How a Marketing Team Uses Visme as Their Full Marketing Platform

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Chloe West

Oct 17, 2019
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“We have ambitions to expand the business. We have to be able to quickly create visuals that fit the different markets we plan to target. The idea is that we can use Visme as the marketing platform for the whole company.”

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When getting started on a new marketing campaign and trying to determine your messaging, it’s important to find a platform that allows you to create all of the assets you need in order to promote your business.

This is what smart fire prevention company Innohome was looking for when they stumbled across Visme at the beginning of 2018.

“We went through a few different programs, trying to figure out what we would do with marketing, what would be the messaging and how that would translate to creating the actual marketing pieces. All of a sudden we found Visme, and we really liked it.”

It helps company efficiency to have a single program that can take care of multiple tasks in one. One thing the marketing team at Innohome loves about Visme is the fact that they can use the software in many different ways.


How Innohome Uses Visme in Their Business

The marketing team at Innohome creates many different graphic assets to promote their smart fire technology.

“We are creating layouts for our advertising on digital and social mostly. We’re using the good selection of graphic elements to create infographics. There’s also a good selection of ready-made templates we’re using for presentations and reports.”

The most prominent designs Innohome produces with Visme are the assets for their social media and digital advertising, as you can see below.

visme case study - how innohome uses visme

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Innohome has run hundreds of different kinds of ads, and since these tend to require a lot of time and money, Visme has been a huge help here.

“This is why we mostly use Visme. It’s cost efficient and helps in saving time. As a small organization, we have limited resources, and Visme has been a good solution for that.”

Many small and growing businesses out there can relate with the need to get a lot of work done with limited resources. Due to this, it’s important to find tools that are really versatile and can help take care of multiple tasks.

Innohome’s marketing team consists of a powerful duo, Eero and Johanna, who both utilize Visme to help execute their marketing strategy. They constantly use the sharing features in their team account, allowing them to easily send their projects back and forth for feedback.

“Both of us can crank out marketing material very quickly and it looks great. This typically means you put a lot of money into it, but we didn’t have to.”

Not only that, but Innohome’s marketing team is hoping to expand the use of Visme throughout the entire organization. Eero has also created a whole new presentation deck for the company to utilize.

Their goal right now is to expand the usage over to their sales team to start with, eventually getting the engineers and manufacturing operations on board as well.


How Innohome Uses Visme as an All-in-One Marketing Platform

Innohome’s initial goal when signing up for Visme was to find a platform that the two marketers could use without needing to hire graphic designers that they really couldn’t allocate the budget for.

“Visme is great because of the good selection of graphic elements and the good-looking templates. Using those together with our own images and videos, we’re able to create marketing assets that help us to seem bigger than we are.”

Using the platform to create visuals for their ads, infographics for marketing purposes and presentation decks for internal use helps tremendously when faced with a limited budget.

visme case study - visme for marketing

The agility of Visme’s graphic design platform has allowed their marketing team of two to very quickly come up with a marketing strategy and execute that strategy using strong visuals with a consistent look that is still very professional and high-quality.

Innohome’s marketing team understands that visual presentation is important. And when targeting different audiences, they need to be able to quickly adjust their graphics to cater their ads to each varying market.

“Visme is very intuitive. We have a platform that allows us to make things very quickly. Somebody who doesn’t necessarily have a marketing background is able to create something visually appealing.”

Outside of marketing graphics, Innohome has even used Visme to create collateral for their distributors, like instructions on how to use the products, infographics and visual aids on how they function and more.

They love that they can create things in addition to social graphics without having to work with a designer or an agency, going through multiple rounds of revisions until they approve the finished product.

Instead, they can quickly and easily put together their own designs that fit their visions, and immediately move forward with incorporating them into their marketing strategy.


Other Features Innohome Uses

One of the Visme features that the Innohome marketing team loves most is the selection of templates to choose from when getting started with a new design.

“Visme was a good solution because of the selection of graphic elements and the nice looking templates.”

Our design platform also offers thousands of icons to choose from and use in your designs. As a smart fire prevention company, Innohome tends to lean towards many of our flame icons in their graphics.

visme case study - features innohome uses

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The marketing team also loves the fact that they can publish their designs and access analytics for them right in their Visme dashboard.

Innohome has a team account with Visme, which means they have access to our business features, like the Brand Kit, where they’ve set up their company colors for easy access in all of their creations.

They also love being able to save templates for later use and store their designs in various folders. This feature will be a huge help as they roll out Visme’s use across their business.

All in all, throughout our conversation, the two marketers always went back to the usability and intuitiveness of the platform, and how easy it is to quickly create beautiful designs.

“Even though there are lots of graphic design tools available nowadays, and I have tested several of them, I have found Visme the most intuitive to use, saving time and money, and resulting in very good looking graphic design elements.”


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