8 Best Creatopy (Formerly Bannersnack) Alternatives

8 Best Creatopy (Formerly Bannersnack) Alternatives

Mahnoor Sheikh

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Mahnoor Sheikh

Looking for a Creatopy (formerly Bannersnack) alternative?

Here’s a list of 8 Creatopy alternatives (free and paid) to help you create beautiful banners with ease:

  1. Visme
  2. Canva
  3. Venngage
  4. Prezi
  5. Crello
  6. Lucidpress
  7. Bannerwise
  8. Bannerflow

You can choose the tool you’re interested in to see how it compares with Creatopy, or read the whole list to find the best alternative for you.


8 Best Creatopy Alternatives for Beautiful Banners

Tool #1: Visme

Tool #2: Canva

Tool #3: Venngage

Tool #4: Prezi

Tool #5: Crello

Tool #6: Lucidpress

Tool #7: Bannerwise

Tool #8: Bannerflow


Tool #1: Visme

The first Creatopy alternative on our list is Visme — for a bunch of different reasons.

More than just an online banner maker, Visme lets you create stunning, professional visual content for both print and digital use.

Both designers and non-designers love Visme for its ease of use. From social media banners to infographics to reports to presentations and more, you can create anything in Visme.


What is Visme?

Visme is an all-in-one visual content creation platform that helps businesses and individuals create high-quality, great-looking designs with minimal effort.

The tool comes packed with features, such as professional templates, a drag-and-drop editor, free graphic libraries of images, videos, icons and illustrations, free fonts, color themes, brand style management, team collaboration and much more.

Create stunning banners for ads, social media and print!Get Started for Free!

Create banners for any purpose with Visme’s template library. It offers options for Facebook banners, LinkedIn banners, website banners, digital ad banners, printable banners and others.

Each template in Visme is fully customizable and resizable, so you can apply your branding to it, add or remove graphic elements, change the background and adjust the size as needed.

If you want to create other designs, you can choose from hundreds of templates across 40+ categories, including flyers, brochures, business cards, social media posts, infographics, presentations and documents.

Banner Templates

Create an engaging banner online quickly and easily by getting started with one of Visme’s professionally designed templates. Download as an image or HTML5 file, share the ad on social media and more. Find a banner template that your audience will love.

Another cool feature of Visme is the ability to add animation and interactivity to any visual. For example, you can easily create animated or video banners, or add links, hover effects, popups and embedded content for an interactive experience.

When you’re happy with your banner design, Visme lets you download it in PNG, JPG, PDF and HTML5 format. You can also share your designs online using a public or private link, or embed them anywhere using a snippet of code.


Who is it for?

Visme is ideal for anyone who wants to create professional and beautiful visual content easily.

  • Individuals, such as freelancers, bloggers and students, can use Visme to create social media designs, print material, presentations and infographics.
  • Small businesses and teams can use Visme to create visual content for marketing, internal communication and other purposes. It’s a great alternative to hiring full-time designers, which can get costly.
  • Large enterprises love using Visme to create branded visual content for various purposes with the help of brand management and team collaboration features.
  • Nonprofits and educators can use Visme to create engaging visual content and learning materials that educate and motivate their audience.



Visme offers a free plan with limited features and templates. You can use the free plan for as long as you want to create basic visual content and familiarize yourself with the tool.

If you’re looking to access premium templates, unlimited design assets and other cool features, you might want to upgrade to a paid plan:

  • The Standard plan offers premium templates and assets for $15/month.
  • The Business plan offers a Brand Kit and unlimited projects for $29/month.
  • Enterprise plans are custom upon request.
  • Nonprofits and educators get a special discount on the pricing.

Create static and animated banners easily with Visme!

  • Choose from fully customizable banner templates
  • Customize fonts and colors to match your brand
  • Drag-and-drop free photos, icons, videos and animations

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Tool #2: Canva

The next Creatopy alternative on our list is Canva — a popular graphic design tool. Canva has been around for a while, and just like Visme, it lets you create more than just banners.

With Canva, you can create over 30 types of visual content, from social media posts to banners to flyers to cards and more. Read on to learn more about this crowd-favorite design tool.


What is Canva?

Canva is a well-known graphic design tool with an easy, drag-and-drop editor, and free templates and graphics.

There are 8,000+ templates available in Canva for free use. This tool is a great option for creating marketing designs like banners, flyers, social media posts and more.

You can easily add your own photos or use Canva’s library of stock photos, videos and design elements, including stickers and GIFs, to spice up your designs. While most of them are free, there are also paid elements that you can purchase to enhance your designs.

Some Canva features include the ability to add animations, textured backgrounds, stylized texts, and frames to your design. Adding to that, the precise image cropping and the ability to edit photos right inside the editor make Canva a great pick for content creators.

The Pro plan also offers team and branding features, so if you want multiple members to collaborate on your banners and designs, you might want to upgrade.

In addition to their web platform, Canva also has a mobile app, so you can create great-looking designs and banners on the go.


Who is it for?

Canva is a great pick for small business, home-based businesses, bloggers and freelancers looking to create eye-catching designs.

Most of the templates in Canva are geared towards social media, so you’ll find a large variety of Facebook and Instagram posts, cover photos, thumbnails and more.

You’ll also find plenty of print material templates, such as banners, flyers, brochures and cards. When it comes to infographics and presentations, though, Canva might not be such a good option. Most of the templates are basic and limited in this area.

If you’re looking for a more professional tool that lets you tap into data visualizations, interactive maps, animated visual effects, you might want to look at other options. The lack of such features makes Canva less attractive to large enterprises and teams.



Canva’s pricing model is very flexible, which is why the tool is so popular in the first place.

You can use the free plan for as long as you want, and purchase premium templates, graphics, stickers and other elements individually as needed.

If you want to upgrade to a paid plan, you can choose from two options:

  • The Pro plan starts at $9.99/month billed yearly and offers features like premium templates, graphic assets, a brand kit, social scheduling and extra storage.
  • The Enterprise plan starts at $30.00/user/month and offers unlimited storage, team collaboration features and better support.


Tool #3: Venngage

The next tool on our list is Venngage — an infographic maker turned design tool.

Venngage originally launched as an infographic maker, and while it has expanded to include other types of visual content formats and types, its editor and features haven’t changed much.

Let’s do a deep dive into what Venngage has to offer, who the tool is a great fit for and what the pricing options are.


What is Venngage?

Venngage is primarily an infographic design tool, but you can also use it to create other types of graphic designs, such as banners, flyers, posters, reports and more.

The tool offers a large collection of shapes, icons and illustrations. They’re all organized into categories and you can use the search bar to find the ones you like. The illustrations are not color-customizable, but the icons are.

You can also choose from a variety of backgrounds to apply to your designs and infographics. These include pattern backgrounds, gradients and more.

The standout feature of Venngage is the ability to create data visualizations. The tool offers dozens of different types of charts and graphs, from pie charts to line graphs to bar graphs and more. There are also data widgets you can use.

Venngage also offers a collection of free fonts, stylized text blocks, graphic libraries of free photos, icons, shapes and stickers, and more. Other features include setting up a brand kit and team collaboration features.

The downside to using Venngage is that there’s no option to create animated banners and designs. The interactive features are also limited to adding links and embedding videos. There are also fewer download formats available as compared to other tools like Visme.


Who is it for?

Because it has always been focused on infographics, Venngage is a great choice for businesses and individuals who want to create data-driven visuals.

For example, if you want to create infographics to add to your blog posts or basic reports that look good and do the job, you might want to check out the tool.

But if you want to create animated and interactive charts, professional, stunning reports, and animated banners and social media posts, other tools might be a better fit.

Venngage is mostly used by small businesses, marketers, bloggers, students and entrepreneurs looking for a no-nonsense tool to create static infographics and blog graphics, and maybe other types of graphics once in a while.



Venngage offers a free plan with very limited features. You can only create up to 5 designs, upload up to 5 images, and access only free templates and icons.

There’s also Venngage branding on your designs in the free plan. You can’t download or export your designs, but can only share them online.

The paid plans let you upgrade your feature access. Below are the plans currently offered by Venngage:

  • Premium: Starts at $19/month/user, and offers premium templates, charts and icons, as well as the ability to export in offline formats.
  • Business: Starts at $49/month/user, and offers business templates, charts and icons, as well as team collaboration features.
  • Enterprise: Contact for a custom quote


Tool #4: Prezi

Prezi has always been known as a presentation tool, but it now also offers a Creatopy alternative for creating visual designs like banners, flyers and posters known as Prezi Design.

Let’s explore all that Prezi Design has to offer, who it’s ideal for and what type of pricing plans you can choose from.


What is Prezi?

Prezi Design comes packed with a lot of cool features, such as photo editing tools, built-in graphic libraries, data visualization capabilities, animations and more.

The tool offers more than 500 templates to choose from in various categories, including reports, infographics, social posts, maps, charts, dashboards, email headers and slides.

The templates are mostly geared towards presenting data — no surprise, as Prezi was always known for presentations — but you can also use them to create animated graphics using features like GIFs, stickers, illustrations and even videos.

Prezi Design offers advanced photo editing tools like adding filters and effects, making color adjustments, cropping images and applying masking to show only parts of photos.

You can export your Prezi designs in multiple formats, such as PNG, JPG, PDF and MP4. Other options include sharing your design online with a link, embedding it or presenting it in Prezi.


Who is it for?

Prezi Design is mostly used by educators and students, just like Prezi Present.

However, the tool is also useful for nonprofits, government organizations and even businesses for marketing and educational purposes.

Organizations can also use Prezi Design for reporting purposes. The tool offers a good selection of dashboards, reports and charts to present data in an engaging way.



Prezi offers pricing plans that give you access to all three tools: Prezi Present, Prezi Design and Prezi Video. However, the extent of that access depends on the plan you buy.

There’s a free plan with limited features that lets you create up to five projects. The paid plans offer a free 14-day trial that lets you test them out.

Below are the paid plans you can choose from:

  • Standard: Starts at $5/month
  • Plus: Starts at $15/month
  • Premium: Starts at $59/month


Tool #5: Crello

Next up on our list of Creatopy alternatives is Crello — a drag-and-drop design tool.

Crello has a minimalist and professional feel to most of its templates, which makes it an excellent choice for businesses and brands.

Let’s dig deeper into what Crello has to offer, who the tool is a perfect fit for and what pricing plans are there to choose from.


What is Crello?

Crello is an online graphic design tool with thousands of templates in multiple styles and formats, mostly in the social media and print material categories.

The tool features a large library of high-resolution stock photos, videos, backgrounds, shapes and animated characters, stickers and illustrations — all of which you can use to create animated or static banners.

There are a lot of features geared towards social content creators on the platform as well, which makes Crello somewhat similar to Canva.

You can add audio to your design, crop images, play around with filters, stylize text boxes, add or remove overlays and much more inside Crello. The photo editing features are extensive and make it easy to customize your images to adapt to your banner design.

Crello also allows users to create and save their own brand kit, which they can easily use for future projects.


Who is it for?

Crello is a great pick for bloggers, marketers, freelancers and small business owners, searching for fun, eye-catching templates to create visuals for their own or their clients’ social media.

Although the tool offers some business-related templates, there aren’t a lot of options to choose from for larger businesses and enterprises.

Crello also doesn't offer data visualizations and interactivity features, which can be a downside for businesses looking to create engaging visual content like animated charts and graphs.



Crello comes with a great free plan that offers tons of value. While it limits you to 5 downloads per month, you can access all templates, stock images and videos.

The Pro plan starts at $7.99/month and offers team collaboration features, priority support and the ability to remove background from images plus everything in the free plan.


Tool #6: Lucidpress

Unlike the other tools on our list, Lucidpress is a desktop publishing software rather than a graphic design tool. You could also call it an Adobe InDesign alternative.

In fact, the tool also supports InDesign imports!

That said, it’s still a great tool for creating banners, flyers, posters, documents and other print materials. Let’s find out more about Lucidpress's features, who it’s for and the pricing plans.


What is Lucidpress?

Lucidpress is a desktop publishing software with hundreds of professional-looking, ready-to-use templates in document and print categories, such as banners, brochures, flyers and magazines.

With Lucidpress’s Brand Asset premium feature, you can easily create and store your brand guidelines to maintain consistency for future uses.

One of the standout features of Lucidpress is its team collaboration. The tool lets teams of any size work simultaneously on a project and provide real-time feedback.

The tool also supports Adobe InDesign imports so you can go in and edit your documents in Lucidpress to enhance them, collaborate on them and share them across your team.

The business plan also offers data automation, a cool feature that lets you integrate with third-party and custom data sources to automate document creation.


Who is it for?

Lucidpress is ideal for users looking for a desktop publishing software. This makes the tool a favorite among schools, universities, nonprofits and businesses.

Large-scale teams who regularly create documents and print materials, but don’t want to use all the complex features that come with Adobe InDesign, might find Lucidpress a great fit.



Lucidpress offers a free plan, but it limits the user to 3 documents and 3 pages. You’re also unable to access any premium templates or design features in the free plan.

The paid plans are as follow:

  • Pro: Starts at $10/month
  • Team: Starts at $12/user/month (3 users minimum)
  • Business: Contact for a custom quote

Create static and animated banners easily with Visme!

  • Choose from fully customizable banner templates
  • Customize fonts and colors to match your brand
  • Drag-and-drop free photos, icons, videos and animations

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Tool #7: Bannerwise

The third Creatopy alternative on our list is Bannerwise — a banner ad builder for HTML5, video and dynamic ads.

With this tool, you can create both display ads and social ads. It’s easy to add animations, images, videos, call-to-action (CTA) buttons, and brand elements like your logo and colors.

Let’s find out more about Bannerwise, its features, who it’s for and the type of pricing plans it offers.


What is Bannerwise?

Bannerwise is a creative banner ad maker that lets businesses create dynamic, HTML5 and video ads without adding any code.

The platform is not just useful for building ads. It also lets you automatically create ad sets using an algorithm, and seamlessly publish your ads across various digital platforms.

The banner ad builder offers templates in various industries to choose from, such as finance, real estate and eCommerce.

You can also choose to start from scratch and select the banner ad size that best fits your needs. Customization options are good, but limited as compared to other tools.

You can change the background colors, upload images and videos, add CTA buttons from the 8 options that come built-in and more. Unlike other tools, Bannerwise does not have a graphic library of stock photos, icons, illustrations and other assets.


Who is it for?

Bannerwise is for businesses that run digital ad campaigns regularly and frequently.

It’s not the ideal tool for bloggers, freelancers and small businesses as it’s very expensive compared to the other tools on this list.

Bannerwise is also a great tool for agencies and publishers who are responsible for creating ad campaigns for their clients.



Bannerwise offers the following pricing plans:

For brands:

  • Standard: €275/month
  • Professional: €459/ month
  • Enterprise: Contact for a custom quote

For agencies:

  • Small agency: €275/month
  • Medium agency: €459/month
  • Enterprise: Contact for a custom quote

For publishers:

  • Pricing on request


Tool #8: Bannerflow

Bannerflow is another banner ad creation platform made especially for large businesses and designers.

This platform is not just a digital ad builder, it also lets you distribute, manage and personalize your ads across various platforms.

Keep reading to learn more about how Bannerflow can help you create better banner ads and manage them seamlessly across digital platforms.


What is Bannerflow?

Bannerflow is a professional digital ad management platform that takes you from ad creation to distribution and personalization.

This tool is not your average graphic design tool. It’s a highly specialized platform for large businesses or agencies who often need to run multiple ad campaigns.

Bannerflow offers a powerful HTML5 ad builder that lets you add animations, drag-and-drop widgets, interactivity and more. You can also connect live data feeds for dynamic banner ads, and set up a brand library with your logo, color palette and fonts.

Along with these features, Bannerflow also comes equipped with translation and localization capabilities, and team features like real-time collaboration, communication and sharing live previews.

You’re also able to export your digital banner ads in multiple formats, such as JPG, PNG, GIF and MP4.

This platform is not suitable for creating banners and visual designs for print. It’s not a design tool but strictly a digital ad management platform.


Who is it for?

Bannerflow is useful for large businesses, agencies, publishers and teams that publish a lot of digital ads, and are looking for a one-stop solution to create, distribute and manage ads.

The tool is made especially with designers in mind, so it might not be a good fit if you’re not a professional designer or you aren’t well-versed with creating HTML5 or digital ads.



Pricing plans are not mentioned on Bannerflow’s website. You need to book a demo and consultation for tailored pricing.


Looking for a Creatopy Alternative?

If you’ve made it this far, you’re ready to get started with making your own banners!

We might be a little biased here, but Visme is one of the best tools out there for making banners of all kinds, from digital to print.

Not only that, it offers you more bang for your buck before you can create more than just banners. With Visme, you can make flyers, posters, cards, ads of different sizes, reports, presentations, infographics and anything else you can think of.

There are thousands of templates in Visme, and they’re all professionally designed. Better yet, you don’t need a separate platform to create HTML5 banner ads. You can export any Visme project in HTML5 format!

Sign up for a free Visme account and start creating stunning banners.

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