Top Fonts For 2020 To Create Outstanding Designs

Top Fonts For 2020 To Create Outstanding Designs

Written by:
Orana Velarde

Jan 15, 2020
top fonts 2020 - header

Choosing the perfect fonts for your designs is a process that takes time and dedication. In many cases, using a free font that is only available in one weight is enough. In others, it’s not. The font used can often make a huge difference in creating outstanding designs.

On other occasions, we have brought you lists of free fonts, or fonts that have free weights to try before buying a license.

This time, we've chosen a selection of the best of the top fonts for 2020, free and paid in all price ranges. Sometimes an expensive font can make a brand outstanding.

Keep on scrolling and find 50 of the best fonts available online today. Remember that you can add any special font to your Visme Brand Kit and use it in all your designs. 


50 Top Fonts for 2020

1 Object Sans

top fonts 2020 - object sans

Object Sans is a geometric sans serif with 7 weights both upright and slanted. The smaller weights are specially designed to look well in long text and pair perfectly with the thicker weights for large titles. This font is available in 200 languages including Cyrillic.

Download Here


2 Nocturno Stencil

top fonts 2020 - nocturno stencil

This stencil style font is part of a larger typographic family all named Nocturno. There are several different styles in this font system, but Nocturno Stencil is one of the most unique when it comes to scaling in size.

Nocturno Stencil was created at the Typotheque foundry, looks great at any size and works great in more than 130 languages. Nocturno Stencil costs 72 Euros for each weight.

Download Here


3 Saint Georges

top fonts 2020 - saint georges

Saint Georges is an artistic rendition of a serif font with heavy curves and round terminals. It’s a modern medieval font ready to create interesting designs like logos, branding material, and social media quotes.

This is an experimental font and only available in lowercase letters. It’s free for both personal and commercial use.

Download Here


4 Mojita

top fonts 2020 - mojita

Mojita is truly a unique font inspired by Aztec, Mayan, and Japanese aesthetic. The letters have a repeating design which makes the whole set so special.

It works in more than 120 languages and works great for intricate logo designs that want to stand out. Mojita costs $10 for the entire set.

Download Here


5 Ao Dai

top fonts 2020 - ao dai

Ao Dai is the national dress of the Vietnamese woman. Delicate and strong and at the same time, this typeface is inspired by the banner and poster design of Vietnamese designers of the 20th century. The accents are very special as is the spacing between letters.

Ao Dai costs $30 for one license.

Download Here


6 Neo Afrique

top fonts 2020 - neo afrique

NeoAfrique is a special style of font created with mixed styles. In this case, it’s a blend of a geometric sans font with neo-futuristic finishings and alternates. This font is great for posters related to the arts, music and urban activities. NeoAfrique is available for $30.

Download Here


7 Mandalika

top fonts 2020 - mandalika

Mankalika is a bold serif font with unique ligatures. It’s a fun mix between print and calligraphy styles. This font has a great set of alternates to help you create interesting logos and headers for all sorts of design projects. Mandalika is available for $17 with one license.

Download Here


8 News Sans

top fonts 2020 - news sans

News Sans looks like a simple sans font, but it’s in fact a multitool typeface system. Each weight and italic has a collection of icons, arrows, circle numbers and small caps.

This is one of the more expensive fonts on the list due to how it can solve so many problems at once. Each weight is $70.

Download Here


9 Saonara

top fonts 2020 - saonara

Saonara is a classic serif font inspired by fashionable font faces like Didot. This font has thick and thin strokes which makes it great for large headers or logos, yet not so good for smaller text. Saonara is free for personal use and the commercial license is only $17.

Download Here


10 Untitled Sans

top fonts 2020 - untitled sans

Designers are always on the lookout for simple fonts that not only look amazing but also read well. Untitled Sans is part of the Untitled font family which also includes Unititled Serif.

The title of this font is inspired by artwork titled “untitled”, a classic system of naming artwork in the 20th century. Each weight is $50 for a simple license but you easily download a test font for personal use.

Download Here

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11 Trouble

top fonts 2020 - trouble

Trouble is a super versatile all caps sans font with clean edges and thick strokes. This font looks great in headers, social media graphics, and print designs. Trouble is also a free font for use in both personal and commercial use. 

Download Here


12 Ambiguity

top fonts 2020 - ambiguity

Ambiguity is a sans font that surprises in its simple ambiguity. The ambiguity type family has five different forms that all fit with each other seamlessly. Each form has plenty of weights and italics as well. The combinations are endless and fun.

There are two weights to try out for free but each weight is about $24. This font can get a bit expensive but there are family sets.

Download Here


13 Helvetica Now

top fonts 2020 - helvetica now

Helvetica Now is the brand new modern version of the classic Helvetica font. Monotype foundry has been working for years on this new font and it has been well received by designers around the world.

This is definitely not an inexpensive font at $35 per weight, but absolutely worth it for professional designs.

Download Here


14 New York

top fonts 2020 - new york

New York is the new Apple font. It’s a classic but modern serif font ready for designers to use on Apple apps and products. This font is only for use with Apple products or to work with Apple Developments tools. 

Download Here


15 Cako

Cako is a type family with interesting lines, curvatures, and alternates. Highly contrasting strokes inspired by Eastern European culture makes this font a really special visual.

It’s perfect for logos and branding schemes. Cako costs around 80 Euros for all the weights with one license.

Download Here


16 Extenda

top fonts 2020 - extenda

Extenda font is a versatile font with 11 extendable weights that work great together in fun combinations. Extended fonts like this one are great for many types of design projects in both digital and print.

This is a font family by Zetafonts and starts at 92 Euros for one license.

Download Here


17 Pelagia

top fonts 2020 - pelagia

Pelagia is a modern font inspired by the classic serif typefaces of other times. Its terminals are delicate and soft, perfect for delicate logos, titles, and headers. Pairing perfectly with pink metallics and soft pastels, this font is available to download for $30.

Download Here



18 HK Nova

top fonts 2020 - hk nova

HK Nova is a delightful mixture of Century Gothica and Futura. This font looks great at any size, big or small. It’s one of those sans serif fonts that are so simple in their uniqueness that they work for any type of design project at any level.

HK Nova licenses start at $8 and increase as you add more weights or you buy the entire font family.

Download Here



19 Hagrid

top fonts 2020 - hagrid

We love a font named after everybody's favorite Harry Potter character. Hagrid is another interesting installment by Zetafonts. Its official description is “a cryptographic grotesque halfbreed” and we couldn’t put it better.

There are two main styles with italic versions in all the weights. Single weights start at $19 and you can get a full family for a discount.

Download Here


20 Popstick

top fonts 2020 - popstick

Popstick is a fun and rounded font with a pop art style to it. This font is not a full family like other fonts on this list, but it’s sure a lovely set to use for branding, headers and social media graphics. Popstick is available for $15. 

Download Here

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21 Lazy Hand

top fonts 2020 - lazy hand

Lazy Hand is an all caps causal font perfect for all sorts of simple designs that need a good font without much complication and fuss. This font is available for both free and commercial purposes completely free.

Download Here


22 Argo

top fonts 2020 - argo

Argo is a beautiful and delicate serif font with rounded ascenders in the lowercase letters. The terminals are twirly and delicate. The lowercase letters can be placed together in all sorts of interesting compositions. Argo is available for $30 in one weight.

Download Here


23 Cosi Times

top fonts 2020 - cosi times

Cosi Times is an elegant font with a few serifs on particular letters. There is a memorable unique angle on the O and a cut off bottom section on the letter S. This font comes in all caps and works great in logos and headers.

Each weight is available for 39 Euros and the full family at a discount.

Download Here


24 Recoleta

top fonts 2020 - recoleta

Recoleta is a font inspired by many different things like 70s typefaces and Grandma’s dinner. The font has two styles, one with straighter lines while the other is more curved.

Both are quite lovely and work well as logos, branding schemes, and headings.

Download Here


25 Fontescue

top fonts 2020 - fontescue

Fontescue is a striking serif font with modern angles with a classic feel. The family has three main styles in plenty of weights and italics that all work well in small and large sizes.

This is the type of font that without many alternates still has enough differences to make up a varied family that stands well on its own. Each weight is sold at 50 Pounds each.

Download Here


26 Neue Haas Grotesk

top fonts 2020 - neue haas grotesk

Neue Haas Grotesk is the original name and form for what later became Helvetica. It’s a digital revival of what once was handmade on metal type.

When it comes down to classic and infinitely memorable, Neue Haas Grotesk has everything and a little more. This font is in the high price range and it’s not surprising why. 

Download Here


27 Monterchi

top fonts 2020 - monterchi

Monterchi is a brand new font inspired by the signature of Renaissance artist Piero de la Francesca. It has recently won the 2020 typography competition by Communication Arts. This is a unique font and it’s one we’ll surely be seeing more of.

Monterchi is available in different languages with plenty of ligatures. You can buy Monterchi at Zetafonts for a considerable sum which is totally worth it.

Download Here


28 Avenir Next

top fonts 2020 - avenir next

Avenir is already a well-known sans serif font, but that doesn’t stop designers from creating new variations. Avenir Next is not exactly a redesign, but a continuation of the original.

Avenir Next is a well-rounded type family suited for small and large text alike and can grace many design projects. One weight is $89, and all 32 weights has a well suited price.

Download Here


29 Arsilon

top fonts 2020 - arsilon

Arsilon is a fresh brush font ready for all sorts of interesting designs. We are past the trend of brush fonts, but sometimes they still come in handy once in a while. This one is particularly nice because of the stroke in the letters.

Download Here


30 Bison

top fonts 2020 - bison

Bison is a strong and heavy sans font ready for logos, headers and powerful titles. This font has 6 weights with two outline styles. Bison is an all caps font and is available to download with one license for $22.

Download Here

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31 Calypso

top fonts 2020 - calypso

Calypso is an interesting rounded font with extendable weights. This font has three weights extended at exact intervals that fit perfectly with each other in endless combinations.

It’s an all caps font and is available for download for a practical $13.

Download Here


32 Hello

top fonts 2020 - hello

Hello is a duotone display font made up of geometric shapes that can give life to any design that needs a little fun and creative outlook. Each letter is expertly crafted with shapes in blue and red.

Hello is downloadable for $11 and comes in one practical weight.

Download Here


33 Hunter

top fonts 2020 - hunter

Hunter is a special font as it has ligatures while being a serif font. This font is available with or without ligatures and also in an all caps style. It’s great for logos, branding schemes, and headers. Perfect for blogs and special brand labels. Hunter is available for $14. 

Download Here


34 Kinfolk

top fonts 2020 - kinfolk

Kinfolk is a thin and classy serif fonts with delicate details in the rounding of the O and the connectors to the ascenders and descenders. This font is perfect for delicate logos, letterheads, magazines and to pair with script fonts.

It bears resemblance to the font used for Kinfolk magazine and we suspect an inspiration. Kinfolk is available for $14.

Download Here


35 Margo

top fonts 2020 - margo

Margo is not just a font, it's a font duo. One is a thick serif with a nice natural textured edge, the other is a thin and delicate script. Both together are a perfect pair and work great as logos, branding labels and more.

The entire duo is available for purchase at $22 along with 6 logo templates.

Download Here


36 Monument Extended

top fonts 2020 - monument extended

Monument Extended is a bold extended font that looks like it’s been pressed down. This unique style of font is great for posters and promotional postcards for urban artistic affairs and other creative endeavors. Monument Extended is available at $30 a weight.

Download Here


37 Matahari Sans

top fonts 2020 - matahari sans

Matahari Sans is an urban modern font with over 30 weights to choose from. This is one of those fonts that works for everything in every size and in any combination. Each font is available for $36 each but can be bought as a complete family for a good price.

Download Here


38 Oatmeal Sans

top fonts 2020 - oatmeal sans

Oatmeal Sans comes in two similar styles with alternates in some of the letters to create unique combinations. One style is simple and truly versatile, using the alternates creates a special letterform.

Oatmeal Sans works well as small text and also as headers with thick strokers.

Download Here


39 Neumatic Gothic

top fonts 2020 - neumatic gothic

Neumatic Gothic is a condensed sans serif font that comes with interesting alternates for the vowels. Most notable is the letter o which is perfectly round. The alternates do wonders to create interesting combinations and compositions.

Neumatic Gothic is available in 14 weights and each one is available for $19.

Download Here


40 Morganite

top fonts 2020 - morganite

Morganite is a condensed font with 18 weights. It’s perfectly suited for posters and promotional material. It looks particularly good with wide letter spacing. The entire font family is available for free in both personal and commercial licenses.

Download Here

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41 The Aprila

top fonts 2020 - the aprila

The Aprila is a font inspired by the style of the 1960s. The strokes are thick and rounded and the spaces inside the letters are small. Many of the letters have swirly decorations to create nice logos and poster headers.

Aprila is available in over 70 languages and is available for $14.

Download Here


42 Bluberry

top fonts 2020 - bluberry

Bluberry is a fun and bouncy sans font in five different weights and styles. This font is perfect for children’s t-shirts, products, and branding schemes. It looks great in color combinations and will inspire creativity. The font family is available for $17 with one license.

Download Here


43 Shaped Corner

top fonts 2020 - shaped corner

Shaped Corner is a cute and chunky font ready for all sorts of fun and creative projects. Not only for children’s products and events but also for summery and colorful graphics.

It comes in lowercase and uppercase letters and looks wonderful in color. Shaped Corner is available to download free for personal use and a license is less than $10.

Download Here


44 Taurus

top fonts 2020 - taurus

Taurus is a strong serif font with sophisticated strokes that invoke elegance and determination. Suited for both delicate and powerful messages, this font has great potential or all sorts of branding schemes. From wine bottles to lawyers. Taurus is available at about $50.

Download Here


45 Void

top fonts 2020 - void

Void is a font with three weights ranging from bold to thin. The thin being particularly skinny. The font is a bit condensed making it look soft and stoic at the same time. Void is a free font and will work great for headers and social media graphics. 

Download Here


46 Skyfont

top fonts 2020 - skyfont

Skyfont is a type family inspired by classic airport signs before the era of digital displays. The bold sans serif letters look like they will flip around. Skyfont is an all caps font with simple punctuation.

It’s perfect for branding, logos, and creative headers. It’s available for download at $10. 

Download Here


47 Railey

top fonts 2020 - railey

Railey is a cute and bubbly script font that has survived the end of the script trend. This font is very suitable for all sorts of creative and colorful designs, for young and old.

Mix Railey with a thin all caps sans font and complete any design.  Railey is free for personal use and the designer accepts donations for commercial use.

Download Here


48 Thinoo

top fonts 2020 - thinoo

Thinoo is a lovely sans serif font with rounded edges and perfectly circular O’s. The low crossline on the H makes it bottom heavy and easy on the eye. Thinoo is available in lower and upper cases, is great for branding and logos.

This is a free font for both personal and commercial use.

Download Here


49 Adrift

top fonts 2020 - adrift

Adrift is a handmade hand-lettered font with a grungy style. Some letters like the T, A, and D have special features that make the compositions look unique and interesting. Adrift is an all caps font and is available as a full set for $12. Thin fonts like this also make great tattoo fonts.

Download Here


50 Thousand Lake

top fonts 2020 - thousand lake

Thousand Lake is a mono handmade font with short rounded ligatures. This font looks soft and interesting at the same time. It’s perfect for logos and strong headers on posters. Thousand Lake is available with an Envato Subscription.

Download Here


Start Using These Top Fonts for 2020

With so many great fonts available, how do pick just one? We think it’s positively impossible. Knowing when to choose a free or paid font, it all comes down to how well the font matches your brand.

If a font family worth $400 is the best choice for your outstanding design, then so be it. Sometimes, investments in uniqueness are totally worth it. 

Expensive fonts always have free weights to try or online testers so that you can double-check if it fits with your particular words. Free fonts that are usually free for commercial use should still be checked for licensing and to what extent the font can be used.

Once you've decided on your perfect font, upload it to Visme and use it on all your outstanding designs.

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