7 Ways Visme Can Increase Your Team’s Productivity

7 Ways Visme Can Increase Your Team’s Productivity

Written by:
Payman Taei

Apr 20, 2016
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One of the biggest challenges within organizations, both big and small, is the lack of productivity. It affects efficiency, lowers employee engagement and morale, and ultimately hurts the bottom line. It is all too apparent when it comes to digital communication within and outside an organization.

Presentations, infographics and other forms of visual content serve as powerful means of communication. But, the process of creating professional content that you can be proud of is often slow and inefficient with too much friction among your team.

Visme for Teams helps you work faster and smarter. It streamlines the process of creating engaging visual content and allows you to publish and share information at a faster pace and gives intuitive tools to stay organized, set permissions and collaborate as a more effective team.

In this post, we'll go over some of the key ways Visme can empower your team members to create better visual content in the form of infographics and presentations and, at the same time, increase productivity within your organization. (Above, you can also view the video version of this post or learn more at visme.co/teams.)



Combine text with icons just like this using Visme


Visme for Teams offers administrative controls that allow team supervisors to add, edit and manage users and set desired permissions.

All you have to do to add users is click on the Manage Users tab within your Account History options and then create a new user by adding their name, email, password and user role.



Add and manage new users. Track their activity.


Administrators can also access detailed information on user activity, such as the name of each project, when it was created and last edited, number of views it received and whether it is editable and password protected. This is done by simply clicking on the number in the Project column within the Manage Users window. This granular data allows administrators to oversee adoption and activity to make data driven choices for the team.

Additionally the administrator can assign users to a group (i.e. Marketing Manager, Sales Person, etc..) allowing quick and easy designation of permissions from a group level.




As a one-stop solution for all your visual content needs, Visme allows you to create content your team can be proud of.

For example, you can go beyond boring, static presentations by creating interactive and animated infographics, charts and slides decks all within one console and one simple learning curve anyone in your team with or without design knowledge can utilize to create various forms of professional content.


visme create better content

Create animated and interactive infographics and presentations.


You can also transform boring data into professional infographics by animating objects, creating call to actions in the form of interactive buttons to improve engagement and customizing the size of your templates to fit your needs. 


visme for teams import powerpoint

Import PowerPoint presentations into Visme.


You can also import your PowerPoint files or create your own custom content from scratch, build your own templates or choose from Visme's professional template library that is continuing growing and expanding in all categories including Presentations and Infographics



Projects created by different team members across an organization can be hard to keep track of and can easily get displaced. This is one of the most frustrating challenges faced by teams of all sizes; and the bigger the team the more inefficient the process.

How do you keep track of who last edited a particular project and how do you organized hundreds of presentations (or infographics) among your organization?

Visme addresses this need by allowing you to organize your projects into folders and share them with your team and decide who can view or edit projects and folders.


visme for teams share projects

Organize content into folders and share them with team members.


Sharing an entire folder with another team member is as easy as clicking on the folder, choosing the Share option and then typing in the first few letters of the team member's name.

You can then select the team member and set access permissions (whether he or she can edit or only view the content).




You can also improve your marketing efforts by turning your content into a powerful lead generator. Visme allows you to collect insights (such as view dates, names, emails, companies and locations) and import them locally to your favorite CRM or Newsletter System, including MailChimp, Constant Contact and Salesforce.


visme for teams generate leads

Generate leads and download data into your preferred CRM system.


All you have to do is activate the Requires Registration option within the Settings tab of your project in Publish mode (here is a detailed explanation of how you can do this).

To view all the insights collected through your presentation or infographic, simply click on the hamburger menu to the lower left side of your project thumbnail and then choose the Form Data option. At the top right of your screen, you'll see the Download Data option, which will enable you to save your information to your local hard drive.




One of the biggest concerns organizations face with online content is privacy.   One may create content that is meant to be visible to anyone who comes across the content, while other content may need to be hidden and available to an internal team or only those with private access.

To address the need to manage privacy, Visme also allows you to share private projects internally within your team or make them password protected so they are accessible only to those you want to share them with.   It also allows you to keep content unpublished, a common practice for those who want to only access the content through the editor and download it for offline use. 

Search engines:  If you keep your content published, it will be public and google has the ability to index it, while making your content private or un-published will flag the content to not be indexed by google.


visme for teams manage privacy

Make projects public or private by password protecting them.


Alternatively, you can also make your content public and viewable to anyone with your project's URL. To adjust these settings, simply click on the Publish button at the top of your screen and select either Private or Public in the Share tab.




Visme also makes it easy to publish and share your content online, embed on a website or download as an image, PDF document or as HTML for offline use. No need to install any software or plugins, which is an additional time saver.


visme for teams embed publish download

Share a URL, embed content on websites or download as PNG, JPEG, PDF or HTML5.


While downloading your project as an image is ideal for inserting your project into a document or sharing on social media, the embed code can be used to insert your content into a website or landing page, which preserves all interactivity and animation.

Or, if you want to present your project offline (in cases where you have sluggish WiFi or no Internet connection at all), you can download as HTML5, which also conserves your animations.

All these options can be found by clicking on the Publish button at the top of the screen and choosing one of the different tabs available: Share, Embed or Download.




Visme for Teams also allows you to know who is viewing your content, for how long and when. Granular data allows you to track which content performs best so you can identify common denominators among successful projects and replicate them in future campaigns.


visme for teams analytics

Access analytics such as number of visits, referrals and duration of visit.


Some of the insights Visme provides includes number of visits and unique visitors, length of visit, location, view date and referrals. With this information, you can gauge both how effective you are at drawing visitors to your content and how successful you are at keeping them engaged throughout your presentation or infographic.




Those using Visme to help their teams become more productive range from startups to Fortune 500 companies such as Getty Images, IBM and Disney as well as Non profit organizations such as The Kennedy Center, and Howard Community College to name a few.

In each of these cases, team members frequently saw the need to collaborate on a specific project, sometimes even across departmental divisions. Using a handful of separate tools to create visuals such as infographics and presentations, content creators at these organizations often encountered the following challenges:

  • Increased friction and disorganization due to the lack of a central repository of visual content
  • A greater amount of time spent in mastering a variety of different tools, each with its own learning curve
  • Increased resources spent on a variety of tools
  • A greater amount of time spent tracking different versions of a specific project, uploading projects to an online file-sharing service or sending projects as bulky email attachments

With Visme, however, it became much easier to keep all team members on the same page, thereby improving productivity and, in the long run, saving time and resources. It empowers team members to:

  • Organize all of their visual content in one place
  • Share projects without having to send attachments or upload to the cloud
  • Save time by learning how to use a single tool instead of several
  • Save resources by paying for a single subscription

Marketers and designers at these organizations are then able to start projects and easily share them with others to complete. They are also able to create templates and quickly duplicate them to generate new projects quickly.

We tell organizations to ask a simple question:  

- how productive is your team?

- How quickly and efficiently are you able to create professional content and manage and oversee it across your organization and its various departments?

If you have any questions on how Visme can help your team increase productivity, don't hesitate to contact us for a live demo or drop us a line in the comments section below, and we'll get back to you.

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