How a B2B Company Standardized Their Brand With Visme

How a B2B Company Standardized Their Brand With Visme

Written by:
Chloe West

Oct 22, 2019
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“Visme is a really nice platform that you can just build on and let the program be your guide and let you create individually. You don’t have to outsource it to a graphic designer.”

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When a lot of different people are creating marketing assets and graphic visuals for a company, sometimes branding can get lost in the fray, and the colors incorporated might be slightly off from the actual hex codes in the logo.

This was the case when Kara of IPT Global took over marketing and the creation of graphic elements for the company.

“Our colors are blue and orange, but they’re a very specific blue and a very specific orange. And Microsoft offers colors that are almost our colors, but not quite. I was very concerned about standardizing our branding.”

When your company isn’t using the right software, it’s not always possible to implement the correct hex codes for your brand. Kara loves that she can input IPT Global’s brand colors into the Visme Brand Kit for easy access.

“I wanted the branding to match 100% all the time. So the Brand Kit was very helpful there.”

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How IPT Global Uses Visme in Their Business

At IPT Global, their marketing team of one has several needs for graphic design software. They create presentations, case studies, social media graphics and more.

visme case study brand kit - how ipt global uses visme

“We create a lot with Visme. We create every type of slick imaginable, we create case studies in there that we download as PDFs, we create presentations, collateral, LinkedIn posts and other social media graphics.”

IPT Global’s case studies are some of their most important assets that Kara designs in Visme. These are great ways to show off explicit results that other customers have had and why potential customers should work with them.

You can check out one of their case studies below:

visme case study brand kit - ipt global case study
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Their presentations typically consist of results that they send out to their clients to showcase the work that IPT Global was able to do for them. 

Due to this, their presentations contain more sensitive information, and they don’t want to have them publicly – or even privately – shared through Visme.

Instead, they use the option to download as an HTML5 file so the presentation can be viewed completely offline.

“I love, love, love that you can download the presentation and run it in HTML5. You don’t have to have an internet connection to run this presentation. That’s a big deal.”

Visme allows users to download an entire presentation (or other design!) in HTML5 format. This format can be opened offline in any browser without any third-party software required.

This format allows IPT Global to leave a presentation with their clients and not have to worry about it falling into the wrong hands or having any viewing issues whatsoever. HTML5 format allows the presentation to run smoothly without any internet connection.

“The offline ability and knowing that your presentation is going to run well and it’s saved on your computer is really important.”

This is huge for IPT Global and their business model, and it can’t be found with any other presentation software.


How IPT Global Standardized Their Brand With Visme

Having all of your company’s branding in one place to quickly and easily access is so important for creating a consistent brand and B2B strategy, but also for creating marketing assets in a timely manner.

Kara’s biggest struggle at first was ensuring all of their collateral matched each other, especially considering that their brand colors are very specific.

“I love the brand kit. That’s really, really important. Standardizing that was a huge deal for us.”

Consistency is critical when it comes to brand recognition and putting together presentations and visuals that you’re regularly sending out to clients.

Visme’s Brand Kit not only allows users to add in their brand colors by hex code and upload their specific brand fonts, but it also has a content library for users to save slides, content blocks and templates to reuse over and over again.

“The brand standardization really helped the team get a basic format. Recently I was working on a case study slick and it took me only two hours to do it because we already had everything in there.”

Check out how Kara has added IPT Global’s specific colors into her Visme Brand Kit.

visme case study brand kit - ipt global brand colors

Once you input your fonts, colors, logos, etc., you are able to access them easily within the design dashboard. This makes creating branded graphics a breeze.


Other Features IPT Global Uses

One Visme feature that Kara takes advantage of, especially in the presentations she creates for clients, is the plethora of chart and graph options available in the platform.

“Graphs and charts are good for us. We do a lot of visualization on improvements on performance or KPIs, so those are really nice to see.”

Data visualization is key to showcasing what your numbers and statistics really mean in a powerful way.

Kara also enjoys the ability to crop and frame and otherwise manipulate images, as well as the graphics available. Check out this Quick Facts list she created using icons and other content blocks from Visme’s design library.

visme case study brand kit - ipt global quick facts
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What Kara loves most about Visme is how quickly and easily she’s able to create and edit designs in-house without the need of a graphic designer or other outsourced help.

“They’re quality enough to be sent off to be printed at a graphics place.”

But if anything changes, she can still go back into the Visme dashboard to update these slicks and have them reprinted or reshare them online.

Kara spoke a lot about how easy Visme has made creating marketing assets, presentations and case studies, especially as a marketing team of one.

“I talk about Visme all the time. It’s a great tool for marketing teams of one or small marketing teams that don’t have a graphic designer on their payroll.”


Your Turn

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