How a Small Business Owner Has Saved Over 100 Hours Using Visme for Webinars

How a Small Business Owner Has Saved Over 100 Hours Using Visme for Webinars

Written by:
Chloe West

Aug 15, 2019
case study visme for webinars ms. copywriter

“I use Visme for automated evergreen webinars. I like being able to record the audio to go with my slides. I literally do my entire webinar in Visme.”

case study visme for webinars ms. copywriter

There are many ways to promote your business effectively, and webinars are one of the best. By putting together a presentation filled with valuable content about your industry, you’re showing how helpful your business can be without even making a sales pitch.

And Claudia “Ms. Copywriter” of Capital Consulting Group knows just how successful webinars can be. As a data-driven copywriter, Claudia helps small to mid-sized businesses connect and convert their messaging to their audience.

In order to increase her customer base, she uses webinars to inform her audience about why copy is such an important aspect of their marketing.

This is why she uses Visme. Throughout her business, Visme allows Claudia to create branded graphics and automated webinars to market her own business, as well as branded style guides for her clients.

“The flexibility and the versatility that Visme has as a tool is one of the main reasons why I continue to use it. And I continue to use it in my business for myself, and I’ve used it for clients as well. I’m a very, very strong advocate.”


How Claudia Uses Visme in Her Business

Having been a Visme user since 2016 (and even being an instrumental part in some of our features), Claudia knows all of the ins and outs of the platform.

“I am a heavy Instagram user and I like to do pretty mockups of what things are going to look like and download them as hi-res PNGs. I also use it in my email marketing campaigns, so I have headers and templates that I created in my account that I upload into my email templates.”

She also designed her business cards on Visme and includes a URL on her business cards that leads to a Visme presentation where she introduces herself and what she does, which is an incredibly creative way to make a pitch.

how claudia uses visme - case study visme for webinars

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Not only that, Claudia has even created her logo with Visme!

how claudia uses visme - case study visme for webinars

And that’s only internally. She also uses Visme externally for client work. Claudia has put together full launches using Visme. That includes the client’s lead magnet, a presentation deck for their webinar and their brand guide.

She’s able to easily input client brand colors and fonts when creating these documents, and her clients certainly notice the personalization put into their copy and content.

“I provide them a PDF version of their style guide and brand guide. They love the fact that it’s personalized to them, and they’re appreciative of that attention to detail.” 


How Claudia Has Saved Over 100 Hours Using Visme for Webinars

I had a blast listening to Claudia talk about all of the things she loves about Visme throughout our conversation, but the one feature she couldn’t say enough about was the ability to create and edit webinars using the software:

“What I like about Visme as a webinar tool is that it allows me to edit. When I want to add to my webinar, I can just insert the slide, record the audio, and then it’s good to go. I don’t have to worry about re-recording a whole hour-long webinar. That’s a really big thing for me.”

While Visme’s software allows users to create all sorts of presentations, Claudia loves to use the presentation maker for her webinars. 

She creates her slides, then records audio for each individual slide directly in Visme, giving her the freedom and flexibility to go back and make one-off edits without having to re-record her entire webinar or edit any audio.

This means Claudia is able to put together her entire webinar using Visme. 

visme case study - how to record audio in visme

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Because she has put together a webinar automation that website visitors opt into, she isn’t always speaking live to her audience. 

This makes it easy for her to reach even more people on their watch, instead of scheduling a live webinar every week. It saves Claudia time and becomes even more convenient for her audience.

But most pre-recorded webinars are a two-step process: create your slides with one software, then record your full audio with another.

With Visme, Claudia is able to save tons of time by creating her webinar presentation and recording her audio in the same software.

“I don’t have to worry about re-recording a whole hour-long or 45-minute webinar. I just insert the new slide, and I’m done. Or, if I need to delete or hide something, I can do that.”

Being able to pre-record webinars is a huge timesaver. The setup of a webinar – creating the content, designing the slides and recording her audio – takes hours of time. Even up to a full work day to create the entire thing and get it ready to send to your audience.

Claudia’s use of Visme allows her to save tens of hours of time so that she can devote that time to other parts of her business.

“I have saved at least a true formal workweek of 40 hours per webinar. Right now I have three of them, so I’ve saved almost a month’s worth of time.”

Not only that, but these webinars have been viewed by more than one hundred potential clients, and are responsible for bringing in tens of thousands of dollars to her business.

“Due to both the savings in my time and the growth in clientele, I'm now able to expand my team to work with my clients across marketing strategy, business intelligence and email marketing.”

Think of all the things you have to do to run your business efficiently or do your job every month. Now imagine if that time was wasted re-recording, recreating and editing webinar audio.

Visme makes it so that you don’t have to take more than ten or fifteen minutes to add an entirely new slide to your webinar. 

You can easily save hundreds of hours of time like Claudia by putting together an automated webinar that draws in new leads on autopilot. And you can generate new clients and increase revenue at the same time.


Other Visme Features Claudia Loves

Visme is not your everyday average design software. Claudia loves that there are unique features that Visme offers, and has even spoken directly to team members about features she would love to see that have then been added.

“Not only is it a very clean platform, all the folks that I’ve talked to at Visme are very willing to help and willing to take on feedback and actually implement it.”

Some of these features that you can thank Claudia for include the slide library and slide group folders inside the Visme design dashboard. 

“I have loved the evolution that Visme has gone through over the years. Farzad [Visme’s marketing manager] and I had a one-on-one, and nine months later, I’d say about 50% of what I was saying was implemented, if not more.”

Claudia also loves the fact that she can save her brand colors and fonts, as well as creating and saving reusable content blocks.

other visme features - visme case study

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Each of these features are also huge timesavers, in that she doesn’t have to recreate anything every time she puts together a new design. She simply pulls from her content blocks that already exist, knocking off design time each time she logs into Visme.

Furthermore, she loves the culture that emanates from both the company and every team member that she’s spoken to.

“You can tell that the company culture really cares about their customers and really wants them to succeed. And it doesn’t matter if you’re literally the CEO or if you just started. You can see that echo throughout the company.”


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