How a Law Professor Uses Visme in Her Classes

How a Law Professor Uses Visme in Her Classes

Written by:
Chloe West

Feb 03, 2020
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“Effective communication is so important, regardless of what you do, and Visme is that vehicle to allow you to have effective communication with your audience.”

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If you’re a professor trying to keep your class engaged and on task, boring PowerPoint presentations simply won’t cut it anymore.

Professor Alina Ng of Mississippi College School of Law realized how glossed over her students’ eyes would get when she pulled a PowerPoint at the front of the room, and quickly started looking for PowerPoint alternatives.

“I came across Visme and I like Visme a lot. I use a lot of the presentation slides and templates for my classes, it’s really easy to key data in.”

In a classroom, where it’s essential for students to remain at attention to the content, presentations that keep the audience engaged are a must.

“The class is more engaged because the slides are so attractive. It’s not like a basic PowerPoint. I used PowerPoint before I used Visme, and I think the color and the structure [of Visme’s slides] makes it so engaging.”

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How Professor Ng Uses Visme in Her Classes

Professor Ng found Visme when she was shopping around for a way to make presentations more exciting for her students.

While she tried out Prezi and Infogram for presentations and infographics, she ultimately ended up sticking with Visme due to the ease of use and selection of slide templates.

visme law professor - selection of visme slide templates

“Prezi didn’t have the photographs and graphics that Visme has. I really like the graphics, and I love how easy it is to add graphics into the slides. I was also really attracted to the infographics. I think Visme has an awesome range of infographics.”

Plus, why use two different programs when you can just learn the ins and outs of a single platform and create everything you need all in one place?

When it comes to creating presentations, Professor Ng takes advantage of many different features inside Visme.

For example, she loves the map feature. This is helpful for instances when she needs to provide an overview of the laws in different states.

“I also love the process slides, like the timeline, because a lot of the law moves over time. Having the timeline helps students visualize things so much more clearly.”

The timeline slides help her to visualize, for example, how the law was in 1850, then how things may have changed by 1920.

She’s also able to create more visual agendas with the Visme presentation slides, like in the example below.

visme law professor - agenda slide for the classroom

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How Professor Ng Creates Engaging Visuals for Her Students

Not only does Professor Ng create engaging presentation slides with Visme, but she also uses the platform to put together PDF documents for her smaller classes with their college essays, projects and assignments.

“I’ve used Visme to create PDF documents for assignments. It’s really attractive to the students because they’re so used to getting a Word Document, so when they see a nicely packaged PDF document that’s an assignment, I’ve noticed that they put a lot more effort into their work.”

Check out one of these such assignments that she’s created using a Visme template below.

visme law professor - pdf class assignments

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To create these visuals, Professor Ng says she loves how easy it is to update and customize Visme templates to look just the way she wants them. And it's easy to provide assignment help with visuals.

“It’s so easy to create really attractive slides because the graphics I want are right there, the fonts are attractive, the colors are attractive, the picture resolution, it’s great.”

Professor Ng also likes that she can import her old PowerPoint presentations and update them as needed, rather than having to start completely from scratch on class materials that she’s had for years.

“A lot of my presentations are partly Visme slides and partly PowerPoint slides so that I can use old presentations. I replace slides that need to be updated with Visme slides.”

She takes advantage of many of Visme’s slide templates, like the process and timeline slides we mentioned earlier. But she’s also found creative uses of several other slide templates that fit perfectly into her lessons.

“With law, we tend to take excerpts from cases, so I use the testimonial templates to share the law quotations with the judge’s picture.”


Other Visme Features Professor Ng Uses

Professor Ng loves the ability to search for photos and graphics right inside the platform and then drag and drop them right in the slide.

“I’m a huge fan. There are a lot of features that I like. I love those little icons. I love how easy it is to use. The more I use Visme, the easier it gets. I think I’ll be using Visme for quite awhile.”

With over one million stock photos and ten thousand icons available inside Visme, it’s easy to find exactly what you need.

And adding photos to a presentation slide helps make the content much more visual than a slide full of text, just like Professor Ng did in the slide below. Creating a balance between text and visuals and focusing on a single topic per slide is one of our biggest presentation tips.

visme law professor - slideshow example

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“I see a difference in student engagement. The slides are so attractive, but yet it’s so easy to present really complex information.”

Professor Ng has also shown her colleagues her presentations, leading many of them to also look to Visme for improving their class presentations and other visual materials.

“I would definitely recommend Visme because I think that knowledge and information is so important, and being able to capture information and present it in a way that is attractive, engaging and informative, the audience will get what you’re trying to say in a more effective way.”


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