13 Best QR Code Generators for Dynamic QR Codes (2021)

13 Best QR Code Generators for Dynamic QR Codes (2021)

Written by:
Orana Velarde

Are you looking for a way to generate dynamic QR codes for your business?

Here's a list of the 13 best QR code generators in the market for 2021.

Some of the QR code generators you’ll find inside:

  1. Visme
  2. QRCode Monkey
  3. QRStuff
  4. Scanova
  5. Beaconstac
  6. And, more.

We’ve got a lot to cover, so let’s get started.


13 Best QR Code Generators for Dynamic QR Codes (2021)

#1: Visme

#2: QRCode Monkey

#3: QRStuff

#4: Scanova

#5: Beaconstac

#6: Delivr

#7: Unitag

#8: Visualead

#9: QRickit

#10: ZebraQR

#11: QR Code Generator

#12: Shopify’s QR Code Generator

#13: QRTiger

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


QR Code Generator #1: Visme

First up, Visme. The thing about Visme is that it's more than just a QR Code generator. You’d be surprised at all the things you can create (with and without QR codes!)

Let’s take a look at what’s possible with Visme and QR codes.


What is Visme?

Visme is a robust design software with numerous options to create many types of visual content, like social media graphics, event tickets, infographics, documents, flyers and more.

Visme is an all-in-one visual design solution for small businesses and teams. It’s also the perfect tool for academics and educators as well as students of any age.

You’ll find the QR code generator in Visme nestled within your toolbar so that you can add a code to any ongoing project. That means that you can use it for a marketing campaign, redirection service or even for a virtual business card (Vcard).

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Who is it for?

The QR code generator in Visme is for everyone! Anyone who already has a Visme account can take advantage of the QR code generator.

The codes in Visme are static, so they are more suited for content that doesn’t need editing after code generation.

If you use a website as the content for the QR code, you can still change the content inside your website, but if you make a mistake in the URL, you’ll need to create another QR code.

Make sure to test your code before printing it or sharing it with your followers.

Visme QR codes are perfect for adding to flyers, business cards, or even newsletters. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to QR codes.

QR codes work great with flyers. Here’s a video on how to make flyers with Visme.



A screenshot of Visme's pricing page.

It’s free to create a Visme project with a QR code in it. But if you need access to premium templates, design assets and downloading options, you’ll need to buy a paid plan.

  • The Standard plan with more features and access to premium infographics and assets is $15/month,
  • The Best Value plan, the Business plan with unlimited projects and a Brand Kit is $29/month.
  • Enterprise plans are custom upon request.


How can you generate a QR code with Visme?

Generating a QR code with Visme is simple:

  1. Log in to Visme. If you don't have an account, you can sign up here.
  2. Create a new project or open an existing one.
  3. Click on the Apps button on the left side toolbar.
  4. Select the QR generator.
  5. Input the information you’d like the code to have. Options include website URL, Vcard, social media and more.
  6. Choose your style of QR code.
  7. Generate and input in your project.
  8. If you need to adjust the canvas’s size or location, simply use the transform buttons on the corners and the movement arrow at the bottom.

Want to create your own beautiful flyers?

  • Choose from dozens of professionally designed templates
  • Add QR codes, icons, photos, illustrations and more
  • Customize anything to fit your brand image and content needs

Sign up. It's free.


What are some common types of QR codes you can generate with Visme?

The Visme QR code generator has various content options. They are:

  • Web page URL
  • Vcard (your virtual business card)
  • Text (A snippet of text)
  • Email ( to send a pre-written email)
  • SMS (to send a pre-written SMS)
  • Wifi (to connect to a wifi network)

If you want to download your QR code on its own, separately from a project, that’s also possible. The file types available are PNG, JPG, and PDF.

For the PNG and JPG options, you can select between low and high-resolution.


QR Code Generator #2: QRCode Monkey

The second QR code generator on our list is QRCode Monkey. Let’s take a look at what they have to offer.


What is QRCode Monkey?

QRCode Monkey is a versatile and 100% free static QR code generator. They offer many choices in terms of content, colors, logo image and overall look of the code.

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Apart from their free generator, they also have a paid subscription-based plan.

QRCode Studio is their tool for creating dynamic QR codes. You can edit these after generating them. There are also tracking and management options.


Who is it for?

The free version of QRCode Monkey is for any individual or small business that needs to generate static codes for free.

More importantly, this tool is ideal for free codes that look a bit different from the usual. This generator is perfect for anyone who needs a QR code in vector format; SVG or EPS.



The static QR code generator in QR Code Monkey is entirely free without any limits. The QR Code Studio offers three subscription plans:

  • The Starter plan offers three dynamic codes at 5 Euros / month.
  • The Regular plan offers 100 dynamic codes at 15 Euros / month.
  • The Premium plan has the capability of 1000 codes at 39 Euros / month.


QR Code Generator #3: QRStuff

Next up is QR Stuff, similar to QR Code Monkey with a little more to choose from and a unique pricing system.


What is QR Stuff?

QRStuff is a free QR code generator with many options for both static and dynamic codes.

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Simply choose the type of data content you want your code to have and then customize the size, pixel shape, color and print quality.

Alongside their free generator, QR Stuff offers paid subscriptions to create dynamic codes with unique designs and analytics tracking.


Who is it for?

The free version of QR Stuff makes it one of the best QR generators out there for individuals and small businesses with little marketing capital.

This tool comes with many options for data and personalization. There is no limit to how many static codes you can generate, which is great.

The paid version of QR Stuff is one of the best QR code generators for small businesses looking to pay a lower price for unlimited dynamic QR codes.

Companies can create customized QR codes to match their brand and campaign, track analytics, download as vector and create codes in bulk.

The pricing options in QR Stuff are ideal for businesses that want to test a QR code campaign for a short amount of time without tracking beyond the specified time.



Pricing for QR Stuff is simple. You either pay for one month, three months, six months or the entire year. All payment plans include unlimited QR code generation and analytics.

  • 1 month: $11.95
  • 3 months: $9.99
  • 6 months: $8.33
  • 12 months: $7.50


QR Code Generator #4: Scanova

Moving on to Scanova, a more robust QR code generator for large scale QR code marketing campaigns. Let’s have a look.


What is Scanova?

Scanova is one of the best QR generators for large businesses.

They offer high-quality QR code generation and management. Scanova will straight up create a dynamic code and offer you a trial period to test it out.

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Who is it for?

This QR code generator is for businesses ready to invest in QR code campaigns.

Scanova has an easy-to-use app for generating codes with plenty of instructions if you make a mistake while working on your codes.

Scanova also offers custom mobile landing pages with plenty of template options to choose from. Plus, there’s also the option to create password-protected QR codes.

There are high levels of customization with Scanova codes and mobile landing pages.



Scanova pricing plans start at an already high price. The smallest tier already includes mobile landing pages, which is quite practical.

  • The Lite Plan is $15 / month with only five codes available.
  • The Standard Plan is $50 / month with 20 codes.
  • The Pro Plan is $100 / month with unlimited codes.


QR Code Generator #5: Beaconstac

Now we’ve got a bit of a different option with Beaconstac. If you’re looking to create mobile-ready omnichannel campaigns, this might be your best choice.


What is Beaconstac?

Beaconstac is the best QR code generator for multi-channel and omnichannel campaigns. They don’t offer only QR codes but also geofencing, beacons and NFC marketing solutions.

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On the first page of the QR code section, they have an easy to use an app to create static codes in different styles, with logos, color, etc. You can also create dynamic QR codes but can’t download them unless you’ve got a subscription.

Additionally, they also have the option of a QR generation API for other apps to integrate a QR generator into their system.


Who is it for?

Beaconstac is the perfect solution for physical marketplaces looking for proximity marketing solutions to expand their reach beyond the regular channels.

Of course, anyone can use the tool to create free static QR codes, but their value is in the paid plans.

Marketers and business owners have lots of creative options with Beaconstac beyond QR code generation and management.



The pricing plans in Beaconstac are a little different; they have scan limits on dynamic codes. Not many other QR generators and management platforms have this limitation.

  • The Starter Plan with three dynamic QR codes is $5 / month.
  • The Lite Plan with 50 dynamic codes is $12.50 / month.
  • The Pro plan with 250 dynamic codes and deep analytics is $40. 83 / month.


QR Code Generator #6: Delivr

Delivr is one of the pioneers in link shortening and QR codes. Let’s see what they have to offer.


What is Delivr?

Of all the QR code generator on this list, Delivr is one of the oldest and most established.

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You might know them as one of the first link shorteners on the internet. Unlike most other code generators, you need to sign up first before you can even create a static code.

With Delivr, you can create QR codes with images behind them, like other generators on this list. But what Delivr also offers is Motion QR, a QR code with an animation behind it.


Who is it for?

Delivr is ideal for businesses that worry about privacy and safety. It's the best QR code generator for companies that need high-security QR code solutions for more than marketing.

The variety of offers in Delivr is ideal for businesses of any size, but not so much for casual QR code generation.



Delivr has pricing plans for businesses of all sizes, from small businesses to enterprises. Each tier has specific options and available tools.

You can create a range of codes, from simple static QR or custom QR codes to personalized web solutions, mobile landing pages and branded QR code generation.

  • The Free plan has three dynamic-ready codes and unlimited static codes.
  • The Plus plan has 100 dynamic codes at $25 / month.
  • The Prime plan has 250 dynamic codes at $50 / month.
  • The VIP plan has 500 codes at $125 / month.
  • The Pro plan has 1000 codes and lots more business features at $999 / month.
  • Enterprise plans are upon request.


QR Code Generator #7: Unitag

Moving on to no. 7, we have Unitag, one of the few QR code generators that offer an unlimited number of scans on any code generated on their app.


What is Unitag?

Unitag is a QR code generator and QR code reader combo that offers quick and easy QR code generation with customizable styles. To create any type of QR code, be it static or dynamic, you’ll need a Unitag account.

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A notable feature in Unitag is that even if your subscription expires, the QR tag will still be clickable. The analytics data, on the other hand, will not be accessible.


Who is it for?

Unitag is the best QR generator for small businesses that do transactions in Euros; they are a European company. They offer all the basic features of a QR code management too, and are perfect for small and medium businesses.

Since the free option offers unlimited static codes with unlimited scans, it’s also ideal for casual users.



The free plan in Unitag offers unlimited free QR codes with free unlimited scans. The paid subscription plans are more feature-rich.

  • The Basic plan is 100 Euros / month.
  • The Live plan is 300 Euros / month.
  • The Business plan is 800 Euros / month.


QR Code Generator #8: Visualead

We’ve arrived at no. 8! Let’s see what Visualead has to offer as a QR generator.


What is Visualead?

Visualead isn’t just a QR code generator; they also offer Smart Packaging Solutions to integrate QR codes into branded packaging in a seamless and integrated way.

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Even though you need to have a Visualed account to create a static or dynamic code, you can make it first to see how it looks before downloading.

Similar to Delivr, Visualead also offers QR codes over images and QR codes with animation. In the higher pricing tiers, you can include your own animations to the QR codes.

They also offer all the tools to run a successful QR code marketing campaign.


Who is it for?

Visualead is ideal for small and medium businesses running QR code campaigns.

From codes in payment points to smart packaging solutions, this QR code generator goes beyond the regular QR code and offers innovative ways for businesses to grow their audience.

Download QR codes generated with Visualead in many file formats. For example, high-quality JPG for digital campaigns or transparent PNG for packaging designs.

Additionally, Visualead offers tracking for dynamic QR codes with Google Analytics. This integration makes it the perfect tool for growth marketers and SEO driven agencies and businesses.



Visualead has four pricing plans, including a free tier. The three available QR codes generated with the free plan will have Visualead branding included in the design.

  • The Basic Plan with 5 QR codes is $6.23 / month.
  • The Advanced Plan with 50 QR codes is $12.45 / month.
  • The Premium Plan with 150 codes and unlimited scans is $36.75 / month.


QR Code Generator #9: QRickit

QRickit is a free and public QR code generator. Let’s see what it can do for your business.


What is QRickit?

Utterly different from the other QR code generators on our list, QRickit only offers static codes. But they also provide a solution to dynamic tracking using additional services like bit.ly and Google analytics.

Start adding QR codes to your designs for free!Sign up. It's free.


Who is it for?

QRickit is an entirely free service, so it’s the best QR generator for casual use or businesses with no marketing budget.





QR Code Generator #10: ZebraQR

Now let’s talk about QR code menus, one of the fastest-growing contactless service systems since the onset of the pandemic.


What is ZebraQR?

ZebraQR is a unique QR code generator. All the code generators on this list can link to a menu in a PDF or a landing page. This one not only generates the code, but also creates the menu for you.

Start adding QR codes to your designs for free!Sign up. It's free.


Who is it for?

ZebraQR is most definitely the best QR generator for cafes, restaurants and bars looking to create contactless menus. With all the options designed especially for these types of businesses, this tool is just what they need.

Menus are displayed on mobile devices once you scan the code. iPhones have integrated readers in the camera app and Android phones have plenty of reader options in the Play app store.



ZebraQR has three pricing options.

  • The Free plan offers just enough features for a small cafe or restaurant or food truck.
  • The Starter plan offers the menu creation tool and more at $9 / month.
  • The Pro plan with unlimited views and more is $49 / month.


QR Code Generator #11: QR Code Generator

We’re almost done with this list and now we’ve got QR Code Generator, one of the pioneers in the field.


What is QR Code-Generator?

QR Code Generator has been around since the early ’00s, making it easy for businesses and individuals to create QR codes the easy way.

Like some of the other tools on this list, they also offer an API for QR generations inside your app. There are two versions of the tool, QR Code Generator and QR Code Generator Pro.

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The first is a free static code generation tool with better features like colors and logo insertion. The types of content you can add range from web pages, app store products and bitcoin payments.

Pro has all the tools for dynamic code creation and in-depth analytics and management for campaigns.


Who is it for?

QR Code Generator is the best choice for marketing teams, small and medium business or advertising agencies. Their analytics and management platform is ideal for keeping track of QR code campaigns.

Their website offers smart packaging resources and best practices for including QR codes in any print design. From labels to soda can designs and more.



QR Generator is free for any number of static codes, but there are subscription prices for dynamic codes and management. The smallest plan does have a limit on scans.

  • The Starter plan offers two dynamic codes and is $5 / month.
  • The Advanced plan offers 50 dynamic codes and two users at $12.50 / month.
  • The Professional plan with 250 codes and five users is $37.50 / month.


QR Code Generator #12: Shopify’s QR Code Generator

For number twelve, we’ve got the QR code generator from Shopify. Let’s see what it has to offer.


What is Shopify’s QR Code Generator?

The free QR Code generator from Shopify is as simple as it gets. There aren’t many options to choose from in terms of data, colors or personalization.

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Who is it for?

This tool is acceptable for anyone that needs simple static code fast and easy. It’s not for serious marketing efforts or campaigns that need personalization and tracking.

For an individual or a small business that only needs one QR code, it should be ok.





QR Code Generator #13: QRTiger

The QRTiger logo.

Last but not least, we've got QRTiger. Learn more about this QR code generator below.


What is QRTiger?

QRTiger is a QR code generator with an easy to navigate, user-friendly interface, and allows you to generate QR codes in a matter of seconds. QRTiger stands out in its ability to provide users with a highly customizable QR code experience.

The QRTiger home page.
Start adding QR codes to your designs for free!Sign up. It's free.

QRTiger has a wide array of QR code solutions targeted for specific purposes, like URL QR codes, restaurant menu QR codes, social media QR codes (link to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube videos, music files and more!), allowing users to easily integrate them into their varied technological needs.


Who is QRTiger for?

QRTiger is great for all types of businesses, even enterprises. QRTiger can integrate with over 3,000+ apps through their Zapier integration or through applying their APIs. QRTiger’s Hubspot app also enables an easy way to create QR codes directly on your CRM.

This QR code generator goes beyond with their 24/7 customer support and superb tracking features.

QRTiger’s dynamic QR code tracking system enables users to track their QR code scans, allowing for better insight into their marketing campaigns and unlocking important data, such as the number of scans, the location where people have scanned the QR code and more.

Moreover, the statistics can be filtered to show scans during a given time period.



QRTiger has three pricing plans, including a free option which allows you can create up to 3 dynamic QR codes. The dynamic QR codes created with the free trial will have QRTiger branding and are limited to 100 scans each.

  • The regular plan has 12 dynamic QR codes and unlimited scans at $7 per month.
  • The advance plan has 200 dynamic QR codes at $16 per month. It comes with all regular plan features plus bulk, analytics, and Zapier and HubSpot integrations.
  • The premium plan has 600 dynamic QR codes at $37 per month. It comes with all advance plan features plus the option to use your own domain and create multi-URL QR codes.

Need more? Specialized enterprise options are available upon request.

The QRTiger pricing page.


Looking for a QR Code Generator for Dynamic QR Codes?

Creating QR codes isn’t something you should be shying away from. The need for contactless transactions and interactions is only growing and QR codes are a big part of the solution.

Now that you’re ready to get started with QR codes, it’s time to choose a tool. If you’re a Visme user, then, by all means, use our integrated QR generator for any of your projects, digital or for print.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you have some questions about QR codes? Below you’ll find the most common questions asked about QR codes and QR code generators.

Q1. What is a QR code?

The letters QR are abbreviations of the words Quick Response. A QR code is a matrix barcode that machines can read. QR codes first originated in the automotive industry in Japan and quickly made their way to other sectors.

Now, we use these codes for digital marketing purposes with great success. The black and white pixels hold information like a website address, social media address or something else.

There are two types of QR codes, static and dynamic. The main difference between the two is editability. Static codes, once generated, can’t be edited. If you made a mistake, you’d have to generate a new one. Dynamic codes are editable and trackable. They direct to a redirect URL and are editable after being generated.

A QR code can be in the simple, generic style or more elaborate with a logo, different shape pixels and even colors. No matter what style of code it is, you need a camera or QR reader to decipher the information it carries.

You can generate both types of QR codes with any of the QR code makers in this list. Likewise, you and your target audience can scan them with any mobile device using a QR code scanner.

Q2. How do you choose a QR code generator?

The easiest way to choose the best QR generator for your business is to do some research. This list will help you on that journey.

First, decide on what style of QR code you want to use. If you’d like a simple and static code, you can probably make do with a free generator. Better yet, use Visme to add a QR code to any of your projects.

On the other hand, you might be looking for a unique approach to QR codes. For example, you might want unique visual styles with your logo and colors. For more control over your generated codes, you’ll need to look into dynamic codes. These are, more often than not, paid services.

Q3. Are there free QR code generators?

Yes, there are plenty of free QR code generators. In general, static codes are free to generate on many platforms. The codes that will cost you some money are the dynamic ones.

Q4. Are QR code generators safe?

In a general sense, generating QR codes is safe. For example, free QR code generators are safe enough to use but might give you trouble if you need to change the content or if you printed thousands of brochures with it before realizing there was an error.

The companies that offer dynamic QR code generators also provide privacy and safety features in their subscription packages. Not to mention that you can also track the activity for your dynamic QR codes.

That said, there are some safety aspects to consider when it comes to QR codes—things like QR phishing and QR code malware. Find out lots more about staying safe using QR codes in this article by Sprout QR, another menu QR tool we just couldn’t fit into this list but was worth mentioning anyway.

Q5. What is the best QR code generator?

The best QR code generator is the one that does what YOU need it to do. If you’re creating visual content on Visme regularly, then our QR code generator is probably the best for you.

If, on the other hand, if you’re gearing up for a QR code campaign and need tracking and analytics plus flexibility about the content in the code, then one of the paid services on our list will be more suited.

Q6. Are QR codes dead?

No, QR codes are very much alive. They’ve been around for a while and are now even more popular—one of the most significant surges in QR code usage in the restaurant industry. Paper menus were a risk for pandemic spread, so most restaurants now use QR code menus.

Q7. Can you run out of QR codes?

You can never run out of free and static QR codes, but dynamic code subscriptions have some limits on how many codes you can generate and manage. The number will depend on the subscription and the tool.

Some tools limit the number of codes you can create and the number of times people can scan it.

Q8. Do QR codes expire?

No. QR codes can be scanned an infinite number of times. What can expire, though, is the content included in the code, especially in static codes.

Static codes might “break” if the content they direct to changes or is no longer available. A dynamic code, which is usually a paid service, will de-activate if you stop paying for the service that generated the code in the first place. Once you pay, the dynamic QR code comes back online.

That said, some QR code generators and management systems have a limit on how many times somebody can scan it. These limits are high, but you either lose the code or pay a higher subscription once you’ve reached the limit.


It’s a Wrap!

Hi there, you made it all the way down here!

That indeed was a long list of QR code makers plus generation and management tools. Have you found the one you think will fit your business best?

Of all the best QR code generator options, we suggest you give Visme a try, especially if you create other visual content types. Less back and forth between software is a big plus.

Sign up for a free Visme account and start generating free static QR codes today.

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