50 Eye-Catching Logo Color Schemes and Combinations

50 Eye-Catching Logo Color Schemes and Combinations

Written by:
Chloe West

Jan 24, 2020
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Coming up with a color scheme—whether it’s a new logo color scheme, colors to use inside of an infographic or a color palette for your upcoming presentation—is hard.

While in many instances, you’ll simply use your company’s branding to guide your design colors, there are cases you want to branch out and find a different palette to use.

Even the most seasoned designers can struggle with picking the colors to go inside of a new design because they have to find palettes that match and keep color psychology in mind along the way.

This is why we put together this roundup of 50 eye-catching logo color schemes to help you find inspiration and understand the different color palettes that work well together.

Regardless of if you’re starting a new company and in need of a logo, looking to rebrand or simply looking for color scheme inspiration, we’ve got you covered.


How to Choose Your Logo Color Scheme

Before we dive into the 50 logo color schemes we’ve gathered, let’s talk about how you can choose the perfect color scheme for your new logo.

Different colors mean different things, and it’s good to have an idea of what color schemes are often used in your industry.

Even if you’re rebranding, trying a new color scheme might be the way to go if you’re looking to change your company’s image.

Here are a few tips when it comes to finding the perfect logo color scheme.

Understand your brand voice.

What kind of message do you want to convey with your brand voice? Is your company friendly and relatable? Informative and authoritative? Sassy and bold?

Knowing how you plan to direct your messaging can be a big factor in choosing brand colors that help to convey that brand voice and personality.

For example, yellow can convey friendliness and optimism while blue can convey trust and intelligence. A less serious brand would incorporate yellow into their brand colors, while more serious companies like health insurance and financial institutions would use blue.

Analyze your competition.

Paying attention to the color schemes that your competitors are using in their logos is a great way to gain a better understanding of the colors used in your industry.

This can also help you determine if it would be safer for you to use similar colors to blend in, or try something different to stand out.

Understand color psychology.

As I said earlier, colors mean things. They can have positive and negative connotations based on the tints and shades, and you don’t want to convey the wrong message in your logo.

Make sure you have a thorough understanding of color psychology before choosing your logo color scheme so that your brand emits the perfect message.


50 Eye-Catching Logo Color Schemes

1 Visme

Of course we had to include our own brightly colored logo in here! As a graphic design software, we wanted to bring as much color to the table as possible.

And while you won’t see all of these colors overwhelming you in our design dashboard—we tend to keep that very neutral with our dark blues—we love having these as secondary colors inside our logo to give us a pop of color and help us to stand out.


2 Slack

Slack is an online communication tool that many remote teams and collaborators (like us here at Visme!) use to stay in touch with each other.

Its brightly colored logo stands out nicely against the deep purple of their interface, making the app easy to find in one’s phone or browser.

I personally love a good multi-colored logo like this as it gives brands the opportunity to play with color in unique ways, rather than being boxed in by one or two main shades.


3 FedEx

FedEx is an iconic logo, all the way from the hidden arrow to its bright and in-your-face orange, purple and white color scheme.

Not many people would put orange and purple together in a design, but the combination of a bright orange and a deep purple works perfectly for this recognizable brand.


4 Mailchimp

The eye-catching yellow in Mailchimp’s recently rebranded logo color scheme is perfect for a tech company. The email marketing platform utilizes this yellow and black color palette beautifully to both grab attention, and keep their designs succinct and on brand.


5 Lo-Fi Brewing Co

Who says beer companies always have to be brown, green and blue? This bright and ombré pink to orange Lo-Fi Brewing Company logo is sure to stand out among competitors in the cooler section of the grocery store.

Sometimes, breaking away from what most other companies in your industry do can be a great way to stand out and get people looking at your brand.


6 Upstart

Upstart is a personal loan company, which is no surprise when we take a look at this muted color palette. Most financial companies tend to have a muted blue or green hue in their logo, and this two-tone teal is perfect.


7 Miami Dolphins

Football fan, anyone? The Miami Dolphins have one of the most eye-catching logos with their teal flat-design dolphin in the middle and a bright orange sun surrounding it.

If you’re looking for a winning logo color scheme, pairing a more muted tone with a bright color can create a great balance.


8 Sprout Social

Sometimes all you need in life is a good monochromatic logo color scheme, which is exactly what social media management software Sprout Social has put together.

This logo design and coloring makes sense for a brand whose name mentions greenery. While green logos can sometimes symbolize nature or eco-friendliness, that doesn’t always have to be the case, as proven here.


9 MasterCard

MasterCard recently rebranded to create a more modern version of their well-known logo, while still keeping the same logo color scheme they’ve had for years.

This warm color palette has helped MasterCard to become as instantly recognizable as it is, and they created this iconic logo with just a couple of shapes. You can create your own similar logo using the geometric shapes available right inside Visme!


10 NBC

Another fun rainbow logo color scheme comes from the network NBC! Their colorful peacock logo was designed to showcase the TV network introducing color TV to its viewers.

Think about how your own logo’s color scheme can represent a product or service that your business offers, similar to NBC’s original mission.

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11 Dunkin’

You can’t go wrong with a brightly colored logo like Dunkin’ when you’re trying to grab your audience’s attention. This bright orange and pink color scheme is sure to wake you up in the mornings, just like their coffee and donuts.


12 Names for Change

This unique logo features a gorgeous pastel color scheme of aqua, purple and coral, and is a great one to emulate if you’re looking for a more muted tone of voice in your branding.


13 Best Buy

Just like many brands that have been around for decades, Best Buy has also recently rebranded to a more flat and modern design.

However, they’ve still kept their bright blue and yellow logo color scheme. They just faded out the black outline they used to have around their text and price tag. Their yellow is now more of an accent color as well, with the blue and white taking precedence.


14 Airbnb

Airbnb’s logo color scheme is simple and to the point, but this can often be useful with branding.

If you find a single color that you feel really represents your brand, you can easily pair it with blacks, greys and whites throughout your designs, allowing your main brand color to really shine.


15 Panera Bread

Panera’s logo color scheme might not necessarily be the sexiest, but it’s instantly recognizable. Pair their color scheme with their brand fonts, and you can spot a Panera ad from a mile away.

And regardless of whether you love their olive and tan palette or not, that’s really what branding is all about.


16 Wilson, North Carolina

Even cities have their own logos and branding! Wilson, North Carolina recently rebranded to this fun, playful and bright logo design, and we’re loving this color scheme.

The warm orange and yellow mixed in with accents of cool blue help to create the perfect balance, and is a strategy that you can pull into your own logo color scheme.


17 Pampers

Pampers is another great example of a logo mixing together warm and cool colors. This aqua and yellow-orange pairing is a great way to grab your audience’s attention.


18 Expedia

Sometimes, the perfect logo color scheme is almost all one color, with a simple accent of a second color to offset it, like with this Expedia logo.

Creating this accent in your logo can also help to guide your other branding and marketing materials. If you already know that you’re going to have one bright color be a small accent, it makes your overall design much easier.


19 Harley Davidson

Harley-Davidson is another well-known brand with a recognizable logo shape and color scheme. It’s so recognizable, in fact, that many loyal customers and fans have even gotten tattoos of the logo.


20 Hyatt Place

The Hyatt Place is another great example of a colorful logo. They use different colored circles to create an H, with black circles representing the spaces in the letter.

This is a creative use of color for the hotel brand, making a simple geometric logo seem more involved.


21 Airtable

Airtable’s logo uses different tints and shades of the three primary colors—red, yellow and blue. This is a great way to incorporate a tried and true color scheme into your logo.


22 Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth is a jewelry company known for their work with conflict-free diamonds. They’ve incorporated a green shade into their logo to showcase their eco-friendliness while still making it feminine.


23 Billie

Billie is a women’s razor company, and their pastel, feminine logo helps them to resonate with the audience they’re targeting.

Keeping your target audience and their favorite color schemes in mind is a great way to start your new business or rebrand off on the right foot with your potential customers.


24 Drip

Drip’s bright fuschia logo is another example of how a single main color can really help your brand to stand out.

Whether you choose a neon color like Drip did or a more muted tone line we saw in Airbnb’s logo, finding one single color to represent your brand can have a really strong effect if you do it right.


25 Brandwatch

We’ve got another multi-colored rainbow logo with Brandwatch. These types of logos are always eye-catching, and there are so many different ways to take advantage of rainbow colors.

Choose a brighter version like NBC or a more subdued palette like you see here in Brandwatch’s logo color scheme.


26 Gorjana

Gorjana is a feminine jewelry company and their tan/gold and white color scheme helps to visualize the quality and high-end feel of the brand.


27 Monday.com

Monday.com is a project management software, and its traffic light logo color scheme is very relevant to the idea of moving things along.

Figure out if you can create a color scheme for your brand that abstractly relates to your company and what it does in a similar way.

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28 Career Karma

Here we have a mostly black logo with just a couple of orange accents. This can help the brand feel serious and important, while still giving it a playful edge with that pop of color.


29 Tableau

Tableau’s logo color scheme is also multi-colored, but leans more blue in its shades. Even the warmer shades feel a bit understated.

As I’ve mentioned before, multi-colored palettes can be fun to play with because there are so many different ways to use them. You will see several throughout this roundup.


30 Clarity Money

Remember what I said about financial organizations? They tend to lean towards blue and green color palettes in their branding, and money management app Clarity Money is no different.

The main thing to notice here is the brightness of the greens and blues used. Clarity Money has taken a trustworthy color palette but made it fun.


31 Ahrefs

Ahrefs is an SEO software that uses search engine data to guide its customers’ content strategies. It’s also extremely helpful in helping its users track their backlink data.

This is why it’s important to pay attention to the way they’ve used color in their logo. A typical link HTML tag is <a href=”></a>, and they’ve used a separate color to differentiate the “a” from the rest of the name to acknowledge the space within the tag.


32 Poppin

Modern and contemporary office furniture brand Poppin is another great example of using a single bright color to stand out. Their website also takes advantage of this bright hue, making online shopping a fun and colorful experience.


33 CHStoday

CHStoday is a daily newsletter that covers the Charleston, SC area. 6AM City puts together several of these for various cities in the southeast US, all with varying monochromatic logo color schemes, just like this one.

Being from Charleston, this one just happens to be my favorite, but it’s a great example of how several shades of the same color can create some seriously nice branding.


34 Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh is a fresh food subscription box, so it should be no surprise that they’ve incorporated a lot of green into their logo.

Remember that bright greens tend to symbolize natural, eco-friendly brands, and it’s a great color scheme to use if your brand focuses on that.


35 Dress Up

DressUp is a small women’s boutique, and the feminine Millennial pink shade in their logo definitely helps to portray that image.

Find a color that resonates with your target audience (like Millennial pink) and dress it up in your logo color scheme.


36 Sprinklr

Sprinklr is an online customer experience platform, and another one of our multi-colored logos in this list. Are you sensing a pattern here? A lot of tech and SaaS companies take advantage of using a lot of color in their brands.


37 Respona

Respona is an outreach tool to help find contact information for PR and other outreach campaigns.

Many companies with a similar tool stick to a more dull color palette. Respona’s bright purple and teal color scheme helps it to stand out from its competition.

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38 Cognism

Another way to do a single color scheme is by finding a dark shade that you can utilize within your logo and branding. This helps your brand to seem serious and informative, and can be a great use of color if that’s the voice you’re after.


39 OptinMonster

OptinMonster is another marketing software that has utilized some bright shades as well as an adorable little monster within their logo. Creating a mascot logo while still sticking with your color scheme can be a great way to strengthen your brand.


40 Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls

I love a good hot pink and yellow color scheme, and Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls initiative has hit the nail on the head with this guy.

If you’re trying to create an online presence that really grabs attention, a bright logo color scheme like this one is a great way to do so.


41 Health IQ

While many financial institutions stick to trustworthy colors like blue and green, you will also see a lot of healthcare and insurance companies do the same, like we have here with Health IQ.

Blue resonates with people and makes your company feel honest. Pairing that with a muted green and grey in their logo is a safe bet for this brand.


42 Human Rights Campaign

The Human Rights Campaign uses a nice combination of navy blue and bright yellow to ensure the focus in their logo is on the equals sign.

Using colors strategically in your logo can help you to place emphasis on different shapes, symbols and messages.


43 Pantheon

Pantheon’s logo is another example of using an accent color in an otherwise greyscale logo color scheme.

Find a way to create your own accent within your color palette. This can also give you an edge when creating other branded items, like your website and marketing materials, because you’ll already know which color is a secondary accent shade.


44 CoverageBook

CoverageBook has a very subdued logo color scheme here with a pastel pink and a dark teal mixed together. This pretty color combination helps them to create some eye-catching graphics for marketing.


45 Cision

Here’s another great example of using a dark teal shade in a way that grabs attention. This dark teal and bright orange color combination is stunning, and Cision’s use of geometric shapes in their wordmark logo gives it a playful edge.


46 Reese’s

Who can ignore the iconic logo color scheme of Reese’s?

From the candy bar to cereal to Reese’s pieces where the candy itself takes on the color of the logo, this chocolate and peanut butter candy brand has created a color scheme for the ages.


47 Asana

I love a tasteful ombré in a logo, and Asana has nailed it with their minimalist circles. This creates a bright ambiance for the project management software that can motivate its users.


48 Preview

Preview is an Instagram feed planner, hence the square pattern of its pictorial logo. The squares and colors represent a bright and perfectly curated Instagram feed, and we’re loving their use of color here.


49 Later

Later is another social media management tool that’s incorporated colorful squares into the logo. Whether they use their full name, or just the “L,” the company still manages to keep the pixelated squares in their places.

This also gives them free reign to create bright, colorful marketing graphics and assets using a variety of colors. Try using a multi-colored logo color scheme yourself to see just how colorful you can make your brand.


50 TrueData

Last, but certainly not least, we have a monochromatic blue logo color scheme. Blue highlights trustworthiness, as we’ve drilled into you throughout this article, allowing this company to assure its users that their data is accurate.


Use These Logo Color Schemes in Your Graphics

Find a logo color scheme that you love? Use Visme’s color picker to find one similar, or grab the hex codes and drop them right into your Brand Kit to access them over and over again.

Create your own free Visme account to start using these colors inside your own designs. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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