20 New Presentation Templates for Entrepreneurs, Nonprofits, Marketers and Educators

20 New Presentation Templates for Entrepreneurs, Nonprofits, Marketers and Educators
Nayomi Chibana

Written by:
Nayomi Chibana

May 26, 2017


On a mission to replace the outdated bullet-point presentation with beautiful visual slides, Visme recently launched 20 new presentation templates, especially designed for business executives, entrepreneurs, consultants, marketers and educators. These easy-to-edit templates already come with sample content and visuals specific to each presentation theme.

To edit any template, simply click on the yellow button below the image of the desired presentation and start customizing it with your own information within the Visme editor. If you don’t already have a free Visme account, you can quickly create one at www.visme.co with just your name and email.

If you’re new to Visme and need further guidance, you can also watch the video tutorial below or click on any of the options under the Quick Links box to jump to each section:


Video: How to Edit Presentation Templates

Business Presentation Templates

Pitch Deck Template

Business-Model-Presentation-Template presentation theme

Looking for venture capital for your new startup? This presentation comes with a slide for highlighted statistics and a SWOT analysis slide for displaying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your business.

Startup-Pitch-Deck-Presentation-Template presentation theme SWOT-Analysis

You can also highlight key statistics with this slide:

Startup-Pitch-Deck-Presentation-Template presentation theme Statistic

Or customize this pie chart using Visme's chart engine to present figures:

Startup-Pitch-Deck-Presentation-Template-Market-Adoption presentation theme

There’s also a Business Model Canvas slide for startups, which is a one-page overview of what you plan to do and how you’re going to do it.

Startup-Pitch-Deck-Presentation-Template-Business-Model-Canvas presentation theme

The Lean Canvas template, a variation of the Business Model Canvas, is also included in this presentation template.

Customize this template with your own information.Edit and Present


Project Status Report Template

Project-Status-Presentation-Template presentation theme

Need to present the status of a project before a group of coworkers or clients? This slide deck is perfect for visualizing your team's progress using a variety of diagrams and charts.

For example, you can use single bars to visualize the progress made in different departments.

Project-Status-Presentation-Template-Phase-Completion presentation theme

Or you can also use this project timeline, also called a Gantt chart to visualize the week's upcoming tasks and assignments.

Project-Status-Presentation-Template-Project-Timeline presentation theme

This dashboard template allows your audience to quickly view key metrics related to the status of your project. For instance, you can summarize key performance indicators by project area.

Project-Status-Presentation-Template-Project-Dashboard presentation theme

You can then summarize the next steps to be taken -- including milestones, potential risks and goals -- with this Project Status template.

Project-Status-Presentation-Template-Project-Status presentation theme
Customize this template with your own information.Edit and Present


Business Plan Template

Business-Plan-Presentation-Template presentation theme

Another variation of a startup pitch deck, this presentation theme is ideal for those looking to present their business model before a group of investors or advisors.

Most stakeholders will want to see a slide visualizing the key players in your team, which can be visualized with this organizational chart.

Business-Plan-Presentation-Template-The-Team presentation theme

You can summarize the key issues related to your "problem" or "solution" using this visual slide with customizable icons.

Business-Plan-Presentation-Template-Key-Issues presentation theme

Or present market summary figures in the form of a Mekko chart with this slide.

Business-Plan-Presentation-Template-Market-Summary presentation theme
Customize this template with your own information.Edit and Present


Financial Report Template

Financial-Report-Presentation-Template presentation theme

This elegant, high-contrast template is perfect for those looking to create a professional-looking financial report.

You can use a slide like this to draw attention to key figures and statistics.

Financial-Report-Presentation-Template-Our-Latest-Numbers presentation theme

Or visualize revenue by division and assets with these pie charts.

Financial-Report-Presentation-Template-Pie-Charts presentation theme

Instead of the typical horizontal bar chart, you can use pictographs such as this one to more effectively draw attention to trends over time.

Financial-Report-Presentation-Template-Number-of-active-users presentation theme
Customize this template with your own information.Edit and Present


Company Meeting Presentation Theme

Company-Meeting-Presentation-Template presentation theme

Company meetings often drag on longer than they should. This presentation theme can help you stick to the main points with slides that can distill dense information into easy-to-understand visuals.

Establish the key points to cover right from the get-go with this meeting agenda template.

Company-Meeting-Presentation-Template-Meeting-Agenda presentation theme

Make sure you cover all the priorities on your agenda with this checklist template.

Company-Meeting-Presentation-Template-Checklist presentation theme

And visualize the current status of different initiatives with this project timeline template.

Company-Meeting-Presentation-Template-Project-Timeline presentation theme
Customize this template with your own information.Edit and Present


Investor Pitch Deck

Investors-Deck-Presentation-Template presentation theme

Want to woo a roomful of investors to back your startup? This modern- and professional-looking pitch deck template can be easily customized with your own information.

Start with this SWOT analysis template to summarize the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats faced by your nascent company.

Investor-Pitch-Deck-Presentation-Template-SWOT-Analysis presentation theme

Display your pricing strategy with this visual slide, which can be easily customized using Visme's table maker.

Investor-Pitch-Deck-Presentation-Template-Pricing-Table presentation theme

And summarize your startup's business model with this lean model canvas template.

Investor-Pitch-Deck-Presentation-Template-Lean-Model-Canvas presentation theme
Customize this template with your own information.Edit and Present


Training Plan Template

Training-Course-Presentation-Template presentation theme

Consultants and motivational speakers can use this professionally designed theme to reinforce key points in their training course.

Summarize key takeaways with this colorful template.

Training-Course-Presentation-Template-Key-Takeaways presentation theme

Also, keep your session on track with this checklist template.

Training-Course-Presentation-Template-Key-Checklist presentation theme

And enable participants to track their own progress with this evaluation matrix.

Training-Course-Presentation-Template-Key-Evaluation-Matrix presentation theme
Customize this template with your own information.Edit and Present


Education Presentation Themes

Science Project Template

Group-Project-Presentation-Template presentation theme

To liven up your presentation before a group of classmates, you can use this colorful and vibrant template. To summarize the main points or objectives of your project, you can use this visual slide with little text and illustrative icons.

Group-Project-Presentation-Template-Our-Project presentation theme

Need to emphasize a key finding? This template can help you summarize and present key results and conclusions by highlighting a key statistic.

Group-Project-Presentation-Template-Statistic presentation theme
Customize this template with your own information.Edit and Present


Book Report Template

Book-Report-Presentation-Template presentation theme

Have a book report to present? You can quickly create a well-designed presentation with this easily customizable template. For example, you can visualize the book's main story elements with this visual representation of each of its components, such plot, setting and characters.

Book-Report-Presentation-Template-Story-Theme presentation theme

You can even create an eye-catching timeline to more effectively visualize the story's chronological progression.

Book-Report-Presentation-Template-Timeline presentation theme

And to add a little more personality and human interest to your presentation, you can also include images of each of your characters with this slide.

Book-Report-Presentation-Template-Main-Characters presentation theme
Customize this template with your own information.Edit and Present


Lesson Plan Template

Lesson-Plan-Presentation-Template presentation theme

Teachers can also make their lives easier by customizing this engaging lesson plan template instead of starting from scratch. Highly visual slides such as these can help make your presentation more memorable and effective.

Lesson-Plan-Presentation-Template-Guide presentation theme

You can also summarize the techniques and methods you will use to achieve your lesson plan goals with this slide.

Lesson-Plan-Presentation-Template-Method presentation theme

Or list evaluation processes or assignments with this slide.

Lesson-Plan-Presentation-Template-Evaluation presentation theme
Customize this template with your own information.Edit and Present


Trivia Quiz Presentation Theme

Trivia-Quiz-Presentation-Template presentation theme

Teachers can attract their students' attention with this vivid and energizing trivia quiz presentation theme.

Its vibrant color scheme and bold text is bound to engage a classroom-full of students in a practice quiz or fun trivia game.

Trivia-Quiz-Presentation-Template-Biology-Trivia presentation theme

Stump students with brain teasers and then surprise them with the answer using this visual slide.

Trivia-Quiz-Presentation-Template-Key-Statistic presentation theme

Use Visme's map tool to test students' knowledge of geography, such as world capitals or names of countries.

Trivia-Quiz-Presentation-Template-Where-They-Live presentation theme
Customize this template with your own information.Edit and Present


Marketing Presentation Themes

Sales Report Template

Sales-Report-Presentation-Template presentation theme

Summarize a sales report with this bold and energizing theme. For example, you can visualize key figures and percentages with this template.

Sales-Report-Presentation-Template-Sales-Percentages presentation theme

You can also visualize your the distribution of sales by team member with this pyramid or chart.

Sales-Report-Presentation-Template-Sales-Distribution presentation theme

And make sure you clearly communicate your end goal with this bold and vibrant slide.

Sales-Report-Presentation-Template-Goal presentation theme
Customize this template with your own information.Edit and Present


Social Media Report Template

Social-Report-Presentation-Template presentation theme

Part of any marketing team's success is their social media strategy, so this template is designed for social media managers and marketers who want to effectively communicate the results of a campaign or provide weekly stats.

This slide, for example, can be used to quickly visualize key performance indicators across time, with key takeaways.

Social-Media-Report-Presentation-Template-The-Figures presentation theme

To liven things up, you also have this colorful slide with a place to insert possible hashtags to use for a certain campaign.

Social-Media-Report-Presentation-Template-Hashtags presentation theme

Highlight your key takeaways or key areas of concern with this slide, which can be easily customized with your own selection of icons and text.

Social-Media-Report-Presentation-Template-Icons presentation theme
Customize this template with your own information.Edit and Present


Press Release Template

Press-Release-Presentation-Template presentation theme

What better way to announce the release of a new product or new feature than with a visual slide deck such as this?

You can summarize your product's key features with this attractive slide.

Press-Release-Presentation-Template-Features presentation theme

To help the audience better understand the market context, you can visualize it with this circular diagram, using various colors to represent different market segments.

Press-Release-Presentation-Template-Market-Context presentation theme

Further communicate the need for your product by providing key statistics that highlight the problem your are attempting to solve.

Press-Release-Presentation-Template-Market-Figures presentation theme
Customize this template with your own information.Edit and Present


Market Trends Report Template

Market-Trends-Report-Presentation-Template presentation theme

Staying up to speed with current trends in your industry is crucial to success. This is why this presentation theme is useful for communicating key trends in your industry to your team or other coworkers.

Visualize key statistics with this easy-to-edit template, using Visme's built-in chart maker and data widgets.

Maket-Trends-Report-Presentation-Template-Global-Trends presentation theme

Or display survey results geographically, using Visme's interactive map tool.

Maket-Trends-Report-Presentation-Template-Survey-Results-by-Country presentation theme

And end your presentation on a good note with this eye-catching slide, where you can also provide your audience with important contact information.

Maket-Trends-Report-Presentation-Template-Thank-You presentation theme
Customize this template with your own information.Edit and Present


Marketing Plan Template

Marketing-Plan-Presentation-Template presentation theme

Capture your audience's attention with this vibrant and engaging presentation theme.

Perfect for professionals who want to visually communicate their marketing plans, this deck includes visual slides such as this illustration of various acquisition channels.

Marketing-Plan-Presentation-Template-Acquisition-Channels presentation theme

Present comprehensive profiles of your potential customers using this user persona template, complete with bar charts that can be customized within Visme.

Marketing-Plan-Presentation-Template-User-Persona presentation theme

Emphasize important points with this highlighted quote slide with easy-to-customize text.

Marketing-Plan-Presentation-Template-Quote presentation theme
Customize this template with your own information.Edit and Present


Nonprofit Presentation Themes

Nonprofit Annual Report Template

Nonprofit-Report-Presentation-Template presentation theme

Turn dense and unengaging reports into visual slides with this nonprofit report theme. There are several slides with customizable charts, such as line graphs and pie charts.

Nonprofit-Report-Presentation-Template-Types-of-Water-Sources presentation theme

And slides with key statistics, which can be easily customized using Visme's dynamic data widgets.

Nonprofit-Report-Presentation-Template-Statistic presentation theme

Use Visme's map maker to geographically chart key initiatives around the world and visualize their status.

Nonprofit-Report-Presentation-Template-Map-of-projects presentation theme
Customize this template with your own information.Edit and Present


Environmental Nonprofit Presentation Theme

Nonprofit-Environmental-Presentation-Template presentation theme

This earth-colored presentation theme is perfect for nonprofits dedicated to sustainability and environmental causes.

For example, if you want to explain key processes within your organization, you can use this visual template.

Nonprofit-Environmental-Presentation-Template-Process-Diagram presentation theme

Take this quote template which can be used to highlight key excerpts from reports or research findings.

Nonprofit-Environmental-Presentation-Template-Quote presentation theme

Or draw attention to key statistics with this easy-to-customize visual slide.

Nonprofit-Environmental-Presentation-Template-Key-Statistics presentation theme
Customize this template with your own information.Edit and Present


Animal Nonprofit Presentation Theme

Nonprofit-Animals-Presentation-Template presentation theme

If your nonprofit is fighting to protect endangered animals, this black-and-orange slide deck is ideal for presenting your organization's mission.

This slide with several pie charts can help you summarize key issues.

Nonprofit-Animals-Presentation-Templates-Key-Issues presentation theme

Want to detect a trend over time by visualizing figures? You can use this slide with a customizable bar chart.

Nonprofit-Animals-Presentation-Templates-The-Figures presentation theme

Or map the location of key projects around the world with this visual slide.

Nonprofit-Animals-Presentation-Templates-Key-Regions presentation theme
Customize this template with your own information.Edit and Present


Art Nonprofit Presentation Theme

Nonprofit-Art-Presentation-Template presentation theme

For organizations involved with the arts, there's this stylish presentation theme.

You can summarize key projects with this colorful diagram.

Nonprofit-Art-Presentation-Template-Key-Projects presentation theme

Or visualize the composition of revenue for key projects using this slide with a customizable pie chart.

Nonprofit-Art-Presentation-Template-Pie-Chart presentation theme

Draw attention to key quotes with this attractive slide, accompanied with an image that can easily be replaced and cropped within Visme.

Nonprofit-Art-Presentation-Template-Quote presentation theme
Customize this template with your own information.Edit and Present


Your Turn

Which of these templates best meets your needs? Or is there a presentation theme you would like us to provide that is not listed here? Let us know in the comments section below!

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