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Nayomi Chibana


Infographics are perhaps one of the most effective visual content types for comparing two ideas, people, places or things.

This head-to-head layout helps viewers instantly identify the differences and similarities between two different concepts and can be used to compare any of the following:

    • Old and new concepts: If you are introducing a brand new concept, system or method to an audience and want to give them a point of reference, you could compare the concepts they’re already familiar with the new concept.
    • Before and after: Another way to use comparison infographics is to compare something before it was revamped with the new version. For example, if your website recently underwent an extreme makeover, then you could show exactly what was changed with a side-by-side comparison.
    • Two products: One of the most useful visual comparisons entrepreneurs can make is between their products or services and what their competitors are offering.
    • Two historical eras: To highlight the changes that have occurred over time, you could compare, for example, the cost of living in the 1950s to the cost of living in 2016.
    • Two countries: For educational purposes, you could compare the population, area, history, ethnic makeup and economic growth of two countries.
    • Last year and this year: Companies and nonprofit organizations can use infographics to compare the financial results of the previous year with the current one.

These are just some of the ways you can use comparison infographics to get your point across in a crystal clear way.

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How to Make a Comparison Infographic

When making a comparison infographic, there are several basic design principles you can apply to drive your message home.

Just take a look at how this infographic effectively compares soccer to football by aligning similar data points and visualizing them with appropriate icons:


To create a visual comparison like this, all you have to do is keep in mind the following points:

  • Choose 5 to 8 (more or less) data points to compare.
  • Compare similar types of data using the same types of measurements. For example, don’t compare the population of one city in numbers with the population density of another.
  • Align your two information points symmetrically.
  • Use the right colors to highlight the differences between the two. For example, if you want to highlight the benefits of a product, use a strong blue for the first item and a lighter shade for the second. Or, if you want to create even greater visual interest, you can use two contrasting colors such as shades of orange and blue.
  • Be consistent by using the same icon styles and fonts throughout. You can consult our quick tips on pairing fonts and choosing icons for further guidance.


Visme’s New Comparison Templates

Visme recently launched its new version and, along with it, hundreds of new, beautifully designed templates with a variety of content themes and design styles. You can simply type in a keyword in the search bar to find what you’re looking for, or choose one of the predetermined categories of infographics to the right of the search bar, as seen below.


As one of the 10 different types of infographics you can create (you can read our informative post on how to decide which type of infographic works for you), comparison infographics are extremely useful for all types of content creators, from communication specialists and marketers to educators and bloggers.

So, without further ado, we present Visme’s new comparison infographic templates across several different content categories:


Product Comparisons

One of the most common and useful visual comparisons you can make with infographics is a product comparison. Placing competing products side by side, as seen in the template below, can help viewers quickly decide which product or service is right for them. Here, comparable data is aligned, such as percentages with percentages and ratings with ratings.

slide1 (2)

This infographic can be used to compare several different types of products with each other, such as one laptop with another laptop; one tablet with another; or one smartphone with another.

slide1 (3)

This template not only allows you to compare two different types of products, but also shows you how you can insert video content, such as product demos, into your comparison infographics.


If you’re looking for a finance-related design theme with cool (as opposed to warm), professional colors, then you might find this template useful. There’s enough space to compare four different characteristics, although you can easily copy each of the different design elements to create a fifth or sixth data point.

slide1 (5)


Compare Nutritional Information

You can use an infographic to compare the nutritional value of two different types of food. In the template below, certain colors have been used to highlight the differences between two types of food. Also, comparable data points have been used, such as grams with grams and percentages with percentages.

slide1 (6)

Sales and Marketing

Comparison infographics can also be used to compare two different sales techniques, such as personal selling and sales promotion, as seen in the template below.

slide1 (7)

Comparing Annual Figures

Besides the side-by-side infographic format, you can also compare figures and numbers by placing charts next to each other, like in the example below.

slide1 (8)

Compare More Than Two Products

Or, if you’re looking for a comparison chart in table format to compare not just two services or products but several of them, you can also use either of these templates.

slide1 (9) slide1 (10)

Which comparison infographic best suits your needs? We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback. Or if you have any ideas or suggestions in terms of new templates you would like to see in our selection, don’t hesitate to drop us a line in the comments section below.


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