How UCLA Creates In-Depth, Interactive Reports With Visme

How UCLA Creates In-Depth, Interactive Reports With Visme

Written by:
Chloe West

Nov 23, 2020
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“Part of the reason we’ve been happy with Visme is that we were looking for a platform that could help us to develop products that were more dense in terms of interactivity and information.”

Biocard for case study interviewees from UCLA Luskin's AVAL team, Robert and Jonathan.

When you create a report that showcases important data and information, you need it to be easily digestible, easy to understand and visually appealing.

With the UCLA Luskin’s Agile Visual Analytics Lab (AVAL) team regularly conducting studies and putting together results for stakeholders and clients, they wanted a tool that would allow them to easily do so.

Jonathan, Deputy Director, and Robert, Director of Evaluation, both lead the AVAL team in creating these visual, interactive reports for their clients so the information is more digestible.

“We’re less interested in continuing to provide long, dense written products, especially when our audiences don’t have the time and resources to effectively digest that information. And if an audience can’t digest that information, all our work is wasted.”

Not only does Visme aid in some time saving when it comes to developing these interactive infographics and reports, it also gives their team even more flexibility when it comes to presenting results.

“We use Visme not just for reporting but also for engaging our stakeholders and our clients in the evaluation process so that they’re a participant. They’re not just receiving a report at the end; they’re engaged throughout the entire process.”

Learn more about what the AVAL team does in this informational sheet they created in Visme.

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How UCLA Uses Visme in Their Work

The AVAL team at UCLA has been doing in-depth research for various agencies, from child welfare to mental health to local parks and recreation departments and more.

Visme helps their team to create interactive infographics, Tableau embeds, data visualizations and reports based on their research findings so that they can easily present that information to clients, stakeholders and others interested in learning more.

Jonathan was first introduced to Visme when he was looking for a tool that would allow their clients and partners to quickly look and fully comprehend the key findings from their research.

“They only have a few minutes to really be able to digest the information so it needs to be presented in a way that’s very engaging with digestible pieces so they can know what to do with that information.”

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Since the UCLA research team uses tools like Tableau and Alteryx to process, analyze, and visualize in-depth data, they needed to find another tool that would help them to marry their workflows together and support efficient reporting that meets the diverse and dynamic needs of their clients and partners.

To that end, they also wanted to play around with the various formats available to them in order to represent data and information in the most effective way, whether it’s a document, infographic, presentation or stand-alone chart.

Here’s a great example of an interactive infographic the research team at UCLA Luskin created for the QIC-WD to help tell a story as well as provide in-depth information.

“One of the products we produced for the QIC-WD is an infographic that tells the story of what problem they’re looking to address and what’s their approach to addressing that problem as well as where they’re working in the country to address that problem.”

“We used a lot of the features that Visme offers, such as animations, embedding a video, we used some of the icons, we had one of the characters in that product, and some linking of sites that directed traffic to the QIC-WD website.”

This infographic is embedded on the QIC-WD website so that their audience can easily interact with it, however a lot of the content their team creates gets printed out as well.

“Most of our products at this point aren’t typically 100% online, so in most cases we have to plan for some level of flat sharing, like a paper or PDF version, but Visme is helpful because it’s relatively easy to build for both at the same time.”

Regardless of how clients prefer to receive content and research results, the AVAL team is able to use Visme to create flexible documents and data visualizations.

One thing they’ve enjoyed is the ability to get away from traditional narrative reports, even with clients who previously only wanted to receive results in a traditionally standard format.

With their recent evaluation of the Parks After Dark program, they warmed the client up to a new format, and it drastically improved their process.


How UCLA is Creating Visual Data Reports With Visme

With Parks After Dark and other similar programs, UCLA’s research team produces an annual evaluation report for the client. 

This includes in-depth data visualizations and information about the project that they pull from other tools in their arsenal to build a single interactive, easy-to-understand report.

“We took one of the report templates and adapted that for our color scheme. We used the different graphical elements to include things like icons to make certain pieces more attractive or to drive the eye to certain text and break up what you would see in a traditional narrative-style report so readers don’t get bored.” 

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“We also integrated a number of Tableau visualizations within pages. So we fit what used to be its own dashboard in Tableau into a narrative-style page in Visme, and it worked out really successfully judging from feedback from the clients.”

What this resulted in was a more visually appealing, interactive, 30-page report when previously, they would be providing a 100-page traditional report in order to cover all of the information requested by the client.

“That was our first foray into developing an interactive version of what would have been a 100-page traditional hard-copy narrative report. This year, it was a fraction of that but with the same amount of information, presented in a more attractive and user-friendly format.”

Not only that, but their clients have been excited about the new formats and how quickly they can dive in to get an overview of their results.

“Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive for the different types of products that we’ve developed.”


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