How an Accounting Firm is Using Visme as a Video Tool

How an Accounting Firm is Using Visme as a Video Tool

Written by:
Chloe West

May 27, 2020
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“Visme helps make information more digestible to the people you’re trying to communicate with. It makes technical information basic.”

visme video tool case study - boleyn neist with pmwplus

Small companies often have small budgets, which means they need to find tools that help them solve multiple problems at once.

This is exactly the dilemma accounting and advisory firm pmwPlus was facing after their massive rebrand last year.

Their Marketing Communications Specialist Boleyn started looking for a design tool that would help them to effectively communicate their new brand, create beautiful sales presentations and showcase data in stunning infographics.

She started researching and came across Visme as the perfect solution for their needs.

“Visme has the infographic option and the ability to create really engaging presentations. And then I can turn those presentations into MP4s, which is just brilliant. I just love that I can do that.”

pmwPlus has now been using Visme for the last year since their rebrand took place to communicate with their customers and build a modern, trustworthy brand.


How pmwPlus Uses Visme In Their Business

pmwPlus has been around since the 1950s, and was started as a traditional accounting firm. 

However, with their rebrand, they’ve created a more modern brand look and feel and expanded their services to become a full-fledged professional services firm.

Because they’re a small company in a small town, it was especially important for them to maintain their reputation throughout the rebrand.

“It took about 6 months to fully flesh out the brand and really choose the right time to launch the project.”

One of the first major projects that Boleyn created with Visme was this explainer video covering each of pmwPlus’s services. There are many different facets of their business, and they wanted a way to explain everything they offer.

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Boleyn used Visme’s presentation maker to create each of the slides, then downloaded the presentation as an MP4 video file.

Visme launched video downloads as a part of their Visme Unleashed platform update, and pmwPlus has taken full advantage of this new feature.

This explainer video now plays in their office lobby to let new and returning customers know about services they may have been unaware that they could get through pmwPlus.

“I’ve been using Visme as a video tool. It’s very easy for me to use. And we actually play these videos in our waiting room in the office and it helps give a complete understanding of the offerings in our business.”


How pmwPlus Increased Brand Awareness and Traffic With Video

Since using Visme, Boleyn has been able to quickly put together branded assets and marketing materials that help to set pmwPlus apart from other companies in their industry.

“Even being in a small town with a population of 40,000, we have some serious competition, and being able to develop this type of material that looks quite slick and professional, it really helps set us apart.”

One such visual that Boleyn created that has seen a great response is their explainer video that covers Australia’s federal government initiatives for small businesses in response to COVID-19.

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As a result of the above video which they’ve uploaded onto a COVID-19 resource page on their website, it’s become the most visited page in their website’s history.

Not only that, but Boleyn was able to quickly and easily create this explainer video using Visme’s platform.

“I found it really simple. As soon as I knew what I was doing, I was able to create a video to explain the stimulus initiatives from our government in a day.”

This video has helped summarize everything that their clients need to know in a really digestible way, and people are watching and appreciating this video.

Boleyn loves the animation features that Visme offers as well as the stock videos that she can use in the background of her slides.

“Some of the content that I have to deliver can be quite dry and technical, and having those animation and video features help me deliver what I’m trying to say and make it more engaging, and that’s what my job is all about.” 

Visme offers tons of animated illustrations that are fully customizable to match your brand or project colors. Boleyn takes full advantage of these in her videos, and they look fantastic.

There are three different styles of illustrations available in Visme’s platform based on user preference: flat, isometric and outline, as you can see below.

visme case study - animated illustrations in visme

There are several categories of illustrations, each created exclusively by Visme’s team of designers, to help your visual content stand out from the crowd.

“We could send out Word documents or boring PowerPoints and it just doesn’t help people really digest what we’re trying to say. But using Visme’s animations helps make it pop and deliver that technical information in an engaging way.”


Other Visme Features pmwPlus Uses

While pmwPlus’s main use of Visme is as a video tool, there are several other features that Boleyn utilizes as well.

“I need to create infographics as there’s a lot of technical things happening too, especially with COVID happening right now. So I often have to break down complicated information.”

She’s also created sales pitches and presentation decks for their team to use to bring on new clients.

However, their main focus is on video, especially with the state of social media video being the way it is today.

“Right now, from a marketing standpoint, everything is about video. And it’s very expensive to create videos, so having something like Visme where I can create an engaging video is just ideal.”

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