How a Professional Soccer Club Achieves Ease of Use With Visme

How a Professional Soccer Club Achieves Ease of Use With Visme

Written by:
Chloe West

Mar 02, 2021
An illustration showcasing LAFC's presentation slides created with Visme.

“I absolutely recommend Visme due to its dynamic functionality and ability to integrate everchanging media and digital technologies. That combined with a collaborative environment which empowers our team to be more efficient with time has been a huge plus.”

A biocard for Jaime Kelm with LAFC.

Every company, whether it’s a marketing agency, car dealership or professional sports club like the Los Angeles Football Club, has a sales or partnerships team and a need for presentations.

However, these teams don’t want to spend hours of their time creating these decks. They want to be out there nurturing relationships and getting results. This is why LAFC started to use Visme – so they could empower their team to create more design-forward and data-driven presentations in less time.

We spoke to Jaime Kelm, the Director of Business and Data Strategy at LAFC, to discuss how they’re using Visme for sales and sponsorship presentations and what their goals are for the future.

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How LAFC Uses Visme in Their Work

LAFC’s team has an Enterprise plan with around 15-20 individuals in their organization each using Visme. For now, their focus is mostly on partnership relations, sales, analytics and reporting, but eventually they want to get the full organization using Visme for things like ticketing as well.

The team first started using Visme in the second half of 2020 after discovering that they’d have the ability to embed Tableau charts and graphs directly into their projects for their audience to interact with.

“The ability to enrich our presentations with embedded media like Tableau or embedded posts from our partners’ social accounts is huge. Being able to incorporate those different elements of media into a live presentation has been a game changer.”

Because reporting on performance is so essential to their clients, using an in-depth tool like Tableau is key. But sharing sensitive data directly inside Tableau is complicated, and each of their partners would need distinct access.

By embedding Tableau data directly into Visme, LAFC is able to save thousands of dollars each month while still providing visually appealing and data-driven presentations to potential and existing sponsors.

You can take a look at an example of a Tableau dashboard embedded into a Visme presentation below. Scroll to slides 12-16 to interact with these tables.

Another feature the LAFC team loves is the built-in analytics inside Visme’s dashboard showcasing how many people viewed a project and for how long.

“They’re really effective in pacing out the cadence so we know when to make a follow up or seeing where and when things have been viewed. If someone spent more time on one slide than another, we can pinpoint what parts of the sponsorship will showcase the most value for potential clients.” 

Essentially using their analytics as an intel tool is a great way for LAFC to get even more value out of their presentations in Visme.


How LAFC Achieves Ease of Use With Visme

Before Visme, LAFC faced challenges creating their sponsorship proposals. Putting together slide decks was time-consuming and complex.

With Visme, Jaime’s team can now put together their own sales proposals quickly and easily, taking a load off his own plate as well as helping them focusing on what they actually want to do – make sales.

“Time is money for our sales reps, so the quicker and easier they can put something together and customize it, that’s all the better so they can spend more time on outreach.”

Because Visme provides an open library for each of the team members to create content and collaborate on projects, the entire team is able  to be more self-sufficient in creating their decks.

They’re able to pull previously created and branded presentation slides together into an entirely new slide deck, allowing them to create presentations in less time.

“The sharing and communal ability of the users and the ability for our reps to use what someone else has made and tweak it to fit their needs has been a huge time saver.”

The sales and partnership reps also thoroughly enjoy utilizing Visme compared to previous presentation tools they’ve used. It has an intuitive interface, unlike the other tools that caused the sales team to lean heavily on Jaime.

Empowering the team with the proper tools to let them create their own slide decks saves Jaime around 5 to 10 hours each week that he can then use to focus on other tasks.

Additionally, the LAFC team takes advantage of the slide library feature available in Visme as well. Anytime they need to update something like their branding, stats or messaging on their core slides that don’t typically change often, they can easily make the change one time to the master slide and have it auto-populate across each presentation using that slide.

Take a look at some of their core slides below that are included in many of their presentations. This brand story showcases their mission statement and tells their story, drawing audiences in.

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All in all, LAFC has been able to make the most out of Visme’s features and capabilities in order to streamline their presentation creation process and cut design time in half.

“The next evolution for us is bringing Visme to a wider application within the organization. We’re just starting out in ticketing, but we want to bring this to our live events and other verticals of our business like marketing.”


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