How a Virtual Summit Used Infographics for Speaker Outreach

How a Virtual Summit Used Infographics for Speaker Outreach

Written by:
Chloe West

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“I’ve bought probably 6-7 different design software, but Visme was the easiest to use, especially for infographics.” 

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Starting a new business venture is tough. You have to find your target market and figure out how to reach that market, then create a marketing strategy that will convert that audience into your customers.

While there are several strategies to help grow a new business, Martin Boeddeker of FindFocus came up with a powerful and unique idea to help gain traction for his new deep focus software.

Thus the Pareto Virtual Summit was born.

“I decided to start my own software company. The app was developed to help people stay focused. To gain traction, I came up with the idea for hosting this summit.”

Soon after, Martin began building the initial summit funnel and creating his strategy for speaker outreach.

Visme ended up being a huge help in this process.


How Martin Uses Visme in His Business

While Martin first dove into Visme with the purpose of creating an infographic for speaker outreach for his Pareto Summit, he’s started using the platform in many different areas.

He’s able to easily crop photos and frame them in various shapes, a feature that he uses often. He has also used Visme to create blog post graphics for his focus software company FindFocus.

“I cropped all the speaker images for the infographic, I use it for infographics, for social media graphics.”

Martin has been using the software often to create promotional materials for his upcoming virtual summit, like these examples below, showcasing the speakers and their topics.

visme case study - speaker promotional graphics

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“Visme makes me look super professional without me being a designer or having any special design skills. The learning curve is not that steep.”

He has also used Visme to create an entire offer stack that demonstrates what all summit participants will get access to by signing up. Check out a few of these graphics below:

visme case study - offer stack

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How Martin Achieved a 70% Closing Rate For Summit Speakers Using Infographics

When Martin was first starting to look for speakers to participate in his summit, he put together a 2,000-word pitch document that introduced himself and his business and talked about his goals with the summit.

However, during a one-on-one call with one of his first onboarded speakers, he realized that this document was too heavy. He needed something snazzier to send to potential speakers.

“It was a 2,000-word, 8-page ugly Word Document. I condensed the information down to about 2 pages, then used Visme to create an infographic.”

After working with a speaker to knock a good bit of content off the pitch, Martin created an infographic that covered everything that other speakers would need to know.

Check out his incredible promotional tool below. While most infographics won’t be quite this long, this makes a lot of sense as a pitch document.

visme case study - speaker outreach infographic pitch

The results were astounding. Martin said he saw a 70% closing rate from all of the speakers he approached due to his creative use of a Visme infographic.

Because Visme users are able to publish their designs online and generate a public URL, Martin was able to send the infographic link alongside his pitch email to really wow his recipients.

“The infographic was my complete promotional tool. I shared it with everybody and they took one look, and I had a 70% closing rate on my speakers, even through cold emails.”

Martin also talked about how easy it was to create this infographic. Being able to increase closing rate while also saving time is a powerful thing for any business.

“I had not used Visme before I created the infographic, but it was super easy to line up all of the different elements and crop the speaker images, and the rest just flowed from there.”

Infographics have many uses, and this is a very creative approach. We love the idea of promoting a conference or summit using an infographic to showcase the current speakers and outlining the entire process for joining the line-up.


Other Visme Features Martin Uses

Martin also mentioned how much he loves the data visualization tool options available in Visme. There are many different types of charts and graphs that can be added to infographics, social media graphics and more.

“Visme really stood out for me for the infographic part. What I also really like about Visme is for visualizing data, like having the percentage bars and things like that.”

In addition, he talked about how easy the Brand Kit makes designing cohesive graphics that match his colors.

“Now that I have access to the Brand Kit, I can use a template for an infographic and just click a button, and it reflects my complete branding.”

By adding color themes to your Brand Kit, users are able to switch out the entire color scheme of a design with a single click. This makes the process so much easier, rather than changing element colors one by one.

visme case study - color themes

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At Visme, we do our best to ensure the entire design process is quick and easy for all of our users, no matter how much design experience they have. It helps make more complex designs, like infographics, a much easier feat to accomplish.

“If you want to create a graphic that contains more than just a quote on an image, I highly recommend using Visme for graphics that are more complicated.”


Your Turn

Are you ready to start designing your own infographic to promote your next big launch or event? Follow in Martin’s footsteps and sign up for your Visme account today.

Learn even more infographic design tips as well by checking out our blog. We cover infographic do’s and don’ts, how to ensure your designs are clutter-free and more.


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    1. Ericka Bates says:

      Hey Chloe,
      very nice article! I just shared the link with my HeySummit mastermind group. I’m a graphic designer with a Visme account and I never thought about using info graphs for my speaker onboarding until I read your article. So, thank you Chloe for writing this. You just gave me a idea that I will put into action.

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