How a Career Prep App Increased Website Traffic With Downloadable PDF Guides

How a Career Prep App Increased Website Traffic With Downloadable PDF Guides

Written by:
Chloe West

Feb 14, 2020
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“One of the things that really sold me on Visme was the ease of which I could make these things so I don’t have to bother our graphic designer every time we need some visual element.”

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Content marketing is a valuable marketing strategy that helps businesses build their audience through blog posts, email content, video content and even downloadable PDF guides.

This is one of the reasons Career Karma wanted to start creating comprehensive guides to host on their website and share educational information about various career paths and career advancement.

They started looking for visually appealing white paper templates that they could customize to fit their content and their brand, and they found Visme.

“We decided we wanted to start launching these comprehensive guides to different tech careers, and we were trying to find some nice looking templates that we could alter to fit our brand.”

Visme’s templates are fully customizable, making it easy for Chad and the Career Karma team to brand their PDF content and create engaging downloadables for their audience.

“One thing we like about the Visme templates is that there’s enough variety to keep it interesting, but we were still able to keep a general look and feel. We can have some variation, but they still have some cohesion.”

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How Career Karma Uses Visme In Their Business

While Career Karma’s large scale use of Visme focuses on their comprehensive PDF downloads, Chad and his team also use Visme in other ways as well.

“I use Visme anytime I need a basic infographic or some sort of visual element.”

The platform is so versatile that any type of content can be created and edited to fit exactly what you need, from documents to infographics to blog post graphics and more.

“When creating infographics, the interface is a lot more intuitive than other tools that we’ve tried.”

But like I said, their biggest venture is their downloadable PDF guides. Career Karma is a career prep app that helps its audience find the perfect coding bootcamp match so they can find a career in tech.

With this in mind, the brand wanted to come up with the best way to provide comprehensive guides on career paths, as well as a visually appealing way to share research reports that they’ve put together.

“Initially, the reason why we were seeking out these templates is we had put together a really comprehensive report, and we wanted to publish that in a really nice, visually appealing way.”

Take a look at a few pages below to see how this report ended up coming out.

case study visme increased website traffic - income share report by career karma
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Career Karma’s goal is to ramp up their publication of these reports and guides even further, as the results they’ve seen so far have been nothing but positive.

“We’re trying to scale up to publishing about three of these guides a week, and we’re developing landing pages for each career that will have the PDF embedded.”

Take a look at the landing page for their guide to paying for coding bootcamp, where they’ve included infographics made in Visme as well as the embedded PDF. Grab a sneak peek of this guide below.

case study visme increased website traffic - how to pay for coding bootcamp by career karma
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How Career Karma Increased Website Traffic Creating PDF Guides With Visme

When Career Karma first started creating these PDF guides, they were first just looking for new and better ways to provide their user base with information, but the results they saw were a huge bonus.

As soon as they published their initial report, they saw a major spike in website traffic and knew they needed to create more of these.

“We had such success when we published that report – now it’s our second highest traffic page – that we wanted to expand it and do more, and now most of our pages with Visme-made PDFs or guides are our top traffic pages.”

In fact, they launched a remote working guide in November 2019, and the landing page housing the PDF generated 16% of their total traffic just that day.

For now, they’ve been creating individual landing pages for each of their guides and reports, but they plan to create a full resource library where their website visitors can easily access everything all in one place.


Other Visme Features Career Karma Uses

One thing that has been a lifesaver for Chad has been the ability to create branded content and easily switch out colors and fonts in the templates with the Visme Brand Kit.

“Visme makes it really easy to not just use the templates in your own way, but also to alter them as much as you need to.”

Visme’s selection of white paper templates gives the Career Karma team plenty of options when getting started with a new guide or report.

They just recently launched their State of the Bootcamp Market Report for 2020, taking advantage of a mix of Visme templates and the brand kit, as well as previously customized templates saved in their dashboard.

case study visme increased website traffic - state of the bootcamp market report by career karma
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“The slide library is awesome, being able to have a standard slide that you want to add to all of your projects and being able to do that pretty easily is great, rather than trying to recreate each page.”

Chad is also a member of our Visme Lounge Facebook group and loves the community there surrounding everyone’s designs and Visme creations.

Career Karma’s use of Visme extends from documents to infographics and other marketing graphics, and Chad much prefers the platform over other design tools he’s used.

“I would absolutely recommend Visme to anybody, whether you have design experience or not at all. I think it’s the most intuitive platform for visual content.”


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