzzle or an asymmetric composition with a nice color palette to make the content flow from one section to another. Add smaller sized shapes for details and illustrative elements.

You can also use frames, which are like shapes for images. You can place a frame on an image and instantly crop it into that shape!


15 Color Themes: The Tool to Create Infographics That Lets You Quickly Change All Colors

What if you want to change the entire color scheme? Doing one element at a time can be exhausting!

Good thing the Visme editor has a dozen preset color themes to choose from. Simply click on one of the themes to preview the entire infographic.

tools to create infographics - color themes schemes visme

If none of the provided themes are to your liking, you can also create your own combination. The Visual Learning Center has lots of inspiring color palette collections for your projects and infographic designs.

Create and apply custom color schemes to your visuals!

  • Choose from millions of colors
  • Customize templates, icons and backgrounds with your colors
  • Set up your own custom brand palette and theme colors

Sign up. It's free.


16 Animation: The Tool to Create Infographics with Movement and Creative Compositions

There are “normal” infographics, your average long vertical images. And then there are animated infographics—rich and creative visuals that bring your data to life!

An animated infographic can be embedded on your website, making it visually rich without slowing down the loading time.

tools to create infographics - animated infographics

You can also download animated infographics in the HTML5 file format to use as a standalone web page or a scrolling presentation.

In Visme, you can animate pretty much any element—from the way it flows in to how an interactive button looks when a viewer hovers over it.

Tools to create infographics with animation effects are what will make your infographic stand out from the rest.


17 Interactivity: The Tool to Create Infographics That Engage Your Audience

Making your content interactive is a great way to captivate your viewers and increase engagement. With this Visme tool, you can add popups or links to websites and social media channels.

tools to create infographics - interactive elements visme

Just like animated infographics, interactive infographics can also be embedded on your website or blog. You can also download the finished design as a JPG file to share on Pinterest!


18 Embeddable Content: The Tool to Create Infographics for the Social Media Marketer

Adding animations and interactivity is not all you can do to enhance your infographics—you can also add any type of embeddable content.

tools to create infographics - embeddable content visme

This can be any sort of social media post, widgets, videos and GIFs. As long as the snippet of code is an iframe, you can embed it into an infographic.

When you embed content with code, it will transform the infographic into an interactive visual.


19 Audio Narrations: The Tool to Create Infographics That Work as Presentations

A free tool that really differentiates Visme from other infographic makers is the built-in audio recorder, which lets you add sound to your visuals.

tools to create infographics - audio recorder narration visme

There are three ways to add audio to your infographic:

  • Use a track from the free audio library
  • Upload your own track
  • Record a narration using your computer’s microphone

Your infographic can have background audio or a personalized narration. Imagine an interactive and animated infographic that shows and speaks on your blog or website!


20 Brand Kit: The Tool to Create Infographics That Align with Your Brand Identity

If your company already has a set brand style guide, you need to ensure you’re following it when creating infographics.

An integrated Brand Kit can help you and your team stay on brand every single time. Visme’s Brand Kit feature lets you save your brand colors, fonts, and even logos and give access to any user in your team.

tools to create infographics - brand kit visme

There is really no better way to keep your brand narrative intact. With a brand kit, you can maintain consistency across all your content, from infographics and social media visuals to annual reports and presentations.


21 Branded Templates: The Tool to Create Infographics That Empowers Your Entire Team

An added tool that stems from the Brand Kit are the branded templates.

When you have branded templates, any member of your team can easily create professional infographics that don’t clash with your brand identity.

tools to create infographics - branded templates visme

You can save branded templates for infographics, presentations, social media graphics, Facebook ads, and more.


Which of these tools to create infographics are your favorite?

When you have 21 different tools in one place, it’s easy to create stunning infographics in minutes. In fact, even non-designers can do it!

With a large selection of templates for different industries, Visme has lots of options right out of the box. With the help of all the widgets, icons and editing capabilities, your infographics can look stunning without you having to leave the editor.

Wondering where to use your infographic? Try adding it to your blog posts! It will improve your content’s visual communication. Plus, a well-designed visual can make your infographics shareable on Pinterest too.

Try the Visme Infographic Maker today and start creating stunning infographics for your brand!

Which of these are your favorite tools to create infographics? Which ones do you use the most or still need to try? Let us know in the comments!


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