60 Unique Business Card Ideas for Professional Business Cards

60 Unique Business Card Ideas for Professional Business Cards
Nayomi Chibana

Written by:
Nayomi Chibana

Dec 11, 2016
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In this digital age, the old-fashioned business card is still as necessary as it ever was.

Think of the last time you met with a potential client or business partner. Was it easier to take the time to input phone numbers and emails into your phone? Or simply exchange business cards? The latter of course!

A physical business card not only allows you to make a personal connection when you meet someone for the first time, it also makes your brand more memorable--if done right.

This is why we’ve put together a list of eye-catching business card examples to inspire your own and help you make a lasting impression.

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60 Eye-Catching Business Card Design Ideas (Categorized)

Category #1: Modern Business Card Ideas

Category #2: Minimal Business Card Ideas

Category #3: Creative Business Card Ideas

Category #4: Elegant Business Card Ideas

Category #5: Vintage Business Card Ideas


Category #1: Modern Business Card Ideas

These modern business card ideas are fashionable and contemporary. That's why they're perfect for forward-thinking businesses who want to try something new to stand out.


Artsy and Fashionable

If you’re going for something equally fashionable but with a bit more decorative flair, there’s this web designer business card in a variety of styles, which can also be used for any other occupation. Modern and clean, it puts on display the designer’s eye for color and harmonious composition.


Sophisticated and Energetic

Those in search of something evocative of sophistication and elegance but also energy and optimism, there’s this beautifully designed vertical business card, which is a welcome departure from the traditional horizontal card.


Floral and Colorful

Most successful business cards incorporate elements that remind the viewer of its distinct product or service. In this case, this bright and colorful pattern is the perfect fit for a floral company.


Radiant and Stimulating

This creative web developer business card uses a unique pattern to catch your eye and then balances it with a very clean design on the opposite side.


Clean and Simple

This fun and clean business card design is effective due to the use of simple yet attractive icons and an eye-catching color scheme.


Bold and Professional

This two-color business card for a 3D design and animation studio effectively communicates the brand’s personality: forward-thinking, experimental and playful. The color purple and the drilled holes also help make it stand out from a pile of traditional cards.


Memorable and Unique

This eye-catching business card with raised spot gloss details features interesting patterns and color selections. As with all effective designs, it also conveys one key brand message: this is the point of origin of creativity of thought and uniqueness.


Transparent and Clear

Another trend that has been growing in popularity is the use of transparent or translucent business cards made of a special polymer plastic that diffuses light as it passes through. From semi-transparent cards to frosted ones, there’s something for every taste.


Dynamic and Striking

This business card for architects, engineers or designers is more than just a piece of paper--it’s an eye-catching mini structure that brings to mind values such as dynamism, creativity and boldness.


Effective and Noteworthy

Like other examples in this list, this guitar instruction business card makes the most of the small space allotted by reminding the potential customer of the service or product offered. In this case, the use of UV spots (the shiny layers) in the form of different chords is an ingenious example that can serve as inspiration for your own clever idea.


Stunning and Beautiful

This retro foil business card for Absolut is an absolute keeper. The vibrant colors, creative patterns and gold foil come together to create a brilliant retro look.


Square and Holographic

In a departure from the traditional, this square business card strays from the norm not only in its shape but also in the use of a holographic foil edge.


White on White

Another idea for a blind embossed business card, this example may inspire you to create your own white-on-white messages.


Edgy and Distinctive

The Ukrainian studio Tough Slate Design created this very unique and edgy design for the brand Woodstock Sawmill. Inspired by the topographic landscape of the sawmill’s region, this design is highly unique and distinctive.


Contemporary and Playful

IKEA is a brand known for its playful and colorful identity, so designer Joe Ling set out to create a business card that would reflect those values. Like the products IKEA is known for, the cards require interaction with other cards to assemble a final image, in this case, the IKEA logo.


Glow in the Dark

If you think some of these business card ideas are a little off-the-wall, then take a look at this glow-in-the-dark design. Printed using phosphorescent ink, this card effectively gets the point across that you can call them at any hour of the night or day.


Colorful Edge Painting

Another printing technique you can use to stand out is colorful edge painting. This business card for a social club, which was letterpressed on Muscletone French Paper, is unique in that the colors and materials work together to create a more memorable physical reminder of the brand.


Creative Flat Design

Flat design trends are also extending to business card design, reflected in this colorful rebranding project for a youth program. Exuberant and youthful, the design matches the company’s philosophy of motivating youth through dance, music and design.


Category #2: Minimal Business Card Ideas

If you believe that "less is more," these minimal business card ideas are perfect for you. Designed with lots of white space, clean and simple lines, and soothing color schemes, these business cards make your company look just as uncluttered and professional.


Understated and Tasteful

Even when creating your own business cards, the design principle of “less is more” is still a good rule to follow.

Take a look at this understated yet memorable card for an interior design studio. The perfect selection of colors, fonts and generous use of white space immediately catches and pleases the eye.


Minimal and Geometric

Bright vivid colors and aesthetically pleasing geometric elements come together in this minimalist business card design, which is perfect for the budding graphic designer or artist.


Bright and Citrusy

This playful and citrus-colored card is ideal for those looking to project a youthful and vibrant image. The selection of colors and creative use of scale to make the brand name bleed off the page also communicate out-of-the-box thinking.


Simple Yet Daring

Like the brand it represents, this in-your-face modern business card design uses creative imagery, bold colors and a creative layout to grab your attention. Its expert use of white space and shadows also makes the design pop.


Colorful and Minimal

This geometric and minimal design effectively communicates values such as dynamism, productivity and progress.


Abstract and Sublime

As a business card design for a center which promotes the arts, this is a perfectly crafted example of effective branding and logo design. The different variations of shapes ingeniously communicate both the center’s mission and purpose while evoking the organization’s logo.


Minimal and Colorful

This minimal business card combines illustration and color for a sleek, playful design. Featuring negative space and natural elements, they work hand in hand to produce an eye-catching and memorable business card.


Amusing and Smart

This unique business card immediately draws the eye as it entices viewers to pull out the card to discover something new. In just a single interaction, they are reminded of the need to take care of that pesky cavity and give the dentist a call.


Eco-Friendly and Natural

Another example of an eco-friendly kraft paper business card, this design stands out due to its clean, minimalist and natural look.


Simple Yet Intriguing

For those looking for a handcrafted and minimalist look, check out this stylish design for a Japanese restaurant. Its simple yet intriguing design is reflective of the elegance and mystery associated with the brand and Japanese culture.


A Hint of Orange

The judicious use of bright accent colors over muted backgrounds is popular in the design world nowadays. Just take a look at this minimalist card achieves just the right balance by splashing a little orange on one side.


Back to the Basics

If you’re looking for the simple corporate business card, no frills or colors, then this one’s for you. It sticks to the basics, including logo, stamp and contact information.


Category #3: Creative Business Card Ideas

If normal is not your thing, these creative business card ideas will definitely inspire you to create your own. That's because these business cards are more than just plain pieces of paper.

Get inspired by vertical layouts, pop-ups, cut-outs, witty humor, optical illusions and other creative techniques used in the business card ideas below.


Texture and Vibrating Patterns

This creative letterpress business card combines black and metallic silver over a cream-colored paper. Using what’s called optical art which creates the illusion of movement and vibrating patterns, this design is sure to make it stand out from a pile of other ordinary business cards.


Witty and Humorous

The location-based social network Yik Yak created these memorable business cards that depart from the norm: Instead of the typical company information, they decided to create variations of cards with their favorite user quotes.


Effective Layout and Typography

This traditionally colored black-and-white card breaks the mold, nonetheless, by implementing a creative and strong layout. It expertly uses typography to achieve an eye-catching design that manages to make you look twice.


Creative and Noticeable

This black-and-white die cut business card stands out from a pile of 3.5 x 2 rectangles due not only to its vertical orientation but also its unique shape.


Functional and Original

One way to keep potential clients from throwing away your card is to make it functional and useful. This coaster in the form of a hexagon, for example, might just become a permanent part of someone’s office space or household, keeping your brand top-of-mind.


Playful and Relatable

Another creative way to make your business card memorable and functional is to transform it into a deck of playing cards. This way it is more likely to find its way into someone’s living room or dining table.


Clever and Imaginative

If you’re looking for another creative idea, here’s this fun 3D folding business card for a shipping company.


Relief Design and Cut-Outs

Resorting to alternative materials is another surefire way to stand out. Just take a look at this vertical card printed on custom thick paper. Laser-etched in custom relief design with cut-outs, this unique business card almost looks like a thin slab of rock.


Fun and Interactive

It’s hard not to remember this business card, which cleverly communicates a unique value proposition in an effective way. The fact that the viewer can interact with it, not knowing what to expect next, makes it especially memorable.


Cute and Informal

In the right circumstances, you can also strike a cute and informal tone, as in this example of a business card with illustrations. The use of a vibrant color over a black-and-white photo also makes the design pop and stand out.


Delightful and Engaging

him and her business card design

Credit: Ollibird

Another example of a winning marketing idea is this set of husband-and-wife business cards, which perfectly complement each other just like this pair of endearing business partners.


Heat Sensitive and Interactive

Yet another way to set yourself apart is to use heat-sensitive cards like the ones above, created for a photographer. These are particularly interactive and engaging as they allow customers to create their own images using the heat from their hands or face. The black turns to different shades of grey and finally white at body temperature.


Imaginative and Resourceful

This delightful die cut business card allows customers to actually make a small sculpture of a rabbit using the cut-out parts provided. This could be an effective idea for brands in the business of arts, crafts, and other hands-on hobbies.


Fun and Games

This 3D letterpress business card design for a furniture company is another example of how to make your card interactive and engaging.


Crafty and Metaphorical

If you’re looking for more ideas for a die cut 3D stand up business card, then this one for a creative agency might give you some much-needed inspiration. With different variations of messages related to uniqueness, this card strives to literally “stand out” from the pile of ordinary cards.


Using Borrowed Interest

One tried-and-true method for making connections with potential customers is to piggyback off of a name or interest that is more relatable to them. For example, the feeling of having in your hands a front-row seat ticket to a special event is bound to be more exciting than holding a plain business card.


Clever Illusion

This creative business card plays with perspective to get potential clients to do a double take. The lines and unconventional shape create the illusion of a 3D object which is actually two dimensional.


Category #4: Elegant Business Card Ideas

Create a business card that's as sophisticated, luxurious and classy as your business. These elegant business card ideas are timeless, and work best for fashion brands, luxury cars, hotels and similar industries. Get inspired by your favorite elegant business card idea below.


Elegant and Bold

The right color scheme can go a long way in making the perfect first impression. Just take a look at the beautiful combination of blues and gold in this card for an aerial videography company.

In just 3.5 x 2 inches, it communicates the many facets of its brand: luxury, elegance and boldness.


Royal and Luxurious

If you’re looking for a particularly refined design, this expertly crafted embossed and gold foil business card is one of a kind. The combination of gold over a black background with elements that stand out in relief create a lasting impression.


Stylish and Sophisticated

This beautiful combination of turquoise and black with gold foil is a surefire hit. As a business card for a wedding and portrait photography studio, it perfectly communicates elegance and vibrance in a single design.


Beautiful Simplicity

This design keeps things nice and clean by using plenty of white space and making the logo stand out through a varnish finish, which is one of the most common printing techniques for business cards.


Tasteful and Stylish

A project for an interior design agency, this card brings together a stylish and tasteful combination of fonts and color schemes that is sure to serve as inspiration for your own. As a marketing tool for a company focused on aesthetics, this business card clearly exalts the values of beauty and elegant simplicity.


Ingenious and Slick

This self promotional card uses a clever invisible typography trick to get you to look twice: Using blind letterpress, it hides a message within a message and, in the process, gets you to look for a second or two longer.


Elegant Mint Color

This business card for an online retail store also uses blind letterpress printing and incorporates an elegant mint color that is in line with the brand’s identity and overall look and feel.


Category #5: Vintage Business Card Ideas

Looking for rustic, vintage business card ideas that take you back to the good ol' times? Create nostalgic vibes around your brand with these vintage business card ideas. Below, you'll find eco-friendly, retro, organic and similar themes to inspire your own business card design.


Rustic and Natural

For those looking for an eco-friendly vibe, this kraft paper business card does the trick. Its earth-colored design and textured paper perfectly communicates the idea of sustainability.


Worn and Antique

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without an example of a retro, vintage style business card, reminiscent of the Wild West.

Using blind letterpress, to create a subtle and classic look, on one side and screen printing on the other, this creative business card was hand sanded to give it a worn and antique look.


Retro and Vintage

This impressive black letterpress business card is sure to catch anyone’s eye. Its use of stylish and curvy typography in relief, which adds a nice dose of texture, over a black background makes for a wow-worthy design.


Vintage Typography

This vintage business card for an art gallery is an example of a unique letterpress design that brings to the fore the designer’s gift for brand and logo design.


Natural and Organic

This gold foiled business card for a produce supplier perfectly reflects the words that should come to mind when you think fruits and vegetables: fresh, clean and natural.


Ecological and Thrifty

For those looking to really stand out from the crowd, there’s this ecological business card stamp that can be printed on practically any type of paper or recycled material.

Note: This will not work for every type of business; only those that want to make a point of being very environmentally aware.


Now Over to You

Now that you've received plenty of inspiration for possible designs, you can create your own business card designs and mock-ups using a free online visual content creation tool called Visme. Get started with the business card creator today.

And if you have your own inspirational business card examples you would like to share, don't hesitate to drop us a line below, and we'll get back to you.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this section, we've attempted to answer some of the most commonly asked questions regarding business cards and business card design. If you have any other queries not addressed below, feel free to reach out to us in the comments section.

Q1. What should be included on a business card?

A business card should include your full name, job title, company name and logo, website, phone number, email address and any other contact details, such as your social media handles.

Q2. What should you not put on a business card?

Don't put outdated and unnecessary information on your business card, such as old phone numbers and physical addresses of online businesses. Also, make sure you don't add too much text in the form of a bio — keep it simple and to-the-point.

Q3. How do you create a good business card?

A good business card effectively utilizes space and design principles so it can hold all the important information without looking cluttered and wordy.

You can create a great-looking business card with the help of professionally designed business card templates. Simply edit one by adding in your own information and you're done.

Q4. What are the benefits of having a business card?

A business card is an inexpensive and affordable way to promote your business, increase brand awareness, and enable potential leads and customers to get in touch with you.

Business cards also offer a personal touch when handed over to a potential customer, which boosts your chances of getting contacted by them. The way you design your business card also helps build and strengthen your brand image.

Q5. Should you put a QR code on your business card?

Yes! Adding a QR code to your business card is a great way to drive traffic to your website, intrigue potential clients and convey more information by redirecting people to an online source, such as your website, landing page, about page or social media page.

Q6. What is the difference between a business card and a calling card?

The difference between a business card and a calling card is that a business card always represents a business, and may also have the name and contact details of the person handing it out.

A calling card, on the other hand, can be handed out by individuals not necessarily linked to a business, and always has the name and contact information of the person handing it out.

Q7. What is a business card's purpose?

A business card can serve many purposes, from promoting your business and increasing brand awareness to building a brand image and enabling potential clients to get in touch.

Q8. How can you design your own business card?

You can easily design your own business card using Visme's business card maker. Start from scratch or customize one of the many professionally designed business card templates.

Visme lets you access design assets like premium fonts, creative backgrounds, icons and shapes, QR codes and much more to create a unique and memorable business card.

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